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World of Tanks. Today I’m dealing with a persistent troll…


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Hi everyone! A bunch of you are commenting that isn’t making a whole video not ignoring this player? I had considered this but decided it’s better to use the round as an example to encourage you to do the same when faced with such actions and show what the results of “non-reaction” can be 🙂

    I’d also like to clarify I do not want any of you to contact the player in question – they’re really not worth your time.

  2. Wait for them to peek on the enemy then track them and watch them get farmed whilst you look forward to having some extra ‘hard’ cover

  3. Jealous because he platoed at a certain level… Not a bad level… 2.2k wn8. Thats rather arrogant QB

  4. When 14 year old kids are allowed to play WoT this is what happens. He will have to change name soon with the amount of people contacting him ot bothering him in battle

  5. Play KV-2 and shoot trolls in weak armor. Always works.

  6. I once get trolled by two people in my team. I way driving the ISU and they got two T-54. They blocked me the whole time and i tried to ignore them but this didnt work at all. The started shooting me and i shot back. After this round i wrote a Mail to the Clan Commander of them and they get kicked out of the clan. Feels good man 🙂

  7. שי ליבוביץ

    hi QB i hed some time ago a troll on my team whan i played my KV-2. he tryed to block me, but KV-2 dosen’t care, i used him as spased armor and whan he rialized it he ran for the hills and he left me

  8. Not paying attention to trolls, makes a video talking only about the troll….

  9. When someone wastes oxygen on this planet which mean this person is worse than a piece of sh*t. I envy you acted so cool in front of all this. Role model quickybaby!

  10. I hope you report him, right?

  11. He`s a frenchman , who would have thought

  12. Wee_Dinwall (=pissing Dingbat) has got an avalanche of bad games coming his way i think after this LOL … Aggression is the highest at an IQ of 75-85, and Wee is a god example of that. Aggressive and borderline retarded.

  13. Wishing something doesn’t make it so. Wee_Dingwall has been constantly improving over his 26K games.
    And showing his account name will do absolutely nothing. You can’t report him, big deal if a handful of people block him.
    Even if you submit a video of this sort of thing all WG will do is tell you to use the reporting system which does basically nothing.

  14. Always amazed that such a polite people like the British once ruled a fifth of the world.

  15. E50 did nothing wrong.

  16. Well I will drawn them

  17. I think you acted correctly, but personally I think I would have blurred out his name. Because now he got some attention for doing what he did which is what you tried to prohibit during the game.

    Also I would like to criticize on wargaming not putting up a better system. I really don’t think it should be that hard to identify and punish people, to a degree where they will actually not risk shooting you. Although it has to be said that an automated system will almost certainly not be able to do justice everytime and might identify an accidental team hit as a purposely done teamdamage.

    Having seen this though, I am thinking to agree that It would be better that they actually punished tking so hard you won’t even risk shooting an enemy when you’re likely to hit an ally.

  18. tnx for banning me from the stream just because I didn’t agree with ur ‘I’m the best and I’m the centre of the universe’ comments 😉 nice stream policy

  19. QB stop being egoish .. I saw you several times how u shout to focking donators… if u didn’t realise so far, that’s the price of your own popularity, don’t be dickhead, dignify your presence ffs! Btw I CAN just ignore them , YOU SIR CAN’T, since YOU entered FFA!

  20. Get well QB 🙂

  21. Shouldn’t you report them while IN the match? I think you missed that step.

  22. Yep, same way you handle trolls in live stream chat by ignoring them, unless they get vulgar then just ban them. Ofc you can’t do that in game. I always say ” have a good game” to the team at the beginning, but I don’t watch the in game chat since its 90% spamming and rarely useful. The only time I watch the in game chat is when we reach a key moment in battle when we should be working together to defeat a stronger enemy or near the end of the battle when real teamwork is really important. More important for me to watch the mini-map where I can see that someone is about to be in trouble and I can redirect my focus of effort. What I don’t understand is if people hate the game why are they watching videos and commenting on the game when they could be doing something else like playing Hello Kitty or maybe even Minecraft.

