World of Tanks || Czechoslovakian Tech Tree – 9.13 Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I preview the Czechoslovakian Tech Tree coming in World of Tanks 9.13!

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  1. the tier 1 tank is a paper box

  2. when is the 9.13 patch coming

  3. Well thats one disappointing tech tree. Copy-paste tanks or blueprint
    tanks, most of them will be a pain to grind, and only the two top ones will
    matter, lets hope they at least gonna be buffed a little, because right now
    this tech tree is as much unattractive as the chinese one.

  4. I’m really not sure about autoloaders getting aim times this good. There is
    a reason all autoloaders get like 3 second aim times. Remember pre-nerf T57
    Heavy? Remember pre-nerf WT E-100? Yeah, we don’t want those, and these new
    tier 9 and 10 mediums are looking very similar with their gun performances.

  5. 25:26 middle finger…. BUFFS AND :P

  6. go show bead guys some love they great

  7. im from the czech this tech tree is super

  8. i hate ALs all you got to do is flank around an you can rip through
    artilerys. i main Artillery so ALs are my enemy

  9. Looks like WG added this line specifically to get players to pay REAL money
    to get to the juicy tier 9-10. I’ll stick with grinding towards the Bat
    Chat, thank-you. Why spend your time on a painful grind if the end result
    is barely worth it?

  10. 2020 finnish tanks released

  11. Can you Do rewiew of IS-4

  12. 3:14 single shot autoloader… i some explanation on that one

  13. Tanks for the review.

  14. 60k free exp that’s what im spending i will get to tier 6 something like
    which i like really and the tier 8,7 are not that bad for me

  15. Thanks for video I am from czech

  16. I think that the new Czehoslovakian trier ten tank is better than Bat-Chat

  17. can the t-34/100 replace the t-43 on the soviet line? Please!

  18. I feel like this whole line will feel like VK 30.01 most of the time,
    underwhelming traverse speed, minimal armor, decent guns, and awesome speed

  19. I think tiers 2&3 are fine: they sit pretty next to thier German copies.
    Tier 4 seems awkward, but that’s how it is for nearly everyone. Tier 5,6&7
    need buffing, and probably 8 as well.

  20. Ronaldinho Gaucho (Alexo)

    Probably one of the worse tier 10 mediums in the game. As wargaming buffs
    and adds new tanks that are strong, they need to bring weaker tanks in
    order to balance out the tier 10 medium avg stats…310 gold pen is really
    annoying when engaging any heavy

  21. I don’t think any of these are worth my time. I just got the bat chat today
    in disappointment of these new tanks with my free xp.. The only reason I
    would have saved it for the Czech line is if they had armor. But no.

  22. r these tanks coming out on xbox or only pc

  23. remove more open maps WG …gj Keep adding more and more town maps cause
    lights and tds love town maps….fucking retards. Oh and about this tanks
    …cant wait to meet them with my T49 and FV183 :)

  24. “copied from other tanks” Those tanks that are “copies” are actually tanks
    built by this nation. the only tank that is a copy tank is the T-34/100
    because it’s a T-34-85. as for armor, may i suggest that you don’t brawl
    with it and use it like a TD. they aren’t brawlers like heavies and a few
    select high tier medium tanks. One thing about this is that even though the
    new M4A1 Rev has the same hull armor as the M4 sherman (same goes for the T
    24 on this line.) I love the tank because I use it like I am supposed to
    use it. I love the Japanese mediums which have virtually no armor but I
    make it work with the tanks play style. It’s not a Maus or a Type 5. Its a
    medium tank.

  25. How long until we get that new French heavy line? There’s been talk for
    years, but AFAIK WG scrapped it because “not enough people play French
    tanks” or something.

  26. Dude…. You, NEED a new outro.

    like…. NEED!

  27. add another OP russian medium tank, a crap czech line but hesitate when
    adding the Chieftain… WG you’ve done it again

  28. I play since 2012 and I still have enough to do with my russian and german
    tanks (these are the nations I focus on).
    I have started playing some other nations (Japan, Great Britain and
    America), but yet there are still more – so why introduce new nations?

    They should work on the tanks, that are already in the game and balance

    I don´t understand what WG is thinking …

  29. Nicholas Hardie Lawrence

    I can wait to “czech” them out

  30. Good tanks coming up on tier 9 and 10? So 8 Tanks are total shit? Why did
    they create a new nation for this?

  31. Well the batchat will never get replaced

  32. so they made 8 teirs of shit tanks, then 9-10 with meh tanks. Why even make
    the line if there are identical tanks that are better? Why not just make
    the tanks somewhere in the middle. What is the point of making a tank
    complete shit.

  33. Please don’t let the tier 10 overtake the batchat so much

  34. fucked up tree of shit tanks who were not even on blueprints but some
    czechz and slovaks engineers talked about building over a beer in a local
    pub omg WG ahahaha

  35. Just saw someone target you on the Xbox version I hope I get a chance to
    fight against you in an honorably way sensei baby

  36. *47mm when you were talking about the tier one

  37. To QuickyBaby: I won a T-34-88 for your stream but never received one? Is
    there some type of wait time? Please get back to me. :)

  38. God damn that tier 10 looks like one of the best tier ten medium tanks

  39. I remembered T-34-85 and T43 use to have 100mm

  40. Field_-_Marshal_-_Flintlock

    QB do play Armored Warfare anymore? You should stream it sometimes or show
    some gameplay. Its very similar to WoT but way more relaxing and still
    requires skill to do well, you should give a try. The modern tanks make it
    a very refreshing change.

