World of Tanks – Derpenberg

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Ah, , it’s been far too long since you claimed a victim. Welcome back.

In fact Derpenberg claimed two victims today, I put the wrong post battle results at the end :p

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  1. Welcome To The Grind

    Lol I remember playing this map back then and half the team drowning within the first minute

  2. It wouldn’t be a jingles video if not with something wrong being said or shown! the more u grow old the more u stay the same… NEVER CHANGE! 🙂

  3. What’s the victory ? It was a draw, but a nice one hehe..hehehe…

  4. I’m dead? that was the wrong post battle results screen ????

  5. Jingles have you been playing the Italian tank by any chance

  6. Isn’t this a common occurrence in WOT .. time and time again I see an overwhelming force rush towards some area of the map .. and then the lemming train of morons get smashed and they wonder wtf happened. The same people who rush in one direction without watching the mini-map also tend to be the very first one who rush into cover the moment a single tank appears anywhere expecting others to be up front while they shoot. And then as they fight and push each other out of cover they get slaughtered. Time and time again.

  7. Strange Individual

    Jingles you derp yourself with the wrong battle results

  8. jingles you messed up I swear to GAWD jingles

  9. Jingles you SCRUB it was not a victory! nor was his results shown still funny ending but should have been expected. lol

  10. Jingles don’t ever change 😛

  11. Actually, Jingles.. these are not the right post battle stats!

  12. Hmmm, time to send poor Jingles to a stint in his own salt mines.

  13. Who else almost stopped breathing when they saw derpenberg

  14. Jingles, post battle results are for fishermen’s bay and some cat from the you more clan and not piipi. Wha up with that?!

  15. TheForgottonLegend

    Only Jingles would show the wrong post battle results screen ???


  17. I had a game the other day in my Progetto 46 where it was me, a light tank, and a TD left against a STRV S1, 2 mediums, a light and an artillery. We were holding the center and west part of the map. The TD was furiously pinging and berating me for not going to the east of the map where the S1 had been camping and killed 2 or 3 of our tanks that tried to do the same thing that the TD wanted me to do. There was no one in a position to support me if I went to the east, and there was no reason to go to the east. I could spot the base from the center where I was while still supporting the west flank being held by the light tank. It was suicidal and useless for me to go to the eastern flank. The TD proceeded to blame me for the loss for not suiciding down the east and accomplishing nothing. I think even if I had done what he wanted he would have still been pissed at me. The worst part is this was a pretty decent player. 57% win rate with 35,000+ battles played. You think he would have realized how stupid it would be to try to push into a flank with no support and an unspotted S1 camping it but apparently I’m the moron. Oh WOT player base, never change.

  18. Derpenberg is so derptacular that it made Old Man Jingles put up the wrong post-battle screen.

  19. 15:33 Its that bloody drowning simulator again!

  20. That plot twist hahaha

  21. Oh Jingles, you damn old fool. Kindly please lower yourself right into the dark, cold shaft of the nearest salt mine.

  22. oh jingles, never change

  23. Jingles is biased towards russian replays?

  24. Oh come off it Jingles, you know, its pronounced ‘Dave’…

  25. Pip and the medium…in a cinema near you soon!

  26. Impressive post-battle stats.

  27. Swirlingturd

  28. The sad thing is…. The people who blame him, never watched one constructive vid of yours, Claus, QB, Sahm, Circon etc… They are clueless idiots. ALL OF THESE MTHERF+++—-XXX, who are dumber than a fucking sloth!!!!! ……………… I am done now… And yes, I feel better XD

  29. buddy’s IGN is peepee lol

  30. Needs more shit barn

  31. Boring match and wrong result screen, come on Jingles you can do better


  33. Great then lmao

  34. Hey I’ve played with lost lama….trolling this video I see lol

  35. shows u the avg na skill and lack of players top 3k vs 11k on the eu

  36. Jingles the reason he went for the arty was for his mission, after he killed the GW E100 his mission got completed, he saw the opertunity and was greedy

  37. The Progetto did what he could do. I refer to a Harry Callahan comment:, “a man’s got to know his limitations.”. Did provide a distraction/concern for the opfor Maybe he did provide enough to win the battle.

  38. This is the reason I’ve quit playing WOT , the mentality “find a rock or a ridge , hide behind and wait for a tank to cross in front of you so you can shot him ” .Those idiots had 7 heavy tanks , under the protection of the spg’s and td’s should have attack in open field .I am sorry , I do refuse to play with kids who are playing cowboys and indiens .

  39. That Progetto was the worst kind of team-mate.

  40. NO Brain ,,,,,NO Headache

  41. Omg, this was not what I wanted to see, a top tier Russian tank, that pussy plays and then even can’t bring home the win. On top of that the result screen is wrong.

    Made my self popular again. 🙂

  42. Neptune's Nightcore

    wrong post battle screen RIP

  43. Oh boy it’s derpinberg.

  44. The postbattle result screen just made my freaking day. I’m laughing so hard

  45. Funny, soviet t54/55 t62s didnt exactly have fast rof in irl….

  46. JINGLES YOU DUNCE!!!!! Wrong post battle results!!!!

  47. The progeto played perfectly until physics fucked him

  48. Wrong post battle results screen! WHY ARE YOU SO CRAAAAAAP

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