  23. what an asshole man…did you report him? I would.

  24. I view the team I have as the team I am going to fight for so engaging with the troll or responding it taking me away from my mission. Ignoring the evil fartsandwiches it the best approach unless I can get them to damage me in the cap circle (Not a euphemism).

  25. QB your content is always so helpful not matter how short or long your vids are and thank you and get well soon

  26. Get well soon QB..

  27. a few days ago i was playing my tier 10 strv and i was trying to cross a bridge so we can finish last 2-3 tanks… an obj 140 comes from behind, has better speed so catch me… i try to make him some space so he can pass and not push each other but when he gets close to me he just push me from the bidge… i fall and lose all my hp left, 1150… before that i didn’t talk to him… i wasn’t close to him so i don’t understand why would he do that…. the results show that i lost all my hp and he didn’t do any dmg or kill to allies… what could i do? no way to keep playing the game, no punishment for him from the game… after the game i ask him why he would to that and he just says nice dmg… i didn’t do too much dmg on that game… around 700

  28. why not report him

  29. that guy is a waste energy

  30. Qb, just use blacklist, so when you see them again, you know that they are stupid.. Also, they get muted.

  31. It’s always funny when people feel entitled to some kind of response or attention. This is probably the same kind of guy that will be happy to say he’s a nice guy hah.

    This sort of thing doesn’t happen to me very much but I do enjoy having a laugh when someone’s all mad and butthurt.

  32. I know you think you are a big deal and a good player at this game. But the reality is you are not any different from any other player with half a brain and a youtube/twitch channel.

    I know it is probably pretty hard for you to fathom but the E50 guy could have been acting this way because he is tired of your shit, thinking you are this special snowflake, and decided to mess with you rather than kissing your ass like all your other fan-boys.

  33. How about you start advocating for the removal of XVM and everything resembling it. Make a real difference that helps the game.

  34. 1:37 – how to respond to trolls? Do abslolutelly nothing. Also QB: makes a yt video about trolls.

  35. Posting this video without blurring the name is nothing less than trying to raise an online lynch mob. I think that the fever had impacted your good sense and moral compas.
    You could try any justification post fact, put you pointed the finger to a specific player and tell your ten of thousands of followers “look at the bad guys and how he wronged me, lets boohim for that.”
    You lost the moral high ground by doing so, you’ve become the troll and the bully.

  36. You handled it like a pro. WP QB.

  37. Stay still, lock your turret, and wait for them to get bored of pushing a stationary tank around

  38. This is why I play with my chat off anymore. BTW, check out his message center on (scroll to the bottom). He already has a few new fans. I know QB said not to try to contact him, buuuuuuuuuuuuut…………

  39. I spat out when coffee when you called him a waste of oxygen, too true my man!

  40. i like how the 113 is defending you. the poor soul must be new to the internet.

  41. I think the only good reaction is not react at all and play ure own game…so I feel you did exactly the right thing…thumbs up for you QB!

  42. Seems World of Warships has got it right with players losing HP at the same rate before they die if shooting a team mate. WoT could do that.

  43. An idea for a new series. Dauntless Tanker does an ace series for LT for each map. Could you do the same for MT? Tier 7-9 would be good. Hope you feel better soon. Keep up the good work

  44. this is why dutch guys suck balls.. that type5 camping.. why not make use of the tank lol. fucking dutch boy:D

  45. best way to trol ? Play Maus 😀 nothing work better that idiots in tanks getting in front of me so i can use them as cover 😀 ps. T95 work well in this job too 😀

  46. So true, never feed the trolls! 🙂

  47. 1:36 closed the video, got the answer to the title.

  48. Lol the E50 do a maxroll too you… the wargaming to Support this

  49. Hi QB. we play on different servers but if I did ever play with or against you I would say hi and leave it at that. I’m not self entitled enough to demand a response. Thanks for the vids m8 and cheers from down under.

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