  41. look at quickbaby’s bookmarks…copyright complaints

  42. In pubs the Skoda t-24 is far better then the PZ4…Seriously a 22 Pen
    advantage for AP at tier 5 is huge, especially the 30+ pen with the prem
    ammo. A tier 5 that is only competitive at tier 5 isn’t that great of a
    tank. Yes the Skoda should get out played in a straight up match up against
    another PZ4, but against tier 7 and 6 tanks, it has a significant advantage
    due to its pen when compared to the PZ4. The Skoda is a better tank
    overall, when thinking that you aren’t going to be top tier.

  43. that tier 10 must be nerfed right away.

  44. haha also the T24 similar to t25

  45. QUICKY Baby, the (t) in any German names means it is captured from

  46. gangstah’ IS-3. LOL

  47. so whens american tanks coming to wot?

  48. I see a t7 medium tank with a good gun. That’s rare.

  49. well LT vz 35 and LT vz 38 are just the same thing but just the changes of
    the code and that is not a copy of pz 35t but the germens just keep using

  50. thank you because you are says about czekoslovakiak tanks

  51. Ehe, nothing remotely interesting until tier 9… just like the japanese
    three, so much mediocre or shit tanks until the end of the three. Not
    wasting time on either.

  52. free Damage for my FC215b 183 :D

  53. So another mostly paper some proto and 2 actual good tank line comes in to
    World of Tanks
    while the Italians with ACTUALLL FKKNG TANKS are still waiting to join the
    game, /sigh

  54. Czech T1 is a Dalek?

  55. 5:30 Why is QB comparing the ST to the Matilda? You cannot compare ANYTHING
    to the Matilda. You should probably compare the ST to the Panzer IV D or
    Chi-He…I think most of these Czech tanks are going to compare to the
    E-50M and STB-1 lines, and often the tanks in those lines are simply
    outclassed by most tanks of their tier.

  56. Can we just get an Israeli tech tree…PLEASE….

  57. Does anyone else think that a 1,800 damage, 1,852 base experience, tier IX
    game in my 59-16 is awesome?

  58. Zdravim! :D

  59. I occasionally log onto World of Tanks and grind my teeth at the awful maps
    with almost complete lack of cover and each of them with exactly 3 lanes of
    brawling. New tanks? Not interested.

  60. When the update comes out everyone will play these tanks and you will only
    see them in tier 1-5 battles. I will play them too :D

  61. Looks like WG made all the lesser tanks crap so that you would throw money
    at the problem called the 8 tanks which precede tier 9. I’ll be surprised
    to see them buff the tier 1-8, although if enough people complain then they

  62. JimmyRustler_SaltMiner

    QB: “…and so maybe you can decide which ones you might keep, and which
    ones you simply have to grind through if you wanna Czech out this new tech

    I see what you did there :D

  63. instead of more tanks i would like to see them implement some of the more
    popular mods into the vanilla version.

  64. How about the specific power per ton of the tier X, it is enough to replace

  65. The whole line other than tiers 9 and 10 seems pretty miserable i don’t
    really want to go through that grind.

  66. Nice to see a new line coming to the game! I’d love for WG to make a tech
    tree with multiple nations, such as Italy, Hungary, Spain, etc. I’m not
    even sure if Italy and Spain had their own tanks (i’m not a tank or history
    expert) but i’m pretty sure if they brought multiple nations together, they
    could make a ncie tech tree. I know Hungary had two medium tanks the, and
    one tank destroyer. They could add a ton of other countries to this tree.
    It would be awesome!

  67. Editing this as I go, but that Skoda T24 seems to have a turret that is
    very similar to that of a VK 30.01D.

  68. why cant we have another hetzer? :(

  69. very exciting tanks indeed, especially the tier 9 and 10, but I believe the
    tier 6 is gonna be a highlight of the tree. And even if we already have
    autoloaders on high tiers, none of them play like these ones, with quick
    bursts and reloads which may be more fun to play. However, you sacrifice
    the ability to kill an equal tier tank with à single clip, so the tier new
    10 probably won’t replace the bat-chat

  70. soooo basically the whole line is garbage then right to the end…. Nope.
    Not wasting my time.

  71. is it me, or does that czech tier 1 have nipples

  72. Underwhelmed and disappointed.
    I got my fourth tier 10 about two months ago, the T57 Heavy. Been playing
    for 4 years, mostly in VI-VIII. Got my T57, played 5 rounds and haven’t
    logged in since. WG, please spend less time recycling old content and
    calling it new, and add some new stuff. Maps in particular. I feel like
    there is plenty of variety as far as tanks already, and I think most of us
    would rather see fresh new maps. The novelty of a new tank only lasts so
    long, but new maps are always welcome. I would be more than happy to see
    some of the old maps that have been removed over the years rebalanced and
    released again.

    And yeah, I don’t play WoT anymore, but I still watch QB and Jingles WoT
    vids because they’re still entertaining.

  73. How do you get on the test servers? :3

  74. not impressed

  75. i have 1 thing to såg about A-44….. RAMMING SPEED!!!

  76. Tier 9 and 10 looks fun tanks to play

  77. Gj Wargaming. Next update: Give us swedish tanks!

  78. I am Czech, and I am completely satisfied. The tree is also doing Mainly
    for Czech Republic and we are proud of them !

