World of Tanks – Derp!

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It’s been FAR too long since I did one of these…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. 7:03 I think we can all figure out why 😛

  2. Awesome game

  3. 박비누 parkbinu

    -yesterday. . . .
    Kv2:booooooooom bi☆ch
    Me:ah….kv2 again (boom)

  4. Oh, Jingles, mind doing a commentary on my KV 2 match, where I got Tanker Sniper? I would really like to hear what you think. If you don’t know what I am talking about, check your Why you Heff to be Mad 12 video.

  5. u see, kv2 is no tier 6 tenk. tiers and armour figures r only numbers in the eyes of stalins eyes. like the retreaters send their clip of beguettes, the kv2 sends communism into the enemies face. kv2 is stronk stalinium tenk

  6. Always enjoy this kind of video from your jingles. your laughter is one of a kind. Troll gun on KV-2

  7. Its my birthday

  8. Stanisław Szczypuła

    As far as I remember (I didn’t play WOT for something like 3 years now) best gun on KV-2 was by far the 107 mm ZiS-6. Yes you get less then half of alpha dmg, but 2,5 time rate of fire. You also get gun that actually can be used reliably with proper penetration and normal reload time.

    • Stanisław Szczypuła

      And of course there is also that thing that everybody expect you have super long reload 152mm gun so they will go and try to ambush you after you shoot and surprise your gun is ready to go much much sooner then they anticipated. I had one of my best battle in KV-2 with 107 mm gun.

    • Gulag for you two, anyone who uses 107mm on KV-2 is instantly sent to the salt mines

    • You comrade, are playing it wrong… 🙂

  9. Play a bit of World of Tanks Blitz and the KV2 laser guided across the whole map derp is the norm

  10. it’s been a little while, but its not back to tier 9 Match Making since you posted a KV-2 stand alone video.

  11. KV-2 is one of the few tanks that can one-shot itself.

  12. Can someone explain to me how a KV-2 shot at me while I was in a KV-2 and he bounced a HE shell on me?

  13. Damn you, Jingles, I’m supposed to be working! *watches KV-2 video at desk*

  14. Hey Jingles thanks for your great videos. Do some warthunder footage pls.

  15. when stalins fridge is on show one must click like to view footage or go to gulag

  16. For World of Warships April fools event wargaming should implement the kv-2 on a platform with a tug boat attached to it and it should be the most op ship in the game

  17. I love your Soviet Russian impression

  18. always love KV2 games

  19. Is it me or did anyone else hear the Russian national anthem play throughout the entire video i know i did

  20. omg. i had to watch that friendly arty running away a couple times while imagining him saying “fuck fuck fuck fuck” lol

  21. I remember when I got my first bombader medal, it was while driving a KV-2, the shell hit a low HP T6 tank and killed that one, along with a KV-4 on 40 or so HP, that was so long ago I wish I remembered what replay it was, sadly it probably won’t work anymore even if I find it.

  22. Paul Mihai Bobonici

    Lone Echo Jingles!pls
    Attempt #4

  23. The old PzIV was a darn good sniper and good all round good tank, but i don’t think it matched up against the pure derp of the KVs. Imo the KV-1S was the all round god of the battlefield in those days.
    It was fast, had a derp gun, good armour and everyone claimed that you were born out of wedlock if you used one.

  24. lag and low fps good game play? HA! you should see mine.

  25. Have to go to work, but Jingles uploaded KV-2 replay… I’ll be late

  26. I had a game recently in the KV-2 where I did 4107 dmg and 4 kills on sand river assault. And another where I get a bombardier medal and like 3k dmg in a very close match in malinovka, achieving victory only because of the work combined with a platoon mate (shouting on discord ofc). Both were tier VIII, and I think maybe one of those would be fun to watch, but I’m to lazy to upload it. What do you think guys? Is that something you wanna see? Will I get a day off from the salt mines if i do that?

  27. That was a proper lolfest 🙂

  28. I just got done watching a world of tanks video of yours from 2 years ago so this was awesome to see

  29. James Horsey Walsh

    Tum te tum, la la laaa. oh targetski….ready skrunt kannon…….*FUMP* – Another tryhard smashes his keyboard into his own face repeatedly…..forever. hehski.

  30. Derp videos are instruments of world piece as they make everyone smile.

  31. Its frech so lets hope he pulls out his white falg

  32. spinnirack Roberts

    Poptarts soda and some KV2 gameplay what more could you want?

  33. “Derp in a Jingles video title? This gonna be good!”

  34. Злой Асисяй

    I live in Voronezh friends,KV-2 of course not seen…but such legends as T-34-85,IS, SU-152, Yes…)) want a tiger to see,but for obvious reasons no)

  35. I remember a Jingles video from way back when fail platoons were still a thing and in that video someone “fail platooned” a KV-2 into a tier X game…but plot twist it wasn’t a fail platoon because KV-2 is the stronkest tenk and it became third on damage done in that team, mostly by shooting waffenträgers but sssshh

  36. ctrl+alt+delete

  37. What’s this? A new Jingles vid? And is that a fridge turret I see in the thumbnail? Ohohohohoho!

    Dis gunna be goooood….

  38. Is good job

  39. Good morning Jingles!

  40. SU-85 with the 105mm could easily deal with a KV1

  41. No harm done!? NO HARM DONE? He wrecked my house!!

  42. KV-2 and Stalingrad. I bet you cannot find a better couple than this!

  43. Draxis Stormshadow

    Mr Jungles have you tried Wasteland 2?

  44. after yesterdays comment i’m determined to watch every future video to the last second, like a good loyal salt miner 🙂

  45. You forget to mention, that before patch 9.0, the KV2 didnt have a weird ap premuim, but also Heat… with the same damage…. and better pen… i still cry sometimes… the horror….

  46. Ahhhhh… this bloody boring tank again….

  47. Draxis Stormshadow

    Back in the T50-2 days i used to hunt KV 2’s

  48. King of derp is bal, stronk as ever… Never gets old watching KV-2’s derping other tanks.

  49. 3:16am in Colorado and here I am for jingles

  50. Benefit of not sending more replays, no disappointments to get. No more: “No, Mary, no matter what you do, it’s just not enough” -Well, fine! No worth of my replays, then. No matter how spectacular they are. Sry, dear Gnome Overlord of the Saltmines, but you have got my last replay!

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