World of Tanks – Crouching Tiger Hidden Manticore

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Remember when light tank spotting used to be a thing? Yeah. So does Aurorik78.

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  1. Holy cow I think this is the only reference to crouching tiger hidden dragon I have seen in my entire life that movie is pretty good glad you’ve seen it.

  2. 9 skills and 55% camo. Yeah………this man is insane. Dedicated. Both?

    • well since i have over 8600 games in just light tanks you could say both

    • @tom morrow You played only half the game shown by The Mighty Jingles :), for the rest you slept in a bush stealing XP and credits from the two hard working TDs in the back 🙂

  3. I grinded mine 2 weeks ago and I love it. 52% camo and a super accurate sniper gun.

  4. I have to disagree, more often than not team mates will not shoot at targets spotted. Because they share half of potential credits and exp so they hold off their shot until they spot target by themselves. By that time target is spoting them as well. With nerfing arty they nerfed light tanks aswell.

  5. Yeah, that’s old school passive scouting all right. Boring as hell.

  6. The big thing with Gold Ammo is, that in many cases (if you dont play the absolute meta flavor of the month op tank) you have to fire gold to even penetrate some of the heavier armored tanks of the same tier, as they dont really have weakspots.
    Emil 1, 2 and Kranvagn for example? the commander “cupola” i just a pixel strip in movement. good luck hitting that on 150m .
    Or Obj.279, Chrysler, Tornvagn etc

  7. The type of video which makes you feel almost nostalgic for the game, re install it and get frustrated in maximum of 3 battles before you uninstall the game once more.

  8. I wish they change points system. Light tanks should get more exp and credits for seconds they spot enemy tanks rather than damage done with their spoting. Capping base should get alot more exp and credits because sometimes it is the reason why team wins regardless was it capped completly. Plus base would play bigger role on the map

  9. I think a lot of people are just too easily butthurt when premium ammo is used. It’s in the game to be used when needed and who doesn’t want a bigger chance to win? If you think you can’t achieve the same without the use of gold ammo, it probably says more about your skill level than anything else. If you’re not skilled enough, try to get better then or stop complaining. No one is benefiting from this approach

  10. Careful with that “Object 705,” Eugene.

  11. Chi-Town Vic Da Man

    Lol there’s always a schmuck that has to complain about anything, and everything… have a great day everyone!

  12. You do get xp for spotting and spotting damage in Wows.

  13. “Careful with that axe, Eugene” got my day off to a great start!
    Thanks, Oh Mighty One!

  14. this is a great replay

  15. I can’t stop playing tanks, I’m in too deep

  16. i love how by spotting he’s forcing the enemy tanks to pull back giving his team ground and eventually luring the enemy into a crossfire.

  17. Best spotting ever was on this map in a luchs. Sat in a bush and laughed my arse of the entire game.

  18. The mobile version of this game in my opinion does not have the same or that many problems of the online version

  19. Back when I used to play WoT, LTs were my favorite. I remember the Bulldog pre-nerf. What a joy that was. Sadly modern-day WoT and even WoWs have both been ruined by WG’s powercreep.

  20. Some people are happiest when they complain! Thx for sharing Jingles

  21. You know what makes me feel good in the morning? Seeing that Jingles has posted a video for my entertainment and education. I immediately click on the “like” and then proceed to watch the video or listen to his Mingles with Jingles. Along with “that asshole” Kellerman from above the border, my breakfast works out quite nicely. Thank you gentlemen.

  22. hanikrummi hundursvin

    Jingles, Tanks, auto-liked 🙂

  23. Love the camo on that Manticore.

  24. Tbh I can’t complain about anything involving gold in WoT. I would be more impressed these days if a game ended 14/15 or vice versa.

  25. I can’t help but feel Mach 2.5 is a bit of a lowball for EBR speeds. The way things miss at point blank range, the only remaining explanation is relativistic length contraction. My estimates are 0.7 to 0.99c, that is 70 to 99% of the speed of light.
    What’s curious is, EBRs don’t seem to suffer from relativistic -time dilation-. If we assume an average EBR at 0.87c that never stops through the course of an average minute-and-a-half turbo-battle, its crew only experiences 45 seconds. This should be translating to a direct 50% crew XP penalty, but it doesn’t.

  26. The premium ammo was a major part in my decision to quit WoT, I played since closed beta and left just after the introduction of the gold ammo.

  27. Master

  28. I managed to earn a patrol duty medal with my KV-1S (still tier 6 at the time). 3600 spotting damage in less than 4 minutes, the KV-1S was not that stealthy, and not that sturdy in a tier 8 battle. Still, it felt good to end in the top 1/3 of the chart with 0 damage done. And thanks again to the teammates who shot the targets down.