  79. ares354 ares354 (Ares)

    Look on that paper crap. Wg made armor, model, weight. Fake tanks are best
    in da game…

  80. ”but don’t let that poop on your parade” XD

  81. I wold like to know at witch time do you livestream…

  82. Wow cool

  83. When you’re going over the tank description, QB, remember that most of your
    audience can read as well.

  84. Yes…Bravo WG! It’s better adding a tree of 10 garbage tanks than the big
    European Tech tree that a lot of people want…right? Why didn’t they add
    it? Because of crew problems and other stupid problems? Man…The crew and
    all these other things don’t matter. just the tanks do. no one cares about
    the crew. just add another big tree

  85. The Kolohousenka looks like a trashcan with a pot and boobs

  86. How i wold like to be in a team yraining woth u…

  87. I heard the T-34-3 will be buff in 9.13 is that true ?

  88. Gus Davis (Major G)


  89. Another city map for an easier chance at a city map rotation :)

  90. So they made nearly an entire line out of tanks that were never made. Not
    that I’m surprised.

  91. Summary: no big deal

  92. I think that czechoslovakia tree will be hard for play. I have Škoda T-40
    premium and first 30 battles were horrible. But now? It is one of my
    most favourite tanks. Really. And i think the all tree will be same. I am
    really looking forward and these tanks will be very good in the right hands

  93. I love how he says: single shot autoloader

  94. Plzen = Pilzen not Pilzane :P

  95. Dissapointed

  96. just f’ing great… More auto-loaders for those of us who enjoy German
    tanks to contend with. Every high tier game comes down to which side has
    the most OP Russian meds and auto-loaders already.

  97. im not hating, but it will take like 1 year before u get to tier 9…

  98. Thomas Williams (Willt001)

    The T-25 is like a tier 6 chi-ri

  99. QB ihave to say that i just cant wait to see more, and i will log in my
    tesf ser er accaunt right now.?

  100. I was hoping for tanks with some armor.

  101. i noticed you where talking about the T8 tank and how it weighs less but
    you didn’t think about the equipment you had on your prem T6 tank! the two
    tanks weigh the same.

  102. Christian Hornbacher


  103. the german kampfwagen.35 is a copy of the CZ tank…

  104. I can only hope they don’t fuck up Master of Orion…

  105. lol
    Time to reclaim my 15gb

  106. I don’t care what any of you say the Czech tree is going to be awesome.
    Fuck you guys

  107. Meanwhile Xbox versions updates consist of 2 StuGs

  108. For people who say ,,next shitty tree”… What you want!!!!? OP tank with
    biggest armor in the game and best Gun with XXXX penetration and damage?
    every tank is good when you know, how play with him. Shut up! and learn to
    play with normal tanks and dont play with OP tanks for every person…

  109. so they use the same model for about 4 tanks in the tech tree cool WG

  110. 0:48 subtitles checklist vacuum tanks

  111. сока блять

  112. yeah czechoslovakian tanks.
    with such strong tanks like these
    wg should also add dutch tanks
    wich were armored beetle cars with a machine gun…
    they should put their time into actuall good tanks…

  113. Tier 1 is bad
    Tier 2 is forgettable
    Tier 3 is very competitive
    Tier 4 is ok
    Tier 5 is bad
    Tier 6 is ok
    Tier 7 is good
    Tier 8 is incredible (got a tank sniper and 5 kills in the first game for
    3rd class mastery, that tells me the thing is far better than it first
    Tier 9 is great
    Tier 10 is great.

    Overall, I’d say the line is ok, not power creep in the slightest but
    powerful enough with few enough terrible tanks to make it worth trying.

    Will certainly be keeping the tier 8 and 10 vehicles, seriously, try that
    tier 8: you will be pleasantly surprised.

  114. Alex “Bahha24” C

    1:28 It’s the nipple tank!!!

  115. btw, Kolohousenka means something like wheel-caterpillar

  116. Simply every player in WOT will sweep the earth of the server with your
    face before you will get the chance to operate the ” good ” tanks in that

  117. Huh…well…these tanks seem to be rather…um…what’s the word I’m
    looking for…shit. There doesn’t seem to be any real contenders until mid
    tier and even then they’re mostly garbage with fairly average guns. Then
    its only when you’ve somehow got to T9 that you get a vehicle that can
    actually excel, and you find that its basically a French T9 with a slightly
    better gun, and its the same story at T10.
    Wargaming’s probably going to change a few things with these tanks before
    they go live, but as they are now, yikes. I pity the masochists that grind
    them out.

  118. Has war gaming forgot that there are still people that play in low tiers
    from like tier 5-8 , why are they making every single tank so shit compared
    to the other tech lines until you get to tier 9-10 … Like seriously. Do
    they think that everyone just have 2 million free xp to throw away and
    instantly get tier 10 …. So gay, they better improve the tanks

  119. Tech tree? More like Czech tree

    I’ll see myself out…

  120. CZ tanks are o.k. but I have 1 qestion what about Yugoslavian tanks?????
    what do you think about that tec tree???

  121. Wtf … I don’t want to have to get to tier 9 just to start getting good
    tanks especially since there’s pretty much a slim chance that I’m going to
    be top tier

  122. QuickyBaby, have you thought about getting a 1440p monitor to upload games
    in 1440p

  123. Bad armour seems to be a recurring theme.

  124. Also compare it to the AMX 50B and maybe even the T57 Heavy!

  125. Hey, Czech it out! a khaki-colored German/Russian tech tree!

  126. Why not fix the core game problems?

    I would like to see a patch where they add 5 maps and maybe fix arty

  127. Delightful Gentleman

    Tier 1 has little titties in the front XD

  128. Yay a tank line of garbage shit terrible tanks besides 2 of them.

  129. sure would be nice if test server actually worked for us americans…


  131. What a disappointment this line is. 0 historical value and 0 gameplay
    value. By this standards RO could also have a line in game.

    Anyhow, nice video QB, tnx for showcasing this retard line so we know what
    to expect.

