World of Tanks || Czechoslovakian Skoda T 40

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  1. czech commander: I’m not your buddy, friend !

  2. i would like to see how QB tries to say something in polish language xD

  3. What is the damaga recieved addon +QuickyBabyTV is using?

  4. PLS Change intro!

  5. Ty QuickyBaby!
    You made Czechoslovakia a bit more famous :DD

  6. Yeah the Czechoslovakians like long words with lots of syllables.

    Luckily a lot of the long words form half of the sentence.

  7. Where’s the “What I did on my Birthday” video?

  8. Anyone from stream?

  9. Hun_Mercenary 😀 magyarok mindenhol!

  10. it feels like the next nation after Czech is going to be the Swedish. I rly
    hope so!!

  11. Finaly Czechoslovakia! I’m looking forward sooo much! And “Buchty s
    povidly” is the best food you can eat… Grandmas in Czechoslovakia who
    bake it are best bakers in the world! :D

  12. Can’t wait for more Bohemian tank’s

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY QB!!!!!!!!

  14. Happy B-Day, QB!

  15. Callum Mitchell Larkin

    When do you stream?

  16. Hi Quickybaby! That is NOT a painfull tank, cause the Czech NEVER build a
    single PAINFULL MACHINE, NEVER in a history af engineering ;o)

    Well lets stay by the tanks from the gameto name just a few: Pz35t, Marder
    II, Hetzer… they all have been developed and build in Czechoslovakia
    And the famous british Bren machine gun…. was developed and designed by
    Czech…. sorry I could not resest ;o)

  17. 1:09 Exactly cake/dumpling filled with little marmalade or with chocolate
    or with cottege cheese (sweet).
    6:55 “Ovládaní věže je poškozené, nemužeme s ní otáčet.” translates to
    Control of turret is damaged, we can not turn it.
    T40 is not so powerful compared to germans. But still very reliable and
    fast tank.

  18. “Lets make their tank a lesser panther”

  19. Yeah “Dostali to” it means “They got it” in English but exist one funny
    voice in czech language -> commander says “To bude bolet” in English
    “That´s gonna hurt” when you bounce/ding enemy vehicle :DD

  20. i feel realy good about it bcs i am your watcher from Czech Republic :)Your
    talking in Czech was realy funny 😀 i mean “Dostali to” 😀 but not bad ;)

  21. i m from slovakia :)))))))))))

  22. Luís Henrique Dória Santos


  23. Snooter Nacxious (Snooternacxious)

    GG!!! I like the tank…looks nice, like the 88mm gun, will work around the
    depressing gun depression…Used to playing german tanks by now, so the new
    chec tank with geman gun wont be unfamiliar to play with…Thanks for the
    great review!

  24. Cheers from Czech Republic QB ! 🙂 You and Jingles made my day, he with his
    “Dobrý den!” in the description (Have a nice day) And you with almost on
    point “Dostali to!” Love your videos and i am glad you re enjoying Czech
    tanks, at least something that Czech republic was good for.. Best regards
    and see you on the battlefield!

  25. Thisa tank is PEPIK, so it’s a piece of shit like everything other that is
    pepik…. Well, maybe apart from pepik whores, those are medioker…

  26. QB, you should practice reading Buchty :D

  27. The crew sound simeler to french

  28. Will Yugoslavian tanks be added in to wot?

  29. looks like QB shouldn’t have camped so hard at the end of that last replay
    there. /s

  30. One of the funniest videos you’ve posted in a while. Fantastic facial
    expressions when the crew was spouting the Czechoslovakian language. :)

  31. this game is losing players by the day, right now not many players are
    playing this game even on weekends and holidays. Wargaming still didn’t
    realized that bring in new tanks will not help them fix the problem they
    are in right now. I have almost 50 friends on my WOT friend list, right now
    most of the days, less than 5 of those players are online, and for the
    majority of them, i have not seen them come online for at least 1 year.

  32. are u using 10.0 test server?

