World of Tanks || CZECH ME OUT!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks. Czech me out… get it? a Czechoslovakian tank Czech…? I’ll leave! Today I’m playing the Škoda T 25!

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  1. the VK 30.02M is much better now that is has the armor of its bigger brother the Panther and tier tier it’s much better than the tier 7 and 8 Panthers

    Please, take a look… its a great game for me 😉

  3. when is the next update for your mod pack?

  4. Is it just me or is it really funny when quickybaby says something wrong or messes up some numbers.

  5. Willy i love ur youtube channel its perfect for everyone. For newbie and for old wot player… but ur streams ? bleh not intresting at all. my feelings about ur streams ? money maker machine. I dont feel comfortable there anymore. Think about it 😉 . its just a tip from random guy. CHeers

  6. that arty
    as my father always said
    never doubt the imaginative capabilities of a retard

  7. Pz IV H was my first ever mark of excellence, so happy with that. But i did sell it and never used it again rip

  8. Just finished grinding the Skoda T24, should i continue it?
    Are Czsk tank good enough?

  9. My hidden jem is Crusader

  10. That Lorraine tho, out played a unicum

  11. Anyone else feel that the brightness was alittle low in the video?

  12. The puns hahahhaha

  13. Yay tank from my country :3 (Slovakia, ik its czechoslovakia but its still my country)

  14. Oscar Simpson griffiths

    If you enjoy Skoda try the Chi Ri

  15. cookie baby is back! 😀

  16. give us noobs a guide about terrain advantage

  17. No offense qb but not everyone can pick and choose tanks like you can so comparing the Cromwell b to the t-25

  18. Nope, I definitely XVM snipe. To be fair, it is a legitimate strategy. Like he said, kill the more influential players as opportunity arises.

  19. I can see quickybaby siting in his chair for 10 mins thinking about the thumbhail 😛

  20. lol uses bad HE ammunition, then cries that the arty kills his platoon mate… Shoot armor piercing instead.

  21. I think HE shells below 85mm caliber is useless

  22. T-127.. gotta give it a try. Its a fun little prem.

  23. Himmelsdorf… again? YUCK!
    Thumbs down.

  24. Wich one should I choose pz Kampf 7 or fv251b

  25. Hidden gem= 3 platoon at2 top tier.

  26. I am still waiting for Su-101 game play QB. It’s hard tank to play. Guide us.

  27. Hey, guys! It’s cookiebaby!

  28. I’m always a little sad when I play this tank, because it feels just like my tier seven Japanese medium tank, the Chi-To(?) Because the only big difference is that it has less HP and it’s faster.

  29. 8/10 times i get pushed off that hill… Annoying trolls…

  30. lol 9:40 did that shoot bounce the ground and hit the target but no penetration ? =D

  31. My hidden gem right now is the SP1C. I absolutely hated it for the first 100 battles. Can’t contend with any LT in same tier OR above in any sort of combat or maneuvering. However, upon a thorough study of the tanks advantages and disadvantages, and min/maxing what it is good at I began to enjoy it very much. While it cannot contend with similar LT for being active, it is an excellent passive spotter, and the occasional assassin. I went from 48% WR to 55% by 300 games.

    • mitester

      Back when it had the autoloader, it was a god. Even now, it could be a little better (the reload is shocking) but it is awesome fun to play.

  32. pz iii/iv is my hidden gem <3

  33. Vk 30.01p is a beast at tier 6

  34. Sachith Wijesinghe

    O-I EXp used to be a gem in Japanese tech tree before it got nurfed..

  35. Your new polish friend’s name means ALARM CLOCK

  36. Zizka is my fave Czech tank

  37. Fuckin arty :)))


  39. Can you play World of tanks Blitz quickybaby:)

  40. Gotta love the salt In the comments regarding XVM lol

  41. I really like the Luchs 🙂

  42. Setup tour

  43. Its great to see the lower tier tanks on your channel keep them coming as it shows you recognise all the average joe players

  44. Low rolling no armor having , slow box

  45. what a surprise… free xp thru two of the shittiest tier 7 and 8 tanks in game……..hmmmm…….and the moral of the story is?

  46. Wasn’t this one of the poll tanks on stream the other day lol? Thought I had seen this match before xD

  47. 9:40 does the last HE shell bounce of the ground into the lorrain but doesn’t do any damage??
    I would demand a refund!!

  48. Hi I wanted to ask about rewiews. I had seen Tiger 1, E 75 and E100 rewiews and they were realy good but why there never been rewiew on Tiger II. Just asking because there was time when I was going for it and could,t decide should I take it.

  49. is it just me or quickybaby is naming his vid with puns more frequently recently. getting his dad jokes up ready?

  50. Hahaha the Lorraine´s name is actually Splash xD

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