  132. And what about austro-hungarian tanks? Long live danube monarchy!

  133. I am disappointed honestly. Not only about the tech tree, but also about
    WG. This whole tech tree is copy-paste, tweaked here and there and boom, we
    have a new tech tree, and don’t even start arguing because you know it’s
    true. I feel like WG is running out of ideas and copies and pastes tank
    bodies calling them “new tech tree, try this.” 1/3 off the tech tree are
    German copy pastes and there are like 2-3 potato tanks, an IS-3 hull copy
    paste with a stretch on the Z axis and ohhh wow is that an original t10
    tank idea? after 9 tanks? This is sad. I am sad about this patch. They
    should just not release the whole tech tree in my opinion.

  134. Pity game is getting worse and worse… Soon there will be only city map,
    enforcing play with good-armored tanks, which in turn makes players buy
    more gold ammo; making WoT pay2win game more and more. Didn’t play for half
    a year now and i don’t regret it at all.

  135. QuickyBaby time to tidy the living room bro! xD

  136. Why are almost all of the prototypes

  137. qb will we get italian tanks???

  138. Let’s add another country instead of adding tds an artillery to China and
    Japan lines really World of tanks you should be ashamed. How about
    finishing some countries you started before adding more .

  139. Looks a bit like the Japanese line, you have to grind through a lot of
    mediocrity to get to the good stuff up in tier 9 and 10. Kind of sad but
    expected (based on the earlier FTR research articles).

  140. Only the top 2 tanks look like they would be worth trying to get. I just
    can’t see myself going through the rest of the line because they look
    pretty bad.

  141. why the fuck is WG wasting their time adding new tanks if 80% of them are
    going to be shit? fucking put that time into havok physics.

  142. I like diversity like most of the players, but there should be no paper
    tanks in the game

  143. Holy shit, a tier 1 that isn’t based on the Renault FT?

  144. I wish they could at least most of them autoloaders rather than just the
    tier 6, 9, and 10…

  145. Looks like another mediocre tank line to me. Sure the T10 tank may be good
    but the grind to it won’t be painless despite what QB thinks.

  146. all are weak except for the last two. meh, i will still try them out

  147. Kolohousenka (T1) is in English wheel-caterpillar.

  148. Well, the whole line seems painfully horrible compared to its peers…and
    only the tier 9 and 10 seem ok and only the tier 10 good and special… :/
    So great for normal people, which dont play the game all day and dont have
    premium accounts…we are gonna need months and moths to grind to the
    worthy tanks, even if we dont play other tanks… 🙁 I think this whole
    line was a waste of time and WG would have done waaaaaaaaaaayyy better, if
    they fixed the arty and maps and also invent more maps(as they are breaking
    bushes to f*** lights or make them more corridor or remove so many maps),
    rework lights and balance other imbalanced tanks and actually make this
    game better and more fun, instead of introducing more content(which isn’t
    even good in most cases) and keeping the same, biggest problems untouched
    for several years at a time…

  149. T20 review plz

  150. All im hearing is dont bother from quickybaby without him actually saying
    it….seems like a very pointless line to grind, im certainly not going to

  151. is the tier VI in this line a contender for Tier VI stronghold play?

  152. Have you done a type 59 review ? If not will you do it ?

  153. Those tanks are so disapointing, oh well.. Back to Armoured Warfare I go!

  154. but where are the new premium tanks? will they come in the pts later?

  155. LOL that crew in a tanks: četař, desátník, svobodník. :DDD That’s cool! I
    like Czech tanks.


  157. how many t-34 tanks are there in this game? lets count them out:

    -T-34 (soviet t-5)
    -t-34-85 (soviet t-6)
    -T 34 (american hvy)
    -type t 34 (Chinese t5)
    -type 58 (chinese t 34 85)
    -t 34 1
    -t 34 2
    -t 34 3
    -t 34 85 (m)
    -t 34 85 (rudy)
    -new Czech t 34 100

    …. good god 11?

  158. hey, this will be my first test server and i need information before
    downloading it… can u have every new tank or do you have to buy it??

  159. no top gun on AMX 120 lfmao

  160. Its almost like wargaming made these to act as pinatas to the new japanese

  161. Just from seeing the stats it certainly doesn’t seem this line needs any
    nerfs. If anything, a few of the tanks with only 6 degrees of gun
    depressions should probably be buffed to 8 degrees at least or they simply
    will not be competitive with tanks from other nations of the same tier. I
    do love the T 25 and being able to get one with an autoloader is awesome.

  162. Mediocre mobility for tier 8? What’s mediocre about light tank acceleration
    and tier 10 soviet medium speed? :O

  163. Should call it the greenhouse line

  164. T-34-100 gives me flashback where the t34-85 (in the soviet tech tree)
    usually get the 100mm gun Before 7.5….
    Those flashbacks…. :(

  165. stink tanks

  166. lol, czech out the new tanks, get it? get it? no? …okay

  167. Pronounce ‘š’ as a ‘sh’!

  168. Still waiting for a Italian line.


  170. Who exactly asked for this new line? They still have an unfinished Chinese
    and Japanese tech, but they go an over extend. At least most of these tank
    are shitty and will not play an impact on the meta -you won’t have to learn
    weakspots nor will you have to dodge them very much. Even the tier 9 you
    seem thrilled of is half-a-Lorraine, which we all know to be pretty bad in

  171. I like how you are quick to point out the weaknesses of these tanks.
    Mediums and Lights shouldn’t rely on it’s armor/armour that much if at all
    so stop complaining about armor/armour on Mediums and Lights. What you said
    about the LT vz 35 and LT vz 38 obviously pissed a lot of people off
    because the German Panzer 35(t) and 38(t) were CAPTURED Czech LT vz 35 and
    38 tanks. As for the ST vz 39s gun you should have compared it to a gun
    that isn’t as amazing as the Matildas 2pdr gun. For the tier 8 all I have
    to say is look at the Pershing. The tier 7 well I would also rather play
    the T-34-1. T-24 and T-25 well it’s tier 5 and tier 6 so more people will
    play those 2 tanks more then the other tiers as they will make profits more
    often. Yeah, yeah, yeah I’m doing a rant but there was a lot of stuff that
    got on my nerves so hold your tongues.

