World of Tanks || Cromwell Berlin – 13 KILLS – 1 vs 6

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World of Tanks – Cromwell . Today NoobBoBStronkTomatoKemp going to have the game of his life in the tank the Cromwell .

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Kumara Wijesekara

    Another good reply good job quicky :D

  2. Justin Marciniec

    I auto aim when I am within 100 m , but usually only with a gun that tends
    to screw up because of dispersion ON THE MOVE.That means I want the center
    of mass on my opponent, and when auto aiming from 100m or less the target
    has to be something like an RU 251 for it to not put the shells in.

  3. 7thRoyalPirateAssassin

    Lots of noobs to fry this Summer especially with WG and their ads

  4. I once got 2334 experience in a cromwell… on a double…with personal
    reserves on.. Good game man

  5. Damn. Makes me wish the time I did 14 kills wasn’t in 2012. Awesome video!

  6. “confident in your manual aim” world of tanks is bull crap because no
    matter how good an aim you are aim time completely screws you over!
    Honestly aim time is the stupidest idea! I’m sorry but if you are pointing
    at something your bullet is going to go there!!! You dont need to keep
    aiming at it!!!! It’s so unrealistic and needs to be removed so you can
    actually aim with skill for once!!!!!

  7. No intro? O.o

  8. We need the modpack update!!

  9. I wish people wouldn’t use the auto aim, there’s no skill in using
    something that aims for you.

  10. QB 9.15.1 is out today, we require your mod pack for XVM

  11. Well another Cromwell video yaayyyy.
    I understand that you like this machine, simply because it’s really, really
    good little tank. Also being British helps a lot as well :), but could you
    ease a little bit on those Comet and Cromwell videos please ? It’s getting
    a bit irritating watching Comet’s and Cromwell’s here and on Jingles
    channel so often. There are different tanks you could make a video about,
    but it feels like these two are getting a lot of your attention.
    Take this as a constructive criticism and not as a regular bitching, I
    appreciate what you doing and for what you have achieved you got my
    respect, so I am not telling you how to do what you do, I am just simply
    asking for little bit a variety.
    Thank you and good luck

  12. I know that there are a lot of you guys hateing me for this but I think/say
    (because it is a fact) that this guy is just a lucky noob with a crap
    computer killing even worse bots
    -crap viewrange on his tank
    -> thats why he autoaims
    -uses autoaim 90% of the game
    -to stupid to use APCR wisely
    gets 1800wn8 on a reroll account

  13. MAN !!! Show some video where tier VI have 13 kills in tier VII game or VIII
    This is boring

  14. Well, I personally use autoaim on long distance sniping to make sure my aim
    is right in the center of the target.

  15. I’ve played 18k games and I can truthfully say I’ve never used auto-aim
    once. I’ve got no problem with it and I just always thought manual aim
    would be better.

    And as for that enemy team, I’ve never seen so much red.

  16. 400K SPECIAL!!!!

  17. Great game Bob, congrats! Does anyone else think that Bob “let” the TOG die
    so he could get that famed medal? lol

  18. hey I bet he rerolled his account….

  19. Since I see a lot of “ugh reroll acc” comments I have to ask you: whats
    the Problem with smurfs / rerolls ??? He doesnt gain any atvantage ?

  20. Mihael Miličević

    Wow, just another reroll retard in noob T6 game….

  21. video about 9.15.1???

  22. Didn’t Dez cover this replay before?

  23. I only ever use the auto aim in close quarters. It is a burden to use it
    from afar.

  24. hmmm, i have seen this replay somewhere else….

  25. IT depents on THE tank if I use auto aim or just normal aim

  26. holy crap…i mean, i do 5400 dmg in my ISU in tier 9 and ace it…

  27. your modpack does not work anymore

  28. Michael McArthur

    QB, when will you release a modpack vid for patch 9.15.1?

  29. mod pack?

  30. dezgames did this video to

  31. Pig Monkey (Dino Velvet)

    Quicky, you’re too polite lol…. just say it as it is. He’s just another
    re roll unicum wannabe lol

  32. The criticism of his aiming was really annoying after 2 mins. When he
    commented about him running low on apcr and he could be more accurate
    without that auto aim… He hit 3 straight shots ! Give it a rest ffs.

  33. The only Kolobanov I had was in the KV-1 a long long time ago.

  34. Congrats on 400k subs.. again.. xD

  35. God lol this guy’s soooo bad. Not only he is a noob re-roll, who can’t get
    more than 1.8k wn8, but uses autoaim 99% of the time. What a joke. And he
    gets a good result because he is playing the probably most OP tier to tier
    premium tank in a t6 and lower game against totally noob/new players, who
    has like 50% crews.

  36. when will be new mod pack?

  37. Thehagengnome HD

    should have tracked the oi at the end there, it would have been very easy
    to do there.

  38. I dont know where but I ve seen this replay already

  39. No intro? O_o

  40. sovietrepublic38

    the way I use auto aim is quite like this fellow. sometimes just lazy.

  41. I use autoaim when im circling low armoured tanks like Hellcat or Tog

  42. Tom's Multiplayer Gameplay

    A quote from The Matrix “Wait i have seen this before”

  43. With a name like that I bet everyone still just calls him Bob

  44. would you guys consider 7k games with 1521 WN8 as a re-roll?

  45. Idk why the OP cromwell is that hyped but sealclubbing tomatos could be
    done in nearly all tier 6 meds haha 🙂

    For example I am pulling of 2k average dmg games in my VK30.01P even when I
    get in a tier 8 matchup….

    But atleased I would like to be as lucky as that guy D:

  46. Paul Gavel (homer3840)

    use auto aim on tanks nearby so I can concentrate on driving around them

  47. Enemy team terrible: Check
    Allied team terrible: Check
    Still a great game even if a bit of luck is involved.

  48. Bob the bastard…

  49. No intro ?

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