World of Tanks – Destroyer of Worlds

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The FV4005 Stage II, the infamous Üshitbarn”. It’s getting nerfed, apparently.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Noone complains about it as much is because u can spamm HE back at it and kill it while it reloads with ease

  2. Stealing Nemetepst’s intro music, shame Jingles

  3. More cat video please 🙂

  4. FV: I’m not a Russian tank and people like me

    WG: you get nerf for “balance”

  5. One-directional trading with a shitbarn, what a great idea!

  6. Generalquarters 52

    Love the triple maneuver kill in the intro lol

  7. “Call me a bluff old traditionalist”…. hahah, Blackadder much? 😛

  8. maybe wg should just not touch it at all. I have to fight these things all the time (and I’ve never driven one) but I think it’s perfectly fine the way it is.

  9. Lol that intro; brainiacs ??
    And further Jingles, you should not show more vids of shitbarns like this as the game is allready full of those. So promoting it is killing the game even more.

    And yeah… why the heck remove the 183 and put a better version of it back in.
    They might aswell put the waffle back in instead of shille 15.
    It would not misfit at all.
    They have lost their minds completly.
    World of shit kore and more and more.


  10. so a gun that fires faster then arty dose more splash damage then arty and they needed to nerf arty HA

  11. This is why I don’t play WoT or WoTB any more.

    Too many whining CC’s and superunicums complaining that their stats are being affected by the occasional encounter with a fun tank.

    This is a game not a measure of penis ego size.

    You won’t get deleted by a Death Star or Shit Barn if you play smart.

  12. I love watching these videos, your commentary and editing just make me happy, Jingles

  13. Kitten interruptions are only good if you like cats I hate cats & kittens if it was a Dog/Puppy no problems cats meh.

  14. ROLMAO that Poor Progetto 46 , did see that Coming  🙂 . TDS  .

  15. Yep missed the AX & over 500 splash damage Missed the E5 no splash that is the issue with HE the hits & pens yep sure damage but the splash against Tanks nah that equation sucks & is BS.

  16. Cuz tank flipping without effective tools also added to deal with it was smurt…..

    (then again it is wargaming. rip?)

  17. Also not surprised of course to hear that a tank being fun or good or more well liked than when was crap………….. is not russian and is getting set for nerfs directly in ways to make it bad to play rather than, idk, balancing it? >_>

    *_If it’s Fun, Good, or Doesn’t Suck and it’s made by WarGayming?_*


    • *Hint, its not the Gun (or the Mobility)
      *Maybe. Just Maybe…… it’s the unrealistic and broken PREMIUM ammo?*

      (just a blind guess, lolz)

  18. disgusting tank

  19. Ok, so it was immediately obvious the IS-3A was going to drown. Did not see the end coming though.

  20. Saw “Destroyer of Worlds” and half expected a kitten video doing what my cat did. Stretched out and tapped my mousepad, fired my 105 shell before I was ready into a bush, hit an unspotted tank and nuked it. I patted her head and said “You can be my Gunner”.

  21. I remember way back years ago, from the good old days where I didn’t have responsibilities and could sit around and watch YouTube all day.

    It was called Derpenberg. As soon as I saw the map, I knew Derpenberg had returned.

