World of Tanks – Didn’t See THAT Coming

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Driving the latest overpowered flavour of the month top tier premium tank loaded with more gold than Fort Knox and fighting clueless noobs certainly doesn’t hurt your chances of winning a battle, but it’s not all that impressive. Doing the same without these benefits, on the other hand…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. This replay really made me want to play WoT. Then the M44 hit and I remembered why I haven’t played in a while.

  2. Finally a WOT video again

  3. How the turns have tabled…it’s that bloody tank game again! (yes i intentionally screwed that up)

  4. The cries of op are increasing…

  5. It’s over enemy team, the Type 64 has the high ground.

  6. How amazingly lucky he got at 6:51. Should have been dead, instead only tracked.

  7. Type 64 literally next to the SU; “He probably got spotted there.” Thanks Jingles.

  8. he sounds cold

  9. Not to detract from this guy’s gameplay, he was skilled and effective, but I’ve always felt the Type 64 is an Overpowered Premium. Nothing that Jingles said about it was wrong of course, but it’s a LIGHT, something’s horribly wrong if it’s deflecting shots with its armour or pinging premium rounds through super heavy frontal armour. I always find it a pain to play against in another Light because it’s simply too hard to spot, and its firepower is somewhat greater than its peers. Basically, I put it in the same annoying class of scout counters as the T67 and Hellcat.

  10. Well done team.Nice to Panzer III/IV has Sence of Humor

  11. I’m a little disappointed you didn’t mention this tanks history like you used to or the fact this tanks is somewhat controversial for Wargaming. We want the old Jingles back!

  12. war thunder is better than wot

  13. damn good tanker there. this kind of video kind of makes me want to play WOT again. But I know that I will get frustrated and angry due to the derpiness of the game.

  14. I like that you pointed out that the arty players were actually beneficial to the team. Great video and keep up all the good work. Thank You Jingles!

  15. 8:42 – “There are now only 2 enemy tanks remaining, so, it’s difficult to see exactly how the team could lose this.”
    It’s WoT, of course they could lose it.

  16. Well…… EternallyMediocre got this game pegged

  17. Ivan Livio Cruz Jurich

    Great video Sr, like always. But I am afraid that this is the very first time I desagree with you. I think that the Type is very OverPowered. In this case we could not see that because of the inexperienced crew our friend Dave got. But i think that every premium tank that is from equal to best that its non-prem counter part, is an OP tank. Examples, Patriot, 252U, Skorp among others.
    (Sorry for my spelling.)

  18. Type 64 not OP??
    Type 64 totally OP.

  19. I love this tank!

  20. Tharaka Wijerathne

    Eventhaugh Type64 and M41-90 have better guns than T37 and Bulldog respectively, those premiums are sluggish compared their regular counterparts. Specially the type64’s turret traverse sucks campared to T37. I have all 4 of these tanks and main reason I play Typ64 and M41-90 is credit grinding

  21. So glad I stopped playing this crap game

  22. If you like that name mine was once “Deadmanwalking” in a first-person shooter and I deserved it

  23. Wait, he got spotted when he killed the SU-85?? 🙂

  24. “Not an op premium” yea but it’s still a really good tank, more on the better side of tanks…

  25. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the only damage the enemy SU85 did the entire game was apparently when kewaters grazed him during their little scuffle

  26. Actually Jingles;

    For Comparison I looked at 4 light tanks, the T-64, the US T-37, the Chinese 59-16, and the MT-25 all with their top configuration according to WoT
    Best in class pen – 59-16 with 138. The T-64 came in second at 128.
    Damage per shot – a 4 way tie at 115 average damage
    Ties with 59-16 for accuracy, 0.38 vs 0.4 for the MT-25 and 0.43 for the T-37.
    Best in class DPM – the T-64, at 2180 vs 1945 for the T-37, 1894 for the 59-16, and 1599 for the MT-25.
    Best in class gun depresion, 10 vs the 9 for the T-37.
    Best in class top speed,
    Best in class track traverse – balanced by worst in class Turrent traverse,
    Best in class spotting range.

    All props to kewaters, he played a fantastic game. But I think he had a better than average platform to accomplish that mission.

  27. That shot from the M44 puckered me up slightly.

  28. Dear Jingles
    You are completly entiteled to your opinion of the Type 64 not being an overpowered premium tank, I would on the other had disagree, it has the highest dpm for a tier VI light, the highest topspeed and some of the best gun handeling characteristics of all the tier VI lights, and still have the best view range of the tier VI lights.
    My guess is these characteristics comes from before the light tanks were given the same tier match making, since they nerfed nearly all the non premium light tanks, to justify putting them effectively 1 tier down in the matchmaking (so talking about the second time the matchmaking got changed for light tanks)

    Somehow it reminds me a little of a tier VI T67, even though it get matched up against lights instead of TD’s. Stick it in the hands of a competent player and you got a deadly combination, but in the hands of someone who doesn’t have a clue and it will die a horrible and fast death since it is made of tissue paper

    Still nice to see a tank not being top tier and just pressing the 2 key to be able to go through the enemy

  29. God i miss the vk 105 howitzer. Hitting these things was awsome

  30. Premium tanks are going to be the downfall of this game. They need to stop being promoted.

  31. 3:27 “absolutely SPANKED”

  32. In terms of not being an over powered vehicles, the type 64 arguably was the most meta t6 light tank before all the other t6 light tanks were nerfed, now the type 64 is by far the most op t6 light tank now.

