World of Tanks – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Foch

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In todays' episode of Subnautica I take a wrong turn in the Lost River and end up on a mysterious island where the Space Vikings are betting on the outcome of tank . It's all getting a bit surreal.

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  1. You sound like jingles 🙂

  2. But jingles just a little bit dead is also a little bit alive.

  3. Well the Foch B has a more powerful engine Literally 2 minutes later. Well they have the same 1000hp engine. Oh jingles, never change

  4. That Skoda was just plain garbage

  5. A Mauschen..? Pronounce it like the “oi” in “choice”.

  6. I take it the title is a reference to David Strassman?

  7. Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen, Mao Shen…

    God damn old man…^^

  8. Magnus, huh, i guess you can carry that hard when everything goes JUST AS PLANNED!

  9. Dear Jingles. I usually enjoy your videos in quiety, but this time, since i love to play my autoloading TDs, i got to say something. Despite the fact that the heavy pro-player-cluster went again straight into the noobtrap-corner and gets butchered as they deserved it; a guy who camps in his heavily armored (actually yes, this thing has very good armor against T8 and 9 since the patch) assaultgun like 500m away and wonders why the shots dont hit every time doesnt deserve to pull this off in my op. This thing isnt designed to snipe from the redline, especially not as a top tier TD. Its an assault gun, not an paper tank. And yeah, when i only pull the trigger as often as i can, without letting the gun reaim or even adjusting the aiming because the enemy could have moved… nah, i really wonder that he made it. However, it did happen. Thanks for the video, and keep up the good work!

  10. When ur about to play wot but your spidey-sense was tingling and you checked your virus protection and saw 5 viruses…

  11. What is a Mowshen? Pain in my German ears!

  12. That description

  13. Lode vander Meûlen

    when i saw the title my first reaction was oo i love jingels 🙂

  14. damn that mini maus was an idiot. hurr durr lets just sit in the open in front of an auto loader

  15. I love how jingles is so far behind on world of tanks news he is putting details of a wrong game in the description

  16. “Remember the 5Ds of dodgeball, dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge”

  17. “Equally, unfortunately, because he did fired off just a little bit more than the average 5% gold ammunition that gets expended across all tiers, (clears throat)” need a throat lozenge for your sarcasm?

  18. Unfair plane, he kemp bush!

  19. I think of the trailer where jingles plugs his nose and say ACTUALLY JINGLES.

  20. Jingles is a fkn troll man?????

  21. Hey Skoda T 50, I know how you feel. But your comment doesn’t make the retards (myself included) feel any better.

  22. He Foched them up.


    Man, the Space Vikings sure do have some nice simulation software.

  24. Sorry, I know I’m now that guy. Please find it in your heart to stop calling it “Mauschen”. Go for “Moi” as in Moira, + “ZZ” + “chen” as in a soft “ken”. Less like whatever you`re going for; more like “moisture”. Thank you for stopping my ears from bleeding.

  25. why is there a crouching tiger in the name of the video?

  26. Jingles, the sarcasm and comedy from the description and the crazy responses to it are the reason I subscribe to you ;-D

  27. a second or two after 14:05 it appears the reticle “snaps” to the commander’s hatch……

  28. Wait a minute. People read the description? And here I am on YT just watching the videos.

  29. Interesting they remove the WT E100 and then introduce this tank destroyer lol…
    I know the WT E100 was a crazy tank with a huge gun and slow reload between full drums but I am surprised they didn’t just adjust it until it was very much like this one except no armor to compensate for the accuracy it kept. If it worked like this tank destroyer by simply giving it far less penetration so you had to use its accuracy way more I doubt anyone would have said it was OP or that it was UP even if it loaded quicker as well and could have been left in instead of the far less interesting Grille we now have. When they got switched it kind of left the line feeling like meh not as worth it anymore.

  30. So all that and he made a loss. This really is p2w

  31. Gets only 2114xp. The game cheated him.

  32. I was in the middle of homework and then I saw a jingles video. GPA can wait

  33. Oh Mighty Jingles lord of salt mines, scourge of fisheries, Pillager of potatoes, mightiest of mighty Gnomish sorcerers. I long to stride the decks of the Graf Zeppelin, to see the Messerschmitts lining the decks again, is there a chance of her return?

  34. Wait… the guy went into the game with 30 AP and 36 APCR loadout and only started using APCR in the end of the game when he had just 3 AP left to reload and another 3 left in the magazine (making possible a full 6-AP-clip)??? Outrageous.

  35. PRESS + FOR LARGER MINIMAP! Rule nr 1 in wot is LARGE MAP! Please do this to the vidoes, its much easier to pay attention to the gameplay then.

  36. 155 is still better, fuck you WG
    Let everyone have one!!!!

  37. Doesn’t this tank have too much ammo..

  38. Not worth the 40k loss :/
    Gg though, but not 40k loss kind of gg

  39. Now obsolete, 268/4 replaced every td in the game and most of the other tanks as well .

  40. If you have a bad day, watch J-ingles to have a laugh.
    Better if it is in a German Tank.
    Even better if it is a Mauschen. DONT TEACH HIM GERMAN! LOL

  41. I was more mad they took it off my original Foch 155 camo, inscription and emblem to be place it on the New Foch 122 6 shooter. Why couldn’t it just be a no camo tank replacement in the first place. I always goes something different on every tank if one of them is rarely a color I choose. Wger want more money from me to repaint the same camo or different of what they pulled a skin off my Foch 155 and stick it on the Foch 120. Fuck Wger.

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