World of Tanks || Die Hard

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of – E 50 M. Today CYE_BurduX is going to have one of the greatest games of World of Tanks I’ve ever seen!

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  1. Thanks again to CYE_BurduX for this incredible game 🙂 hope you all enjoyed it!

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  2. The Type 4 did absolutely nothing in this game. I bet his team were raging in their chat. lol

  3. THE BEST CLOST COMBAT EVER!!!! how did he stay that cool….

  4. doesn’t matter #E50MISWEAK

  5. Adrian Libarios

    THE BEAST REPLAY!!!! Damn if i was on that situation, ive died on my heartbeat

  6. A really nice engament there with a lot of action! In this game the tomatoes were aggressive and made it entertaining! Over 4k bounced…

  7. One of the craziest replays I have ever seen :O gj

  8. That was amazing!

  9. Awesome game !

  10. Сергей Ассиковский

    *T H I C C T R A C C S*

  11. super meci…bravo

  12. this guy is James Bond.

  13. That was one heck of a brawl at the end…i bet he was shitting his trousers there eh?

  14. When RNG Blesses You : The Match. About sums this up.

  15. Now THIS is pro level gameplay. Not the load 100% gold and be the first one to shoot your enemy like we saw at the grand finals…. Its increadible to see players who win by actually outplaying their opponents.

  16. very nice gameplay big (y) 😀

  17. Cris Racing and Gaming

    When RNGESUS want you to win really really bad, so many crazy bounces. No saying he did not play. well But man, RNG helped A LOT….

  18. SGT Morningwood

    What a shot what a premium round yay

  19. He lows very roll! Haha xD
    I hard very laugh!
    That close quarters knife fight was super crazy though, I loved it 🙂

  20. wtf what a hero O.O

  21. Just amazing :O

  22. daaaamn , welk played burdux !!

  23. I would have loved to see Quickybaby’s first reaction xD Must have been soo great
    Keep up the good videos QB

  24. that was absolutely incredible. very little luck involved. lots of pure skill and experience. he deserves a special medal for that battle. thanks for sharing.

  25. I think this is the best replay I have seen yet.

  26. Юрий ユーリー

    5:37~6:46 Amazing .And That was nice timing of BGM.

  27. I just realised that the thumbnail was from his 9.0 ammorack video 😀

  28. That was pure skill.

  29. Phyoe Khaing Min

    Very nice replay!

  30. sexy game

  31. Nice Game! But was it skill or was it luck??? If you need so much luck this game, isn´t it better you play Casino?!

  32. Wow… you refused to die Quickybaby..

  33. Damn that will of survival !

  34. Or how Jingles would put it for the enemy team: *HOW did you manage to fuck that up?!!*

  35. Daniel Svensson

    What the hell?! This guy is fucking awesome!

  36. Any Russian tank would do better

  37. 03:00 incoming gold spam detected. Just another cheating Unicum Shell spammer. Not worth my respect. Keep telling people to get good but still keep spamming noob shell over and over again.

    Hail the WT Pz.4 who played like a man not to shoot heat.

  38. “Calm, careful play” … LOL, Wt4 bounced 3x750alpha shots at point blank.
    P2W RNG much?

  39. I’ve blocked 5960 dmg with ONi 😮

  40. play of a lifetime

  41. e fifty metres

  42. Just… damn…. O.O

  43. Yippee ki yay!!

  44. Lucky the type 4 heavy was a complete tomato.

  45. Aleksander Piątek

    WOW! what a battle! That 1v6 was EPIC.

  46. Crazy gameplay this was the best replay i ever watched..

  47. so pro that he turned the enemy team into retarded noobs

  48. “More consistent than other tier 10 medium tanks”

    Unless that medium tank is russian, then you never miss.

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