  33. Happy birthday.mate! Thx for the vid!

  34. “German gun depression” isn’t even a thing, E75 gets OP gun depression, 8
    degrees is well too much for that thing

  35. Oh god yes, Buchty are cakes from sweet yeast dough filled with many types
    of fillings. It can be marmelade, espesially plum jam, curd with raisins or
    poppy. if you or peppy want recepy i can try to translate it for you 😉
    And czech tank crew voices are horrible… 😀 I am czech and i hate

  36. Včera Sheldon, dneska WoTko, začínáme být světoví :-))

  37. Happy birthday QB

  38. seems like a Vk 30.01 P with similar stats but smaller profile?? I
    personally love my Vk and am willing to give this tank a try <3

  39. i knew skoda T40 is onna come soon

  40. Huh, didn’t notice this when I was watching the stream, but that 8,8 has
    220 average damage. Kinda weird, since it normally does 240 right?

  41. what would yugoslavian eat ? :)

  42. HB qb

  43. Васил Димитров

    From where da hell you get it??

  44. Australian bushmaster should be a T6 premium, the crew voices will be like
    a Brit and a American, but drunk and with some minor swearing. Eg “We
    burned the [nation] fucker”

  45. QB think after the weekend u can showcase the Pz V/IV a mini version of E
    50 M It rams like a truck

  46. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! :)

  47. im slowakia

  48. they did existed

  49. HB Quicky!

  50. The Smiley Gamer | Philos1

    ah, i knew i saw the first replay somewhere :3 (his livestream :D)

  51. Happy B-Day QB

  52. Gj, QB minimal goldshell usage made the games quite nice. This new T-40 is
    inferior to the VK 3001 P in almost every regard, apart from acceleration
    (VK has horrible terrain resist), still this tank is 10 times prettier than
    the VK 3001 P.

  53. i’ve rode in a Czechoslovakia car that has been in pebble beach very roomy

  54. monkeystandoffsucks

    The national voice sounds like the voice for the French line.

  55. The Skoda T 40 isn’t available at the moment due to the VW emissions

  56. Benjamin “blizzard” delaire

    does anyone else see the M4A1 Revalorisé or is it just me cause new tank
    confirmed then 😛 !!!

  57. im not a great driver but i love my tier 6 tanks this is a must for me

  58. Actually Czech tanks aren’t similar to German tanks, but German to Czech,
    because they took our tanks and just used them. Every german tank with T in
    name is from Czech design. Germany used more than 6700 of our tanks, for
    example: Panzer 38(t) light tanks from Ausf A to M, Marder III, Grille,
    JagdPanzer 38 (Hetzer, YES Hetzer is Czech), Ausf. F Gepard… and many
    more. So the era before Tigers Germany was dependent on our tanks. WG can
    easily take almost half of the German tanks and put them in Czechoslovakian
    line. So this is the reason why Czech tanks have similar names and design
    to Germany.

  59. Philippine flag, nice QB…!

  60. I wish we can , to make a video like FCM 50t French heavy tank have some
    doubts about whether that tank like to play with it but wanted more
    information to get the most out of this tank in future battles . Thank you

  61. happy birthday QuickyBaby <3

  62. :v happy birthday

  63. Imagine that voice with an E-25 firing..

  64. #french power

  65. That 60 fps!! Awesome QB!!

  66. Actually Quicky, there are a lot of Czech tanks in WoT already
    Pz 35t, Pz 38t, Marder 38t, T-25, etc. So this isn’t the first.

  67. happy birthday

  68. when it will be in shop??

  69. Looks and plays like german and russian hybrid.

  70. QB Please tell me your opinnion on the ELC AMX bis, listen i have 100% camo
    on both crew members, i got it painted and i got the camo net AND i use
    bushes a lot. Now i was thinking about taking off the camo net and putting
    something else in stead. Would that greatly hurt my camo value or not? And
    if taking off the camo net is ok then what do you think i should put in
    stead? Ty.

  71. I wonder if there will be a Czechoslovakian Tree

  72. When the hell will they release Italian tanks? Far more of those than Czech

  73. Time to Czech this tank out.

  74. ooooooooooooh a French m4a1 in the garage

  75. Happy Birthday QB!

  76. this thing looks like a panther and a t-34 had a child, I love it. wish my
    internet was good enough to play WoT again.

