World of Tanks – Derp

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

If a title’s good once it’s good every .

All music licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Thanks for sharing Jingles :–) it was my pleasure.
    P.S. i was waiting for that Excalibur to get spotted

    • Nice Slovak flag you got there on the side of the turret 😎 Gratulujem!

    • @Martin Tirpák its beautiful :–) dik

    • KV-2 is the ultimate meme machine. Back in the day we won a clan match with a full lineup of KV’s (it was the old tier 5 KV) against a full lineup of tier 10 tanks.
      The enemies had a Maus and 14 IS-7 (that was the clan wars meta lineup back then) and we killed every single of their tanks with derp KV’s while being drunk af.
      Have you ever seen a Maus be instantly deleted by derp KV’s? 😀

    • The Kvs were like “GO TO GULAG”

    • I remember back in the day when I was playing my KV and one shotted everything around me while bouncing shots from everyone. 😂

  2. Jingles…the best thing about world of tanks is the KV-2. It was the reason why i started playing back in 2014. Nowadays i only play on holidays for the events. Im quite bad at the game, but theat kv2 is the ultimate equaliser. May it be t1 tenks or t10 tenks…kv2 eats them all an asks for more.

  3. Where is his reaper medal???

  4. The best replays to watch are the KV-2

  5. “the view range of helen keller”
    imma be using this

  6. Does anyone else remember an old video of jingles where a kv2 fail platooned into a tier 10 game on the northwest map and then carried the team to victory? Good times

  7. I drove the KV. I did.

  8. I needed a good KV-2 video today. If you find a TOG video lying around that you feel you need to upload, I’d be ever so grateful! Lol

  9. Craig and Terri's Adventures

    it might on be Mike, it could be Michelle.

  10. Profound Gaming

    “The view range of Helen Keller” I nearly spat my drink out

  11. Me, I actually prefer WoT vids over the others – so, thank you, Covid Jingles.

  12. World: *In a Pandemic Crisis*

    Lord Jingles: Can I offer you a good old fashioned derp video in these trying times?

  13. So you people get off on this old fart laughing at a kids tank game? Lol
    The sad part is that it seems he actually finds it funny. Tragic. Just like the 7 year old WoT jokes.

  14. K V-2 does not care About puny matchmaking, Let me sing you the song of my people I call it 152 mm Symphony that

  15. “One shot, one kill”

    A quote usually associated with snipers, therefore: KV2 Best Sniper

  16. Jingles laughing made me spill my coffee all over myself

  17. 5:23 That’s a KV-3 Jingles…

  18. I can honestly say, it is always a good day when jingles does a KV-2 video.

  19. 27 people who fell victim to the Hand of Stalin disliked this video

  20. OMG Jingles, thank you. I needed that laugh. KV-2 VIDEOZ – BEZT VIDEOZ ON ZE YOUTUBE!

  21. loveeeee the Monty Python reference bravo old man

  22. Well I sold my KV2, E75 and T95 to buy an American arty.

  23. KV2 replays are always worth dropping what I’m doing to watch

  24. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Can I have less allies like this, please…

  25. But Hell is not icy!! Its Hot!!

  26. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Mistaking a KV-3 for an IS? Jingles you’ve got the get yourself to a hospital

  27. Tanks with thin armor: no, you can’t just spam HE everywhere!
    Derp tanks: haha HE shell go boom

  28. Tommy Blackwell

    Wonderful way to begin a Wednesday, I’ll have to take the KV2 out for a spin this afternoon.

  29. There were, I dont know if they’re still up, but there were a couple of videos on Jingles’ channel named something like the fail platoon that wasnt. One of those featured a kv-2 that had got into a t10 game and ended up carrying the team to the win.

  30. Loved the Monty Python reference. Well played.

  31. Bulkydeathbaine

    You really should change your fire keybind to the delete key when driving this thing.

  32. “Michel… what happened to that Firefly?!?!?!?” “Committed suicide when it saw me coming, Sir!”

  33. “It’s like the sun coughing” *Solaire intensifies*

  34. Idk bout yall but thats a strange lookin IS, did they remodel it? Also why is the name kv-3, strange yall

  35. I’m a simple man. I see KV-2. I click watch

  36. LegionCenturionMaster

    Oh, I love this tank. But than again, who doesn’t!? KV-2 videos are always great as well, so filled with hilarity.

  37. The other teams KV2 had 3k damage and 4 kills, a pretty damn good game as well.

  38. Axel Gerolamo della Porta

    lost it at the monty python reference

  39. Praise Jingles it’s not workshop Wednesday. I know its your channel gnome overlord, but that just isn’t content I find interesting. Glad too be able to enjoy another day with your videos.

    sorry, extra shift in the salt mines for back talk? But I only…. Ok… In I go… Remember me friends!

  40. All those poor innocent little loli-tanks getting spanked by that mean ol’ KV2.

  41. I remember the KV back when the game was just released. Ahhh, the good ole days.

  42. id rather see Workshop Wednesday. i gave up on the abyss that is WOT because of the toxicity.

  43. Christopher Pickens

    @3:33 Warning: Cruelty against small tanks

  44. KV-2 replays never, ever get old.

  45. Celtia Tank Academy


    The Firefly is a new S.P.G I guess

  46. you need to have a derp day

  47. My favorite part is just waiting the couple of seconds after you fire for the shell to hit.

  48. Thanks Jingles for changing the name up lol!!!

  49. Jingles do you know there’s gonna be a KV-2 iii with 3 152 Stalin launchers

  50. “Ahahahaaahahaaa” – Jingles, 2020
    Gotta love him 😀

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