World of Tanks – Day 1 Super Conqueror Session

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  1. So uh I’m first then?

  2. Watch ur position while playing!! As always beast battles !

  3. That guy saying caernavon is op clearly has no clue what he’s talking about … 230 alpha and 1.7/8 k dpm

  4. I sort of like anfield because u can just watch, sit back, relax and learn

  5. What the fuck ? 6.88 reload ? rly ? ok wg s retarded unpenetrable turret ? Ok wg s retarded, russian med gunhandling ? Ok wg s retarded

  6. what’s with the 1980’s video quality? 🙂

  7. Conway has two gun choices now and the 600 alpha one is actually the “small” gun, cant remember about the other one, just that it has like 700 alpha

  8. Close the XBOX App dvr overlay and all xbox applications running in the background. They can mess things up! They changed the settings in one of the latest patches. You can disable it in the app, or under the windows 10 settings!

  9. of course of course

  10. whats the point of e5 now?

  11. Whats your average dmg at the super stronkqueror atm?

  12. Alexander Agustine

    33:00 Look at the shots while on the move !!!

  13. Mines and Ensk, two maps tier X should never see.

  14. if the tank using big gun, he has to be uing hesh for that damage so where he hit you?

  15. Hey I was in one of your games. Metalshreder1 I was in the KV4 killing the conq rushing you. Killed him so that he wouldn’t rush you.

  16. You know what needs a buff? The E100. It’s literally a relic of the past lol

  17. No marks are bugged rn even for me

  18. I like 215b more for tier 10, s concueror is good tier 9 if decrease reload to 9 secs.

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