World of Tanks || Cromwell Berlin – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Let’s check out the Cromwell Berlin a beautiful reskin and enhancement of the standard Cromwell. The Cromwell Berlin will be a T6 premium British medium and a terror on the battlefield! Part of the Berlin Trio!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. –,

  2. Pay to win……

  3. I realy think those medal are pointless i woud be better if we get more
    credits and xp insted of the useless medals that you can look only :D

  4. This tank is deadly wepon in your hands QuickyBaby :D

  5. The radio operator is called Corporal Rainbow? lol like RD from MLP? or i’m
    i taking this to far? i really have no idea :/

  6. Way to good just cuz of his travers speed they have to put those stats on
    the original cromwell not on the premium

  7. can u tell me
    which one is ur first skill ?

  8. what about his matchmaking,is this special because it´s a prem tank?
    tier7 sure,tier8 sure,but what about tier9 and 10?
    playing with 20 crewskills/perks @ (1.) PRESS ACCOUNT and as (2.) TOP TIER
    against (3.) SUPER ULTRA EXTREME ROOKIE CHILDS with nobody more then (4.)
    ONLY 1200 games at max and a (5.) MATCH WINCHANCE of 91% is COMPLETLY
    FUCKING USELESS to see how he will or can perform!
    5 verry important points which must be fixed.
    Please do 2 ! REAL ! games with a ! REAL ! crew with ! REAL ! enemys
    ect..,and then put this here on youtube!
    This,and ONLY this were a great balanced & fair review!
    omg always this damn unreal useless fakegames here on youtube.
    FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hamsterjovial55

    11.55 min.the dude s rug??

  10. Rodier Ratafakus

    Hi, what about that premium IS-2 ?? cant find your video about it

  11. SuperKravaťák

    So… I still don!t between Crowell a T34-85m

  12. I can confirm, as a Cromwell lover, that this tank is unreal! Blows the
    standard Crom out of the water – on my 2nd game I got an Ace Tanker :)

  13. everyone buy this cromwell B after 1 month WG nerf this Tank and he is
    just a souvenir for the Garage

  14. the Cromwell berlin is better, and I think I know why. I think it is
    because the Cromwell b is a later version of the Cromwell, so it has some
    upgrades over the standard Cromwell.

  15. Why me and my friend can’t do platoon?

    My email by gmail and email my friend by yahoo. 

  16. What’s the matchmaking of this tank? T4~T8??

  17. Qb do a man a favor and gift me this beautiful beast british masterpiece.
    I had to sell my Cromwell in favor of bying the Comet. And i do miss it

  18. I think the visual model has the short 75 mm Gun Mk. V so the 91/144/38 pen
    with 110/110/175 damage would justify the great mobility for tier six.
    I think it’s a bug.

  19. Don Pedro De Pommidore

    I would rather see it in tier 8 match, rather than steamrolling noobs on

  20. great thing is when you buy these tanks they come with a full BIA crew as

  21. too powerful

  22. Rolling Thunder

    Cromwell b is still op and i love it pls no nerv 😉
    But don’t forget as far as i know these Tanks are only available for about
    20 days

  23. marquitoescort2011

    i used to love the normal one. Yesterday i bought this and…its amazing
    loving it.

  24. Great, WoT goes full on Pay to Win…

  25. BlueDrakilicious

    Mr. Quickybaby no relation to the video, just wanted to say we love and
    appreciate every bit of you…. and… cheers. :)

  26. Quite unbelievable that they made this tank blatantly better than the
    regular version. Wargaming is either ditching their promises slowly or in
    desperate need for cash.

    This is probably also the reason why on the EU server they’ve artificially
    inflated the vehicle bundle with useless gold and premium time.

  27. Grayson Scott (vPheenX)

    Holy Tomatoes 

  28. Holy shit that red enemy team.. And then the fact you’re top tier in an OP
    tank with OP skills, premium consumables and an OP super unicum driving it.
    Not really representative I would say 😛 WG please, why did you start
    making such *cough*pay2win*cough* awesome tanks?

  29. Brought one straight away with the knowledge of special edition cromwell, I
    wasn’t even aware that the terrain resistance was less! I love this thing,
    but you should probably wait until WG sells it seperately.

  30. Considering the price, I think this tank performance is suitable!

  31. Great video on the potential of the cromie but I feel a press tank should
    have just a 100% crew not this unrealistic 7-9X perk/skill crew. This crew
    with QB who understands how to take advantage of their abilities probably
    not the tank average Joe will get.

  32. Yeah well, it doesn’t have a dog for a crew member..

  33. Powercreep and P2W

  34. My friend from one of the top 10 clans from NA gifted me this tank. Oh man,
    third match out 10 kill mastery badge. Such a good tank

  35. Better armor, with better mobility. Okay, I will stay stick to Diablo 3. :D

  36. I started WoT playing just because I liked tanks but I had no idea what to
    play. In fact my knowledge of tanks back then was only limited to more
    modern tanks so I just tried out whatever I clicked on first which was the
    Russian line.

