World of Tanks – Dirty, Filthy Sealclubber

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

When you absolutely, definitely have to brutally club to death every last newbie in the match, the Panzer II J. Accept no substitutes.

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. You know, the silly thing about this is, I play on the SEA server and I
    bought a box set from Russia which came with a panzer II J. Anyway, I asked
    Tanitha, the producer for the Asia server if i could get the activation
    code activated and he said that he didn’t want this tank on the server but,
    if i contact support they would do it. So I raised a ticket, sent a copy of
    my activation code along with pictures of the box set I had purchased and I
    had my II J sitting in my garage within the hour. Now, here’s the thing,
    Tanitha is the one who decides which tanks are allowed in the premium shop
    etc etc, he really didn’t want the II J on the server and all of a sudden,
    we have the II J being sold in the shop, so what a sell out. Just goes to
    prove that it’s just about the money and nothing else!!

    Also, I have never had a battle in my II J like this. I am always bottom
    tier and get completely owned by tier 4’s, not being able to pen them at
    all. So Jingles, you failed to say that this is a battle in a thousand.
    Tell it how it really is and stop making this tank out to be something it’s
    not. Yes, it has great armour but it has terrible mm’ing and so
    ridiculously expensive to run it’s hardly worth the bother. Seal clubbing
    only happens very rarely!

  2. Well if you buy premium ammo in stock… then you don’t lose so much money.
    And i luuv this little bugger too. :)

  3. This guys aim is sooo bad… It’s really sad that people like him get to
    win and destroy the fun in the game for everyone else… It’s just pay to
    win nothing else. If he’d been in a Pz. I C he would have sucked so
    unbelievably hard… but nooooooo WG likes to mess up things…

  4. that ain’t worth 100$ +.. you could buy 3-4 games or 1-2 big games.

  5. jingles pz2j isnt a rare tank anymore i see it 2 out of 5 games in my

  6. The geniuses that make the console version give the pz 2j for free if you
    have ps plus logic

  7. Patriotic American

    I’m tired of wargaming buffing a tank and then nerfing the tank that can
    take it out

  8. 10:00 we have a word or words for that. Pay to Win. And “competitive” game
    just cant have that kind stuff in game.

  9. Not one to really complain about the quality of players, but damn. That guy
    was shit.

  10. The ultimate seal clubbing tank is for me anyway. The ke-Ni-Otsu.

  11. thats why the su76i is so much better. plus it only was $5

  12. Wow…this guys is a terrible player…I would be ashamed to share replay
    like this.

    Lets do a little math here…
    He has 236 battles with this OP crap and I will assume he lost about 50K
    each game in it….aaaand that makes some fine 12 million credits.

    Well played to you and your autoaim.

  13. The amount of wasted ammo makes me cringe

  14. Make da tank tier 4 the put it up ageist the t40 with the Derp gun

  15. But Jingles…. Doesn’t the pack include 25,000 gold as well???

  16. No seal’s where actually clubbed to death in this video.

  17. this is a good reason for me not to load my WoT account

  18. lol, seal clubbing and op yes, funny? hell yeah, now i know what i want for
    my 40th!

  19. Jaime Bacariza Morillas

    The funny thing is that he put a premium med kit and a premium fire
    Like if he needed it!

  20. Do not be fooled by this marketing. This tank now gets almost exclusively
    tier 4 match making where it is utter shit. 90% of your games will be tier
    4 and you have a tier 1 gun. It’s an utterly useless tank.

  21. love the video

  22. jeez that guy is a horrible player lol


  24. hey jingles all of us dirty console users get a free panzer 2 j for
    renewing our gold subscription.

  25. Desktop Strategist

    i wonder if the germans researched stalinium for this armor?

  26. 3=(1+5)/2
    So logically ,II J = (tier 1 gun+tier 5 armour)/2 :)

  27. How do I get one of these over here in North America?

  28. This is why I stopped playing WOT: This tank may be the most unbalanced
    thing, but its not the only thing. Low-mid-tier balance was horrible. I
    burned out by tier V, and left.

