World of Tanks – Crew Skill Guide

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Source: Anfield


  1. I wish i had seen this video sooner…

  2. Do you really feel that one should take repairs over camo first for a
    medium crew? I’m at the T-54 for the Soviet mediums and just starting down
    the Japanese line, and it seems like getting tracked tends to be a death
    sentence if you don’t have a repair kit ready in any case. That’s just from
    my experience though.

  3. Really epic stuff mate. Must see for the beginners.

  4. Richard Gustafsson

    16:57 Is-5?

  5. Richard Gustafsson

    For a guy who don’t have prem acc all the time, every crew with atleast 2
    skills are good enough

  6. Richard Gustafsson

    I usually skip BIA because I don’t have the gold/time to afford it :P

  7. Thanks for the Video Anfield.
    Do you remember i ask you on Stream (Ep1xs) , if you make a 50b Guide/review
    do you make this?

  8. Thanks for the video Anfeels :P. Have you considered doing tank reviews?
    There probs quite time consuming but I reckon a lot of people would find it
    more useful than other youtubers (*cough* jingles *cough*). Have a good
    time with your gf :).

  9. Could we see a general video about how to scout/play light tanks?

    I’d love that. Great video, BTW.

  10. kermitvspredator

    If you want to switch the 1st commander perk to 6th sense without gold you
    can wait to 40% on the 2nd skill and then switch for 20k credits

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