World of Tanks – Dezcon One

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Get it? DezGamez and Circon. Dezcon. Defcon.

I’ll get my coat.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. The last time I was this early it was –

    You know what, that joke’s getting old. Let’s all take a moment to be thankful we get to wake up to a Jingles video before work.

  2. 35 views, 36 likes.
    I’d argue this but he’s worth that ratio.

  3. French Bias i tell you

  4. Nice, Just got power back in time.

  5. You keep featuring this many French vehicles, people might start to take you for a sympathizer.

  6. So early to a video that I’m still sleeping

  7. ooh im early hello everyone

  8. The “Late Circonflexus”? Is he dead? When? How?

  9. The Beard is back.
    All hail The Beard.

  10. I’ve long given up playing, but having been lucky enough to watch this live, it ALMOST made me want to play again. One of the most enjoyable matches I’ve ever seen.

  11. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    French Bias is a thing now?

  12. Published 10 mins ago, it’s 21 mins long and people have already posted comments – ?

  13. Hey, Jingles, I think it would be cool if you played DOOM Eternal.

  14. Oh, I was waiting for this one. I’ve seen circon’s video and he said he will send this to you so I kept my fingers crossed….and here it is. :3

  15. French week, i see ^^ but this game was awesome. fun to watch them last week xD

  16. I would feel weird having already watched this but it is Jingles.

  17. God created the universe so we would have tanks that “Jingle.”

  18. I was going to bed… then this showed up.

  19. Oh Jingles, you just had to remind our situation in WoWS. 😀 To date, I remember it picture perfect… I remember how I had to change pants after your “torpedo surprise”!
    Excellent commentary as always. Your comment on my driving and knocking stuff over was correct, I was not used to the braking distances and vehicle behaviour, felt sluggish.
    Btw, did you come up with the DezCon, it’s brilliant! Can we use it or the copyright is going to be expensive?

  20. a 20 minute wot video from Jingles? Am I in heaven?

  21. Circon died???

  22. Just got the Tier 6 British Heavy Cruiser in WoWs. Its not bad. Better then the Exeter.

  23. Darkness Nighthingale

    40 second reload on the 40 t? Oh. I get it this must be some sort of pc peasant joke.

  24. German and swamp german?
    I thought they’re dutch and estonian
    Is circon Dutch or German?

  25. Am I the only one understanding the Dezcon joke? Anyone? I’m only 22 but damn that never gets old.

  26. Last time I was this early there were only 2 tier 10’s

  27. It’s French Week lol

  28. French Bias

  29. How am I soo late

  30. last time I was this early, I was wearing pampers

  31. It’s French bias!

  32. Hey Jingles, Today is the 29th Anniversary of the Persian Gulf War / Operation Desert Storm. What do you recall from that day?

  33. I’ve been looking forward to this. The EVEN 90 is my favourite little shitter, despite how awful it can be.

  34. I CAN’T EVEN !

  35. I have been inside one of those. Insanely cute little thing.

  36. “One is German, the other is Swamp German.”
    This made my day.

  37. Circon and Dez but no Foch!? Booo xD

  38. ‘Swamp German’,i like that.

  39. Hey Jingles, around15 20 your sound quality take an off dive. It sounds like you stepped away from comp? Wanted to letcha know! Have. Great day skipper

  40. is it just me or this tank is really fast in game?

    sorry, I almost never play WOT..

  41. Always love seeing a Circon game twice. First on his channel, then a few days later on Jingles’

  42. Hey can you help me learn Russian because I got told this and I don’t know what it means ты полный отстой

    • ты полный отстой = You suck

      Edit: i’m not russian, i don’t understand cyrilic, but google translate does 😉

  43. “A swamp German” … As a Dutchman I would be outraged at this insult if I did not find it as hilarious as it is.

  44. Nice work all 3 remaining tanks!

  45. Shoulda gone with my original – DezConFlames

  46. Hey jingles, how do you feel about team damage being removed in WoT?

  47. Why don’t you play the game yourself anymore? Always the replay of someone else! Boring…

  48. So they did send you the replays 😀 Looking forwards to your commentary!

  49. Dez even said to let the mighty jingles do a dual com. Aboot time.

  50. Swamp German xD

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