  77. You should join your fellow youtubers (both jedis), and stop reviewing
    these premiums while WG is milking all non-run players with these over the
    top package deals that they throwing on us lately in both wot and wows.
    Enough is enough, time to make a stand.

  78. when is this tank to be released on the US server?

  79. Happy birthday Quickybaby

  80. When the hell are the Action X Centurion and Chieftan being

  81. HAPPY BDAY!!!!!

  82. im usually honored by getting killed by the tog

  83. Mé jméno Fili:P

    Dude! 300k is close af!!

  84. very bad tank

  85. Mé jméno Fili:P

    Thank you QuicklyBaby for making this amazing episode! Im glad we get in
    game and you respect our language and even try it! I had lot of fun
    watching you! And happy B-day!


  87. why you say [škouda] it is only škoda I am Czech ans we Say Škoda no škouda

  88. Great video 😀 im from czech republic and im so proud wargaming did this
    tank 😀 i’ve heard of the entire czech-designed medium tanks coming up, but
    im not sure about it 😀 hopefully they will be as my nation designed them :
    fast, accurate (with good gun penetration) and DEADLY :D

  89. Wanna know which 3 things are Czech people better at than Germans?

    1 – Ice Hockey

    2 – Drinking Beer

    3 – Choosing sides in World Wars

  90. Happy B day quicky B keep on tanking and producing these amazing videos, as
    well as enjoy your day

  91. finally a new tank wich is not OP.

  92. Marthijn van Oorschot

    happy b_day QB

  93. Mé jméno Fili:P

    Im from Czech Republick ( czechoslovakia ) ?

  94. Almost 300,000 subs good job!

  95. When are the cz tanks coming

  96. Happy Birthday Quickybaby. I still cant believe your 28. You look 23-24.

  97. Niervaco “SuperCobra” Renton

    So basically a VK 30.01 P

  98. Terrible gun depression is the reason I’m an alcoholic.

  99. Yeah, Czechs are really rude and irritating.

  100. Elliott “Lost One” Gaal

    Happy Birthday Quicky Baby!

  101. hello QB. I’m from czech rep. really looking forward for new
    czechoslovakian line 🙂 but czech language is in game for too long 🙂 and
    it is terrible 🙂 sometimes is saying somethig else than you did. But i
    like how you are saying buchty. you are awesome guy!!!

  102. hello QB. I’m from czech rep. really looking forward for new
    czechoslovakian line 🙂 but czech language is in game for too long 🙂 and
    it is terrible 🙂 sometimes is saying somethig else than you did. But i
    like how you are saying buchty. you are awesome guy!!!

  103. Ugh… Cz tanks… really…? I guess WG doesn’t like Italy…

  104. 6:15 crew said…. We got him, find us new target. 🙂 Anyway nice video I
    am from Czech rep. these voices are in game for 3 years (when using CZ
    launcher) :)

  105. The premium consumable should have been beer.

  106. Is funny watching this because i am from slovakia 😀 But good video i hope
    this tanks be great :)

  107. <3
    I have always loved your accent but from now with your Shkoda and Boukchtee
    - you have have my eternal attention. ^^ Take care and GL

  108. This tank kind of reminds me of the Carro P26 Italian heavy tank. Id love
    to see that in the game eventually,

  109. Happy BDay man Keep Going

  110. pOLAK QB

  111. One thing no one has realised is that there are already 3 Czech tanks in
    the game. Pz 35t Pz 38t Pz38na

  112. HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUICKY!!!!!! 28? Really? You look 23 or so

  113. Im from Poland and I understand what they tell

  114. Mikuláš Koníř

    QB, czechoslovakian crew voices were in game for logn time, because the
    game is fully translated to Czech 🙂 just saying, your doing nice job! and
    cg for 300000 subscribers!!!

  115. OOO u have a nice ‘Ralph Lauren’ T shirt :)

  116. I don’t know what to think about it.
    Is it first Czechoslovakia tank in game or not ? I think it is but some of
    German tanks are from Czechoslovakia to. but we don’t use them like German
    (never I think 😀 ).
    it is nice tank bit the gun depression is so bad. Maybe I will buy it.