    While going through the Russian medium line up to the tier 6, I started
    seeing Cromwell and they completely wreck me with their amazing DPM and
    mobility so I immediately went for the Cromwell. First tank I had to reach
    over 500 games. Definitely going to get the Cromwell B if it’s going to get
    hit by the nerf bat too hard.

  37. i bought mine today first game 4 kills

  38. Are these tanks only going to be available for a limitid time? Or are they
    here to stay.

  39. It’s weird that cromwell berlin isn’t on RU servers

  40. Cromwell B(Berlin)? Naaa the B stands for “Better”

  41. First Real ‘Pay to Win’ tank in the game.

  42. I blame you and Jingles for making me buy this tank. I must say, not
    disappointing at all.

  43. 50 freaking d/s

  44. Does it get a preferential MM?

    • +Nico Bien No. None of the new premiums have pref matchmaking so this will
      see tier 8 battles. The old argument was that premium tanks had to be a
      little worse than their same tier counterparts because of the preferential
      match making. Now that it is gone there seems to be no reason to make the
      money tanks worse than the grind tanks (In their minds at least)

  45. RollerCoaster47

    Now imagine your clan activates a credit bonus for strongholds and your
    entire stronghold team consists of these things bombing it around winning
    games in just two to three minutes. The credit income is going to be

  46. Hikaru Katayamma

    Of course the fact that you’re running a press acct with fully maxed out
    crew had absolutely no impact on the performance of the tank. How about a
    demo with a basic crew, and show how well it does then.

    • +Hikaru Katayamma Aim time – BiA+Snap shot. Acceleration – BiA+Off road
      driving. Reload – BiA. Only huge difference is in view range with
      BiA+Recon+Situational Awareness when using with Optics+Vents gaining extra
      ~30m. If you buy it you will get crew with BiA or most likely you already
      have British med crew with 2+, 3+ skills. So there really is insignificant
      tank performance difference with regular 2-3 skill crew or press-acc crew.
      You will feel the difference on press-crew only in moment when you get shot.

    • Hikaru Katayamma

      That assumes that you have crews with 2 or 3 skills. I’m a casual player,
      and none of my crews have completed their first skill. Don’t assume that
      everyone spends a huge amount of time playing WoT. If I see a review, it
      should reflect what the average player experience would be, not the power

  47. It’s not better than regular cromwell. There is already vids posted on
    forums that shows the regular cromwell turning faster than the Crom B. also
    posted are hidden stats that explains it. Basically it works like A
    cromwell with nice hd skin.

    Ok so it’s got +10mm side armor, not really gonna make a difference. Yes i
    love my regular Cromwell and the Crom B. Been running the Crom B with my
    regular crom crew today and it’s great. but so is my regular Crom. Not a
    big difference.

    Ps. Also, Regular Crom got better gun bloom when shooting on the run.

  48. this tank is (almost) near OP atleast thats what i think of it. and yes i
    play it, when i heard it was for sale from my best friend i bought it and
    we played some games in it together. and it was such a great tank but you
    could almost circle some slower medium tanks that in the back of your head
    you always had that feeling that it wasnt really fair. you hummiliate lower
    tier tanks. and even some higher tiered ones. but it is the best in clan
    wars because if you play at tier 6 like i do with my clan it gets the best
    mm you will ever need for it and you can destroy the enemy team very
    easily. and we are no pro on the go clan we are just joe average players.

  49. Will you let us know if this beast gets nerfed by war gaming?

  50. Tried this tank on a friend’s account… Got the Ace Tanker at my FIRST
    game with it !
    This tank is SICK !!

    • You got ace tanker because no one plays it, only a handful of people. I
      wouldn’t be surprised if everyone who tested it has an ace tanker in it

  51. nuclearsharkattack

    QB — why don’t you guys get the ISU-122, we have it now on the NA server
    prem shop as well as the Cromwell B, Rudy, and IS-2.

  52. As /u/StranaMechty noted in another thread,hull traverse isn’t as simple as
    it sounds. The regular Cromwell actually has 57 degrees/sec hull traverse,
    so it is more nimble. *quoted from a reddit post* Here is the thread that
    the user is referring to

    • +Bernie Jin So, the Cromwell B actually has WORSE traverse speed (but still
      better terrain resistance, so, it’s something).

