World of Tanks – Derpity Derp

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Does anyone have right time? Because from here it looks like KV-2 o’ clock.


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  1. Good job luchs

  2. Zero the Wanderer

    Whoever was driving that Luchs drives it like I do, albeit less accurately. You’re stupid fast and very nimble, be a distraction!

  3. meanwhile in war thunder i remember years ago how a russian light tank ate my 24kg HE shell at less than 10 meters into his face and russian stalinium armor said NOPE kill denied…

  4. The Unlucky Leprechaun

    That was glorious, fantastic team work from the Luchs

  5. Jingles this is one of the best video’s you have put up in like forever.

  6. Yup still love the KV-2 – game the other day, 4 shots fired, four tanks blown up XD

  7. Despite all the shit we give WoT which they deserve, i also have to point out just how much better the game looks today than when i played it years ago.
    And not just the vehicles, the game now looks really polished and near photorealistic in many aspects.

  8. Mieluş Alexandru

    No, there is no other sound, isolation is done great old man! 😍 BUT! There’s an echo that I can hear, like you’d be in a cave of something 🙄 Uhm, no, I’m not trying to tease you (ok that, too, but not only that), I literally hear your commentary with a small echo.

  9. 38 seconds in and I paused video to say that every time in the future that I play my beloved KV-2, I will be typing in chat “it’s KV2 O’clock” 🙂
    Thanks, Jingles, you’re going to make me hated 🙂
    Now… on to watching the rest of the video…

  10. Hm reminds me of some old Bud and Terence Films. The smale agile and the heavy hitter.

  11. Haha gun go Blyat

  12. KV-2 + Luchs = hilarity.

  13. Kudos to the Luchs. Best teammate Ever.

  14. 9:30

    I’m coming for you…..

  15. Missed seeing the cutest tank in the game .. glad it made a supporting role visit for this one.

  16. most satisfying?

  17. that bishop though, on 1 hp and decides to kill himself by shooting the KV-2 at point blank range. would’ve been 12 kills, and possibly a crucial contribution if he formed a platoon with the luchs at the end.
    also, since i don’t know how else to ask this, when’s the art of strategy gamemode coming out for world of tanks? i thought it was meant to come out with the 1.16.1 patch that went live yesterday, but i can’t find it.

  18. After my day of trying to play with 350ms ping on the Asian server (I’m in Perth, and Hong Kong is not far away, but my ISP routes me via the USA and sometimes Germany as well…) this battle was a welcome relief – I love the KV-2, it was my 1st tank that I bought a 3D skin for, and despite the HE nerf, it’s still, often, fun to play.

    So, WoT was 12 years old a few days ago?

    Where is the bonus, the events, the freebies?

    Or are they somewhat occupied by getting rid of Russia and their influence? Seems odd that that a 12th anniversary would not have been planned months before any real world war broke out, but… yeah, ok.

    Slava Ukraini!

  19. WG are a for-profit company and make decisions based on what will increase their bottom line. I get that.

    My issue is, it seems like every decision they make to encourage players to purchase “X” directly undermines the value of a “Y” that players earlier purchased.

    And as the fabric of the game becomes ever more rumpled by tweaks and buffs and nerfs and new vehicles, each change they make causes more disruption—foreseen or not—than the last.

    Whether they are unable to predict these, or they know but don’t care, each example I see only reinforces my decision to enjoy their games as a spectator rather than participant.

  20. That was brilliant team play. Great video.

  21. Cruelty to small waterfowl.

  22. GrandMaster Nutbuster Yoda

    Kv2 and Luchs are THE iconic duo in WoT. It’s like a child being best friends with a hulking monster.

  23. I know what time it is…its time for Jingles to do some echo management in his new studio

  24. I believe Stalin has lots of favour to KV-2 shells. I once fired at full speed, turning the turret and snap firing at a Boura and hitting it dead on from 450ish metre, sad I didn’t get it captured

  25. little dog running around barking, distracting the bad dogs, while his big brother dog follows up and stomps them. meanwhile, enemy team: “Let’s not work together – let’s attack them one at a time – surely that’ll work.”

  26. The main reason why I stopped playing WOTs is because they nerfed all the great tanks I bought and paid for with real money. This make WOTs owners a bunch sleasy SOBs.

  27. You can tell you are narrating in a new room. It sounds more spacious.

  28. In War Thunder I once arced shots over the Polish village and got two kills with the KV-2. Great fun!

  29. I always found it odd that the KV-2 is deemed a heavy tank which Jingles which reminded me of when he mentioned artillery being in the game. The KV-2’s main difference from a KV-1 is that the KV-1 used a 76.2mm tank gun developed for it and later adapted for the T-34. The KV-2 has a 152mm howitzer and was designed for destroying bunkers. It would be a SPG in any other nation so why is it in the heavy tank tree?

  30. When did WG change arty to catapults that hurl balls of fire???

  31. While your average dweeb goes for the Gold munitions — the KV2 operator just switches over to ‘Stalinium tipped’ shells —-

  32. That… that Bishop didn’t get rammed to death. He shot our hero at point blank and killed HIMSELF. I’m dying laughing right now.

  33. I see youtube is allowing tank porn again!

  34. One word: DERP! 8-))

  35. Battlefield Three

    Console version of premium KV2 is a tier 7 with 175mm AP pen with 250mm HEAT round.

  36. Funny enough: KV-2 has exactly the same functionality and reputation in WoT as it has in WT. ^^
    Of course it is still better in WT, because it is the superior tank game. 😛

    Okay, I see myself out.

  37. 1:43: Does this KV-2 have the Imperial Aquila? Can this truly be?!

  38. I’m surprised they didn’t create a battlefield platoon so they could get Brothers in Arms.

  39. Jingles i know this isnt world of tanks related but just here to say congrats on your first home, the gnome has a home. well done

  40. WG’s continuous horrendously greedy “balance” decisions are the reason that I left WoT and why most of the content creators left as well.

  41. Would that we could’ve seen the Luchs’ perspective. I imagine that was just as hilarious as the KV-2’s perspective.

  42. I might go paint a KV-2 model to like that, the tank will serve the Emperor well.

  43. These videos just never get old.
    It’s always KV-2 o’clock!

  44. Remember when the KV2 could comfortably do well in a tier 9 battle?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers…

  45. Love the echo chamber, lol

  46. For the emporer! Absolutely glorious 11 kills holy cow

  47. Hey Jingles! Thanks for sharing my replay. Hope you all enjoy the hilarity of the derp. Admittedly half way through the match I thought “here we go another one sided game”, but decided to play it out. And like I said in game, this could not have been achieved without the Luchs. A true little hero.

  48. Holy….the echo is more prominent with the new setup Jingles

  49. Catch and release was not practiced in this game.

  50. How beautiful this was

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