  117. Borat tank!

  118. i whant to ply on test server

  119. Happy Birthday Quickybaby!

  120. QB are you gonna play the hellcat in your next stream?

  121. i laughed my ass off when you said buchty xDD

  122. I may have bought one but no doubt it will be bundled with 8k gold and a
    month of Prem so I guess I will not :)

  123. Im front czech and its Škoda no skoda 🙂 Can i ask ? Will be a
    czechoslovakian tech tree ?? :)

  124. CZSK voices were in past… In CZ client of game :)

  125. I wonder if WG will add the polish tanks since its a very big game in the
    polish community ( I know there weren’t many of them but could have slipped
    a couple with the czechoslovakian tree

  126. hau mich it will be pay?

  127. Happy birthday

  128. This tank lacks acceleration, alot of it.

  129. Comhghall Geraghty

    this skoda is….superb! 🙂 lol

  130. Thanks QB for this video!! And thanks WG for czech tanks, they are rly nice

  131. Happy brithday quickybaby!!!! :)

  132. Happy birthday QB ?

  133. First Czech tank in WoT? Nope, Pz.Kpfw. 35(t), Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t), Pz.Kpfw. 38
    (t) n.A. were all there, and you could make an argument for the T-25 too.
    First tank in the new all Czech line up? Sure.

  134. Coventar? It’s covenanter right

  135. Wtf is that m4A1 at the garage slot, is it just a m4 thing with a 105mm???

  136. some translation, try to say it :p

    Máme ho [ma:me ho] – we’ve got him | máme je [ma:me je] – we’ve got ’em |
    nepřátelský tank zničen [nepra:telsky: tank znicen] – enemy tank destroyed
    | sotva jsme je škrábli [sotva jsme je skra:bli] – we didn’t even scratch
    ’em | ještě jeden takový zásah a je po nich – one more shot and they’re
    gone | je po nich, najdi nám další cíl – they’re gone, find another target

    give me an answer or like for more translation ;)

  137. uhmmm, pie.

  138. even if slow to aim , seems like have a pretty good accuracy …


  140. Around how much will this tank probably cost in US Dollars? I may get one

  141. Most Czechoslovakian Tanks will get pretty good gun depression though.

  142. Toasty Roasty Man

    q/b are you going to THIS “football” game buddy? Wembly stadium Sunday NFL
    Dolphins and Jets? There is talk a NFL franchise is coming your way a bit
    down the road.

  143. This is soo funny for for me, i am from Czech republic, and its really funy
    watching your reactions.. :D

  144. HotdogNiTe nejen GTA

    QB, really thanks for this video! Škoda T 40 is a beautiful tank :3

  145. jooooooo česko-slovesko je v hre jooooo

  146. Terje Christiansen

    Happy birthday! You are a great WOT youtuber.

  147. Terje Christiansen


  148. What was that square under the medium sign in the garage on the skoda?

  149. Actually the Czech (I know its czechoslovakian tree, but language is czech)
    national voices are in game for more than 3 years, WG just used the dubing
    for czech version of client.
    It might sound good to you, but to me as a native speaker, it doesn’t
    really feel like much of a good voiceover.

  150. 😀 dostali to 😀 dík že si natočil náš československý tank 😀
    : D got it : D thank you that you record ​​our Czechoslovak tank : D

