World of Tanks – Day of the Jackal

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Day of the Jackal – 1970s movie (based on the Frederick Forsyth novel) where a sniper shoots at a Frenchman with a really big nose. – 21st century game where a tank with a really big nose snipes. Yeah, that’s close enough for a link.

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  1. With this tonk…I don’t know… the gun just doesn’t look right for the
    tank, and trust me, if the gun looks out of place it’s good…

  2. A trick to fording the south (for those who do not know it) zoom out and
    look down and you can follow the path with ease.

  3. So, the British had quit a hard time fitting the 17 pounder ( 76.2mm) gun
    into the Sherman turret. The gun was too large, so they had to demount the
    radio and basically attach it on the outside rear of the turret. I am very
    much curious how France would get a 105mm gun that has 7° of gun depression
    inside that turret. Is it a design for very very small Frenchmen with an
    average height of 140cm or how would this work?

  4. This guy has aim bot.. that auto aiming without actualy hitting target with
    mouse.. 3:14..
    Lol.. he perfectly auto aim targets at 400meters out zoom and when he
    manualy aim 8:47 its like polio aiming ?
    Please Jingles dont support cheaters anymore.. no offence… thank you.

  5. Ahhhh…. my brain… w8… 00000… sweet jeezus, i lost my mind

  6. Isn’t a Kamado a toilet?It seems such a fitting name for this tank.

  7. Well that was kind of mundane.

  8. Friendly neighborhood Nazi

    M4 ravioli


  9. Hey jingles, us on the Console are getting a special Panther called the
    Krafts Panther, IF you buy it it gets a special new perk called supply
    conservation, you get a chance to keep used consumable, the console has
    been donig certain ops to get a free premium tank, like i got the
    Motherland i forget what it is, then they gave out a AMX CDC, they gave out
    a Premium German tiger tier VII called the Hammer, then a british medium
    tank called the Centineial T95, now they are giving a chance to get a
    Krafts Panther, Kaijou O-I, and a Lycan T71, they also have a special
    KV-5……sorry if you dont care i thought i would just let you know

  10. well GG

  11. The gun looks so ridiculous haha.

  12. Jingles! it has come to my attention that there has been a serious flaw in
    your world of tanks videos of late, they contain no KV-2 or ISU-152. It has
    been months since your last glorification of Comrade Stalin’s most
    illustrious of machines, this situation cannot be allowed to stand and must
    be rectified immediately

  13. Några av dessa franska Sherman tankar verkligen har använts i “6-dagars
    krig”, men de kunde förstöra flera syriska T-55s. … På något sätt franska
    rustning arbetade, lol.

  14. Jingles with the golden commentary!

  15. apcr,,, solid shot,,, try sabot (say-boh), 2x the flight speed :P

  16. your never going to lose anything running this tank…….Oh Jingles that’s
    like waving a red flag at a bull.

  17. But what makes the IS-3 good is that the bloom is tiny

  18. Пётр Ильич Чайковский

    The commander does say something when auto-aim is activated.

  19. French Ravioli???


  21. to be totally fair, that enemy ISU may have had the terrible shotgun that
    you get on the su-152. if he was stock, it doesn’t surprise me that he did
    nothing. i’ve managed to expend half my ammo in that thing only connecting
    one shot when they were all fully aimed.

  22. why was this featured unless it was to show that auto-aim mod can help
    people get a Radley walters

  23. Here’s hoping WG pays attention to what AW does right with ‘Global Ops’
    along with continuing to implement what WoWships does right with
    ‘Cooldowns’ in place of one-time “Consumables” for repairs and the like, or
    at least again as above with ‘resupply points’ where you can get more of
    what you need. (kinda like rampage mode, eh? ;)

  24. A jackal! Jackal! It’s a jackal! It looks like a jackal! Jackal? Jackal!
    It’s a jackal! Jackal?

  25. Can you make a tip video? Just some helpful tips?

  26. ravioli ravioli what’s in the pocketoli

    That’s RUSSIAN accuracy you’re talking about there

  28. i hope this tank leads to the israeli super sherman.

  29. He autoaimed a bit too much in my opinion…
    (everyone’s a critic, yes I know lol)

  30. This is why the M4A1 Rev is my favorite tank.

  31. I want an actual M51 Super Sherman (Isherman)

  32. Sorry Jingles, but Komodo’s use of autoaim assist as well as his selfish
    opening plays (fiddling about trying to snipe while his team was being
    slaughtered around him) means I have to dislike this one.

    The commentary was excellent as ever, but you were polishing a turd with
    the choice of replay :-/

  33. M4A1 Revalasdfsdss, M4A1 Revolution, M4A1 Revolver, M4A1 Reverse, M4A1
    Reverie, M4A1 Revelation, M4A1 Revamp, M4A1 Reverb, M4A1 Revenge, M4A1
    Ravioli, M4A1 Retard, M4A1 Radiation, M4A1 Recession, M4A1 Refrigerator,
    M4A1 Restaurant, M4A1 Restraining Order, M4A1 Reference, M4A1 Rubbish.

    Thank Super_Noodle’s subscribers for helping compile that list.

  34. Jingles you asshole ;_; now i want ravioli …. THANKS

  35. It kinda reminds me of the tank in tank girl.

  36. I’m broke…I wanted that tank so bad to have a Fury’s in my garage along
    with my two favorite knife fighter. Easy 8’s and the Fire Fly.

  37. How did they fit such a big gun in a m4 turret??? ?

  38. Marshmellows Sundaes

    C’mon guys, I think this is quite a good replay. It’s not all the time you
    get to carry a game with a team that died a retarded death. Keep on going
    jingles! Your videos never fails to make me smile & gets my day started!

  39. He is just a bad player using a COMPLETELY LEGAL aim assist mod who got a
    lucky game.

  40. I’ve called the French M4 the “reverse” for about as long as the tank has
    been in game. Name fits since the French were so good at running away 😛 I
    can’t take credit for the name though… I think it was Circonflexes that
    coined that name.
    As for the KV-4 that drowned… its funny how many people try to rush
    across that gap and don’t know where the shallow water is.

  41. E2 jumbo is better than this premium tank if you prefer to use 105.

  42. How he uses autoaim without a direct line of sight to his enemies?

  43. The Sherman didn’t cap at the end for one obvious reason – he wanted a
    Radley-Walters. It’s that simple.

  44. Nice Replay of an Ravioli Aimbot Player …. I never thought that Jingles
    promotes aimbot players

  45. Someone’s been watching too many Super Noodle Unicum Guides ;)

  46. i love this guy’s aim.. btw, isnt it revalorise?

  47. I stopped watching when I saw autoaim+ at work, bout the 3 minute mark

  48. Gonna link to this every time someone whinges at me to run my Firefly into
    the teeth of several unspotted tier 8 TDs…

  49. WoT the power of health points

  50. One thing about that mod – russian modpack makers dont include that mod in
    their modpacks! Why? Few reasons – mod is banned as cheat, WG dont like
    that mod, or modpack maker think its to OP (like battle asistant – WG dont
    like it too, but its won some kind of price in WG mod competition…).
    And if we can believe one guy on internet with 302k subs – WG finally found
    their banhammer, and first wave of bans ar comming this mounth.

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