World of Tanks – Derpenheim

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Many years ago I coined the term “Derpenberg” for the Erlenberg map in of due to the sheer number of players who managed to find a way to drown themselves on it. Move over Derpenberg, there's a new sheriff in town!

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  1. I don’t watch WoT usually, I only watch WoWs, but I gave this a try. Now I really wish we had damage upon beaching in WoWs.

  2. Erlenberg looks different these days no castle anymore

  3. Your laugh is infectious. But this was embarrassingly hilarious!

  4. When your team manages to come third in a two team game you know you’re going to have a day.

  5. the map got a radley walters medal. congratulations Mannerheim Line, you made it into a jingles video for your high kill game!

  6. I’ve been watching this channel for close to a decade now, and this is probably the hardest I’ve stroked out watching a Jingles video since Schrader.

  7. nah Jingles you forgot to add all the viewers that died laughing from “map kills” should ofc be tallied to the map. Also ppl diying laughing at failed Jinglesmath. soo I’d recon 1st Map, 2nd Jingles, 3rd Friendly team 4th Enemy team.

  8. The stupidity of the game has melted Mr. J’s brain.

  9. Maths with Jingles. Does this course give credits?

  10. Welcome to WoT in 2023 were there are now 3 teams each game.

  11. Looks like about the same “quality” of team mates you get in WoWs these days, aka 80% + utterly suck.

  12. Otosj van Tolerbok

    It was just a matter of time before WoT would start to kill gamers in the game by itself.
    They do that on purpose.
    They actualy never liked a winner if the winner was not them.
    Soon oposing teams will join to defeat the WoT map!

  13. The average WG player these days gets into an argument with a brick and looses.

  14. Map gets Top Gun and Ace Tanker.

  15. replays like this just goes to prove that the average IQ of most world of tanks players is pretty low lol

  16. Epic, nice one Jingles

  17. it was Quickybaby fault for featuring that part of the map as a crucial for winning the game.

  18. will someone please deep fake Jingles onto a male stripper already!

  19. Looks like a lot of your viewers were present in this game, Jingles

  20. A thoroughly entertaining start to my day! Way to go Map!

  21. Herpenderp map indeed lol

  22. LOL — The Map is a better player than most of the opposing team … which may speak volumes about the current state of most WoT players. Virtual rocks are smarter than them. LOL

  23. Erhm, Jingles. Aren’t you forgetting something here? This, is World of tanks, after all. You can blame anyone, for anything. The truth in it, is another matter.
    Anything can happen in World of tanks after all as well

  24. Stay safe around all those bodies of water ladies and gents, and remember, its world of tanks, not world of warships, there is a difference.

  25. So that map just scored a top gun, Radley-walters medal and i think we can all agree that the map won so it also got a kolobanov’s medal. wow

  26. That map is overpowered :/

  27. Not sure if it’s your maths, that’s the problem, Jingles. But please don’t change ever, cause matches like these become so much more funny with your comments.

  28. sooo the map got a radley walters medal? lol

  29. That’s a map record!

  30. Imagine Jingles as a gunner with maths like that? Good thing you was a radio operator instead…

  31. Just sayin’ Jingles- I dont think theres any of us who think you should have been a stripper.

  32. 隣の猫 『π』

    When I see derpenheim, I was actually hoping for a derp gun Chaos

    But looks like I got way way better shit than that

  33. Bah ha ha, some one give the map a bonus!

  34. Oh no derpenberg is no longer a deep map anymore

  35. You a stripper, the navy was a better idea! Oh yeah, Royal Navy…. much the same thing really……

    Yeah, Yeah, I’m Aussie and former bootnecker.
    Hay, you know why Royal Marines are deployed onboard Royal navy ship?
    To stop the officers and men from eating each other……

  36. If WG would finally update its stupid physics this wouldnt happen. Almost every round with steeper slopes or water there is someone dying to the map because of the idiot soap rocks

  37. I would bet that Skill is to blame for this and his master class to cross by the river without drowning… XDDDDDD

  38. The map deserves the applause!

  39. Just letting everyone know scammers are at it again pretending to be jingles saying you’ve won something so beware.

  40. Ulfgar-Septimus von Stahlenberg

    wtf just happened

  41. Y’know Jingles, if the YouTube thing doesn’t work out for you then you could still be a stripper. You do have small mouths to feed after all.

  42. Wtf is that replay that suck

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