  151. I was Quickybaby’s pet gerbil in a previous life.

  152. Happy birthday QB

  153. +QuickyBabyTV Actually, if you want the translation for what the crew is
    4:50 – Máme je / Mame ye – We’ve got them!
    5:05 – Nepřátelský tank zničen / Neprhatelski tank znichen – Enemy tank
    5:11 – Dostali to / Dostali to – They’ve got it!
    5:18 – Trefa do černého / Trefa do cherneho – Bullseye! (We often make
    jokes about it being racist, ’cause the literal translation is “A shot in
    the black guy”)
    6:01 – Ještě jeden takový zásah a je po nich / Yeshte yeden takovi zasah a
    ye po nikh – One more shot like this and they’re done for!
    6:16 – Je po nich, najdi nám další cíl / Ye po nikh, naydi nam dalshi cil –
    They’re done for, give us a next target!
    6:50 – Pohánení věže je poškozené, nemůžeme s ní otačet / Pohaneni vyezhe
    ye poshkozene, nemuzheme s ni otachet – The turning of the turret is
    damaged, we can’t turnt it!
    7:00 – Nepřátelské vozidlo zničeno / Neprhatelske vozidlo znicheno – Enemy
    vehicle destroyed!
    7:12 – Sotva jsme ho škrábli / Sotva ysme ho shkrabli – We’ve just
    scratched them!
    7:18 – Střela neprorazila / Strhela neprorazila – The shot didn’t penetrate!
    7:24 – Neprošla skrz / Neproshla skrz – Didn’t get through!
    8:04 – Mám cíl / Mam cil – I’ve got a terget!
    8:08 – Tahle prošla přímo skrz / Tahle proshla prhimo skrz – This one got
    right through!
    8:12 – Končíme. všichni ven / Konchime, vshikhni ven – We’re done for,
    everyone out!
    10:58 – Čekám rozkaz k palbě / Chekam rozkaz k palbye – Awaiting for a
    command to shoot!
    11:01 – Rozkaz k palbě / Rozkaz k palbye – Command to shoot!
    11:03 – Nepřítel se stáhnul / Neprhitel se stahnul – The enemy has
    11:08 – Ztratily jsme cíl / Ztratili ysme cil – We’ve lost the target!
    11:13 – Připraven k palbě na cíl / Prhipraven k palbye na cil – Ready to
    fire at the target!
    13:43 – Dejte rozkaz k palbě / Deyte rozkaz k palbye – Give a command to
    16:42 – Vypadá to že tahle prošla přímo skrz / Vipada to zhe tahle proshla
    prhimo skrz – Look’s like this one went right through!
    16:52 – Cíl zaměřen / Cil zamerhen – Target locked!
    17:35 – Už je nevidím / Uzh ye nevidim – I can’t see them anymore!
    19:45 – Odrazila se / Odrazila se – Bounced
    19:58 – Jeden z pásů je rozbitý, nemůžeme se ani hnout / Yeden z pasu ye
    rozbiti, nemuzheme se ani hnout – One of our track is destroyed, we can’t

    The crew :
    Velitel / Velitel – Commander
    Střelec / Strhelec – Gunner
    Nabíječ / Nabiyech – Loader
    Řidič / Rhidich – Driver
    Radista / Radista – Radio operator

  154. 10:58 dat troll

  155. No offence, but those czech voices could be more serious, because i think
    some of them are little bit awkward.. Btw nice review :)

  156. James Yendall (DeleRSA)

    Happy birthday may it be a good one with easy games

  157. Czech voices but STILL no female crew sounds????????
    What is up with that, WG?

  158. Happy birthday quickly baby

  159. The Borat tank!

  160. I heard any vehicle with “t” in it was made in Czechoslovakia? So therefore
    Pz 38t and T-25 should be in Czech line.

  161. I wouldn’t say the Chi-nu Kai was a pain…I loved that tank (although I
    only played the 360 version). Still, one of my best tanks as far as K/D and
    earning potential

  162. QB, your reactions to Czech crew voices are hillarious!!! One of your most
    amusing and funny reviews. I have to admit, I am Czech.

  163. Those consumables are the same we have in Bosnia, here we call them Buhtle,
    it is a very similar name. And its not a cake filled with jam, its more of
    a home made doughnut without the empty part in the middle…

  164. So wait, is this a hint that there might be a Czechoslovakian line later

  165. Filip “Fiila” Jiránek

    The voice callouts were already in the game if you used czech language in

  166. I think O-I comes from O-Ichi . Ichi means One in japonese 🙂 . I take that
    from the next tank O-Ni , Ni means Two in japonese.

  167. you have a nice czech I am from czech republik you are nice man

  168. michele bastianelli

    new skoda fabia

  169. Seriously? Czech tanks in WoT?? I was really pissed off when the Chinese
    came with their copy-and-paste soviet tanks but now the Czechs too? I got
    nothing against the Czech people but you might aswell give mitherfucking
    Andorra or Belgium a whole new techtree (im from Belgium). Seriously
    though, where are the Italians? they have way more right to exist in this
    game than the Czechs… But i guess WoT just want to suck the dicks of its
    eastern european biased fanbase.