  29. See, this is why I don’t play World of Pay to Win.

  30. They could have blocked him in with their corpses and then capped out.

  31. I have it in wotblitz and I use 200 ap and 200 apcr. in some matches I
    don’t actually need apcr (I have 8 kolobanovs in this tank)

  32. at least its not a soviet tank

  33. Stanisław Szczypuła

    Jingles do you know how many tier 2 and 3 tanks can penetrate Panzer II J
    from the front? Its armor is not that overpowered. Here we go:
    standard ammo:
    Marder II
    FCM 36 Pak 40
    Type 97 Chi-Ha
    Type 91 Heavy
    Valentine AT
    T56 GMC
    Type 2597 Chi-Ha (China)
    LT vz. 38
    Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. G
    Renault UE 57

    premium ammo:
    Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. A
    Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. A
    Panzerjäger I
    Stuart I-IV
    Cruiser Mk. IV
    Cruiser Mk. III
    Cruiser Mk. II
    Cruiser Mk. I
    Vickers Medium Mk. III
    Universal Carrier 2-pdr
    T3 HMC
    MS-1 (tier 1!!!)
    Vickers Mk. E Type B
    Renault FT AC
    Somua S35
    43 M. Toldi III
    Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f)
    Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t)
    M2 Medium Tank

    So 12 tanks using standard and 32 tanks using premium ammo that can kill
    this thing form the front! Thats 44 total (not counting artillery). So
    there is a lot of tanks that can take this sucker down, but not a lot o f
    player on this tier know what they are doing.

  34. This is the perfect tank for when you’ve just come off of a 5+ match losing
    streak and just want to blow off some steam.

  35. Get arty free game in Pz II J > drive to cap > lose team 14-0 > hose
    everyone because you’re a troll.

  36. Good lord. That armor.

  37. I knew about weak spots before starting to play WoT. It is necessary if you
    want to kill the PzKfw. 2J in a Marder 2

  38. And it isn’t even a Russian tank…

  39. Gerhard Schneider (Geri)

    The way he wasted ammunition made my eyes hurt…

  40. AMX 38 only pz II J counter, nobody wins but the j wastes all his money

  41. I thought The_Aimless (the guy from Jingles’s videos featuring Circon)
    uploaded his Panzer II J replay on WOTReplays too.

  42. New rule – if I see a panzer II J on *my* team, I’ll TK them.

  43. …Yup, this is why I play WoWs rather than WoT. The game has problems, but
    at least gold spammers aren’t one of them.

  44. -100k credits isn’t a balance…he’s obviously willing to throw his wallet
    at the computer
    Prem acct + wallet tanks will easily make 100k back while he farms medals
    in his pz j

  45. would the Pz II J be balanced if it could not fire premium ammo?

  46. Jingles, most of your content is amazing and the replays are a mixture of
    skill and hilarity. This one, not so much. It’s a replay we’ve all seen
    before. A Pz 2 J driver with money to spend and somewhat of half a brain
    just driving around doing something we’ve all seen before. It ceases to
    amuse me when I see videos like this and think “what, my replay I sent in
    wasn’t funny and skillful enough compared to this”. My rant is over and I
    shall return to the salt mines

  47. I have the pz II j on the xbox version but I have never played on a proper
    tier 3 match I played against tier 4 and 5 the only thing I could damage is
    the tracks, t-28’s ,alceto’s some weak tanks.

  48. pz 38 has high pen, i think 62mm pen
    the pz c might pen with prem at 50-51mm pen (something like that)

  49. 4 000dmg blocked good result with e100, avg result with vk 4502b

  50. When are togs happy. When they are together .

  51. pz 2 g with the 30 mm can pen the pz 2 j with ease….if the pz 2 g player
    know what is he doing

  52. I swear he was spamming premium ammo into walls just to spite us who were
    watching. You dirty, dirty bastard.

  53. Dirty scum offering scrub tanks for money…the people on both sides of the
    deal have no soul

  54. the guy is a fucking terrible player, wasted huge amounts of ammunition for
    no reason.

  55. ok jackie brown

  56. This tank is the symbol of what is wrong with WG.

  57. I have actually reliably penned the Panzer II J with the Tier 3 Czech tank
    and the Autoloader. not sure if I got lucky but it’s strange as I somehow
    killed one :D

  58. jesus fucking christ that guy was shit

  59. Ive only played WoT for a while now. Ive never seen anything like this, but
    damn dude! If i was on the opposite team id think he was hacking. :(

  60. “That’s the only justice, you will ever see when there is a Pz. II J in
    your tier 3 match.”
    I once killed a pz.II J in one hit with the American tier 2 arty. Guy came
    strolling across the field on Malinovka, feeling invincible. One arty shell
    later, he wasn’t feeling so invincible anymore.