  22. Awesome intro man.  I was dyeing!!!

  23. Jingles learned something in the Navy. All the rules about surprise………Haha

  24. Weird seeing it in WoT compared to WT. it’s not as popular in WT.

  25. May be they think we will give you another 2 minutes game time before you get obliterated.

  26. Rumours say they might also nerf the armor.

  27. ShadowAssasinMitchell 12

    Here’s my opinion on this thing’s gun. It doesn’t need to get nerfed as in less damage and penetration, its stats need to be tuned back down.
    My reasoning for this is that when this thing first came out, if you wanted this insane British 183mm gun, it was EITHER the FV215b 183 OR the FV4005 II. And of course, back then, the 4005 was such shit that the correct choice was clearly the 215b 183. In an attempt to make the 4005 more popular, they overtuned it – it wouldn’t have the armor of the 215b 183, but it would be much more flexible: better gun handling, better gun depression, quicker tank, etc.
    But now that the 215b 183 has been replaced in the tech tree by the Badger, the only way for someone to get a tank with this gun who didn’t get the 215b 183 is the 4005. Now that it doesn’t have a competitor (I’d say the 215b 183 doesn’t count as a competitor since nobody can get one now), it needs to get tuned back down: nerf the gun handling, maybe make the turret traversal angles 45 on each side and not 90, and slow it down. Once that happens, I’d argue that the gun itself with its HESH ammo isn’t overpowered for several reasons, especially compared to what I would say is a comparable gun in today’s meta: the Type 5’s derp with premium HE.
    First, it doesn’t have the armor of a Type 5 or even of the 215b 183. Not only is it thinner than most light tank’s armor at 14mm, but it’s huge and flat and just awful. It doesn’t have a chance of trading shots like a Type 5 can. In addition, because of this, the 4005 isn’t brawling point-blank with enemy tanks. The Type 5’s bad accuracy and aimtime don’t matter because it’s fighting with people face-to-face. The 4005 can’t do that so its bad accuracy and aimtime actually matter.
    Second, a case could be made that with the current gun handling of the 4005, its standard AP shells are more op than its HESH. 310mm pen and 1150 damage on a standard round, with the aimtime, accuracy, and reload of the current 4005, gives it a much higher chance to deal consistently high damage and penetrating hits than if it was firing HESH. I feel like YouTube is full of replays like this where the guy penetrates a bunch of his HESH shells and gets insane damage totals when that isn’t the norm for these tanks. Don’t forget, this guy was top tier in a -2 tier spread, something that happens less often now with the new matchmaking. Lower tiers typically means less armor (like killing the Progetto 46). He’s more likely to face tanks with thicker armor that he can’t pen with the HESH (Also don’t forget that the HESH only has 230mm of pen). That sounds really high because of its damage potential, but it really won’t be very effective as far as actually penetrating armor is concerned when you’re in an all-tier 10 match shooting at heavies and assault TDs like the 268 v4, so you’re highly unlikely to consistently land those 1.3k dmg+ penetrating shots.
    Lastly, don’t forget, the tank still only carries 20 shells. Its combat capacity is limited. I’m not trying to downplay this guy’s amazing replay, but let’s be honest, he was very lucky and this was a one-in-a-million battle, this is not the norm for the 4005.

    TLDR: The 4005 was overtuned and now that the Badger has replaced the 215b 183, it needs to be nerfed in gun handling and flexibility (which it is), but the gun itself does not need to be nerfed because it’s inconsistent and although it can deal high damage without actually penetrating the armor, it does not have the ability of a Type 5 or even FV215b 183 to trade shots due to its huge profile and horrifically thin armor.

  28. World of turds kickback to putin evidence huh..

  29. Blue eyes white power

    Dude could have went after a fadins medal but still exceptional result though

  30. That should be a video every new player has to watch. The opening of this video I mean. How to not tank stupid.

  31. The nerfs are bs. They said fine we will nerf the types but you will have to eat a tier ten td nerf bc we are not allowed to have a good tier ten td bc wargaming hates tds.

  32. Wow he farmed idiots. And bc he farmed idiots my new favorite td is yet again getting nerfed.

  33. Well I came back after over a year of not watching jingles videos and found out why i stopped jingles the king whiner who only whines about tanks hes not a fan of playing. Maybe we should nerf the kv 2?? Jingles the low tier player but the high tier whiner.

  34. I just watched that Progetto 46 kill over and over again!!!! Classic.

  35. Shit Barn getting nerfed because it aint Russian, It’s as simple as that.

  36. Why can’t these guys get things right. At this point I say WG should stop everything, go back to the drawing board with every tank ! every Map ! every gun ! The problem is that everything is broken top to button. Every tank isn’t what it should be.

  37. Just one of the reasons I stopped playing my tier 8 and 10s. Tired of HESH and HE rounds from the skillless derps hitting the spaced armor on my Conq for 500 plus damage every shot. Just waiting for wg to bring out the next bs line of tanks

  38. Doesn’t matter if its not as shit anymore, it still looks like a shitbarn…
    And I guess people still don’t like being 1 shot by a tank… playing against this thing is just not fun most of the time. Unless it misses you.

    So nerf to the dispersion and aim time can in some situations help you.

    Well played game, but still lucky: the 2 arty hits could have killed him.
    And being able to basically 1 shot superheavy tanks with HE ammo if you hit them from the back is still just silly.
    So yeah… If they really come through with the premium ammo nerf at some point, I am not sure what they then do with this thing tbh

  39. Jingles surprised WG is nerfing the wrong thing….Wot?

  40. I dont play tanks no more due to the fv and this tank

  41. OMG that intro had me in tears!

  42. WG always nerfs the mobility. Remember what they did to the O-I exp because idiot T67 drivers were whining that they couldn’t freely seal club at tier 5 anymore because they were too stupid to figure out “dont sit in front of things that can one or two-shot you”

  43. I KNEW this video was going to be hilarious. I always have a good laugh with jingles in these kinds of games with this tank ahahhaa.

  44. They might be complaining about the gun but from a gameplay perspective that would be the last thing they want to nerf. You don’t drop a weapons advantage to make it fair, you exaggerate its weakness. You wouldn’t make the clip of a LMG smaller in a FPS game, you make the reload longer or the aim worse. If a tank has a powerful gun and frontal armour, you slow its turret traverse and movement making it easier to flank.

  45. That clip at the begining had me laughing my bum off! The rest of the video was equally amusing. Thank You for this video Jingles and kudos to the driver of the sh*tbarn.

  46. And that ladies and gentlemen is why i don’t and haven’t for months played world of tanks ( non classic )

  47. Why not fix/nerf HESH ??

  48. Mighty Kittens!

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