World of Tanks || DID HE SEE US?

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. I’m discussing the issue of pondering “Did he see us?” And how relocating and using camouflage and view range can win battles!

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  1. don’t defend the west, push it, and if you are not muppets you will have your victory

  2. Monika Kacprzak

    and yet, muslims is taking over GB day by day, no matter how good you play wot :):)

  3. Lul qb isn’t that the comet hull instead of cromwell (of course they look very similar as the comet is the improved version of the cromwell)

  4. SIGH. Now I have to grind ANOTHER line 😛

  5. you have 500t subs!!!!????????

  6. I like the radio stutter, since you have that in a tank… you can not wisper and everyone hears you, but hey! Realism is a bad thing right?

  7. Su-100 on T6 with 100mm gun. Great gun, great mobility, good camo. Overall great 🙂

  8. there’s multiple ways to play the charioteer….

    mine is doing backflips after every shot

  9. Jeffrey Heister

    the best TD tier for tier is the t28 prot it’s such an good tank ?

  10. Jan Adrian Fetizanan

    “Renzi Walters” ~Caption2017

  11. Сергей Л.

    Women are not rewards – this is fundamental mistake of Wargaming. I’m so glad that you have mentioned it! It is another evidence that in Europe people are much more aware about equality and human rights than in Russia or Belorus.
    Thank you QB. You keep my sanity safe and my mood better. I hope some day I will reach the goal and live in Europe of America&

  12. I’m quite a fan of the obj263.

  13. Congrats QB for 500k subs

  14. I love the T110E3 for it’s ridiculous armour and big gun. It’s very good on most maps

  15. How sad you have to add tea o your British tanks to make them useable…

  16. Can you flank like a medium in that? Is the turret traverse good?

  17. favourite td would have to be the tier 6 German premium, the dicker max. Its god-like gun depression makes it soooooo flexible! Also making it look like a hoover

  18. The problem with the UDES and S1 is: You simply can´t do this type of game play. You can´t shoot and scoot, because of siege mode. Every change of position costs you plenty of time because of 2 sec leaving siege mode, going to new position, 2 sec. entering siege mode, 3-5 sec for adjusting position in super slow siege mode. Unlike the Charioteer, you can´t play dynamic. And once you get seen, you are dead, because you can´t get in cover in time. Because of siege mode. With other TDs I have a WN8 between 2000 to 2600 and win rates about 55 to 60%. With UDES I have only a win rate of 46%, because I simply don´t have a significant influence with that unflexible tank.

  19. 500K nice QB ceep it up 🙂

  20. question on friendly misinformation. do female crews get sisterhood of steel just to start or do u have to train it up like everything

  21. This video got me interested in getting the charioteer one day, but which path would you guys advise?

  22. redcrow_ sniper

    Stug 3 G , hellcat , Su-122-44, Strv S1 , Obj 704 , Jgpz E100

  23. 500k special: *A video roasting war gaming*

  24. i saw this

  25. I personally don’t like the female voices as it sounds like she is yelling at you while the male commanders sound way calmer.

  26. Melonic Randomizer

    Hi Quickybaby!, can you sometimes play the Challenger since you play the charioteer alot.

  27. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    ferdinand awesome gun and farely good armour and su 101m excellent dpm decent armour and quite fast

  28. I love this tank, people use to said, after the firefly all is garbage but they never get to play this tank, now I move on to the Conway but I know that, the charioteer is a bad ass td

  29. 10 minutes video CheekyBaby

  30. darn
    i hate that stereotipe, where you get only 50% exp when someone is spotting for you :/
    the truth is “when you are spotting for someone, you’re getting 50% of what he/she can get”, but it doesn’t mean that shooter is getting only 50%
    shooter can get bonus for close combat, for shoots closer than 300m from target

    it means when you’re spotting for someone, both of you get 150% possible exp and credits
    moreover when your sniper is closer than 300m from target, you’re getting even more

  31. He has the Ring of Sauron, thats how he is invisible

  32. You are talking about Pudding and Tea being not too accurate? Polish tech tree tanks get bread with pig lard.

  33. Luke Oldebråten

    me is the udes for that 288 mm of pen on regler ronds

  34. LOL, GreedyBaby! 🙂 See us soon?! Is there an another WG event going on in Germany you’ll be attending? It’s either that or wait until TankFest 2018.

  35. The Mighty Sausage

    what the hell is happening to the 500K? Nothing special or what?

  36. ram for 8 kill . worth!

  37. Γιωργος Χαβελες

    conratz for 500.000 subs !!!

  38. i prefer TD tank with turret……


    play USU-152 :3

  40. Load half of AP and HALF of HESH, when zou are top tier just shoot HESH cuz 210 pen is enough for almost all tier 6 and 7

  41. I just reached it! Yay!

  42. hello QB, can you make ISU-152 video please.

  43. cyberpunker 2002

    The T67 because it is op;)

  44. AfsJinx889 playz

    QB what do you think about the BatChat nerf?

  45. AfsJinx889 playz

    i fucking hate em i just got the bc today after 7months of greinding and then this WTF WG

  46. You have a lot of “most favorite” Tanks in your garage – tier for tier – but with your experience and well trained crew you still get a radley walters with a rusty bathtub. I think its a good way on this map if you never cross the bridge (I can remember there is a clip not long time ago on YouTube with the title “never cross the bridge quickybaby” – lol) but this depends on the setup and the targets which are hopefully spotted at the beginning of the game and the allies which supports you – or not.

  47. David Nakashidze

    Dicker Max review would be good…

  48. “less than highroll” lol..

  49. congrats to 500k 😀 You did it bro 😉

  50. about the premium hesh on the british 105
    i only use it when i NEED more dpm on my centurion7/1
    when i fire at something lightly armoured i use the standard hesh

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