World of Tanks – Dark Turtle

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Introducing DarkAngel666nl in the Doom Turtle. So… Dark Turtle. Get it?

Well I thought it was funny…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. I Actually for the teen 95 in world of tanks

  2. Hey Jingles would you do fan meetups in the Netherlands? Also there are a few spots you should not miss like the airborne museum in Oosterbeek and the church in that village aswell as the Overloon museum which has an amazing collection

    • Michiel van Osch

      Also in Best there is a museum dedicated to operation Market Garden and the landings there (Museum Bevrijdende Vleugels)

  3. Love my Doom Turtle. Had games just like this one and it is just devilishly fun. Bounce bounce bounce…my turn. That 155 fires and it roars.

  4. how do you get to tier 9 and not have 6th sense!?

    • Shining Darkness

      Not everyone moves their crew up and not everyone can afford the gold cost to retrain (since even if you have skills they don’t activate until that crew member hits 100 again if you can only afford the 90 retrain) keep in mind it is possible this is his first american 9.

  5. Jahmai Depusior

    Wow i am actually early

  6. Jingles armored battle crew has been released also my great granddad died during op market garden

  7. 4:20am when you uploaded this, how the fuck do you get this timing… also IM SLEEPY OH MIGHTY GNOME OVERLORD! But because this is you, I will watch this!

  8. doooooooom turtle

  9. My favorite tank! Give Akizuki cuddle from me!

  10. Actually Jingles, if he had the 155 mm gun, he would have killed them with AP

    Also, the main reason you need the 155mm on the T95 is because the pen of the 120mm gun is to low to play it as a free to play tank

  11. darrell de Jongh

    Hey Jingels, when and where will you be in Arnhem? I live quite close, might be able to tell you some stuff

  12. Nederlanders heeuuuu!!!

  13. DarkNinjaCorporation

    Missed it by 6 mins, darn!

  14. Nice work DarkAngel666nl

  15. you tube is demonetizing and censoring voices, so i’ m out of here.. unsubbed. good luck on this Marxist platform. hope you choke on it if you choose to stay

  16. It’s all in a days work… 🙂

  17. 2 minutes old and the team is already down 0-3 yep that’s almost like every team I had today except it was more like 0-4 or 0-5. Sad state of the game right now on NA server.

  18. Oh I’m here early

  19. You not going to tell us to subscribe to him.. You fucking dick ‘oh wait he’s not a Girl and doesn’t have breasts

  20. We’ve enjoyed it. We will take care. We’ll catch you next time.

  21. So why wouldn’t the 155mm gun be better than the 120mm out of interest? Asking for a friend obviously lol

  22. The team chat in this game was so nice as well!

  23. Dark turtle would be a good nickname for Mitch McConnell

  24. The documentaries with Jeremy Clarkson about Market Garden are bloody amazing and can be found on Youtube he’s also done 1 or 2 others about the raid on St Nazir and Arnem?

  25. I still want to see a match with a doomturtle platoon!

  26. Wait, you’re coming to the Netherlands, if you, for any reason, pass by War Museum Overloon let me know. I met RitaGamer there and heard SirCon was there for Militracks (I work at the museum), would love to meet you (maybe even give you a free tour)!

  27. It’s still pretty amazing THAT THE US ARMY LOST THIS VEHICLE FOR YEARS, and just found it in the middle of a field.

  28. “This just in, a spike in players using T95s has caused the average number of draws to slightly increase, as well as the average WR of overall T95s to dip slightly.”

  29. I think this map provides more Kolobanovs than any other because of its design. I know I got my one and only here. In a TD of course. It’s always a TD sometimes a heavy but you know this map was made for lone stand offs

  30. Yes! A Doom Turtle video, my favourite tank destroyer.

  31. “If you can’t take a joke you shouldn’t be on Youtube” tell Carlos Maza and Youtube that.

  32. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    “When Johnny comes marching home” intensifies

  33. We shall seize the bridges it’s all a question of bridges

    with thunderclap surprise

  34. This is why I need this tank I love playing it on the test server.

  35. Will you be at tank fest this year?

  36. Wuuuut! Jingle vid before work.

  37. Pbrtexfatboi matthew

    Jingles my man I remember the pre warships era and here we are tanks cats ships and an annual crack of thunder thanks for bringing me many moments of entertainment keep on keeping on! Rear admiral.

  38. I love that on every video of Jingles, ennemies have severe brain damage and act like completely dumbass xD

  39. HI Jingles!!

    there is a rising concern amongst your workers in the mines(not all but at least a few)

    what do you think about friendly fire happening towards Type 59 Gold

    I got one in the black market event and i haven’t been able to enjoy it because people block/team damage/bully while playing.
    It is a shame considering i spent 25K gold on it only to be afraid to play it XD!
    (gold spent on a game which i want to support)

    Do you think if WG made the “Golden skin” swap able like in Caern AX or Lansen C, people would be less triggered by not directly seeing a tank made out of gold?

    I already tried getting in touch with WG support but i am not sure if raising a support ticket might be of any use..

    PFA video links supporting my concern(not my videos but it is similar)

    ok that was all.. back to the mines i go..

  40. social3ngin33rin

    I can hit the T95 with the largest gun in the game and still do zero damage or bounce an HE shell :/ those arty may not have a chance

    • Shining Darkness

      They just have to not direct hit the front of the tank or hit the barrel. Aim under the gun to splash the underside.

  41. That’s me in the Type 61
    Feels bad man

  42. moonmoonbirdcpt

    I will go back to playing Tree of Savior till the next tonk vid then

  43. Jingles pls platoon with QB on live stream i wanna see it again..

  44. Yo, DarkAngel66nl, great outplay man. And yeah, I did expect my teammates to push you at some point, since you AND the IS-2 were stock tanks. But it never happened.

  45. Wikipedia Terror

    Loved my T95. Have the E3 now but it just doesn’t have the same charm.

  46. As a Dutchmen I have to say jingles pronounced Arnhem quite well. The ‘hem’ part is pretty hard as you not proud ace the ‘h’ and really have focus on the ‘e’.

  47. Remember when this had 13 km/h top speed.

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