World of Tanks || DARK FRONT: HALLOWEEN 2018

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Something spooky has arrived for Halloween 2018 in World of Tanks – Dark Front! But it any fun?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.



  2. I hated these delivery style missions in GTA games too, so this is not that interesting for me, I got bored after 8 games, now I just want the 15k free XP.

  3. Leviathan was better
    Way better
    I shouldn’t even compare

  4. I like the premise; but it feels like an Easter egg hunt.

    It almost seems like the kind of secondary task you might be given while accomplishing a larger goal. It might be better if they kept this map and this idea; but added in an enemy like the Leviathan where returning the green matter to the base did something like improve your team’s strength or slow down, damage, or otherwise interfere with the “boss”.

  5. QB, you should try World of Warships’ event. pretty damn cool and they are also introducing a new class with the new event

  6. THe undead tanks have aimbots and prediction mod bullcrap. Wish I can have that without getting banned =3=

  7. this is very odd, when ever i realy enjoy somthing in this game (bottem tire polish tanks, dark fronte game mode) quicky baby dislikes it? and vise versa

  8. Dark Front:,, Im the best fun mode wg ever made”
    Leviathan:,, Hold my beer”

  9. Am i the only one who likes the game mode?

  10. WOTB Mad games FTW

  11. I agree it was so boring!!!

  12. I miss Leviathan – some of those matches were EPIC.

  13. This year mode is verry boring …

  14. Mister Torgue Flexington

    Ouch , lately I’ve only thought the game modes that wows has had were cool. Wot holiday game modes haven’t really that great in my eyes.

  15. another WG money grb for camo, 40 bucks for camo before you get to level 1 of goo, but you can buy camo for 50 gold. so why don’t they just allow you to buy camo for like 100 gold or 150 gold instead of spending 5k or 4.5k etc etc for 1 full camo for a single tank.

  16. No fun for us in this mode.

  17. Blitz event is way way way better than this shit. GG WG

  18. i still like the leviathan event last year

  19. they should bring back racing..they would have to disable physics to do so of course…..

  20. I wish it was LTTB instead of MT 25 hehe

  21. Dark front, green goo, calls it dark matter when it’s green matter hahahaha

  22. A point many have missed; This game mode is a wonderful introduction to the game! For low tier players this challenge will be a challenging and fun gamemode to take on with a group of friends.

  23. The first day it was fun. It was something different and new, and an 11% bonus for the time spent playing was well worth it. But the second day it was becoming boring, took longer to complete, and only added another 2% bonus. I don’t think I’ll play a third day, after the first day you get too little bonus for the amount of time required to complete a level.

  24. Game mode is perfect imagination. Great job,but it wouldnt be wargaming if they dont shit on what they did. Reload time 4s. Slow tank. Base and camp soo far away 1 from another, hill to the base. Bots has aimbot and they shoots better then 99% unicum random players and other players… they reload faster and even bdr has tramendeous traverse and speed…..

  25. Aaaaah… Wargaming

  26. Where do we start a game of this mode????

  27. Played til lvl 1, was bored, just bought the stuff. Thinking about it that might actually what WG wants ppl to do…

  28. Again shows the lack of thought and interest by Wargaming, I said it before and I say it again. Wargaming only care about the money the game makes not the players. The limited interaction Wargaming shows towards the players makes it clear….THEY DONT CARE ABOUT US JUST THE MONEY THEY CAN MAKE FROM US!!!!

  29. I love wot consoles halloween we get free premiums skinned like monsters: We get a Gorynych Kv5, Hollenhund M41 90 black dog, dragon type 62, Kaiju O-i(10cm), Krafts panther( fully upgraded panther),and Lycan T71 we grindout xp and when we reach the respected xp amount you choose 1 of 6 six available tanks

  30. Bring back the Stalin’s Balls of Steel mode!

  31. So true…

  32. Seems like a last minute effort of a game

  33. i think wg made this mode grindy and boring on purpose, so that you would want to skip it by paying… sad how things are going down hill :/

  34. Went in with a team from my clan. Bored after one game. Said goodnight and watched the latest Korean historical series on Netflix.

  35. I find it a lot of fun. The major bonus is that it is arti-free 🙂

  36. Wow, 1 thing wg did well is now shit. In wot, wows still has great event

  37. Lol, wheres Leviathan? Where is Franken and Stein? I cannot believe that WG did this this year.

  38. You can Ammorack the Zombies. I dont like the Mod, its realy lame. But what i like, there is no solo achievement or the Mission at the Moment are not Solo. Only play the Mod and play with the Team. This Idea is very good. The Rest of the Mod isn’t :-p feels more like a Testground for Bots.

  39. Its rather tedious, played 3days bored now game play boring after a while more fun in platoon mode with com’s with mates

  40. They should have added leviathan as a field boss. When he spots you, he enters alert mode MGS style then you fight or flee.

  41. Deliveroo simulator LUL

  42. Instant collection of green goo would have been nice. Bring it back so stupid.


  44. I’m spooped

  45. Hi Quicky, with this Halloween update the xvm has stopped working, how do i make it work? ..or there is a new version available? Thanks

  46. SuchÝSnoopyIzzHere :3

    Even world of tanks blitz has a better event

  47. most “FUN” about dark front is driving of the cliff like a dumbass and always surviving, did see some pretty epic jumps.

  48. Wargaming needs to stop wasting their time with these “fun mode” games and bring back Frontline permanently.

  49. The event should just be 15 people vs a obj 268 v4

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