  172. This game has enough tanks. It needs new maps, and an arty nerf.

  173. Dominik Šenkeřík

    Česko a Slovensko !!!

  174. pls. someone send me a bit of gold or premium acc. in WOT so i am happy my
    in game name is: venci9

  175. tier 5,6,9 are not so good

  176. So most of them are quite shitty and the T9 does not sound that good
    either… It may outburst a Lorraine but a T54E1 will mostly also get three
    or even all four out of its shells into you. And the T10 looks like a
    medium version of the T57 heavy considering the gun.

  177. czeching them out

  178. yeah just checked the TVP T50/51. Great tank. My personal opinion its
    better then Object 140

  179. the pz 35 is the czech tank

  180. “Hey, Victor, have you seen the number of Czechs playing the game? They
    want to have they own tech tree and…”
    “What?! No way. You know how much work it is for us to put up a whole tech
    tree. Beside, we already have 3 nations using modded soviet tanks. This is
    getting ridiculous!”
    “Yea, I know… But you know, we already have a lot of their vehicles added
    as premiums, so I throught maybe we could just repaint them and…”
    “ARE YOU OUTTA YOUR MIND! We can’t just give those tanks for free, we’re
    making quite a lot of dough on selling them”.
    “So what?”
    “So maybe we just repaint the ones we have and put them in higher tiers.
    They will be awful, nobody will really want to play them, except for Czech
    community fanboys.”
    “Maaan, still, it’s quite a lot of trouble to put useless content like
    “Oh, c’mon Victor, they will love us.”
    “Well… OK. BUT. Add one original tank at tier one, so that they’d have
    something really Czech to play before they realize the Czech tree is
    totally useless.”
    “And tell the content guys to whip out 2 original top tier vehicles that
    actually are playable. Maybe some people will spend their free exp to grind
    through all that junk in tiers 2-9. You know, a little extra money never
    “*chuckling* Sounds like a masterplan!”

    Wargaming at its best.

  181. when the fuck they adding italian tanks to the game?

  182. Hi guys, I just started playing WoT so I’m gathering some intelligence
    here. What is the best arty line? I just pushed on the british one because
    i keep seeing it on many replays. but still, i need some answers from you
    guys. What is the best arty line????

  183. Pretty understandable with pre-war lack of resources. german occupation and
    then forced to buy Russian tanks. Tweaks in stats will probably fix most of
    the problems.

  184. Bro, you need a new outro!!!!! xD

  185. Armored Warfare :-)

  186. Cooool

  187. “lt vz 35 is a copy of the Pz 38 T” I lol’ed.

  188. Konečně… České tanky… :*

  189. No to trvalo 😀 konečne dáke normálne tanky :3

  190. T34-100 seems like a keeper.

  191. Quickybaby, I feel you were downplaying the capability of the tie 4 and 5
    vehicles. I Personally thought that they looked competitive compared to
    their counterparts.

  192. Yay more exp pinata one shots for my artillery thanks WG

  193. I would gladly take the T-34-100 over the piece of shit T-43 I had to grind

    but another line of med tanks with crap armor all the way through is

  194. Thanks QB for so thoroughly Czech-ing out these tanks

  195. me when I heard the tier 1 only has 50 horsepower, HAHAHAHAHA MY LAWNMOWER

  196. the first interesting (competitive) tank at Tier IX?? no, thank you.

  197. Why can I not connect to the Test server?! It says some error about
    vehicles (1001)!

  198. tier 9 is only on that i would keep

  199. My Matilda is smiling in my garage, going nomnomnomnom

  200. Brilliant, a new line of tanks that I can destroy. I’m looking forward to
    it, the T24 and T25 will be easy pray for my O-I :)

  201. “poop on your parade” “very FAT unlike the french medium tank” made me
    laugh hahaha

  202. the tier 9 and 10 are pretty much the sp1c with a rly good gun and some

  203. Next misstake by WG… I dont know about you, but (for me) most wot tanks
    are ww2 tanks, so to implement a nation into the game what not existed in
    ww2… its like the japan heavy line… no im not sayin’ the japan heavy
    line is bad coz OP… no im saying its bad because they are too heavy and
    their tracks are too small to keep tham on the surface… and japan in the
    place where its raining all the time, and at Balaton the german King Tigers
    stuck in the mud… they are too fast and physically its bullsh*t… Yes
    its what i think of it and pls let me know what do you think about the CZ
    tanks and the japan heavy underwaters.

  204. I was definitely excited when I first clicked on this video but it slowly
    drained away. I hope the tier 5-8 tanks get some kind of buff because those
    are the tiers that I enjoy the most.