  53. This tank is ridiculous. How many games did it take you to snag that Walter
    Radley’s medal?

  54. Probably gets nerfed.

  55. The Cromwell Berlin’s 75mm gun should not have the regular Cromwell 75mm HV
    gun stats.

  56. What’s to ‘review’? It’s a Cromwell….only more broken.

  57. I think Wargaming mixed the stats up of the gun.
    The gun on the Cromwell B looks like the 90mm~ penetration gun that is on
    the Valentine, Grant etc.
    They seemed to have given the gun the stats of the 75mm HV rather than the
    low velocity gun that it looks like.

  58. this tank has a massive nerf me soon sign on it.

  59. Дима Колотуша

    Вопрос, где мой fucking Кромвель в русскоязычном регионе?!

  60. Grant Warburton

    Yeah Type-59 V2 inbound 

  61. My Cromwell is awesome. So this is just a better Cromwell, so this thing
    must be totally overpowered, ha.

  62. The gun on the Cromwell B looks like the 75mm mk. V gun, not the Vickers
    HV, which is on the normal cromwell, the thing should have 91 mm pen and
    then 110 average damage, from the look of the gun, i was surprised that the
    gun was listed as the same as the normal Cromwell. I honestly hope that
    Wargaming nerfs the gun down to what it appears to be (or change the tank
    model to look like the Vickers HV and give it more harsh matchmaking to
    match the buffs)
    Well WG, pls don’t make my normal Cromwell irrelevant and pls nerf this
    just enough so that it is still fun, but not OP as it is

  63. Thanks for the info. Very helpful info. Still…I’m looking for someone to
    do a review of the ISU-122S. 

  64. Frederick Schulze

    At 9:48
    Quickbaby: We netted 67k gross.

    Quickybaby, you so silly…

  65. expect the usual bait and switch on the stats, once the sales slow down
    they will nerf the fuck out of this

  66. Victory!
    Battle: Tundra
    Vehicle: Cromwell B
    Experience received: 2,571 (x2 for the first victory each day)
    Gold received: 10
    Credits received: 37,553
    Battle achievements: Confederate, Mastery Badge: “Ace Tanker”
    Mission completed! Reward: Emblem added
    First game ever in this tank..

  67. Other Youtubers reviewing this tank, and the other two pending premiums,
    say that they won’t be getting preferred match making and that WoT is going
    to be getting away from the whole preferred match making in the future.
    Hence why, unlike in the past, premiums are a tad better than their
    counterparts now as opposed to slightly less.

  68. throughlifeagain

    Those terrain resistances are the same as or better than on the tier 8
    light tanks… this thing is actually more mobile than the 132 on hard and
    medium terrain. WTF I must have one!

  69. Man this tank is gonna be fun

  70. Funny, on WT we can put our own historical insignia on our tanks and we
    have to earn it, not pay.
    Unless you count buying the insignia, which is still cheaper than buying an
    entire unbalanced tank.

  71. Jeroen De Vleesschauwer

    Sirhavoc was first reviewing these tanks ;-)

  72. And the whiners in the comments section say:

  73. According to the tank model, and the name of the gun; “75mm Gun Mk.V” the
    gun stats are completely wrong. The model shows the gun as being the same
    as on the Excelsior and the name of the gun is the same as the Excelsior’s
    and yet, it has the stats of the “75mm Vickers HV”.
    Wargaming goofed up, big time

  74. It is such a bad tank, I took the Ace Master badge in 7 games LOL

  75. Can you do a review on wot blitz please 

  76. Oh please…dont nerf it…

  77. Whattt is wargaming doingggg omgg ruin tier 6 now all matchups are 20
    su100ys and cromwell berlin

  78. Darude Sandstorm

    With the dish, how good is the HBO reception?

  79. SpeedUpMusic 2015

    i need to buy it!!!! i have 1300 battles in it im ginna buy it tommorrow

  80. I have to disagree with you QB. At 3:46, you said that this will be the
    first premium tank to be better than the standard vehicle. I must disagree
    because the SU-122-44 is WAY better than the SU-152. They both get 122mm
    guns that fire reasonably quickly. However, the SU-122-44 has that
    extremely bouncy frontal armor, and also is much faster than the SU-152 w/
    the 122mm gun. I know that most people who use the SU-152 probably use the
    152mm gun, but I thought that I would point this out. I really don’t think
    the SU-152 gets any big advantages over the SU-122-44. Here is some proof
    of this:

    • +Majoris239 The SU-152 may fire 0.6 seconds faster than the SU-122-44, but
      the 122-44 has more ammo, a better camouflage rating, and, of course,
      generates much more credits. Please feel free to respond to this, as I
      would love to have a discussion about this.

    • +Majoris239 what about the american t34 prem it looks to be a lot better
      than the t32

    • The T32 can bounce a lot of stuff off of its upper glacis. The T34 has
      trouble doing that because of how thin it is and the sloping of it. The
      T34’s hull armor is like the T29’s I believe. Also, the commander’s cupola
      on the T34 is massive and fairly easy to penetrate. The T32’s cupola is
      much smaller and harder to penetrate. Overall, I think the T32 is a better
      tank. You just HAVE to hide that lower glacis.

