World of Tanks – Derp Edition

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

After yesterdays’ KV-2 model build video, what better than to feature the tank in WOT?

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System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Up for my nightly old man bladder event at 3am local and I’m laughing my ass off. Thanks bladder!

  2. love the KV-2

  3. Ketchup and Rice

    The best part is the sound it makes when you fire the damn thing

  4. WHERE IS KV2 RUSSIAN VOICE that are a must for these videos? You have failed us again jingles *sigh* .

  5. KV-2: the only power-creep resistant tank in WoT.

  6. For sake of historical accuracy KV-2 should auto inflict 100 damage to itself every time it fires..

  7. UltraSuperDuperFreak

    The stupid thing is people knows what this tank can do by now, so when you see it on load screen they should know to take it out or atleast avoid it. He was in same area like 90% the entire battle

  8. First clip: And that is how you get the enemy to build you an armoured assault bridge!

  9. This is why I love my KV-2

  10. Brickleberry Here!! 😀 So Happy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Also, Don’t aim. Got it!!

  11. Installed WoT last week; played one battle to get my gift; uninstalled – got that sickening “this is a shit game” – feeling again.

  12. First you had the kv-2 build video. Then you have a hilarious kv-2 battle. Jingles you are spoiling us.

  13. the grandest!!!! I got that in my garage as well … lemme take it out right now!

  14. I swear, Jingles’ version of heaven would just be him behind the gunner’s seat of a KV-2 in a battle full of lobotomized tank destroyers.
    “Surprise!” *KOOM!* “It’s MEEEEEEE”

  15. And here was me thinking it was impossible to make country music any worse……..

  16. Ian & Caroline Duckworth

    A very jolly jingles today I see

  17. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Today a Type 4 trash, and (politely) weird-ass music
    Yesterday misidentified idler and road wheels
    What is going on???

  18. 1.30 Now, that’s what I call a Tank bridge…

  19. Glen McGillivray

    Puzzled, how do we cram kv2 in world of warships?

  20. Jingles you may be a old… but you’re laughter never gets old😂😂

  21. I’m laughing because I know how I sound when I’m in my kv-2!

  22. Herpy Derp, Comrade.

  23. Can someone please make a compilation of jingles laughing his ass off for the love of god😂😂😂

  24. Yesterday a KV-2 construction video, today a KV-2 deconstruction video. xD

  25. Ummm…….Jingles you kinda missed that the Type 4 was cheating and using Aimbot? Look at the reticle movement constantly snapping to different weak spots! That is not a human being controlling the aim.

  26. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    how many arse shots this kv-2 will get!?

  27. The panther was presenting himself to the KV-2

  28. Even watching the same kv-2 replays get old xd

  29. Walter Soapcheck

    Thank you for the awesome channel Jingles. You are a better man than you know. My fiance is going through a really rare cancer, and it totally sucks major ass. After all the bullshit of life, you give us time to relax. Invaluable time to just be human. We appreciate it. On a side note you also got me building models after last weeks video. A-10 warthog and M41 Bulldog are already complete. Thanks for being you, and letting us all join.

  30. Odd cursor movements in the first clip? or is it just that it is in zoom out mod?

  31. Shoaf Steel Workshop

    Jingles video for me as soon as i get out of work at 3 am… oh god yes please!!! My favorite vehicle… Jingles, I appreciate your thoughtfulness as well!

  32. Jingles stop sharing KV-2 videos, they’re over too quickly!

  33. I refuse to believe the guy that gave us the beauty of Carnaval Para a Bala also made the song Down in the Dirt. How?!?! They are sooooo different!!!!! Down in the Dirt doesn’t even sound like a song Niklas Ahlström would make. I get he made both of them, but they are soooooo different it is hard to believe they were made by the same artist. It is like Taylor Swift making good music, or Lady Gaga doing opera, or Mariah Carey singing a song without making a dog want to curl up and die because she is a human tea kettle, these are things that are hard to believe, but that is because they will never happen. But hey, after making a hash of that KV-2 on Wednesday, I am more than happy to see one in action in World of Tanks. Long live the king of Derp, and may all pretenders to the throne, yes Japanese super heavies I am looking at you, be executed with a 152mm HE shell to the back of the turret.

  34. The Mighty Jingles + The Mighty Kv-2

  35. Watching this while high is amazing

  36. “Derp Edition”, starts with Type 4 using AP gun. Am I being too pedantic though?

    • No, to be even more pedantic you had to point out he used the 12.7cm destroyer gun, which he should recognise because so many Japanese underage boats use it in Warships. 😛

  37. That supermario sound in the intro gave me a laugh =)

  38. It isn’t a legit KV2 without Kat standing in the commanders hatch! Load the pepper and vodka!!!


  40. Seize the means of destruction, komrade!

  41. Jingles: I hope you enjoyed it.
    Everyone: How can we possible not enjoy a KV-2 video?

  42. Like fart jokes derping never gets old.

  43. Jessie that gaymer

    Are we not going to talk about the camo net?

  44. I’m in my course at the time of watching this video, i’m supposed to be transcribing audio. It’s very difficult to stop myself from smiling when Jingles laughs. Why would I be smiling if I’m transcribing an audio file about Angina?

  45. School boy error. Aiming with the KV 2 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  46. I don’t play this game but is thing the Russian bias of WoT?

  47. Ah the famous Picard Manouver I wonder if that would actually work in World of Tanks would be fun to see a fast light tank try it out.

  48. Jingles, you are such a sadist when it comes to the KV2 😉

  49. Thx jingles, I always wondered what that dwarf in the Hobbit meant when he said , I’ll give him dwarven iron right up his jacksies meant. 😁👍

  50. Julian Thrussell

    Love the music – what is it?

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