  205. It seems that wg is being lazy by having several existing tanks incoperated
    into the checklaslovakia tank line. Sorry for my english

  206. Sad its easier to add Czech tanks than Italian tanks cause they so poooop

  207. I think this is going to be a proper balanced line. Just a normal line
    which is good.

  208. Already had a big game with the TVP T 50/51 6,8k dmg

  209. I feel like the TVP will kind of play out like a tier ten version of the
    German luchs

  210. I see what WG is doing here , lets put crappy tanks till’ tier 9 so that
    people can buy gold and skip like 8 tanks , more money for us

  211. Tiers IX and X seem to be nice, I performed well playing them on test
    server nonetheless they have huge disadvantage which wasn’t highlighted in
    the preview – they are huge. Easy targets for even inaccurate USSR HT’s
    guns or any arties. I’ll probably grid this tree anyway for purpose of
    eventual future marathons where you need tanks of every nation but I don’t
    expect to reach tier IX and X.

  212. “Kolohousenka” actually has a literal meaning in Czech. It means “wheeled

  213. Very underwhelming to say the least. I can see a bad grind thru a tier or
    two but not the entire tree to finally end up at what seems comparable at
    I envision a lot of tier 9 Czech tanks (early on at least) with horrible
    crews as people buy their way past the first 8.

    Best thing I can figure is that WG didnt just dream up some newb machine
    easymode like the OI this time.

  214. Am I the only one who thinks that QB is just a little bit too focused on
    the paper stats of the vehicles he’s showing? I understand, yes he’s an
    amazing player and should and does know well better than I do about the
    performance of these tanks, but it just seems a tad bit unfair, in my

  215. Meh.

  216. More food for my KV-2…thank you WG.

  217. Pretty underwhelming line so far. Have to grind to t9 just to have a decent
    tank. Hopefully the rest of the tree will be better.

  218. Why you got to tease me for tomorrows video ? i really want to see how it
    performs xD but hey great video! Love watching them

  219. This update wont? kkkkkkkkkk

  220. I wonder why blitz hasn’t made Italian and Polish tank lines

  221. if you swap the turret to stock on the tvp vtu you suddenly get 10 degrees
    gun depression on the 8,8

  222. seem like garbage tanks, ugly garbage tanks

  223. they made this line only because of the masive cz/sv gamers that plays wot

  224. 3:16 “single shot autoloader”

  225. the chekz tanks came first then the Germans stole all of them BTW

  226. such a knowledge, pz 38 (t) is not german tank T stand for tschechisch or
    Czech in german so LT vz. 38 is a original version of Pz 38…


    Can someone explain me why they introduce garbage checoslovaquian tanks and
    not italian?

  228. Releasing Czechoslovakian tech tree before Polish tech tree is just a big
    “fuck you” from Wargaming to all Polish players.

  229. Scribe “Jack” Hammar

    That tier 1 tank looks downright pathetic! Usually I don’t judge tanks on
    appearance alone, but jeez!

  230. T-25 should be at tier 5 like its German version

  231. i hope the amx 12 t will be buffed for once in my life time…

  232. So, another bunch of generic mediocre tanks that will be sold and forgotten
    as soon as the next tank in line is researched. GG WG.

  233. In some aspects, the Japanese medium tanks were much better, especially
    concerning the armor. The awesome news is that the last two tanks in this
    branch get, each of them, an autoloader!! That’s the only juicy staff…
    Maybe Wargaming will buff at least their armor…

  234. i was going to grind this line but having to play terrible tanks just for
    good tier 9-10 is not worth it for me

  235. Was anyone else thinking every time QB said “Check” you thought “Czech.”

  236. I like autoloaders, maybe ill use this tank but it will never replace my bc
    25 t

  237. …….. *coff* *coff* Italian tech tree? *coff* *coff* (i know they didn’t
    have so many tanks, but like these, there could be blueprints tanks)

  238. Free xp ftw i say, i will start at T9

  239. +QuickyBabyTV I am currently looking for a new computer gaming chair due to
    the fact that I have worn my current one out. Do you have any
    recommendations for a good, comfortable, and durable gaming chair. Now I am
    a bigger guy 6’4 and 300lbs and I have done a little looking around for one
    myself but I was hoping to get your opinion due to the fact that you do a
    lot of gaming and have probably gone through a chair or two in your day. So
    if you or anyone else on here can give me some recommendations to help
    narrow my search it would be greatly appreciated.

  240. keep up the epic videos dude u make this game so cool than before

  241. my poor old Lorraine
    if only wargaming would spend some love on it.

  242. hi quickybaby we can play world of tanks togeter

  243. How can i get on the test server???

  244. 5:32 – Is it just me or it is HUGE ?!?!?!?

  245. How can wargame introduce czech tanks ans still no sign of Italian tank. I
    don’t understand. The Italian should have Been in the game even before the
    chinese… And I’m not italian so….

  246. very detailed! ty so much QB!

  247. what a cliffhanger! ^^

  248. TVP … czas na reklamy

  249. Siemka kto CZ?

  250. Colby Hammack (Asneakyninja1)

    OMG yes! I love it when they add a new tech tree to the game! :D

  251. The batchat has always been so unique, I dont want it to be replaced…

  252. The T-50 looks like a heavily-armed and armored AFV.

  253. Are the gun depressions good throghout these tanks?

  254. every 3shot autoloader gets a gunrammer, so why doesnt it fit into the
    skoda t50?

  255. tech tree should be called paper tanks

  256. Looks interesting past tier 4. But going up a tier don’t always indicate
    you get way more pen or a better gun overall. As I’m sure you know, the
    Comet at tier 7 only gets 3 more pen vs the Cromwell and only 5 more damage
    pr shot with the rest being more or less the same. But that don’t make the
    Comet a worse tank vs other mediums at tier 7. Also noticed that the Tier 6
    T 25 is taller then the tier 5. As I suspect the tier 6 is in HD vs the
    tier 5. So I suspect the tier 5 will be taller in HD to. Same as the
    Cromwell B was shorter then the normal Cromwell when it came. As the B was
    in HD and the normal was not at the time. Now it’s in HD and is the same
    height again.