  81. Samuel Giovannucci

    This makes me pretty mad. I spend very little money on this game. I have
    bought a few things for myself and my friends, I have the regular Cromwell
    and I think its pretty unfair that the new one is better in every way.
    Seems like a Pay-to-Win approach.

  82. MidlandsAirsoft

    quicky i said
    “hi mate i really love your youtube vids an streams” in a game when you
    where in amx30 an i was a bit disappointed when you didn’t respond…dont
    you love your fans m8?

  83. I think WG have given cromwellB better gun that it was supposed to be,
    because that gun seems quite shorter than on the normal cromwell and I
    would not be suprised if WG would nerf that gun hardly with penetration and

  84. Great Vid QB! I wish it wasnt $35… I was wondering if you could do a
    t54mod 1 review soon. Im on the fence of what prem tank to get next…

  85. so beauty and OP

  86. If they nerf it i want my money back then!!

  87. 14 people have no soul

  88. My cromwell is one of if not my favorite tank. This seemingly makes it
    obsolete… For “real” money…. lame.

  89. It’s pay to win!!

  90. it makes sense that they made it a better tank since there’s no more
    peripheral matchmaking so you’re paying money for a premium tank why not
    have it a little bit better then a regular tank you paid money for it this
    might be the new way instead of the old way 

  91. Mihailescu Vladimir

    I call my morning boners Cromwells!!!

  92. This is the best tier 6 tank i have played, it runs rings round most tier 6
    and 7 tanks you meet,the gun is very punchy and spits out fire all in all
    worth the £22 i paid for the package

  93. As a big fan of the Cromwell i wouldn’t mind if the stats of the Berlin
    stayed the same because it looks so much better than the standard Cromwell.
    I already sold my standard varient as i only play it for fun and with the
    Berlin out i have no need for it unless WG nerf the Berlin.

  94. Anyone have a problem that a bought tank is actually better than the one
    you have to grind? The standard Cromwell is already an excellent tank
    adding a premium tank that’s even better is really unforgivable. Isn’t it
    enough that we have to pay real money to train crews? To buy slots? To get
    a premium account so you can afford to play T9 and T10? This is just too
    greedy. I played years and years shooter games that I only need to pay for
    them when I bought the game.

  95. Not fair??… IT’S OP..from.what I have seen so far

  96. hey QB 😀 did u get a new hair cut? btw buying the CW B thx

  97. TinkerTanks-WoT?

    It does seem odd that WG would introduce a Premium tank that is better than
    the regular one. Since I loved the Cromwell I suppose I’d better pick this
    one up…

  98. WG seems desperate for cash. AW anyone?

  99. After some traverse speed tests on Himmelsdorf I can say that 50° on B is
    LIE, regular one make 5 turns in 29 sec, B 32 sec. Same modules, crew and

  100. ok 4 tanks on sale on the Gift shop and they come with a crew with brothers
    in arms.(darn, i have crews with 2 skills for them )
    ok the tanks will not get nerffed but all other tanks will Get BUFFED and
    make this tank inferior. like they did for the Scouts. Type 64 and Type 62
    and on patch 9.8 AMX-13-57
    Will Wargaming do this for the Cromwell B. IS-2 , Rudy, ISU-122S ?

  101. Does this Cromwell get prem credits earnings?? 

  102. The rudy is awesome to

  103. Tank has just came out and people are moaning for it to get fucking nerfed
    already. Learn to play the game instead of moaning everything is OP

  104. Hey, QuickyBabyTV. What XMV use?
    Thanks a lot! :D

  105. I have it, its amazing. Got some vids of it if anyone is interested in
    it… Should be up today.

    Nice video Quicky! :)

  106. you can use premium tank XP to research new tanks?

    • +Gouky you have to convert XP using GOLD (money) to make free XP . to
      unlock and research new modules and Tanks.
      key word GOLD (money)

  107. That 75mm gun looks exactly like the one in the Excelsior, not the one in
    the original Cromwell

  108. WG changed politics, now it begins to be P2W model…. Not fair, cromwell
    is almost OP as it is, and they upgrade cromwell. So now it is OP for
    sure(otherwise normal cromwell must be UP, which isnt), give premium
    earnings to it … Totally pay to win concept

  109. Oh I can see where this is going and unfortunately its a sound business
    tactic. Sell a premium tank for the first time and have it sport improved
    stats over the normal variant, have it test driven to community
    contributors for exposure and free advertising, build up the hype for it
    over some time and then release the products at a slightly higher than
    average pricing. Then after all the profits have been made, go ahead and
    release a nerf package for the tank. Didn’t we already saw this exact same
    pattern with the Type 59 ? Granted the Type 59 was a stand alone tank then
    but still….

