World of Tanks – Derp

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  1. I had nothing better to do. Derp.

  2. totally skill based maus gameplay

  3. Scout Maus is back now bois

  4. When was this game played? I want to know because then I am going to look it up in your streaming archive on twitch. I would love to see your reaction to this!

  5. Cry… Maus nerf comming ?

  6. Great video but I recommend removing the anfield gaming it from it… Kinda ruins it

  7. Legend says,it’s still bouncing shells XD

  8. This reminds me of replays from when Type4 and 5 were just introduced.

    Type4 crossing malinovka and getting 20k+ blocked damages.

    Maus can probably get pretty close now.

  9. Nice memes, I love how they just don’t stop despite not penning. Didn’t work the first 10 times? Next shot is the one…

  10. pls this isn’t 2010

  11. I guess thats why you see that man Maus tanks in the middle of Lakeville the last few days

  12. it makes sense if dsy the same thing would happen in an is4 or is7 or type5

  13. World of Tanks – Weekends and holidays in a nutshell.

  14. how to HT-15

  15. I will have to keep this tactic in mind for HT 15 missions.

  16. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    How real Unicums do HT-15^^ If it´s stupid but it works..

  17. luckily that m53 55 was stupid enough to not getting to K6 to shoot you 😀

  18. Well I used this song and I got a copyright strike on my video.

  19. Why the fuck am I playing the AMX 13 90, Maus is the best scout by far!

  20. what amazes me the most is how long it took his team to wake up and realize they had to move up. all too common in games and is a big reason behind many losses

  21. You think they would give up shooting at a Mous they can shoot on the side if it moves up when they realized they are getting swarmed in town..
    How life shows as some color never change ?

  22. I like how evryone make videos and comment about Ht-15, when ht-15 isnt the hardest heavy mission

  23. After months of begging SerB for HT-12-3, I figured I’d try my Maus out yesterday. First game, no arty (thank goodness), sat in the middle of a field and blocked 10k. A few games later I got HT-15-3 in it. So good with the buffed turret cheeks alone.

  24. if only blocked damage went to marks… Kappa

  25. dude nice 2007 memes

  26. Yesterday I edited that Patricio image o make it my SixthSense, now I see this lul.

  27. Guyth, ith a Mauth; shoot the Mauth guyth.

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