  257. Now add the Swedish tanks and the Italian and I might consider reinstalling
    this game…

  258. disappointed realy

  259. just like japans meds all carp until the top tiers wg should stop with that

  260. @GhostKobi CZ yeah!
    Glory to cZ tanks…
    Well, no glory until tier 9. But yeah!!! Glittery to the cz tanks!!

  261. That last is more like buffed Leopard 1!

  262. The lt vz 35 was not a copy of the 35 T. The 35 t where captured from the

  263. Good to see wg wasting there time on this shitty eastern European tanks.
    And the lorr 40t is better higher clip damage and same for the bat,
    completely worthless line

  264. all new tanks is fully craps

  265. do u play wot blitz ?

  266. So. Wargaming has decided, in their infinite stupidity, create a NEW TECH
    tree for tanks that NOBODY ASKED FOR!!!!!! (the same goes to the Japanese
    tanks), mantain the perfect and fake soviet/nazi/murican tanks and not make
    a Chieftain that will destroy almost anything that the biased nazi/soviet
    shit of Wargaming has in the game….i will take my armoured warfare ticket

  267. for me the new Czech tanks is a bit disappointing just because of the lack
    of armor and some a bit disappointing mobility but i’ll try it when it is
    release just because the Japanese tanks is like that but i like playing

  268. Enter The Poop-Hole

    Just one thing…
    Buff the penetration.
    Some tanks in certain nations have “meh” penetration.
    All the tanks in this nation have awful pen.

  269. Sprzedam/Wymienię konto (400 bitew, 1800 wn8) Dwa czołgi premium VIII tieru
    T34 oraz IS-6. Około 3kk kredytów oraz parę czołgów nisko tierowych tzw.

  270. QB pls reply : I ve found out that czecz tanks work well at poke shoot and
    be ammoracked especially tier 10 EVERY single game i was ammoracked by is
    4, 7, or anything that shoots me in the side. Can you give me some advice?

  271. the new tanks suck

  272. Hell yeah!

  273. did u guys notice that almost all the tanks have a jack on them

  274. Honestly, not as impressed as I was when they released the Japanese
    heavies… But hey, new toys so I can’t complain!

  275. TVP 50 /51?
    More like MVP 50 /51 ;)

  276. So WG just made an entire tankline to make money as peeps have to free xp
    their way atleast to tier 9 and using free xp costs gold meaning u have to
    use a lot of real money to get to tier 9 and 10 wich are not that good
    either, enjoy ur skoda’s folks but i wont even touch any of them….

  277. No Arty =(

  278. I can made some blueprints , make me teck tree , please :)

  279. I think that all czechoslovakian tanks from tier 1 to tier 8 are pretty
    much underpowered and they will be much pain. Just the tier 9 and 10
    vehicles are good.

  280. I LOVE BIG TANKS <3

  281. seriously another paper to grind hard :'(

  282. I wonder if it’s going to be like the Chinese tank line

  283. dose czech tanks will provide interest for sure

  284. Just another 2 OP autoloaders on tier 9 and 10. WG just sucks. The reload
    between the shots is way too low, just look at the t57. This game doesnt
    need new autoloaders, they should all be removed just like the WT auf E100
    will be removed.

  285. Glory to Czechoslovakia!

  286. A fast, mobile auto loader with great gun handling and reload times. Why
    did they nerf my T57 heavy again?

  287. Actually the german tanks are copies not Czechoslovak ones

  288. What about Italiy! We had very good projects for our tanks, why aren’t we
    in game yet?

  289. The T50/51 kills fast with short reload but the Batchat kills hard with
    more damage^^

    And can somebody please tell me where I can find the newest list of banned
    mods for WoT, the autoaim_extended mod ( not the aimbot) is gone somehow
    and I need that thing..not in my Heavies but for my light tanks or
    non-turreted Tank destroyers when attacked by fast other lights or mediums

  290. Their armor is crap

  291. Ways to fix this tree:
    1. Buff tiers 1-8
    2. Drop the Pz 35 (t), Pz 38 (t) and Skoda T-25 that are in the German tree
    (the ones that are copies of the ones in the Czech tree)

    P.S. Do you guys even know what counterpart means? It means COPIES.

  292. A tree of rented tanks, very special…

  293. there are way too many tanks based on T-34 / similar to T-34-85 in game

  294. Do u know that the pz 38t(German)is actually developed by the
    Czechoslovakians but got captured in ww2 because Czech were defeated by the
    German,and the Germans use the pz38t’s lower plate to make the hetzer

  295. i guess, i call the tier1 “the tittie tank”…

  296. Damn that Tech tree is just horrible

  297. If you think these tanks look good, make sure to thank SilentStalker, now
    working for Obsidian. He put a ton of work into getting Czech stuff into

  298. i was 555 like

  299. Free exping to the tier 9 as everything apart from the tier 6,9 and 10 is
    fairly terrible.

  300. will the next patch include sweden tree?

  301. What a shitty tech-tree

  302. One Shot autoloader? There is a one shot autoloader!? WUHUU

  303. So basically it’s the same like with Japanese meds. Bullshit tanks all the
    way to tier 9, with tier 7 being particularly shitty, because screw you,
    spend that free exp!