  33. I love My Type 64 with its now 5 skill crew. I carry a bit more gold (10 rounds) and run food because once you get spotted and hit 9 out of 10 ur dead anyhow
    Anytme you get hit its is either ur engine or ammo rack destroyed sometimes both so I run large repair kit and large first aid bc usually its more than one crew killed too

  34. I have played the Type 64 a lot, probably more than any other tank in WOT. Personal reasons since I have been around the RL ones. I really like it better than the Hellcat even with the 90mm on the Hellcat. Yes I have used too much gold ammo (hangs head) but I have gotten my share of shit from teammates for it. This replay makes me want to work harder at playing my 64 yes yes yes without gold ammo.

  35. Nice game in a nice tank. ?

  36. Jingles We ALL want to see more WOT videos just like the old days.

  37. I can tell it’s been ages since I played WoT, that high ground on the map wasn’t there the last time I played. lol

  38. I agree that the Type 64 isn’t overpowered mostly because there’s not too many maps it can be useful as a scout on. The tracks blow off super easy. Engine gets knocked out easy. Crew gets killed easy. It’s actually a tough tank to be consistently good with.

  39. To be honest, the Type 64 is a VERY good light tank for its tier.
    But it is still nice to see a match with a player not spamming gold, so yeah, nice change of pace here. I like it.

  40. Nice to see a tanker that does not spams apcr. In my opinion APCR is for bottom tier tankers in a not yet complete grinded tanks fighting top-tear tanks so you have a minimal chance of doing damage . But it seems to be standard for noob top-tear tankers |(for most tear IX and X) that are to stupid to find and aim for the right places to hit any lower tear tank . And if they fail and die use the chat to blame the team.

    The problem is that you already loose a lot of credits when you shoot normal amo and get killed (after softened up by arti every game) when you are bottom tear in your under-powered under-gunned, under crewed stock tank. I just grinded to a KV4 and a Tiger II, but I also have a caenarvon AX. In the latter it is doable in tear 9 or 10 battles and still get some credits, but in the first two it is hell. The KV shells are 1000 credits a shot and almost do no damage. But I got shot with tuns of apcr. I loose up to 20k per battle. Even with a premium account I need a premium tank to afford grinding the normal tanks. I get hit by arti around 4 times a game in the KV-4. I use a spall liner and that seems to do a good job but most times you are stunned/tracked in the open and a practice target for the other tanks. The only thing I learn is that camping until my tank is full featured is not a bad idea. In the Tiger II it is even worse, several times I get killed in 2 shots.

    This is not caused by wargaming, this is caused by top-tear (for most )IX and X players that are to stupid to learn using their already over-powered (towards lower tears) tanks the right way.
    This and arti are the 2 things that will ruin this game in the long run.

  41. “With 2 enemy tanks remaining it is hard to imagine how the tank could lose”
    Ehm, we are talking about a team where all the top tier Tanks (I am not talking about arties) are dead, and the enemy still has a top tier heavy tank left sooo… would have been totally possible to lose if the enemy would have had more HP.

  42. Nice to see a legit good performance instead of QuickyBaby-style seal-clubbing with stupidly OP Russian tanks spamming gold with 100% crews on their 5th perk and consumables..

  43. Actually Jingles, Type 64 is OP t6 light tank. Best t6 light tank – awesome view range, awesome gun (for a t6 light). The Type 64 outperforms every other t6 light tank in pretty much everything.

  44. *There was a time that Lights were to a point king and were great fun to use…*

    Then WG kept bastardizing the game into oblivion along with the economy, XD
    (I loved the type 64 when the game was better)

  45. I’m sorry but this was particularly boring game. The get this results you just need some luck – it’s only required for the enemy team to play passive.

    I admit it’s somewhat impressive to go out with so many prem. loaded, especially if you’re T4-T8 tank. But it’s also quite normal to avoid shooting prem. when you’re top tier and get to the side or rear of just 1 HT which is 200hp from dying.

  46. I don’t know why you think this tank is not overpowered since it has a gun comparable to the E25. It’s only downside is that it’s much larger than an E25.

  47. lol t64 not OP, jingles meme of the month.

  48. Did they fix this game tank tier balancing, getting sick of having bullets bounce off an enemy and never having a chance to win, gave up on this for 2 years

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