    Still have mixed feelings about the maps currently in the pool for low tier
    matches. I get that Malinovka and Province basically reward the guy, who
    has a 100% camo crew, camo net and binoculars and give far too many
    advantages to sealclubbers. These maps still taught new players exactly,
    what to expect from a game about tanks, rather than the bait-and-switch
    with the action-packed Mittengard on low tiers and a campfest on higher

  61. you get 25k gold for $100.. be real

  62. I recently saw one in a tier 3 game as I was lvling a new line, once I
    located him I loaded the premium (which I keep just in case this happens)
    and targeted him with extreme prejudice. His whining when he died was

  63. I had a game like this in my H35

  64. Pz IIj OP because Russian Bias.

  65. I sent Jingles my Raseniais(or something along those lines)-Heroes-Medal
    Game, including a Kolobanovs against 10 enemy tanks, in my Panzer II J a
    few weeks ago and he posts this game instead… I bet mine was a WAY better
    example of Sealclubbing :P

  66. strong german tank

  67. Raymond van der Linden

    Either Mozilla is fucked or Youtube is… hilarius download speed an bad
    quality… sad indeed…
    When you need 30 min to see a vid of 10min… FY youtube!

  68. Anyone else notice the M2 Light firing IS 8-Ball rounds?


  70. seriously this is not funny at all , it is just pathetic and unfair for
    newcomers or even other players who join the battle

  71. what if you already own a pz II J and a BT-SV. Is the pz IV hydro worth the

  72. i bet schrader has 40 seperate accounts just to dislike jingles’ videos

  73. My personal seal club tank is my Marder 38T… I normally get between 4 and
    8 kills in a match and as a matter of course I tend to do between 400 and
    1500 damage.

  74. OP and expensive? = German Engineering! ???

  75. That Cruiser II should have brought the howitzer. d:

    Suddenly he would be a threat to the Pz II J.

  76. Obrist Vinnie Louis

    Shure, now we need a super maus with 1.2M-5.5M of armor, 2s/shot 250mm gun
    and can fire HEP or NUKE shells

  77. Troll spotted

  78. When I play the game, why do other tanks have health percentages rather
    than the health bars pictured above? If someone could tell me why that
    would be great.

  79. I would take a Bt-sv over a pz 2j anyday

  80. Copymark71 FuckGooglePlus

    How to kill panzer II J:
    Step one:Load HE shells.
    Step two:Spam HE undearneath his vehicle
    Step three:Win.

  81. It would be funnier if the pz2 J went afk and none alive could even scratch

  82. Everyone is firing at the 80 mm viewport plate when the plate under it is
    only 25 mm, 33 mm effective with the angling (from straight ahead that is).

  83. Great vid, that IIJ is just wrong. Kudos for the Jackie Brown reference :)

  84. this guy was an utter garbage player….playing almost at BOT
    standards….ffs Jingles at least preview the replay before you make it
    into a video…like I said he sucks ass , but because he flashed the credit
    card , he wins

  85. Rafael Dracofuchs

    I’m seeing quite a few hate comments towards the tank calling it
    pay-to-win, but I’d call it pay-to-more-likely-win. Reason why, is because
    a lot of tanks can pen its armor from the sides and even a few can from the
    front. The tank is only good when you’re more experienced and have the
    credits to shell out for the premium ammo. Hence, the title of the video.

    Tanks that can ruin this thing’s day that aren’t premium or needing to fire
    premium rounds:
    Most T2 and T3 TDs can pen it.
    List of light tanks that can pen it (tier 2-3): T-46, T-70, Chi-Ha, Cruiser
    Mk. III, Stuart I-IV, Cruiser Mk. IV, Cruiser Mk. II, Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) and
    LT vz. 38.
    List of medium tanks that can pen it (tier 2-3): Vickers Medium Mk. III,
    Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. A, D2, Somua S35 and Type 97 Chi-Ha.

  86. austinpowersfasjer

    I still think he did fairly bad. I mean his aim is so bad at some points.

  87. Andy “Da7thSon” Lord

    what a scrub…. he did even better than i do in my PZII-J :-p

  88. Man, I wish this happened on Xbox. On Xbox, they realized it was OP so you
    almost always get matched with tier IVs.

  89. The top plate of the Pz II J is only 25mm so yes it can penetrate itself if
    you shoot down on it.

  90. On console you get if you you Xbox live gold through world of tanks

  91. Panzer 2j, one more reason to play WT

  92. Like a St.Louis with a 20+ point Captain…

  93. $132 for a item ? what the actual fuck

  94. No they are not charging AUD 132 for 2 tanks, they are charging AUD 132 for
    the 25000 gold pack, which is the normal price, giving you two tanks as a
    bonus. Not a terrible deal IMO *if* you want the gold anyway.

  95. D3M0N1C Verminlord

    31 people played tier 3 battles and got devastated by a pz. 2J

  96. Why the fuck is he just spamming his ammo on walls for no reason. He isn’t
    a very good player :/

  97. The majority of the rounds fired were a complete and total waste. Firing on
    the move, firing into walls, firing into dead tanks. That’s why it’s better
    to load half and half, it’s easy enough to switch on the fly anyway.