  29. Complaining about the use of gold ammo is not complaining about the video quality or Jingles’s choise of game to feature. I would watch a my little pony game replay as long as Jingles is narrating! (^^)
    However the gold ammo ruins the game for me too! Have lost fights where I look at it after and realize, if I had gold ammo I would have won that. Also it feels like the game is beeing balanced with gold ammo in mind, witch puts non gold ammo users at a further disadvantage. I understand having a light version of “pay to win” will earn you alot of money, but I don’t think it’s good for a game in the long run…

  30. If you’d stop bitching about your life, you’d possibly enjoy it more -sun tzu, probably

  31. i tell you what i miss …those hour long historical review videos from wot back in the day or even wows a few years ago ….i miss making a tea sitting down with grandad jingles and hearing about some boats or tanks …..#noschoolliketheoldschool

    • Second that. There was a time when The Mighty Jingles was treating us with Armored Warfare content too, it was glorious.

  32. Jingles, I love that you said screw it I’m showing what I want to show because it’s my channel. But i dont like you assuming we would all compl… wait I see it now. I’ll get back to mining. Haha

  33. Every World of Tanks video Jingles talks about Gold Ammo. I honestly don’t think people care as much as he thinks they do. In the past, Yeah people got pissed off about it but now i honestly think people dont care as much

  34. Hey jingles, or and regulars, long time ago you featured the missing medium? Did you or anyone ever find out where it was?

  35. The title, the memories!!

  36. I love your WOT videos!

  37. kemp im buusch!

  38. I prefer a combination of active and passive scouting in a french light tank for sure. But yeah, EBRs do totally outclass them anymore.

  39. I love how I know almost nothing about wot and wows but still watch the videos. You got me really into WOWs and I’ve been playing more and learning more. Thank you friend.

  40. I enjoy his loadout of only AP and full premium consumables. He doesn’t waste his credits to gain negligible penetration, and spends his credits on something that makes his own experience enjoyable, rather than making the enemy team upset when they’re only hit with premium rounds.

  41. Well you know how the wot playerbase is like… a bunch of special little snowflakes XD

  42. It’s been actually years since I’ve played WoT, for several reasons. Besides the obvious “I don’t have time or patience for stupid team mates and the golden shower/BDSM”, there were too many F ups by WG to be worth my time.
    As a player that preffered light tanks over heavies, even doing passive spotting before they actually rewarded it, just because IT’S A TEAM BASED GAME and that was one of the main roles, I kinda gave up when they started messing with the refresh rates and I couldn’t see some heavies before 2s after they shot me just a few meter away. Klingon/Soviet cloaking powered by Stalin’s will+full cammo on crew, sure! Still that shouldn’t happen to a light a few meters away.
    So the game was broken for me way before the armored cars rolled in.
    Plus, I had many issues updating the game to the point even I left the PC running half a day without anything else in the network and still itcouldn’t finish. Usually had to uninstall and reinstall the whole thing to make it work. Considering several GB of downloads that took more then it should it got old pretty fast after a few patches.
    The game is just a patchwork of bad decisions, bad infrastructure, bad P2W, bad implementation, increasingly bad mechanics, etc.
    Not worth my time even if I like tanks and shooting shit.
    WoWS I’ve played a bit longer, not only because the P2W isn’t so ridiculous, but because the game actually worked, mostly! But the issue with the gigantic patches one after the other, plus the slow updates kinda killed it for me also. And I really, really liked to at least casually play a few random battles every other day. I saw the FULLY roaming torpedoes in sub gameplay and I knew I couldn’t go back, unless I’ve wanted to grind the U-boats just for trolling.

  43. Well played game… only 2 factors of luck… that the enemy Lights both went to the same opposite side as him and that his team actually supported him and wasn’t windowlickers high on glue. Rest was textbook perfect play. (note: for exceptional games you ALWAYS need at least some luck.)

  44. 3:28 We not gonna talk about the metric spanking that T95 took? Dead in all of 10 seconds 😂

  45. The problem with WoT for me is not just Gold ammo, it’s equipment too. You never now the specs on the enemy tanks nowadays. In WoWs i know rougly the spoting ranges of ships, if i’m in a DD, CA, BB i kw rougly when i will get spotted, i know when i’m spotted who can spot me without spotting back, i can take stept to mitigate that. In Wot, you have magtical see thru bushes equipement, 3 tipes of optics, regular, better if you earn it and spend credits, and the best if you use bonds. I mean WTF!? You can no longer predict anithing, it’s total mayhem, and then there are the EBR’s, the OP Russian Heavyes, FFS , i played WoT for over 7 years, I switched to WoWs and to be honest, It’s a pain when i start WoT again. Of, let’s not forget about RNG and hidden tanks stats.

  46. “scout you doing great”?? really? Someone ACTUALLY appreciated LT doing passive scouting? What server is it? Noone said “move forward noob LT”, noone started shooting at his bush? Any updates for tank players attitude I missed recently? :)))

  47. GodfreyKnowlegehunter

    3:20 honest gaming would like to have words

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