  110. András Köröspataki

    hello everyone. can u tell me if wg wants to change (nerf) this cromwell B
    or not? Because i want to buy it, due to it’s mobility. thx for the
    answer, and for the video. gj QB 🙂
    PS. i think it’s not so op to nerf, if someone can play the normal
    cromwell, he can beat the new one. i did it also :)

  111. Edward Burroughs

    Surely it will have to be nerfed? The basic Cromwell is OP as it is.

    • +Edward Burroughs no they simply will buff all other tanks and leave the
      Cromwell B.
      they did it to scout tanks .

    • +Edward Burroughs The basic Cromwell is a very good tank. That does not
      mean it is “OP”

    • +Stephen Green true KV2 can one shot it 8/10 times. 🙂
      and the Cromwell requires skill to work. Especially against tier 8

    • Edward Burroughs

      +Stephen Green It seems OP every time one comes out of nowhere and blows me
      up! 🙂

  112. Danius Antonius (SPQR)

    Wargaming want money :)

  113. quick questions are those ears on the turret hitboxes? i think WG is going
    to roll this tank out, everyone buys it then nerfs it, then finally take it
    out of the game like the type 59.

  114. Wouldve been better if they came un-bundled from the gold…

  115. The Cromwell B has significantly worse gun handling than the normal
    Cromwell, and particularly the bloom on turret and hull traverse is
    extremely bad compared to the Cromwell. It seems clear they designed this
    new Cromwell variant to be better at circling close range, and even worse
    at firing on the move than the normal Cromwell. They also made it take
    turret module damage more easily. All-in-all the Cromwell B is a beast

    • +Banana Cannon *tank inspector states the TURRET traverse Bloom on the
      premium IS WORST.
      *tank inspector states the SAME bloom on vehicle MOVE and Traversing: how
      ever, Cromwell B. traverses 50/second. so the Bloom is worst because its
      Also looking at the Gun depression the premium has worst gun depression
      Towards the rear

    • +Banana Cannon love the name 🙂

  116. a premium tank should be better than a normal tank, hence “premium”

  117. This tank isn’t sold on RU server, a pitty… Well I guess every cluster
    have their own promos. There were 30% discounts on T8 prems this week on RU

  118. In mi opinion Cromwell remain the best med….cromwel b is god but i like
    more the cromwel

  119. Apologies if this is a daft question, but once WG have released a premium
    tank, do they nerf them? Because surely it’s a bit dodgy if people have
    forked out real money for them? I have a feeling they can…

    • +Tom Meakin very rarely do they nerf premium tanks.they might nerf it
      before it goes on sale, but they really cant nerf it if people buy it.

    • Eternally Angelic

      +Dan Gomes

      Tell that to the Type 59 Premium. It’s been nerfed about 15 times since
      it’s release.

  120. The model itself already got me sold on this thing…let alone better
    stats….actually all of the berlin tanks are sooo nice looking…since I
    cannot afford them all I will just buy my favorite..which is this one…

  121. If wargaming make this available as is I hope it is a reward tank and not
    prem shop as in that case it is pure pay to win. other than that a very
    interesting machine

    • Pokemon0Fanatic

      +HeaddiePlays It’s not a reward tank. It’s up on the prem shop already.

    • +Pokemon0Fanatic just found it, cant say im impressed, it means there is
      little point for owners to play regular crom

    • +HeaddiePlays You play the regular Cromwell to grind the British medium
      line. Having the B is going to make no difference to that and will in fact
      help you as you can train your Brit medium crew in it

    • +Stephen Green yer but it dosnt take long to grind the cromwell to commet

  122. “it’s kind of not fair” …that’s the understatement of the year!

  123. PrinceGuaNa/HellasDesiro

    I think WG used the WRONG gun stats.
    The gun what you see(as the shape) on Cromwell B is QF 75mm Gun Mk.V, as
    the gun barrel is much SHORTER than Vickers 75mm HV as regular Cromwell’s
    top gun, which means it shouldn’t have such high penetration on this tank.

  124. Harry van de Sunweb

    Assholes whining about OP tanks should shut up. No tank is currently so OP
    that it needs a nerf.

  125. Why is He Not livestreaming?

  126. LAN Master (sirswears)

    welcome to world of medium tanks ladies an gentlemen

  127. can anyone tell me if the ISU-122S is worth it?

    • +E ten it plays the same was as the SU-152 with the TOP 122mm
      gun.(identical in almost all ways) premium way has better View range 🙂
      so if you like the in game TD you will like the premium TD.