  98. Jingles don’t drive this often i take it. Cruiser II deserves a mention at
    the enemy team analysis. It’s the bane of PZIIJ. You can actually get
    oneshot with no trouble if he loads HEAT

  99. This is the most disgusting WoT replay I have seen in Youtube. Invulnerable
    p2w tank and careless gold spam just to show how much he gives a fuck about
    anything but ruining the game for others… I hope anyone who plays this
    tank gets cancer.

  100. Gareth Fairclough

    I came far too late. Sorry!

  101. when you see a P2j and the word sealclubbers in the tittle…you know it’s
    going to be absolute gold

  102. OutofTimeOutofLuck

    Hahaha that was fast, I only sent those screenshots yesterday!

  103. sefhyro space pirate

    can i send you a old replay i had whit the slowest thing in the game…i
    manage the last kill and cap at the same time on a t-95

  104. Jingles can you please edit in a potato in every end of your videos? thank
    you that would make me very corny

  105. Jesus this thing is OP as fuck. If anybody needs evidence of P2W.

  106. I am on SEA and saw those ‘specials’. I couldn’t figure out how the Hydro
    is a trolling tank

  107. who need Pool’s medal when you still can get Kolobanov in that thing eh? XD

  108. Actually it cost more than $100, every single time that you unload that
    clip, it takes the money right out of your wallet, the most expensive tank
    ever… for what, for a bunch of medals? Sure it can be fun one or twice,
    but nah thanks.

  109. it’s a good trick by WG to put a tank like this into their game. Make
    10000s of dollars on a tank that people will play 10 times before they get
    bored of it because there’s no challenge. This game will always cater to
    it’s marketing before it caters for the actual gameplay itself.

  110. Jingles I have one of these. The trick to making a profit is to load 200ap
    rounds for tier 2 tanks and then use prem on anything in tier 3 unless it
    is a BT-7

  111. Too much Pay-to-Win is one of the reasons I quit WOT (and few other games)
    and won’t go back.

  112. Someone went out to stat pad like a pro. Auto-aimed 90% of the shots, no
    f#&ks given, just sat there and let them come to him, no warnings, no “yeah
    I know it’s OP” just someone who feels good about taking their OP tank out
    to up their stats.

  113. I killed a Panzer 2J with my BT-2, the guy logged off right after the
    battle 😀
    I did use my prem tho.

  114. If only it had the evil luchs gun

  115. Alexander Schlecker

    the apcr ammunition of the tetrach is capable of penetrating this thing

    thats the only reason why if have gold ammo in my tetrach

  116. Ádám Fellenbeck

    Hmmmm… Pz.II J overpowered? My Cruiser Mk. II with the 3.7 inch howitzer
    shooting HEAT has a few things to say about that… :D

  117. Yeah, balancing throu ammo cost: pay us to let you ruin everyones game and
    farm some medals!

  118. Totally worth $100.

  119. that is more like cheating but in a fun way lol…

  120. The cupola is not a weakpoint. It has 80mm of armor. The only weakspots are
    the top of the tank, like any other tank, but it can be hit from behind if
    you are slightly above the tank. And the lower part of armor on the back.
    Those are both 25mm but are very well angled.

  121. Nothing like a good clubbing lol

  122. We have not seens MicroMaus replay in a long time too.

  123. Dirty seal clubbing bastard

  124. I met one on the enemy team once on the low tier map with the valley down
    the middle, monastery on one side and town on the other (can’t remember the
    name). It lasted about 30 seconds, everyone simply loaded premium ammo and
    ripped it a new one.

  125. I am one of the dimwitted idiots that purchased one of these and those
    circular hatches on the side are still weakspots. I’ve had to kill a few of
    these bastards.

  126. They should stop selling this tank , its becoming too common , plus this
    tank is not op anymore, on EU server most people fire gold at it , you only
    get a chance against a noob team. Plus they are adding new tanks with
    better penetration.

  127. On PS4, everybody with PS Plus subscription has a PZ2J. Problem is there’s
    no server reticle and aiming on the move is fucking impossible on uneven

  128. The Pz II J isnt that great
    If it comes across the H35 Hotchkiss at tier 2, its gone, the II J doesnt
    stand a chance.

