World Of Tanks|| Cromwell B Fjords Bottom Tier Interactive Game Tutorial Guide Hints Tips

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Source: Sir Havoc

World Of Tanks|| Cromwell B Bottom Interactive Game Tutorial Guide Hints Tips
————————————————————————————————►Second episode of the new Interactive Tutorials this time on Fjords Bottom Tier ion a . Whats would you do? Where would you go?
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Hall of Fame Rare Medals Or Base XP over 1600
Its Moron Time – People on your team being Dicks
Really Funny things in game LOL moments
And Thug Life moments

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  1. QB would kick your #$%

  2. love the tutorial. could you do a ferdinand one?

  3. Great idea for a tutorial. Thanks!

  4. love the new format boss it will help new players make better choices :)

  5. GG… I like the initial deployment and my thoughts where spot on for what
    you moved in… moving in on the BP makes it so you have free run of the
    field… then up to the hill corner frees up those players to push down
    into the weaker sections against the HTs, flanking behind gets easy and
    much safer dmg… Bromwell is one of those tanks that I really don’t care
    what tier battle it is in… add a 4 perk crew and it is an amazing tank
    :)… need to platoon with good cromwell players more often lol… i’m
    getting close to my 3rd MoE on it… we’ll see if it ever happens as I seem
    to refuse to spam prem with it.

  6. The Cromwell B was offered for sale again on the EU server, a few weeks ago.
    When will it be offered again on the NA server??

  7. you look extremely tired during that stream, probably because you played
    for so long on that evening

  8. i like these interactive tutorials, it makes you think about what’s
    happening and not just watching another TV episode of gameplay


    The interactive tutorial format is a very original idea. As a better than
    ~96% player (according to wg) it doesn’t really teach me anything new, but
    at least refreshes my memory. Im sure this will be a great help for
    developing players

  10. Certain mod packs seem to make that bullet drop effect. Your actualy aiming
    a bit lower than displayed. Try the cromwell again with a stock vanilla
    game, and see if you still think it drops more often than other guns.

  11. I love this new interactive series you are doing. I’m curious what your
    opinion is about platooning. It is obvious that it should help you play
    better, but how much improvement do you think it offers?

  12. Nice tutorial Pete.

  13. No problem!! Can’t wait for your next upload!!

  14. Great demonstration/explaination of the thinking process used in the game.
    I hope to see more of these.

  15. Hey Pete great video, surprised you were still going after 6.5 hours,
    really like this format, cheers

  16. cen u reles de mod pakie or send me de link ?

  17. I don’t blame you for anything, but it always sounds like you are mad/sad.
    I know it’s just the way you speak, but it still bothers me :D

  18. I have never contested the center area where you started, looks like I will
    want to try it now. Once you started from there, I made the same calls, now
    i just need the skill to execute (a very big NEED indeed). Thanks for the
    lesson! I really like this series! Reminder to everyone: Click on the
    advertiser’s link at the beginning to help sponsor Sir Havoc so he’ll be
    able to afford to continue doing these types of videos!

  19. Hey havoc. I think at the beginning of your videos you may not want to show
    the highlights of the video. It makes the actual gameplay less exciting.
    Never the less whatever your decision I support you!!! Love the videos!!!

  20. Hey man.
    Usually in a fast medium, I go north to the hill at the start.
    But after your initial move, all my follow up moves were the same as yours.
    (Take out the BP, support north, etc.)
    But most of the time it’s easier for me to make those decisions watching a
    game than being in a match.

  21. Love these types of interactive tutorials. More info as u go… please
    ! Could u also tell us when your changing ammo type & when u change back
    with the reasons & thought process behind it?

  22. Wonderful as every video before it

  23. It’s nostalgic to know that your in a platoon with Sgt Blake who I used to
    platoon a lot with good to know he’s still doing well . Will see if he ls
    online tonight platoon for old times sake . loving the Ape face . If u
    could do a video on best tanks to use for the T62-A missions that would be
    great as I never know what tank will be best to do ht15 td15 mt15 lt15 and
    spg15 . If u can let me know .

  24. I want to see more of these interactive tutorials, it is better than just
    hearing you talk over the gameplay, you actually learn if you take part.

  25. All I want to say is that you are my first youtober that I check when I
    GJ as always, Sir!

  26. Love these interactive tutorials it gets the viewers to learn from the
    mistakes they make and see what they could do to get better and see what
    they did wrong.

  27. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    Liking the new tutorial type

  28. love this new type of tutorial!

  29. loveing the new stye tutorial tbf

  30. hey sir havoc, I mostly play medium and light tanks, but when I try to play
    TD’s it all goes down hill, can you make a tutorial to help me out?

  31. i’ll be honest boss i guessed go after the middle force doh (guess thats
    why i sucked at final fantasy books)

  32. nice, really helpfull!!! Senserly Buster9220

  33. rocking the cromwell again boss

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