  128. “Good night, sweat Luchs” said Shakespeare…. :D

  129. Wachira Narongsack

    Pay to win… :(

  130. The actual traverse speed on the elite Cromwell is higher than on the
    premium one.

    • Jack Beauregard

      +Schwaehn Yup, tried it today in a training room with a friend. on the spot
      the elite Cromwell turns a little bit faster than the Cromwell B. driving
      on full speed however its turning circle seems a tiny bit more narrow than
      the Elite Cromwells – maybe due to ground resistance.

    • +Jack Beauregard exactly 😉

    • +Schwaehn Thanks for the info! This means that Tier X tanks go through the
      same thing. (I can’t think of any Tier X that has more than 1 engine)

    • +Schwaehn I was coming down to the comments to post on this exact fact. QB
      spreading misinformation about it does a disservice to the players who
      don’t know better, so hopefully QB sees this.

    • +Schwaehn They can’t be directly compared due to terrain resistance.
      However +QuickyBabyTV should know that when comparing traverse you have to
      take into account stock vs top hp/ton (that may differ significantly) and
      it’s somehow modified by other factors as terrain resistence, pivot ability
      and some other even more cryptic factors. Speed bleeding in turns is
      complete mystery.
      TL;DR: traverse speed and hp/ton are meaningless parameters that can’t be

  131. Holy money I wish I had 200k gold lmao

  132. already out on the na server

  133. I will bepurchasing the 4 pack as It is the same cost as buying just the
    Rudy and The Cromwell Berlin and i get 2 extra tanks woot

  134. Pay to win confirmed!


  135. All WG has left as a trick is to do premmy tanks better than standard ones,
    Shouldn’t surprise anyone.
    Look at Type 59 when released. Look at the SU-122-44 which is better than
    the SU-152 in every way that matters.
    I guess as a ‘developer’ when you’ve no idea or intention of in fact
    developing your game in any real sense, eventually you’re left with this as
    a way of getting people to spend money.
    Pretty sad. This game was waaaaay better when they introduced 3 tier MM but
    hadn’t gone for premium ammo spam.
    Now it’s as dumb as a bag of hammers. And look at the lol stats in xvm.
    No wonder QB went seal clubbing.
    As a long term player (beta) and once a real fan, it’s sad what this game
    has become when it might have been so much more with some competent
    developers in the true ‘game designer’ sense.

  136. I think implementing this with high mobility is good because, people will
    not want to spend real money on a cromwell that looks better, when they can
    buy the same cromwell for free, the fact that this tank is a beefed up
    cromwell, will bring wargaming more profit, as they will loss some money in
    the tankfest event that is coming up, therefore a better cromwell will
    increase sales.e.g getting money for tankfest. Therefore wargaming should
    only beef up this tank a bit as a premium tank, so they wont have to nerf
    it in the future, at the same time having a good amount of sales

  137. Pay to Win. Pure, 100%, pay to win.

  138. Another thing about the side armour buff is that 42.9mm CAN NOT be
    overmatched by the oh so popular 122mm cannons on the Russian and Chinese
    tanks,and also 128mm from the German TDs(128<128.7 if you want numbers) so
    it will still fall short to the SU-100Y's 130mm, the RHM's 150mm and the
    KV-2's/SU-152's/ISU-152's 152mm, but considering there are only 5 tanks
    (aside from arty) that can overmatch your side armour instead of the many
    more with the Cromwell (normal), it's a great buff. 😛

    Cromwell B. The B stands for BUFFED, not Berlin. ;P

  139. QuickyBaby, can you do a racing track comparison video to show how the
    lower terrain resistance affects the practical in game speed as well as a
    side by side stationary turning video to show that buff on this premium
    compared with the normal. I’d be fine with all the above IF it actually
    got the gun stats of the lower pen gun it is supposed to have instead of
    getting the best gun’s stats but the “name” of a worse gun.

  140. 100 bucks on nerf!

    • +docteree they will buff all other tanks and leave the premiums inferior
      like they did to the Scouts.

  141. Not pay to win at all

  142. so what ur saying is wot is pay to win again.
    well thats fun

  143. Wargaming has strived so hard to make the game as little pay2win as
    possible. Now they threw all that out the window 

    • +Øystein A. I replied to modest123

    • +Jack Rolfland i meant tier Xs which jt88 would meet if it didnt have

    • +Will Horsley and there is a very good reason why those tests have shown
      the Cromwell has a better traverse than the B. That reason is that not a
      lot of people understand the formula that dictates actual traverse speeds,
      add to that WG confusing matters by posting unintentionally misleading
      stats and you get a lot of people going ‘thermal’…….it is entertaining
      I must admit XD

      Anyway, for a better understanding of how this part of the game works the
      following link is an excellent read….

      fakedit: maybe I shouldn’t have posted that to educate the idiots screaming
      “WAAAAAP2W!!!11!!”…..their stupidity is delicious, and washed down with a
      lovely cup of their tears….mmmmmmmm >:D

    • +Jared Ratoff Sorry Jared, I didn’t see the link in your comment when I
      posted mine.

