World of Tanks Crew Skills Guide #TankBetter

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks #TankBetter to Crew Skills. Learn EVERYTHING there is to know about how to manage and train your crews in WoT!


0:00 Crew Skills Guide
1:13 About Primary Skill Level
3:43 choosing and training a new crew
5:34 Additional Skill Training
6:54 “Zero Skill”
9:38 Skill vs Perk
10:29 Moving Crews Between Tanks
13:41 Accelerated Crew Training
15:20 How To Reset Crew Skills
19:30 How to use “unused crew”
23:21 Types of Skills and Roles
25:15 Common Skills
30:50 Commander Skills
30:55 Mentor
31:35 Sound Detection
32:26 Recon
33:10 Jack of all Trades
34:36 Eagle Eye
35:24 Gunner Skills
35:16 Designated Target
36:19 Armourer
36:58 Deadeye
38:10 Snapshot
39:49 Driver Skills
39:51 Controlled Impact
40:56 Off Road Driving
42:30 Smooth Ride
43:22 Preventative Maintenance
44:25 Clutch Breaking
45:59 Radio Operator
46:02 Situation Awareness
46:42 Call Vengeance
47:18 Signal Boosting
47:45 Relaying
48:22 Loader
48:25 Intuition
50:52 Adrenaline Rush
51:42 Safe Stowage
52:48 Light Tank Recommendations
53:39 Medium Tank Recommendations
54:48 Heavy Tank Recommendations
55:46 Tank Destroyer Recommendations
:03 Artillery Recommendations
58:09 Outro


  1. Man I can’t get the quicktbaby commander 🙁

  2. Please talk or write about intuition on auto reloaders like the Progetto 46, i had to learn the hard way that it is a wasted perk.

  3. Amazing guide. Thank you! It should be pinned top place on every WG forum and Reddit.

  4. haven’t started watching this vid but in this video he can talk alot about intuition

  5. I’ve got at least 11 years of playing this game and its still just nice to listen anyways. good job on looking out for newer players, since no one else is *ahem wg*

  6. Ngl this is just so freaking useful, imma save it for lifetime so I could rewatch it

  7. too late! I played with a new crew for every new tank for 9 years! :))

  8. Equipment video when??? I need it badly as a returning player

  9. Great in-depth guide, very much liked it. Congrats!

  10. All you need to know is that the more you pay for the game the better the crew performs and the easier it is to play and win – NOT ROCKET SCIENCE IS IT?

  11. Hey QB you forgot to mention how powerful intuition is for auto loaders which allow you to swap out an entire clip in seconds. Much larger advantage to auto loaders than auto re-loaders.

  12. Why can’t WG make it so when a crew is trained on a tank, they are always trained on a tank? instead of retraining a crew for one tank, then halving to retrain it again if you want to play that same tank with that same crew, despite the fact they at one point were already trained on a tank. They’re stupid p2w aspects make no sense.

  13. I need this video very much QB. Thanks to upload this video. You are my favorited content creator.

  14. Its funny how I started watching your channel. It was when I found your original crew skills video since I had no idea what was going on. Fast foward many years and I have watched nearly all your videos. Glad to see the updated version but I bought back the memory of the first time I found your content

  15. Great Video.
    I think you underestimate the skill “Mentor”. Fully educated it gives each crew member, except the commander, extra 10% battle-xp. Older sources to this skill say, that it will benefits by all things who increasese the performance of the commander(BiA, food, vents, and the directive for the vents). It come to my mind, if the commander is the crew-member with the lowest xp, will accelerated crewtraining double the amount of the xp for the other crew-member. I didn’t prove theses facts because I am forgetful.
    I think Mentor is the strategic skill for WoT.
    An example
    You played the T10 Patton round 1500 times by nearly 1000 base-xp, by a full Mentor in all of these games this means the other crewmembers gets 150000 base xp and now you can increase these amount with the premium-account and the personal reserves for battle-xp and crew-xp. This is the tier 10, you went to the tech-tree, how many battles did they have before they reached tier 10 in the tech-tree tanks.

  16. Cant wait for crew 3.0

  17. best guide qb, i like to see a good player without using premium ammo and the impact of that in high tiers financially and what the best tactic for that

  18. Learn a lot, thanks

  19. Thanks for this seminar! Very clear

  20. Great video QB.
    If Irene Miller has only played about 1000 battles, with an average XP gain of about 1200xp, then given that each new skill takes double the amount of the previous, surely you must have used crew books or poured in free XP to have 7 skills/perks on a commander with only 1 zero skill?

  21. Hey QB do tech trees next pls

  22. Appreciate the timestamps! I’ve been playing for a long time, but it’s still nice to hear your opinion on all the skills and their use cases.

  23. I would give my family to the gestapo for that amount of crew books

  24. Great informative video – THX a lot

  25. So how come I couldn’t move my crew from the wz120 1ft to the 121b for free there both premium or reward vehicle?

  26. QB Commander is not free on NA server

  27. dont even play WOT anymore and still watch most of your video’s, still entertaining!! thanks QB for the last 8+ years that iv been watching

  28. “Given we haven’t heard anything about crew 2.0…I think it’s safe to share ” my god man you’ve doomed us all

  29. I like this vid for beeing misleading in so many ways, it might drive more players out of the game compared to crew-2.0 having hit some time ago.

  30. Fantastic video, many thanks! Glad to see 6th Sense has finally been made universal haha. I haven’t played WoT for so long, but your vids are really making me want to re-install it 😛 Probably a steep re-learning curve from since I last played.

  31. Very very useful! thanks for the hard work, must have taken you ages! 😀

  32. Excellent summary 🙂 thank you so much!

  33. Patrick Hamilton-Ferren


  34. I’ve looked and only found a video on the HE changes. That said, I’ve typed in every KEY WORD on ammo and was looking for info (Albeit from you not WG) on Types of rounds and their purposes. Also when to use what round, IE: Use intuition. Thank you in advance sir!

  35. Thanks for actually touching on SPGs in this vid. Yeah, it was only brief but other WoT-streamers just ignore the class unless they’re spitting on them.
    In a heavy SPG like the G.W. E-100 I’d even consider one loadout with spall liners. If you get into a map with 3 SPG or very few spots to be effective from, it really helps with counter-battery.

  36. Good job QB, I would just like to add a comment on the resetting the crew skills and moving the crew to another tank. If you use a book and actually assign a skill before retraining the crew, no XP will go to the major qualification, the crew member will be at 90% (if you use credits), but the skill/perk will not lose any XP. This is sometimes useful when you have BIA crew with second skill/perk at under 50%. If you retrain the crew that way, they will be at 90% percent in a new tank, but with a working BIA perk.

  37. Damn… I was playing WoT for more than a decade by now and I still learned something new about ways of reducing the cost for training the crew… Awesome work!

  38. make a guide to set up the mouse and the controls

  39. Great video. If you find identical opponents driving, firing, turning quicker, and invisible etc, then take note.

  40. Wow…… So much useful info qb, i wil bel rewatching this over and over to glean all of the info you put in it. 07

  41. Great video QB, thank you for putting it together. Lots of tweaking to do on my crews now, oh the pain. XD

  42. Alexander kjellberg

    in b4 WG announces crue 2.0

  43. Battle Boats with Captain Spud

    You need a crew book to teach you crews in wot lol

  44. tks a lot QB!

  45. great guide. thank you very much

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