World of Tanks – Dave Rides Again!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s a nightmare trying to find a World of Tanks battle that lasts longer than 6 minutes and interesting to watch, so naturally when I do I immediately pad it out by throwing another battle in, too. Because I have no idea how to maximise profits on YouTube.

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  1. Zoom out mod? I’m gonna skip that one, folks.

  2. You had me at meh Paul,

  3. Thanks Jingles and Dave.

  4. Teamwork should be a paid DLC, Obviously, otherwise this game would’ve been lost… 😀
    No matter how hard Wargaming try to make it tho, the community always finds away!
    I guess one can say that Teamwork is: “Inevitable”

  5. Chi-Ri is garbage in WOT PC while Chi-Ri in WOTB is a god tier vehicle hence it can do 480 burst damage due to all 75mm gun cause 160 alpha damage while also still have a Good Interclip reload 1 sec per clip and the mag reload of 9.2secs… and Accuracy of Chi-Ri in Blitz also laser level of accuracy.

  6. Karlchen Karolinger

    i dont know but i would have killed the arty in the leopard game.

  7. Pedal faster! Pedal faster!

  8. That first game was so bad lol

  9. Getting a bit fucking tired of this Dave character. He’s always getting showed on Mighty Jingles’ channel even though I send in replay after replay.. totally biased I say, biased!

  10. Jingles I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. 07 and <3

  11. Yeah he had to hit that skill upgrade key though

  12. Well played with unusually good teamwork!

  13. I see a Jingles WoT vid and I click. What vehicle will Jingles misidentify? What name will be called Dave? WE NEED TO KNOW

  14. Which is why I don’t play tier X if I can help it.

  15. “Dave rides again”, should be the name of the next Sabaton song.

  16. The Chi-Ri always reminds me of a game I had in my Centurion IX. This poor player in his Chi Ri had decided to platoon up with a pair of tier 8’s. Ended up in a tier 9 game this poor player came up from behind me, thought “I have you now, surprise butt sex time” I did nothing…and all these shells from this guy bounced after dealing with his tier 8 Tiger II friend. The Chi-Ri was ready to fire again, this time shooting my front…This poor guy, he fired all he had and it did nothing…It got to a point where I thought…This must be a mercy killing…105mm gun end him XD.

  17. He was driving ofroad which is even slower sins its not a compact gravel road.

  18. “Loved” the comment of “Dude” in chat from the EBR driver as the Death-Star lumbered into the cap. He no doubt gloried in dancing rings around the enemy Death-Star yet seemed to fail to realise that the friendly one would have the same characteristics

  19. Chi-Ri is absolute crap..but fun as bleep

  20. I keep forgetting that for everyone outside of the US it’s just a Thursday. 🦃

  21. Tank design of the Leopard 1 can be traced to the first three layers of the onion: don’t be seen, acquired, hit. The Soviets by contrast ignored everything up until don’t get penetrated. They then ignored the subsequent layer of ‘don’t be destroyed/killed’ as well, because yknow… exposed ammo racks.

  22. ok dave is a bad player. im not a wot player anymore but i dont think wis wn8 is higher than 1500-1600

  23. haven’t played this shit for years, and no fucking new maps, surprising the consistency of crap from wargaming

  24. Interesting statement there Jingles about how difficult it is to find a battle that lasts more than 6 minutes as that indicates that WG continue tweaking everything so the game gets faster and faster. Less skilled and strategic, which is a shame

  25. @ Obj 261 EXP – I wouldn’t thought a few years ago that I will feel sorry for arty players but with all these EBRs and OP premiums, HE nerfs and arty reworks… boi it is a tough thing to be an arty player.

  26. wot trash

  27. It’s the annual WoT video!

  28. It was obvious where the enemy artillery was at the end because you could see where his shots were coming from. So no-cap kill all was a perfectly good option.

  29. Yep chi-ri is not very good, but none of the tier 7 tech tree mediums are very good. None have armor and most have so bad standard pen that tier 8 tanks laugh at them and they live in the realm of t29.

  30. …a bit boring this time.

  31. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! You salty bundle of love.

  32. Dave is such a champ. A real trooper to have on the team.

    About World of Tenks: In Russia, Tenks play you!

  33. The leopard 1. Who needs armor when you can just cover the tank in ammo racks.


  35. Dave had multiple good teammates aside from the arty and deathstar… ive played wot for 5years and can count on one hand the times i had same teammates

  36. Hey Jingles any good KV2 replays?

  37. Dave (Unusual12e3x4) = Unusuallseexy. Hmmmm. 1337 never dies…it just molds in place.

  38. Even if Dave had a premium account he would have lost money, World of Tanks is just so poorly optimized when it comes to its economics it’s not funny, it’s why I stopped playing it.

  39. When you’ve got tanks like the Derp-Cannon KV-2 rolling around, tanks like these are staggeringly mediocre in comparison xD

  40. Dave = Unusual Alex 1234

  41. KNOCKKNOCKKNOCK. “Hey! It’s me! I’ve got the shells!”
    “…Who is it?”
    “It’s me, Dave! I’ve got the ammo! Will you open up?”
    “Yeah man! Dave!”
    “… Dave’s not here!”
    “What the… NO!! I’m Dave!” KNOCKKNOCKKNOCK
    “…Who is it?”
    “Argh… It’s ME. DAVE. I’ve got the gold ammo!”
    “DAVE!!! D. A. V. E.! DAVE!! Will you open up already? I’ve got the gold reloads! I think Wargaming saw me!”
    “… Dave’s not here!”
    *Sounds of disgust/despair*

  42. Waiting for “Realistic Mode” (the original wot re-badged) to add to WOT as it is now. If they created a new game style that was how it was 3 or 4 years ago, when games were longer, and just called it ‘realistic’ – overriding all the ‘bling’ in the garage – more people might enjoy. Cause I don’t any more.

  43. The Chi Ri might be a mediocre tank at best. It is very good at one thing, Securing Kills from other players.

  44. Dysfunctional Communist

    Oh yeah fun fact the TOG-II actually uses the 28 Pounder not the 17 Pounder if you are wondering why Bovington Tank Museum got that wrong is well the 28 and 17 have an interchangeable muzzle brake so everyone assumed it was a 17 when it wasn’t.

  45. I would have laughed so hard if that enemy arty managed to hit either of them at the last second.

  46. Happy Teamwork for a Happy Thanksgiving!

  47. That race at the end was insane! Loved the commentary

  48. 2:00 – this tank is a perfect storm of meh. Priceless. Printing t-shirts now 🙂 Eat some turkey today Jingles.

  49. Jingles: and this is…..

    Me: Dave

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