World of Tanks – Dave Rides Again

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Source: The Mighty

Dave’s back. Yeah, he does get around a bit, doesn’t he?

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  1. Northern Ninja Runner

    Daveeeeeeeeeeee is back finally

  2. Well actually jingles, it was a skorpion, not a borsig.

  3. I loved playing that battle and bullying all the T7 enemy heavies, thanks for showing another of my replays jingles 😁

  4. 7:39 Been a while since I played WoT, but I do not remember for WWI era tanks in the poppy field, but is looks like an homage to UK WWI.

  5. Beginning to think the expression Jack of All Trades was incorrect and it should’ve been Dave of All Trades

  6. Commiserations to the Rheinmetall Borsig. Oh jingles, don’t ever change

  7. Yeah world of tanks is cool and all but more Elite Dangerous please

  8. I like how you keep talking about gold ammo as if it’s only available with gold. Might want to update that record.

  9. is that some kind of bug on the last battle result screen? the premium slot that’s grayed out is showing the exact same thing as the non premium?

  10. is it me or are the tracks going the wrong direction

  11. Sunset Shimmer Shimmercode

    what would be super funny is we get a replay where we see Dave again, but the players name is Actually Dave ^^

  12. Dave’s not here man ! no man im Dave!

  13. Aren’t the T28 and T95 different tanks because the T95 has two fuel tanks on its rear upper side and it’s frontal armour is kinda rounded, whereas the T28 has a flat plate of armour below the gun?

  14. YAY DAVE

  15. Oh, and Jingles, you need to see World of Tanks blitz in the gravity mood.

  16. I’m so happy when gold morons, bounce and loose money. Best part of the game.

  17. Dave – Grand Master Jedi of WoT.

  18. GG, Dave!

  19. Its an e25, they dont have brains what do you expect.

  20. Dave likes to run things over I see. Thank goodness there were no civilians.

  21. The scorpion G was Dave’s Kracken Unleashed

  22. KV3 best tier 7

  23. Dave rides again…

  24. Hey Jingles, i don’t thinks that’s a borsig. What? NO I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK NNNNoOOoooooooooo!

  25. You da man Dave!

  26. Dave strikes again

  27. I once killed a full health tier 9 t95 with a tier 4 t50 scout tank by shooting it in that tiny square hatch in the back 25 times.

    My best xp game ever, and holy fuck was that guy pissed…

  28. That was awesome. Great Job Dave LOL Dave is the best dam player WG has ever seen should be in the Hall of Fame man. Cryin shame LOL

  29. If I had to guess I’d say the t34 got flipped and the e25 couldn’t figure out how to flip him back.

  30. TS-5: I have premium ammo, I am going to rip this T28 to pieces.
    TS-5: …….. .i.

    WG: Well done Yuri another balanced game comrad!

  31. So does this mean Steve in the IS-7 is coming soon?

  32. I loved the part where he drove across the WW1 tank

  33. Borsig?! Jingles, pls. Skorpion es Skorpion.

  34. Great video, love the 4K content

  35. Is jingles so old he’s forgotten you can’t buy prem ammo for gold ammo anymore? No wallets involved. Getting tired of hearing about it.

  36. “In a machine we don’t see very often” I’m crying tears called A-44 and Obj 416

  37. Wait, when did Jingles start doing tank videos?

  38. The only problem with the T-29 is that every time an arty shell hits it, it takes out most of the crew and half the modules. Leaving it to crawl around with a damaged engine, ammorack, and dead driver and gunner if not more. Which is no fun.

  39. Dave is my hero! There is only one Dave, and Jungles is his prophet!

  40. MK IVs at 6:00 and 6:38

  41. Some New Guy: Actually Jingles
    *Sound of revolver cycling*

  42. As a Dave, I applaud this performance 😀

  43. Good Old Dave, great to see him back

  44. Me yes dave is back in the t28, yes jingles I remember when you reviewed tanks

  45. Dave should be hard at work in the salt mines, boss. But, he makes me smile. I’m thinking of promoting him to enforcer…er, employee relations.

  46. I always laugh when jingles says ” buttsex”

  47. Dylan van der Velden

    Dave is so good. he has the best winrate of all

  48. Huh? Smart people in a world of tanks match?? Are all the stupid ones dying to covid or something? 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

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