World of Tanks – Danger!

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In which DangerNoodle2124 finds his outnumbered by more than two one within a few minutes of the start of a match. And then things get worse…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. That WZ player has 6K games played, 50.7% win rate. Though only 800 games in TDs

  2. Okay so that wz120 stats are not of a new player
    5k battles
    apparently he’s only done 11 battles in that wz120 and hasn’t played any tech tree tds of any other line besides t5-t6
    Everyone should know to pack a repair even if you’re just going to bush camp

  3. Well! Seeing as I believe this is the NA server I’ll have to keep an eye out for Mr. Black Ops Navy SEAL!

  4. if it option B, than this is an excellent example why I think that new players should never be allowed to buy and play premium tanks or be allowed to free XP to tier 10

  5. LOL no way! Amazing, congrats Jingles for making it into WoWS!

  6. The quality of teammates is why i couldn’t stand trying to play WoT again after so long in League of Legends, but if you can’t take a joke….

  7. And he still lost credits
    What do you have to do to make money in WOT?

  8. What ship is everyone putting jingles on … im torn between warspite and minotaur ?

  9. I really wouldn’t expect any smart gameplay choices from a player who calls himself Black_OPS_Navy_Seal. Most of the time it’s just some 7 year old who wants to draiv tenk and do boom boom. Same goes for all those Rommels and Wüstenfuchses and so on, except they’re probably middle aged german men who are also upset that they can’t drive their Tiger I in the middle of an open field and bounce everything that is shot at them.

  10. They didnt give u urself? ???

  11. As soon as Jingles unlocks Captain Jingles he will….be playing with himself.

  12. Hahaha…bagette-enforced armor! Bwhaha

  13. LibraeotequeVer3 PointOh


  14. the WZ used his repair kit as soon as he shot the second track, he was waiting for him to empty his magazine before burning it. unfortunately he forgot that he had shot two already and was on the reload while he sat.

  15. I like that he had a really good game and still lost credits.

  16. Why do you feature these? They broke WoT when they were introduced…..basically untouchable unless you get lucky or get them in a confined space.

  17. Everytime I see games like this, it reminds me why I left this game. Shitty teams

  18. ‘No armor whatsoever’ except for the wheels acting as infinity spaced armor and absorbing 152mm shots like a black hole in a donut factory.

  19. You caught me our old chap, in a bit of a brawl when a familiar voice says “You’ve destroyed an Allied Battleship” WHAT!!!!!! Nice One ???

  20. That tank is rapid, Jaysus.

  21. 12:00

    The first thing I thought when you mentioned that bush was that he could hide behind the rock

  22. in the beginning he could’ve just jumped off the hill carefully these ebr’s you can make jump plays work

  23. Jingles just so you know that Emil, is a North american Streamer and on the Wot NA official discord, considered a Community contributor.. even though they are just suggestions.. HIs name on twitch is El Mountain man. also good afternoon, its nice and dark here in the american southwest at 5:43 PM.

  24. On the point of your captain, I had him earlier today call out “Enemy submarine spotted.” Jingles, you’re drunk

  25. Jingles, how exactly are you going to, you know… [cough cough], research yourself?

  26. Well Jingles, thanks to you, my HMS Fiji got a first, namely we’ve spotted a submarine! (Oh, and an aircraft carrier in a battle that had none.) 🙂

  27. hard to watch…this team played sooo stupid…they had the hill allready

    and why is this special player always driving out in the open, when getting spotted? is he trying to fool someone? just lucky again…

  28. Where the hell have you been, jingles. My tier VII, VIII German TDs shot many clown cars broad side and half of the time they ricochet, bounced or absorb the round.

  29. Lovely replay, anyone else having issues trying to join the discord?

  30. Congrats on getting into world of warships

  31. Speaking of Capt Jingles, I unlocked you(him) and it is HILARIOUS! Though I did freak out a bit when I sunk an allied battleship…

  32. “i have to go unlock myself”

    Jingles 2019

  33. Hey would like to send my replay in nothing special just some content for u battleship blitz mobile

  34. I’ve tried to like PLAYING this game. I have. I love World of Warships. Not too bad at it. WoT? Just can’t get any traction. I spend 10 minutes being confused by all the options in the garage, hundreds of tank tech trees I have no idea which to start with, having no money and only lose money EVERY battle, not knowing what is good with crews, then I hit the battle button. Spend a minute or so minutes waiting for a battle, a minute or so driving somewhere, 3 seconds dying, maybe getting off a shot that bounces… and back to the garage. 2-3 outings like that and I just close down the game.

    Maybe it is just me, but is the learning curve even at Tier II stupidly steep with the current mature player base? I don’t even SEE who kills me.
    There is no fun in it.
    It LOOKS fun watching these videos. Playing? Just not my thing I guess.

  35. Not just any wheel cancer…pay2win wheel cancer.
    @14:20 I thought zoom out mods were banned, since WG changed the max zoom out?

  36. Thanks for proving these wheeled pieces of crap have ruined WOT. I have stopped playing thanks to this BS. If I wanted to play Mario Cart, I’d buy a lousy console.

  37. They didn’t give you your own you? Huh?

  38. I bounced a shot from my ISU-152, back in the day, with the ultimate troll cannon my BL9 on the ass end of an AMX12T! This was way before they nerfed the pen ratings too! The game is so broken when it comes to this penetration bs!

  39. 7:04 “…..40 millimeters of baguette reinforced french armor….”

  40. What is the code for the jingles commander mission?

  41. Black_OPS_Navy_Seal hahahah ain’t bright.

  42. And so we didn’t get enough jokes about Jingles playing with himself already… ehs?

  43. Epic game, with a pocketful of luck and with an ultranoob td.

  44. O Jingles. How do you not know that in WoT rubber is stronger than steel?

  45. Now armour yeah, but they do have the game breaking ‘must destroy two wheels to immobilise them’ mechanic and horrifically broken armour models. I’ve had the EBR 105 bounce shots from my JPE100 twice, in the same battle, into the turret; not the gun, the turret top, where it’s overmatched 9 times! 8mm vs 180mm caliber.

  46. Well those windows aren’t going to lick themselves =P

  47. What, no Pointy Haired Jedi?

  48. Repair kit at the end would’ve made no difference.

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