World of Tanks – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Jageru

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Source: The Mighty

In which Dead_Trickz brings 170mm of justice to a match on Abbey in the mighty Jageru.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Great video Jingles, made even better by your awesome commentary! Nobody in the world of tanks community comes close to your “play by play” when it comes to these videos. Top shelf my friend!!!!

  2. My PC runs at 13 FPS at minimal graphics now and before I had 60 FPS at medium graphics

  3. That player was smooth AF

  4. Some players are lucky, other players like “Dead_Trickz” make their own luck by playing smart!

  5. There’s a moment in this replay that could have fit into a Why You Heff To Be Mad vid. Right when the T30 fires and misses, there was definitely some salt.

  6. Maybe they came one at a time because they were British

  7. I mean a win’s a win but I feel like he played the tank very poorly

  8. New graphics are nice but the hit boxes on some of those rocks is bugged. Shells hit them despite the fact the gun is aiming well over them…

  9. I’m more pissed off at wargaming for their “solution” to the problem an awful lot of people are having with load times, myself included. Their solution is this “buy a SSD and stick WoT on there” when they fail to realize that A. SSD’s are not cheap B. Only the newer motherboards can mount/support them and C. replacing the motherboard to mount the SSD would also require a NEW cpu to be inserted due to the fact that the newer boards have specific pin setups that are incompatible with the old cpu chipsets.

  10. I notice the graphics change every time I play…
    My PC runs the game looking slightly worse (the new graphics engine looks quite bad on lower settings) and can’t keep a stable 60 fps anymore, dropping to around 40 when 3-4 tanks on each team end up brawling near me and arty decides to chip in.

  11. Taekwon Crawfish

    Calling this tank a jageru is about as offensive as calling a black guy the N word.

  12. What’s the hole for on the side of e100 tank ?? Is it like a shell deposit area or just something cosmetic

  13. Jingles, you are to harsh. The “useless” Tiger (p) came 5th with 2,000 dmg!

  14. Still have to play on minimum… :/

  15. Please Jingles, more wot posts. My son and I really enjoy your brand of commentary.

  16. Hans_von_Twitchy

    Good replay and commentary. Just to be fair to the arty (someone has to occasionally), the GW Tiger P had a pretty good game (1943 damage, 5th on team by XP).

  17. Went from being able to play the game perfectly fine at 60 FPS on medium to having horrible load times and 20 or less FPS at minimum graphics. They really need to fix their shit. The game went from having shitty in game reasons to stop playing to taking the choice out of your hands and just stopping a lot of people from playing.

  18. I agree Jingles. Especially when it is a Friday or Saturday night, it is better to get lucky than be good. 🙂

  19. Graphics are great!! mm is still brokeAF
    Power creep so bad +2 mm is dead
    Too many things to nerf/buff , just change to +1 mm
    At this rate 4-5 more years and we’ll have only same tier mm

  20. JIngles you asked how people liked the new graphics engine in Wot in the past week… have you even run a a battle since 2016?

  21. I haven’t seen the new graphics really cuz my pc is a pot with some wires in it. Doesn’t help that I’m not old enough to work.

    Curse you “child” labor laws!

  22. I’m many times too cheap to put in a fire extinguisher too, Jingles! Only that’s because I like to stuff my crew’s faces with; chocolate, cola, pudding…well, you get the idea. But naw, I guess I really just am cheap then right?

  23. The new graphics have worn off for me already, but its such a nice change of looks for the game.

  24. Hey Jingles, great video. Have you tried War Thunder?

  25. WoT buggy AF and has a memory leak

  26. half my games take tons to load, i enter the game when half both teams are already dead, the mini-map takes more to update, my allies and enemy are invisible…a lot of people are having this issue…no response from wargaming… i comply with their requirements i7, w7 ultimate 64 bit, 16GB DDR3, gtx 1050 Ti OC 4 gb DDR5…more than enough…changing the graphics to the lowest or even running in SD mode doesn’t fix the problem…so there is shit happening with the new update.

  27. WTF Error 404 logic not found Jingles ?‍♂️??????#!$

  28. Actually Jingles, that allied artillery did alright in that game. Also, he did the best he could. He chose the best spot to park considering the given circumstances. He couldn’t have helped that guy in the centre if he tried because in order to have an angle on the incoming enemy, where would he have had to be? Correct, the left side of the map. Which was obviously infested with enemies. What he could have done was going full on shotgun mode and drive down that narrow path on the right flank but that would have been about it. Sitting in his corner wasn’t a bad idea either, as he reduced the possible directions of incoming enemies to 1 and could zoom in on that narrow path in case the enemy arty went on shotgun mode.

    I have a feeling some WoT players just want to hate arty players.

  29. 1.0 graphics to me look like the graphics when I play PS4.

  30. The new graphics just brought WoT out of the mid 2000s and into the early 2010s… Still a lot of work to be done, and they aren’t doing anything to fix the core game

  31. Taras B. Ukrainian
  32. you’re kinda harsh with the arty he did almost 2k damage and seeing that the enemy arty was at low health likely means that he fired a shell is way but wasn’t enought to kill him
    the arty was a very useful part of the team

  33. I like this videos , Paul pls keep them coming .

  34. Thanks Jingles. A quiet fan here in the cheap seats. I always meant to ask this random question – what distinguishes a tank destroyer from a tank ? in a game where all 10 tanks are trying to destroy 10 other tanks anyway? 🙂 ta

  35. Again featuring a camping pleb who lost the game for the team 9/10 times and only just wins the game on being lucky.

  36. oh wow the pc version has caught up with the console graphics Kappa

  37. Do you have to call the artillery player an idiot? Imagine it’s a kid!? Imagine he’s also à fan of yours! That’s being a dick grand master jingles.

  38. I don’t know if the ISU was too cheap to use a fire extinguisher or had just replaced it with the food consumable instead.

  39. Great to see JPZ winning the battle, especially these days with the game infested with the Tier 12 268 v4 cancer.

  40. lol, budget isu

  41. Oh I didn’t notice the change what did change ?

  42. Great game, ty players and Jingles

  43. Jägeroo

  44. I was wondering. At 11:14 the Jageru gets hit by a HE round by the G.W. Tiger P. It does not penetrate and only inflicts 267 hp of damage. But at the same time a huge hole is in the right side of the casement like it was a direct penetration. Is this normal?

  45. tX td that know his own viewrange, FeelsBadMan

  46. Graphics still look like 4 years old graphics even on the highest settings…

  47. The misses from the T30 and ISU both look like they were as the result of the hit boxes on the new rocks not being modeled properly. They both shot rocks in front of them.

  48. I always laugh when people get sets on fire… in the game. But I do know why sometimes they didn’t extinguish the fire; a friend of mine recently playing WoT. Short story, his tank get fired up and he’s panicking, pressing all the keyboard trying to find the key for it (default “6”). Now, most people plays with default key settings, meaning pressing “6” can either slips into 5 (and bringing up Repair/Medkit window) or pressing “7” and did nothing. And yes, my friend do carry fire ext but panic prevents him from doing it properly 🙂

    My advice to you guys, either set the Fire Ext shortcut to Q/E/Mouse thumb button. Much easier to reach, much faster to react and personally I never gets to 3rd fire tick dmg – under perfect condition, of course. Reaching out for 6 is like reaching out for your ass, you know it’s there but it’s messy 🙂

  49. Michael Montalvo

    God I wish I got games like this in my Jagdpanzer E100.

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