    Also, 3 shells in the clip? It’s all fine if you can keep the enemy at the
    distance, have some cover to hide behind while reloading or have allies to
    keep the enemy at bay while you reload. That requires way more skill than
    playing autoloaders with greater drum capacities. Yes, you can reload
    faster and come back to harass enemy, but if you have the luxury of that
    breathing room while reloading, so do the other autoloaders. They will
    simply be back to action few seconds later. But what you CAN’T do is one
    clipping the enemies you can’t run away from, and it is this very “feature”
    that makes autoloaders so fearsome and keep people at bay, because they’re
    guessing if you have all shells or not. If they know you won’t one clip
    them they’ll just trade their health and yolo you and finish you off while
    you reload.

  304. Minecraftster148790

    Just watched up to teir 5 right now and I am thinking: what the bloody hell
    were they thinking of? These tanks seem terrible

  305. Well…this line of tanks looks like clones of existing tanks, or just
    kinda shit all around, GG Wargaming.

  306. loving your review and stats on the new Czech tank tree Quicky 😉 looking
    forward to the tier 9 & 10 also interested in how the lower tiers play too
    🙂 keep up your fine work buddy as it is really appreciated :)

  307. Well, yet another useless fantasy tank line. All you need is just to grind
    up til tier 9 to get something useful.
    Well done WG.

  308. yet another line of crud to grind threw just like the OI exp line. why are
    wg never putting anything exiting in the game. i hear there might be an IS3
    autoloader for the best of the best just what the best need right a op tank
    with an op gun lol

  309. Uuuuhm the mantlet on the t9 and 10 is pretty trasha actually. at least
    against itself. shot at the t10 wiht the t9 and penned all 3 shots of the

  310. I wish I didn’t have to grind to t9 just to get something good at least the
    French have the amx bis to have fun with

  311. 3.15 “Single Shot Autoloader” #bestsuperunicum_EU

  312. Looks like WG got lazy as hell

  313. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    The only thing i learnt in this video is that I should get t20, all those
    tanks suck balls!!! big time!!

  314. Someone noticed the name ‘Overthrill?

  315. Gangsta IS-3
    Quickbaby – 2015

  316. The Romanian Reaver

    Quickie… my eyes may be going stupid on me but the Czech gun has 20 mms
    more penetration than the german 75 on the tier 5 o.O

  317. I am very disappointed until t9 and t10

  318. These tanks are pretty much the weakest tanks in their respective tier.Why
    bother to introduce them if they are so weak?
    The low tier ones 1-4 are garbage and the rest mediocre at best.

  319. vz. is shortcut for vzor that means model

  320. vz. is shortcut for vzor that means model

  321. cant wait to try out this new tank tree on the test server :D

  322. so, shit armor, shit mobility, meh guns?
    nice , WOT finally has a hard mode.

  323. Tomáš Kizi Veselej

    Im happy because im czech <3 ty Wargaming

  324. the cecsh tank sucks

  325. Nope, Pz.Kpfw. 35t IS COPY of Škoda Vz. 35

  326. So… who will be first to point out that LT vz. 35 is not a copy of
    Pz.Kpfw. 35(t)?

  327. Now i know which country build the ugliest tank on this planet….

  328. As i said yesterday in a test training room, that Tier 1 looks like
    somebody slapped a pair of traks on the side of a stock arl turret. :D

  329. I think if they buffed the armor factor on the tier X tank it would be
    perfect but with its armor now there will be E100 fighting with this thing
    and they will butter through the tank anywhere and don’t even talk about
    the arty????

  330. Xristos Papadopoulos

    make a review of the new tier 10 english heavy plz

  331. tank czech neft

  332. just more auto loader bull crap

  333. That new T-34/100’s gun compares most to the tier 8 T-44’s 100 mm

  334. Quicky until when do we have to send the Intros/T-Shirt designs etc?

  335. The T34/100 is like the tier 5 Soviet T-34? Qb, ever heard of the T-34-85?
    ? I thought its more like the T-34-85 than the T-34.
    Anyway, ofc the models are the same as the already existing tanks for some
    of them, those were Czechoslovakian tanks…..

    Thanks for the info on all of the other tanks though :]

  336. and romanian tanks?when come?(((Because romanian tanks are very good!

  337. Why did it have to be Czechoslovakian tanks and not swedish ;(

  338. Hey, regarding the 35(t) & 38(t)… The german ones are captured
    Czechoslovakian ones. That’s why they’re similar. They were captured in
    large enough quantities and were good enough to adapt into service. 🙂

    The t actually stands for german word for Czech.

  339. thumbs up blindly :D

  340. So the Czech Teir 6 is Skoda T-25 so does that mean they will make the T-25
    German premium made by Skoda unavailable?

  341. The tanks look really awesome but I don’t fancy grinding stock (or bad)
    tanks with +2 matchmaking, until I finally reach tier 9 to have fun. The
    japanese tanks are almost better stat-wise lol and there the real fun
    starts already at tier 8 (which also takes weeks worth of grinding to get
    there). WG just wants us to pay for free experience. No, I’ll be playing
    Armored Warfare.

  342. 35 and 38 are Czechoslovakia tanks.. Nazi Germany just stole them… :)

  343. A new paper armour tech tree.

  344. New map? What is this? And sadly they are removing even more

  345. Merry Christmas quickybaby I sent you a photo to your designs

  346. not first

  347. Ooolala

  348. Test server up? New tanks? Gotta czech these out!

  349. yes I got the 5th comment

  350. Pilsner in Swedish = Beer :P

  351. I cant enter Test server.. Error 1001..

  352. damn tought i was first

  353. fuck not first

  354. hm to se máme na co těšit :D

  355. Not first

  356. ひらつか しずか

    TVP T 50/51 is a decent Tier X MT for me :/

  357. not first

  358. Hello Everyone!!!

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