  129. 100 us wots sucks

  130. The luchs was op in blitz it had 10 shells in the magazine and it did about
    350 dmg per magazine but they nerfed it to 6 rounds so now it does about
    150 yet they buff the su152……

  131. Jingles the tank package was actually pretty nice (the 25 000 gold cost
    131.04$ on its own in the SEA gift shop) so you get the 2 tanks has a bonus

  132. Really hoped it was Rita’s turn to shine today :)

  133. dodge these balls

    they made it only get tier 4 on the xbox one

  134. lucky bastards I want a pz ll j

  135. Pure skill.

  136. Panzer 2 J filthy scumbag tenk, must be sent to salt mines

  137. ive never been this early

  138. 6:46, it like the fucking terminator.

  139. this is disgusting

  140. Annnnd that’s why I love this tank :)

  141. I surprised a couple of Pz2j drivers with my su76i. 😉 thet didnt expect
    that there as another kid on the block

  142. Save a pally, club your gnome today!

  143. nice video jingles

  144. Well there’s almost a 100 dollars worth of gold in the package too jingles.

  145. Lols that tank is such bullshit.

  146. What can hurt the Pz II J in this game? The Cruiser II, I have butchered Pz
    II Js in that monster of a tier III. Sadly, the Cruiser II in this game
    isn’t using the howitzer, so yeah, just the artillery.

  147. Pz. II J have good armor …. until Tetrarch with his 121 premium ammo
    destroys it .

  148. Jingles, you forgot to mention that it has preferential matchmaking as
    well. It will never see tier five tanks. That is good news for seal
    clubbers because the Pz II J suffers severely against tier four tanks (at
    least I had never had problems with Pz II Js when I take out my tier four

    In tier three there are some machines (Marder e.g.) that can hurt the II J
    from the front. AND shooting HE against the “middle” front plate still
    works very well. If you can’t do that: try to get above the II J it’s
    “roof” armor is very thin. Otherwise: sacrifice your tank and ram it in the
    side ;)

  149. Think only way u could kill him if u flipped him over thats probly why he
    did not go up hill funny vid but expensive win.

  150. dear jingles overlord of all you seem to forghet those that drive the
    anti-mini maus the t82 we know that its massive howitzer can and will one
    shot 2js with realative ease.

    to be honest its my favorite thing to do when im seal clubbing in mine with
    a 100% crew.

  151. Your an Aussie sick

  152. ,early Af

  153. lol epic

  154. I love my Pz IIJ

  155. Panzer 2j is like a tiger in 1942 nothing can kill it

  156. but locust can pen this tank from sides and rear with apcr

  157. Always lovely to see idiots paying hundreds of dollars just for a crappy
    tier 3

  158. The FCM and marder recks this tank btw :P

  159. can't think of a name sorry

    couldn’t the S35 brutally rape the ii j with apcr?

  160. I killed a panzer 2J with my Marder 2 using gold he called me a gold
    spamming noob he didn’t even say it with irony how I laughed ?

  161. This guy is a beyond stupid.

  162. All ps4 players who have ps+ get a free panzer 2 j, but i’ve only used it

  163. Not sure why Jingles is so impressed by this tank. It’s a waste of real
    money and game credits. Get in a PZ2G if you want to kill these things for
    fun. The 2J can’t pen the 2G easily and the gun in the 2G is way better.
    I’ve killed quite a few 2Js in the 2G and it’s VERY satisfying killing
    these premium spamming slow pimp-wagons. Jingles does mention this in the
    clip to be fair. So, go on, get yourself a 2G if you want to play at this
    tier and then wait for a 2J to pop up. Happy sealclubber killing :-).

  164. Wel, at least with the New physics you Can try to flip a pz 2 j on its

  165. Let’s take this into consideration… although this tank is op, a bad team
    can still f*** this ‘what could possibly go wrong’ game. Just as the game
    starts, did you see how stupid his teammates are? Can’t you just stop being
    selfish, reverse a bit and give every tank some space to move, instead of
    crashing into each other and tries to force your way out? Also, it doesn’t
    help if the player himself can’t control his fire and shoots 1/4 of his
    rounds into tank wrecks. This guy is 100% gold spammer. Just wastes his
    shots. Well I guess anyone who regularly plays a Pz II J is a gold spammer
    too :)

  166. Unloading the whole clip even after the enemy has died. Autolocking on
    tanks peaking corners. Not continuing to head back to the cap circle while
    resetting. Trying to snipe with an autocannon on full auto.

    Imagine how fast the game would have been if he was actually good at it!

  167. Harrison Rawlinson

    Well the Valentine 2 is pretty powerful too. Not as good as the Pz II J but
    the Valentine 2 only meets tier 4 and if you do two platoons in the same
    battle, you cannot lose.