      Oops :/

  144. My favourite tank in the game is now better in premium. I have to get

  145. i have got the little bugger and i love it sooo much

  146. Lets do a Berlin Event without german tanks…
    Stronk Ideas WG (i know, germany was defeated etc, but still, most of the
    players play german tanks and those are being highly symapthised…)

  147. Cromwell B or T-34-85 Rudy ?

    • Wiktor Dymkobierca

      +snowman_15 If your not a fan of “Czterej pancerni i pies” TV series, I
      strongly suggest you to get Cromwell, because it seems to be simply
      overpowered and looks really nice.

    • +Wiktor Dymkobierca The Rudy matches the late tier russian mediums
      perfectly. So it works as a crew trainer for the tier X triplets. That is
      one of the primary reasons to why I’ll be getting one.

    • I ll get the cromwell then…. My T10 Russian med crew is Goooog enough….

    • Wiktor Dymkobierca

      +angelowl89 Exactly. Matching the Premium Tank to the crew you want to
      train is one of the most important factors when choosing one to buy.

    • Neither as they’re rip offs

  148. just a question but will you be allowed to put camo on it or will it be
    like the AMX 57G and have the automatic +5% camo bonus :D

  149. TheMusicFanForEver77

    Pay to win tank….
    Ain’t cool wg, aint fucking cool!
    And if i buy it couse its OP who guarantees u wont nerf it? I dont like

  150. if the berlin crom isn’t nerf its just pay to win

    • you dont seem to know what pay to win means. pay to win means when a game
      company sells something to players that gives them an advantage over non
      paying player. this new crom is a straight upgrade to the old crom unless
      the info pervided by wg is incorrect the new crom is faster turns faster as
      has better side armor. since theres no stat that the new crom i’sent better
      or as good as the old crom its a straight upgrade. if you watched the video
      QB himself said that tank turns faster then the old crom so your argument
      with the link is wrong.
      player skill has nothing to do with wether something is pay to win or not.
      yes a bad player will do bad but if you take two players of queil skill the
      one in the new crom will be able to outperform the old crom because its a
      better tank that you can only get for real money. this is called selling
      power and it is pay to win because its straight better then the old crom
      but can only be gotten for money.

    • +redlord4321 I’m aware of what pay-to-win is, however it doesn’t change the
      fact that in a game as slow paced as WoT, it is down to the player to make
      use of the tank. You can buy whatever you want, but if you have no hands
      and only play WoT with your feet, you won’t beat someone playing with his
      hands. It’s that simple. If you come up the new Cromwell in the old
      Cromwell, you account for the differences and play accordingly. If you
      don’t, you die. It’s that simple. Hell, running premium consumables would
      make the standard Cromwell even more better than the Berlin one.

      It’s not the same tank and is not a straight upgrade on an existing one, it
      is a completely separate tank. There are other tanks at that tier which are
      better than it in other ways, the only place this thing can be said is
      “better” is if you are comparing it to the old Cromwell, which, if you’d
      actually looked at the formula, would explain why its usable track traverse
      is better than the listed ones. But of course, reading is hard so listening
      to QB and not thinking for yourself is easier, so I can understand why
      people do that.

      Fact remains is that I’m OK with premium tanks being just as good if not
      slightly better than their in-game counterparts. I’ve always thought it was
      BS that you pay money for something that is objectively worse. A fact that
      is not off-set by the increased credits and experience coefficients.

      Either way, the soft stats that you haven’t been looking at show that these
      two tanks, while they share the same name, are for two different roles. One
      is meant for circle-strafing while another is meant for dog-fighting. A
      cursory comparison of the aim bloom on the move and the track traverse
      would tell you that.

      But like I said, looking at formulas is hard and blindly touting someone
      else’s thoughts is far easier.

    • +Riftgardian Sigh… Noone’s saying you automatically get 15 kills by
      buying the tank. All he’s saying is that you’re getting an advantage.
      That’s what pay 2 win is- an advantage.

    • +Jack Rolfland But you don’t get an advantage. Did you even read the thread
      that was linked? Listed traverse speed is based on use of the stock engine.
      With the top engine on hard terrain, the Bromwell traverses slower than the
      Cromwell assuming same level of crew training.

    • +mauiboynokaoi I didn’t now th stock engine affected the traverse speed
      when using the top engine. It doesn’t make any sense at all, but if it
      does- it does.

  151. completle over power. And cromwell was my favo tank. I don’t have gold. I’m
    not gonna buy it. WG really ruins the game in every update. Gonna take
    break from w.o.t..