  170. are you on the test server?!?

  171. Holy crap! Almost 300 k subs. Congratulations from Finland!?

  172. Is that from test server review or? How did you get your hands on it? Btw
    your channel is great! thx

  173. How Czechoslovakian mark of excellence looks like ?

  174. Czech voices are in the game for a couple of years :)

  175. 생일축하합니다~^^
    Happy B-day!!

  176. I dont know what, but youtube has changed something

  177. Happy birthday. You are 1 year closer to the end of your life or the
    beginning of it depending on your view. :)

  178. well this is the first tank in the Czechoslovakian Tree its not the first
    Czechoslovakian tank in the game xD.

    the Pz-35 and Pz-38 tanks are Czechoslovakian tanks (that germany
    continoued procution of after they annexed the areas the factories where in)

    Then we also have the T-25 thats also a Skoda design (even though it was
    thought up during the occupation time)

    the hetzer could also maby be considered Czechoslovakian since they where
    all made in Czechoslovakia and from the Pz-38 chassis.

  179. Bukhšty xDDD

  180. It doesent seem to be such a good tank.
    I was expecting that it would get atleast 8 degrees because of the bad pen
    and average armor.
    But it looks cool and i sure like how the crew speak forever XD

  181. CDrunk “ItsJonaz” #1 Gaming

    QuickyBabyTV or someone else can u help me i can not update my wot and i
    cant play it but i really want i try to update but it says : Critical error
    , Unable to instal updates. The application cannot be continued for details
    see log file . can any1 help me pls respond some1 i really want to play
    esecially when czechoslovakia is commin

  182. I am czech yeeeeey

  183. Happy Birthday QB!!

  184. 523 more subs and 300k gl Qb

  185. ThunderTigerRider

    Im glad that you didnt said Skoda, but, for next time, pronouncing is
    “Škoda” not “Škouda” 😀 and those “Buchty” made me so laugh as hell 😀 :D

  186. Geometry Dash Warrek

    Hey QB! Czech is very hard language to learn in my opinion. National crew
    voice in Czechoslovakian tanks is the same as if you change your WoT
    language from English to Czech. That’s why I think they didn’t have much
    work with that. Anyway I love your content and you helped me to improve a
    lot. Keep up good work :)

  187. Happy Birthday !!

  188. I cannot wait for this tank to appear in the premium shop :)

  189. in Austria it calls Buchteln (BUCHTY)

  190. QB, the reason why you can haer Czech voices so early is that the game is
    translated into Czech for a long time and so we have (as the Czechs) this
    option of hearing the voices for a long time Anyway nice vid and also Happy
    Birthday :)

  191. Happy Birthday QuickyBaby ^^ nice video :)

  192. QB, you should take a look at Jedi’s response to the Skoda.

  193. 12:07 poor centurian, he got om-nom-nom by 3 prem tanks lol

  194. Czechoslovakian voices are rly old… CS voices aren´t new

  195. Martin Bezdíček

    Will you do review for Czechoslovakian tech tree?

  196. I think the biggest problem of this dubbing is “literary” czech, which
    is unnecessarily longer than czech we speak, but we must know it. Thanks
    for nice “review” you are really good player. BTW it is ŠKODA, so read it
    like Shkoda

  197. I want Dutch tanks, tier 1, a guy on a bike with 10 grenades. 10 hp. 200

  198. Nice video! I watched your Gamescom streams, but when i heared that the
    Czechoslovakian tree is going to be in game, i was like whaaaaaat? 😀 I
    love to see the new vehicles. Btw that Czech language is in game since.. I
    dont even know 😀 We in Slovakia would say: Keď mal Žižka ešte 2 oči 😀 try
    to translate it in English :D

  199. Czech language is 1 of most harder language on the world

  200. Wait….QB since you got to play at WG account 2 and Jingles got the number
    1…does that mean they talked to him 1st or just that he jumped on the
    wagon faster?

  201. The tank crew could talk for England. Sorry Czechoslovakia lol

  202. alexander ahlberg

    Happy birthday QB!!!

  203. Ardjan Timmermans

    I gona drive them!I really interested what they are going to do!