  168. Hope we get a BT-SV replay.

  169. Stronkest tenk in the world!

  170. I have the pz ii j, i dont fire exclusively gold, i can fire purely ap and
    get around 400 damage a game, people like this need to learn how and where
    to aim, unless you come across a amx 38 on the otherhand

  171. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life


  173. It was about time for another pz II J video.

  174. ??

  175. Just wrong having this tank in game

  176. One of my proudest moments in WoT is still the day I ran into one of these
    things fail-platooned with a KV-2.

    Turns out? The Pz. IIJ does NOT like to play with the SU-100’s 122mm gun.
    SUCH a satisfying kill.

  177. My idiot friend sold his when he thought it was ‘bad’. He’s been kicking
    himself about it ever since I told him to look up a replay of this thing.

  178. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    A long while back I was taking out my Pz 38H into a match to seal club some
    poor people, and I ran into a platoon of not one, not two, but THREE PANZER
    TWO Js!!!
    The match ended in a draw. It ended up being me vs the Pz II Js, and nobody
    could pen anybody, so I just fell back to cap and started derping their
    tracks when they tried to cap the base. Lol.

  179. I love see pz. II.J. in my Cruiser 2 with howitzer 😀 load HEAT and he´s

  180. Ok, tried watching without being signed in to Youtube and received an
    advert for the Hundred anime. Signed in expecting to watch the advert again
    (I enjoyed the rather cliche first episode) but never got it again.


  181. I’m going to guess the 25000 gold has something to do with the price of the
    packs as well.

  182. Jingles you are the best youtuber I’ve been watching you since you had
    20000 subs keep being tje best

  183. General Saufenberg

    it was op but these days? not so much. there are enough low tier tanks that
    can penetrate his armor,even without premium ammo. it works just fine
    against autocannons but lots of td or tier4 tanks will ruin your day.
    and on the other side, even with premium amunition, you are useless against
    lots tier4 enemies.

  184. and i thought the standard Pz ii kwpf was bad … t2 matches are almost
    literally down to which team has more of them… i prefer the cruiser iii,
    its just a shame that its armor may as well be made of toilet paper …

  185. Jingles + Pz2J videos sort of reminds me of that Top Gear episode where
    Jeremy mocks Jaguar owners.

    “Oh no, it’s a sealclubber wiping the floor in tier 3.” “Don’t worry, he’s
    doing it in his Pz2 Jjjjaaaaagggggg.”

  186. Cheating is forbidden unless you pay for it.

  187. I don’t know how good he is but he plays like a complete noob and he can
    get stupidly awesome result thanks to WGs blessings that he is
    inpenetrable. Hell, all he needed to do is rush the arty and kill her at
    start, everyone else is not a problem, gj WG.

  188. People must suck in this game if they cant affort 100k credits in a single
    game. Who ever said you have to play the pz 2j until all of your silver is
    gone? The normal pz 2 is a monster. You dont need the J to buff your stats
    like a boss…..

  189. So nice when you buy yourself tortilla chips and you see on youtube that
    Jingles had upload a video 1 hour ago :D

  190. (?/)
    ( ͡ ͡º ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡º) indeed

  191. This was posted at 4:00 on a school night but fuck school I got a awesome

  192. “Jingles withdrawal symptoms”…. *wincing*

  193. It is Herr Fi*k Dich again yay

  194. Are those tracer effects a mod? If yes wich one?

  195. mark lewis (cowsgom00)

    OP tenk makes terrible player look good. Nice one Jingles

  196. Most OP tank in the game?

  197. the cruiserII was a danger as well with the derp

  198. I have took out a II J with my T 127 in close combat , but he did not has
    premium ammo , I found a weak spot in in front lateral upper armour right
    above wheel .

  199. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    And 2000 Pz II J.’s were just sold in the SE server.

  200. What I was quite surprised by was that the Cruiser II on the opposite team
    wasn’t using the howitzer that tank gets. Using that gun makes the Cruiser
    II quite the nemesis for the Pz. II J.

  201. 25,000 Gold on the US server is 99.99$ So the package was basically 100$
    worth of gold, plus 1 broken Premium tank, and 1 average premium tank.

  202. 7:35 errr…..this guy actually prefers to fire the last shell in the clip
    in a wall instead of pressing reload. Such a scrub thing to do.

  203. 68% WR in mine over 131 battles

  204. I have one of those already

  205. The only other tank that can be a troll like that without having to pay
    real money is the t18 tank destroyer, bounces every.single.shot, unless
    they are aimed well or armour is outmatched by shell.

