World of Tanks – Destroyer

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The Old Man's finally lost the plot for good this time – he's mixing up his tanks with warships now! Yeah yeah, very funny…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. This is the earliest I’ve been and I just got the notification and I’m not even on of the first to comment.

  2. TheParallellinial

    But the “original” t-54 mod 1, is the T-44. I played the shit out of that T-44! Brings back memories! Might take it out for a spin over the weekend.

  3. Гоша Гео́ргий Константинович Рубчинский

    Jingles I have a new series suggestion, La Noire!

  4. So… early…

  5. Jingles is awfully specific and delighted in his description of how to drown someone…

  6. Richard McKercher

    Never been this early before

  7. OK why I can’t I get your glorious vids on my play list I got the notification on email,???!

  8. last time i am this early Jingles is called Bohemianeagle

  9. 1:00 – 6? Mod 1, STG/Guard, T-44-100… Which 3 premium Soviet mediums am I missing?

    • The Mighty Jingles

      There are technically 3 versions of the T-44-100 and two of the STG, so while it’s a bit of a stretch, six is technically correct.

    • Theres actually 5 versions of the T-44-100 in the games files: the normal one, a (B) version, an (R) version, a (K) version and a (Y) version, along with the FL rental version of the T-54 mod. 1 meaning theres technically 9 tier 8 soviet premium mediums.

    • @Avalon304 did I spot an “actually Jingles” there? –> to the mines with the Blasphemist!

  10. Jingles gib us WoW videos!!!

  11. thegreatninjaman

    Jingles! what do you think of Mordhau?

  12. 9:43 the first time in any Jingles video that i heard him inhale dramatically

  13. Ah yes, the T-54 Mod 1. The tank that has been buffed three separate times to the frustration of any tanker playing a non-premium and old-school tank.

  14. 4:40 “No one drown yet” I was ROFL so hard….

  15. “I love the smell of a freshly minted Jingles video in the morning!” it xompliments the sounds of drowning tank crews……usually my own…Yeah I’m that bad!. After washing the Jinglemobile its back down the salt mines for triple shifts!.

  16. So…. How was this a replay worthy of a video that’s literally just a good player knowing how to use his tank. It wasn’t even an exceptional game, it was just good. Like nothing interesting even happened. He literally played like a normal good player. This didn’t even show any insane skill just common sense.

    • Not to mention the enemy team was incompetent

    • Jingles does only need some backround pictures moving around and distracting the uninitiated. So he can cramp more crap into his commentary that remains hidden to the laymen. #makeJinglescrapagain

  17. great job! fantastic game!

  18. Pushing ENEMY tanks into the river?

  19. [Content Deleted]

    Well that was a very enjoyable battle to watch. Thanks, Jingles!

  20. I agree drowning enemy tanks is very entertaining

  21. Combat Ineffective

    The Mod 1’s turret will regularly bounce gold rounds from a Skorpion G, so it’s no surprise if the Ferdinand hit there that he bounced.

  22. Doing thinks with a t54 that would make his mother blush

  23. Jussi Raitoniemi

    And one more thing that’snot very good; the enemy team

  24. Great Video ?????

  25. _Barto_Simpsons_

    hey TMJ pliz stop uploading World of tanks and stik with World of warships.
    wee have QB to upload video of world of tanks. and wee all know QB is a cover-up PR for WG on World of tanks. and you TMJ are the only one true men left in this world WG are not paying for to cover-up there shit World of tanks ! World of tanks is dead in 2020.!

    • just don’t watch it then. I myself find it quite amusing to see Jingles screwings that tank game up (“this gives us the information that the BactChat has not pulled back…” –> BatChat spotted in the city some minute ago…; “holds his fire on the Leo” –> because there is a house blocking the shot; …)

  26. 10:55 Rio Ferdinand

  27. *blew his load* start of something interesting?

  28. old_rust_ bucket

    The Jagdpanther waited 4 minutes in ambush just for Christiansen?! That’s taking the virtue of patience all the way to a well deserved, fiery, grave.

  29. Trouble is, allmighty Overlord, that the T44 has the same gun depression as the T54 mod1 (assuming you’re using the 100mm gun, not the 122).

  30. Matas Jurevicius

    Dont cap, kill all

  31. 3k assistance and a few hundred dealt damage, in T-44 on Erlenberg, wouldn’t mean a single thing, would it, Jingles? Well played, great video. Still…..

  32. Idea for a fun drinking game: take a shot every time Jingles says Jagdpanther

  33. Finally world of tanks

  34. I wish to meet rhus kynd of enemies myself. But i dont grave this luck .?

  35. 5:10 “What is dead may never die.”

  36. …Jingles confirmed as serial killer…

  37. years ago I spawned on the south side of Derpenberg, ran straight for the ford only to discover that I didn’t actually remember where the ford was. Quickest WoT match i ever had.

  38. 9:45 if that gasp does not deserve the Oscar i don’t know what act does

  39. hey jingles ive been playing wot for a bit and finally got my t49 with the howitzer and its great! also im grinding up to my jagdpanzer e100

  40. I always come here by typing Bohemianeagle anyone else?

  41. Bartholomew Macaluso

    gg I been meaning to pu this tank

  42. its fun pushing people into the river on derpenberg, unless it you getting pushed in by a glue sniffing Japanese heavy tank on your team doing it…. 10 seconds into the match

  43. illegal mod anyone? (zoom out)

  44. TANK YOU FOR THE TANKS nice vid

  45. Top tier soviet medium tank mops the floor with a tomato team while bouncing 2k dmg.

    I’ve seen this movie before

  46. I find it ironic that if the leo/ferdinand had loaded gold, or the T-54 mod 1 didn’t, then it would have been a loss

  47. Am I the onlyone who feels like WoT and WoWs replays are getting kinda old? Like I know exactly was hes gonna say and its jsut boring now…. I would really enjoy it if jingles would find some other games to show..

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