  204. I think that tank is so good, I’m czechian too :D

  205. Překvapuje mě, kolik Čechů se na Quickyho dívá… :D

  206. Hey we have finnaly our first tank (y) Btw : Im czech and that voice of
    crue is terrible its really bad

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    Nepřátelský tank zničen – Enemy tank destroyed (Destroyed enemy tank)
    Dostali to – They have been hit / they catched the shot (not sure exactly –
    havent learned english ever) (Hit which penetrated)
    Trefa do černého – Hit the black / (Probably could translate also as) Hit
    the spot/mark (Hit which penetrated)
    Ještě jeden takový zásah a je po nich – One more hit like this and they are
    done / finished (Hit which penetrated)
    Je po nich, najdi nám další cíl – They´re done/finished, find us the next
    target (Destroyed enemy tank)
    Tahle prošla přímo skrz – This one went right through (fighting O-I)
    Přišli jsme o radistu, máme spojení jen s vozidly kolem – We´ve lost the
    “radio-guy”, we have connection only with vehicles around (crew member
    Ovládání věže je poškozené nemůžeme s ní otáčet – The controling of turret
    is damaged, we cannot turn the turret (jammed turret)
    Sotva jsme ho škrábli – We´ve barrely scratched them (Shell absorbed by
    Střela neprorazila – The shot did not penetrate (Shell absorbed by armor)
    Neprošla skrz – The shell did not got through (Shell absorbed by armor)
    Mám cíl – I have the target (autoaim locked)
    Končíme, všichni ven – We´re finished, everybody out (got destroyed by TOG)
    Do toho – .. Its like cheering – Go! Get them! or something (beggining of
    Čekám rozkaz k palbe – Im waiting the order to fire (autoaim locked)
    Nepřítel se stáhnul – Enemy pulled back (Lost sight of autoaimed target)
    Ztratili jsme cíl – We´ve lost the target (Lost sight of autoaimed target)
    Připraven k palbě na cíl – Ready to fire on the target (Autoaim locked)
    Vidí někdo cíl? – Does someone see the target? (Unlocked auto aim)
    Nepřátelské vozidlo zničeno – Enemy vehicle destroyed (Destroyed enemy tank)
    Dejte rozkaz k palbě – Give an order to fire (Autoaim locked)
    Cíl zaměřen – Target locked (autoaim locked)
    Řidič to dostal, nemůžeme jet dost rychle – The driver is hit, we cant
    drive fast enough (Driver wounded)
    Nepřátelský tank zneškodněn – Enemy tank disarmed/disposed (Destroyed enemy
    Odrazila se – Shell bounced off (Ricochet?)
    Máme poškozený pás – We have damaged tracks (Damaged tracks)
    Jeden z pásů je rozbitý, nemůžeme se ani hnout – One of the tracks is
    damaged, we cant move (Destroyed tracks)
    Padáme odsud, tenhle tank to koupil – We´re getting out of here, this tank
    is done/took the shot (Destroyed ur tank)

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    The gun depression definitely seems to be the big compromise – all premiums
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    language enabled. The ”crew voicec” are basically just the same as when
    you switch the game into Czech and disable the national voices you will get
    the same voices on all tanks… So do not worry WG wasn’t so fast about
    real national voices they just did it the easiest way possible.. As WG
    always does -_-

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    Few years probably. But you could activate it only if you would have czech
    client which would cause all the nations be in czech voice. Oh and did I
    laugh on this video 😀 The way you looked when he distrupted you 😀 Thanks
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    Also, Czech crew voices are in Czech version of the game for a long time,
    and they are quite literall translations of English voices.
    “Sotva jsme se škrábli.” – We didn’t even scratched them.
    “Nepřátelské vozidlo zničeno.” – Enemy vehicle destroyed
    and so on and so on.

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    broken ! we cant turn it” “the commander is injured, we can not count on
    him” and so 😀 the czech language is sooo complicated and i hope you guys,
    u’ll keep calm and just listen it 😀 “Nepřátelské vozidlo zničeno !” Bye

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  350. It seems to me that it needs gld instead of vents and optics instead of

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  355. it’s an ungodly abomination of kv-85 and t-34-85 :D

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