  152. what a round for the Cromwell B..2k damage :P. not a lot for a unicum

  153. I already see the new tier 6 games …. 5 Crom Bs at each side :D

  154. Please, keep us up to date if it will be introduced unchanged. Besides,
    will it be available only through the premium shop packages or can it be
    bought separately from the ingame store?

  155. got to traverse speed stat and said screw this more pay to win by WG.

  156. I smell a nerf coming…

  157. I am going to love this tank and hopefully get it early on when I start
    World of Tanks

  158. dat full red enemy team tho.

  159. Can’t believe they buffed one of the best t6 tanks in the game and made it
    a premium. That is simply insane.

    Hopefully Armored Warfare will not fall in this trap.

  160. liselotte florin

    A really bad move with this. A strategic mistake. Keep this up and do more
    of this and Wargaming will lose there hard won respect . They better nerf
    it so it has both advantages (which it already has) and disadvantages
    (which it needs) as the other premiums do. Really bad. I am disappointed
    and worried after being only pleased with the other changes. I love WOWS
    and do not like to see the one good company starting to rot as success so
    often causes arrogance and greed to take over creative thinking and

  161. steven van anrooij

    i already have the cromwell. it’s mobility is good but i don’t have the
    best gun yet.

  162. please don’t make suggestions to WG to nerf it bc i want it to be like it is

    PS: i got 4k dmg in my first game in the cromwell B hehe

  163. Rene Van Der Meer

    Same stats! Amazing tank! Certainly worth the cromwell package

  164. I have this tank bought it today and i absolutely love it,i’m not the best
    player but this tank is sheer fun.

  165. thats not correct….the Type 59 is much better than a T-34-2 with the
    100mm gun and the T-34-3 is better than the T-34-2 with the 122mm gun

  166. I won’t be getting one as he price is a rip off. I don’t want all the added
    shit on top. The tanks are a lot cheaper on the RU server as they don’t
    come bundled. I would have bought this tank but as WG have to be greedy,
    they can fuck off

  167. Nerf this tank please give it the bad 75 mm gun with 100 pen 

  168. My assumption (as both the IS and t34-85 are already in HD) is that the
    cromwell will receive some sort of beneficial changes/buffs compared to the
    (HD) B variant when it too gets the HD treatment.
    Obviously that’s speculation and I could be completely wrong…

    • +JWQweqOPDH The Cromwell is a shitty piece of meat now? Nice analogy o.0

    • +theKoshmeister It’s inarguable worse than the other thing, that’s the

    • +Infernal969 I love how bad you are at understanding what Dead Zombie was
      saying. You say what you think it is and think that’s what everyone else
      means when they say it. Dead Zombie Was saying is this.
      1. People say it’s pay to win
      2. Dead Zombie says it’s not pay to win because a bad player doesn’t auto
      win by buying a better tank
      3. You interpreted his comment as though he didn’t already say that and
      tried to correct him by saying “the exact same thing he said”
      4. Congratulations on your IQ test, your results are… Disappointing.

    • I hope they do. I’m pretty sure they either have to nerf cromwell b or buff
      the cromwell because as qb said it’s not fair for wg to make prem tanks
      like this. Then again, there’s the type 59, pz. 2 j, su-76i, etc.

    • +sadsastic
      He was saying that he hates something because its definition doesn’t comply
      with his idea of what it is.
      Therefore he is retarded.
      And I explained why.
      And my IQ is fine, but you are free to jabber some more ad hominems to
      defend a random idiot on the Internet. That’s very inteliigent of you.


  170. Pragerovy Příběhy

    What about me, Wargaming? Dont worry, I would keep your Cromwell “safe” and
    clean. :)

  171. Hey guys, having fun in Minsk at the moment, hope you enjoy this gameplay
    review I premade before I left! Let me know what you think of the brand new
    T6 British premium medium tank the Cromwell Berlin!

    • +Dv8 Perhaps they are just readying us for the nerf!

    • +QuickyBabyTV The premium Cromwell only has better traverse speed than the
      stock Cromwell and not the fully upgraded one due to the convoluted way
      Wargaming calculates things.

    • +Róbert Bolló The cromwell B and regular cromwell are 99% the same, so
      there’s no need for a nerf. Same story with the other 2 latest premium

    • Qb it is actually fair because you pay a lot for this tank :like 30 euros
      you can buy a t54 prot of that amount of money and thats tier 8 , now look
      at this .. This is tier6 for 30 euros, even tier 7 is not as expensive as
      that, and its only in the shop for a short time so yea , it better be more
      brutal than the standard cromwell. I own a standard crom by myself btw and
      already have that fv4202 , and im willing to buy that cromwell B

  172. Can’t wait for this one!

  173. What will be the point of the regular Cromwell once you have the Cromwell
    B? It better and also gets premium benefits(crew training and increased
    credit income).

    I know I will be getting it considering I love the regular Cromwell.

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