  206. Robert Klavijaturist

    No one noticed autoaim thing / hack / crap ? 7:34 autoaim thru buildings…
    I enjoy watching PZ J’s but this is just sad .. well most of this replay is
    just terrible …

  207. The fun usually ends when the last ones standing on each team are IIJ´s.
    Its like toddlers in plate armour throwing cotton balls at each
    other… but now when i think about it, that´s kind of funny too.

  208. So has everybody sold the PZ.II.j via the internet shop, but the NA server

  209. The thing is the Panzer II J can be one shot 100% by a cruiser 2 using the
    derp with heat

  210. That was great

  211. Ahh, nothing better than enjoying a Pz II J video from Jingles 🙂

    btw, you should do a TOG II video! Been so long since the last one!

  212. So seriously, WG wont put Greamyashy or Nikolai on sale in World of
    Warships because players think they are OP but its totally OK with them to
    sell this totally broken OP Tank? Go figure!

  213. wow I am close to the time he upload yeah

  214. Kapohaikapumekealoha

    idk if it was a joke or something but i noticed earlier today that the pz
    II J was free on psn for ps plus users. no idea if its as broken on console
    as it is on Pc

  215. What is the point of that thing? Is there any way to penetrate it with
    another low-tier that’s not artillery? Even with gold?

  216. imbetterthanyouis

    132 au is about 67 pound at the moment , you could get a night in a rather
    bespoke kensington hotel for that money

  217. NA server never gets good specials on the Premium Shop.

  218. Jingles withdrawal symptoms lol, good luck on the grand finals.

  219. Totally not p2w.

  220. Wojciech Pakieła

    That bass guitar in the beginning makes my soul want to get naked

  221. There are so few good seal clubbing tanks left in WoT.

  222. at least it can pen a type 91 and type 95

  223. FOCUSED GAMERS connor


  224. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Best Tactic -> Go straight for the Cap and stay there :D

  225. Is it me or is this guy terrible at firing, I mean emptying an entire mag
    into the side of a building when auto-aimed on a tank who is obviously
    round a corner, come on…

  226. If only the enemy team had a Tetrach. The mortal enemy of the Pz IIJ.

  227. Luís Augusto Panadés

    What is riddiculous is that they have this tank and nerf waff E 100 that is
    a shit tank even with 6 shells

  228. Luís Augusto Panadés

    This is fucking fun.

  229. BT-SV is just the Ultimate counter to the II J. You’ll bounce 90% of his
    auto cannon or more, and just butter through his armour..
    The gun on the SV, just makes it vastly superior.

  230. Hope that you read this, Jingles: Statistically, on EU at least, the Pz B2
    actually still has a higher average WR than the Pz II J according to
    vBAddict :P

  231. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Panzer II J can meet the Marder 2. Marder 2 with the Top gun.. -> Rip 2 J
    in 2 Shots^^. Good old German engineering

  232. y cant this be on NA im autsralian and i play on the NA rip

  233. While very amusing, this is what makes WoT crap and just a money grab.

  234. Wargamming has said it doesn’t have P2W… look im not saying thats a

  235. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Okay Captain, first of all, the Hydro is utterly Shit. The BT-SV is rly
    good^^. But its too much money

  236. Actually the Marder 2 can reliably pen the Pz2 J.

  237. How to ruin low tier games ..

  238. Bison doesn’t give a shit about Pz II J.’s armour

  239. 4:42 , what were those electric sparks when those BT tanks shot him? i’ve
    never seen that before

  240. any time ive had a bad day at work and need to let off steam i load up my
    pz 2 j and after a few battles im usually smiling and laughing its an
    excellent stress relieving tank

  241. wish they would sell that on the N/A server…

  242. Haven’t you only shown one other replay with this little devil, also in

  243. ok so tog or btsv please jingles.

  244. clubbing seals is something ….this is something else….this is P2W And
    you cant do this at warthunder as doesnt matter how OP the tank is you can
    dmg the barrel or lock the turret so you can not pew pew like idiots as
    here….This is pure insult to wargaming players indeed…and gives me a
    quite good reason not to turn back to this game ..sorry Thor and Covey but
    no way I turn back ….

  245. On the very rare occasions that I run into these on the NA server, i take
    great pleasure in killing them with gold spam.

  246. Yeah I love this tank. Have one myself and they are great fun to go
    clubbing in. If you get poor match making then it’s not fun but get top
    ranking and BOY IT’S FUN !. My best score in this is 11 kills and in that
    match I was totally surrounded and just picked off each tank one at a time.
    The only draw back is the cost in ammo. So I have to restrict myself to one
    or two games in it per day.

