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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It's an older title , but a lot of your audience won't have been alive the last time you used it. Or even get this reference. 😉 Also, do from Slovakia get pissed off when people refer to Czechoslovakian tanks as “Czech tanks”?

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  1. This is a certified Jingles moment

  2. First! 🙂

  3. El jigglow

  4. Love your titles jingles, they are great and always get me interested.

  5. hello early viewers!

  6. just a little bit late today jingles.
    Especially with your very early uploads earlier this week.

  7. Nice title lol

  8. ADHD camera

  9. Come on Jingles, Finnish isn’t too difficult. Give it a good try

  10. Loved the recoil after every shot :p

    • makes me sick to watch, his game play and acc would be so much better if he was not suffering motion sickness flicking his mouse each shot

  11. Pulling shots or gun shake camera? Shit

  12. I am a Czech and I give Jingles the Czechmate pass. 😛

  13. I think he has a sticky mouse button the way he jerks his shots

  14. I’ve been fouled, Mr Jingles E mail was about flock of naked women (i quote)

  15. I approve the certified Vibe Czech content

  16. Jingles, explain yourself!
    A video at bloody noon?! You are 2 hours late, ya lazy bum

  17. Christiaan Le Roux

    Another south african? I feel we aren’t too common!

    One day Jingles will also future me 😀

  18. No we dont care about this at all. We consider ourselves lucky when we dont get mistaken for slovenia…..

  19. This tank was great for many years after it was released. That’s a lot of gold shot…

  20. an person whit a normal brain can be away for much longer than 4 years and still beat 80% of all the players on the servers

  21. If the guy would manage to hold the mouse steady before pushing the fire button, he would hit once in a while

  22. you finns are fucking invincible, i swear to fuck, and i do mean that every ounce of respect i can say that as a Danish Dude. XD

  23. I kinda like this tank. It’s one of those that feels nice to play (even though I am nowhere near as good at is as this guy)

  24. I have doubts about the mg part, because of the recoil and all that….

  25. shame I don’t play these games I could get a feature to go with followign the channel since 2013 or 14

  26. What do you mean .you can’t pronounce his name ? That was Dave.

  27. I myself only recently started playing wots again after 4-5 years 3 weeks ago but over the constant only 3 maps that qre lwft to rng to decide…..

  28. I’m also from South Africa and for all WoT videos on youtube, I first pause at the team list to see if there is any South African clans represented in the video. Oh, and Jingles…there was no mention of his crappy ping hahaha

  29. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Jingles: Type 58 is basically a T-34-85 but worse, and the aiming time is long on the Skoda T25

    Me: Should we tell him that the Type 58 got buffed and the Skoda T25 got nerfed (not as bad as the Emil II)

  30. None top tear games are so much more interesting.

  31. back just in time to learn everything over again

  32. It’s funny how much I still love watching jingles WOT vs how much I hated the game when I stopped playing it 2yrs ago.

  33. I wish my game play was this good.

    • Unironically, play t3. Pick a tank, any tank, and either 3-mark it or get to a 60% wr. Then do thr same on a 4, a 5, ect.

    • @Daikael hard to three mark a T3 when marks start at T5.
      But hey I am sure advices coming from people don’t even know basic stuff help.

  34. I’ve followed your channel for a long time too. But stopped playing WOT because of the gold ammo and the attitudes of players of it I encountered back then. Since 2017 have lived deep in the woods where the only internet available is satellite and it does not support real time playing.

  35. Looking for friends to play this game with? Check out: Scenius

  36. ᐃᑦᑎᓂᖅᓯᐅᑐᖅ ᑕᖅᓴᖅ

    This game is truly awful at low tier. A 100% crew that you paid gold to get/transfer and enhanced optics gives you good enough view range that you can seal club 90% of players who are grinding new tanks with 75% crews and no equipment.

  37. “And with a premium account he is not allowed to have profit.” Well spoken mr. Jingles!

  38. The game is ridiculuos insofar that there is not a single medal named after Germans …in a TANK game. LOL

  39. first tank i ever 3 marked

  40. subtlewhatssubtle

    WG actually nerfed the reload on the gun. Used to be you could get it down to almost 7 seconds with the right fit.

  41. Vinicius Martinelli

    What a pair of balls this guy had!

  42. I absolutely love the T-25. With turbo it basically becomes a superior tier 6 light tank.

  43. t-25 we used to love it then wg crapped on it

  44. On a side note: I was playing WOWS yesterday. At the beginning of the match, I hear a very familiar voice wishing the team luck and advising us ‘try not to suck’. I had to smile.

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