World of Tanks – Dark Lord

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In which commander_vader’s team fails him for the last time. You probably have to be over thirty to get that reference.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. It’s the st-one, not st-i

  2. Oh, Jingles, you forgot that glorious time, when KV-3 was tier 6? Och, what a times those were! It was a brutal slaughter of anything that was not KV-3, or, that damned KV-85, which was also tier 6 and had marvelous soviet 122 mil…

  3. jingles you just dont understand only true gentlemen drive a stock kv4 cause sidescraped no one anc damage you and you cant damage anyone

  4. KV3 is one of my favorite Heavys, play it w/ the 100mm, forget the 122 and just have fun as you dish out 240 avg every 6~7 seconds , its great for brawls against similar tanks like the tiger and IS

  5. didn’t you do this video before?

  6. How can I submit my replays
    To jingles


  8. Well, actually jingles, it’s pronounced “ST- One”. Since the ST-II (ST-two) is being implemented, we know now it’s “one.”

    Also, repeatedly saying STI makes you sound odd.

  9. 390 milimetros de daño no mames tintineos, te mamaste xd

  10. KV3 was a wonderful tank

  11. May not be as popular as the IS, but still one of my favorites

  12. Spam that gold boy 😀

  13. i thought you said his name was Commander Data. that would have been kick ass.

  14. …. Am I one of the few who uses the 100 mm gun on the IS, realizing it is overall better than the 122 mm gun on the IS?

  15. “No cap kill all” has lost so many games…

  16. Another pretty much shit skill game of WoT shown by Jingles… its been 4 years since you’ve played this game now is it? Let’s be top tier and camp in the back… this is boring and 0 skill… not impressed at all

  17. 390mm alpha damage. What…??

  18. Actually Jingles the KV-3 used to lead into the IS from t6 it only got moved to t7 when the IS-4 got bumped from t9 to t10 and it became a member of that tree

  19. Jingles its ST-1, 😀

  20. The STI? I don’t want to grind through an STI thank you very much Jingles!

  21. I LOVE MY KV-3

  22. KV-3 was a beast at tier 6

  23. The KV-3 was more fun to play when it was a tier 6 tank.

  24. After this video, i dubbed the Kv-3, “The skull throne.” or “The turret throne.”

  25. It’s not the ST-I, it’s the ST-1

    _let the shitstorm commence_

  26. That M44 was about as useful as a hooker in a monastery!

  27. I recently got myself the KV-3 as I finished the other 3 heavy lines and I found the KV-3 plays best with the 100mm gun as it is more versatile and I felt that the KV-3’s rng is worse with the 122mm gun than on the IS.

  28. ‘STI’, ah yes, the well loved replacement for the ‘STD’…

    Wait… What do you mean Roman numerals exist..?

  29. I know in the heat of battle you don’t always think logically, but if the KV-3 rammed the Chi-to, that would of likely detracked him, setting him up to be killed by the T-28. Oh well, we humans aren’t perfect.

  30. Jingles get off the crack pipe old man, 390 alpha???

  31. hanikrummi hundursvin

    04:18 actually Jingles, it has 390 HP Alpha damage, although 390 MM Alpha would increase this tanks popularity 😉

  32. Ah yes, four against a KV-3, a T28 Concept, and the ghost of the scumbag M44. Don’t ever change, Jingles!

  33. Never cared for the KV-3 much personally and ended up selling the KV-4 since it became a bullet magnet. Well played Mr J.

  34. more skulls for the skull throne ! LOL ! good one Jingles

  35. The M44 may of had a game crash that I seem to experience every now and then.

  36. i liked this thing when it was on T6…solid dmg and armor…and gold ammo did cost gold so it was a far more fair fight…with armor working as intended.

  37. 8:45 4 vs 3 when it’s 4 vs 2 lol.

  38. Nope, Jingles. We don’t all put the 122 on the KV3. I use the 100mm on mine.

  39. Blood for the Blood God

    I love Russian heavy tanks because they troll the user just like they troll everyone else. <3

  40. This is the match where commander Vader was promoted to Lord Vader and was moved to the Imperial Fleet, and put in charge of two million guys named Jengo.

  41. Correction, KV-3 wasn’t a dead end back in the days, it was the most OP tier 6 (and the most played tank in the game) and led to tier 7 IS.

  42. Straightsix Diesel

    That is indeed a lot of mm alpha damage

  43. Why does every gold spam against the tier 6 italian p43 bis?

  44. fucking gold spammer, really….

  45. Jingles – Can you shoot the zeppelins?

  46. Lucky POS aimed like 2 shots

  47. 4v3 (4v2) Jingles can math

  48. Orange Phoenix Brazier

    Don’t forget the KV-3 used to be a tier 6!

  49. why tf do you have to be over thirty to get that reference?

  50. Bernd Michael Lukoschek

    Soon the glorious KV-3 will give path to the ability of spreading the good news to the world via two barrels. Ready to breach that open door…nice reminder, Sir.

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