  247. Buys the Pz. II J. Fires nothing but premium ammo. Only for the very best
    wallet warriors.

  248. There’s a special place in the saltmines for sealclubbers…

    I know because i am one…

  249. let do that

  250. ok let pzs.II.j vs E100

  251. That’s my clanmate great guy and he sent me this video to watch a few days
    ago, very entertaining!

  252. Lee Halverston Hayes

    Jingles please come to New Zealand

  253. david martin-garcia

    well atleast its pc. on xbox it always is in teir 4 games ( it gets teir 4
    max and min, but it can see one or 2 teir 3s if wargaming is nice). so
    simply put. you always get penned(cause m3 Lee is played on xbox alot and
    it can kill you.) and you can nearly ever pen it so u do 0 to 30 dmg a game
    and block 1 maybe 2 shots.
    its just that bad.

  254. so that’s why the arty stopped firing

  255. It was like that when I played AT2 years ago at top tier. Sweet memories.

  256. I hate to be on potential receiving end of shotgun, but Pz. II J or how I
    call it “DJ” can be killed by another Pz. II J shooting in side, because
    penetration is average value, and some of those if you fire enough will pen

    Also my friend Washer and me killing this tank regulary in tier 2 tanks,
    such as Pz. 35(t) VAE type b, and Crusier III with 2-pdr gun can kill it
    from front side also.

    Also there is two weak points on DJ from front side: one is cheaks of gun
    mantlet 50mm hard target. other is upper plate which can be pen even with
    regular Pz. II using gold ammo, from just little bit elevated position.

    And yes I forgot… largest weak point of this tank is it drivers, in 98%
    they are newbs, noobs, and for sure all of them faggots!

  257. And that’s why I always bring gold ammo on my tier3 LTs and TDs, just for
    the sole purpose of killing anyone driving IIJs. Call me a sealclubber, and
    I don’t care, I just want to hunt down those dirty clubbers.

  258. Well, time to spend $132…

  259. only Pz 2 c players have repare kits. it’s really popular

  260. $130 in asutralia is a push over… thats 6 hours of work over here…

  261. Only the completely retarded would buy this shit

  262. Why are they even selling this tank again, once more they are ruining the
    game for all the low tier players… GG WG

  263. Add the weak spots back in and give it slightly better penetration and less

  264. Lenin Cat's Emissary

    what about the btsv?

  265. Hmmm… I am asking myself whether I should install wot again just to see
    the response when a platoon of 3 pz IIj roll onto the battlefield…

  266. *likes video even if haven’t watched video yet*

  267. Suh dude

  268. Kinda want a HYdro and a Panzer 2J

  269. I got a Pz. II J myself but i did not pay for it…i got it at Gamescom a
    few Years ago at a time when the horrors of World of Warplanes were not
    known to mankind ^^

  270. French tier 2 arty FT BS – Fuck this bullshit

  271. In case anyone’s ever had any doubts as to WG’s approach to balance, and
    the level of contempt in which they hold their player base (which, to be
    fair, is largely stupid enough to tolerate it), one need only watch this

  272. I do love 2J videos. I think I’ll go and find the Jingles video where two
    2Js are trying to kill each other and watch it again 8-)

  273. $130 AU is completely rip-off

  274. I will Not pay $126.30, Beause Will not pay this game, But Love Watching

  275. BestBundle2K16

  276. I met one of these when I was starting a new tank line once. It was
    horrible to fight against it.

  277. Why do the british have to have such sweet, sexy voices? There’s jingles,
    there’s attenborough, Actually thats just two

  278. I met one of these when I was starting a new tank line once. It was
    horrible to fight against it.

  279. hahaha,

  280. I always pack a dozen or so gold rounds in my BT2 just incase I run into
    one of these. Its hillarious when they underestimate what the 37 on the BT2
    can do with gold ammo.

  281. victoriouspancake

    12 minutes 😀

    Or how to watch a Jingles video with pancakes and nutella :3

  282. I had a Pz-Il J

  283. my favo tank:D

  284. It’s 4 o’clock in the bloody mornin’, Jingles! Move!

  285. This is the earliest I’ve been in a jingles video

  286. holy shit

  287. violet stet pedding is my favorite colour of pedding stets.

  288. Who remembers ‘BohemianEagle’? That guy was awesome! ;-)

  289. Runner in the dark

    Some say his father was a TOG 2 and his mother was the HMS Warspite others
    say he hates onions because they made him cry for the first time… all we

  290. Hello from Darwin Australia, love your videos Paul

  291. I escaped the salt mines

    Jk april fools. Wait. Fuck i missed it.

  292. Wot more seal clubbing?

  293. my ussername is: Filthy_seal_clubber -_-



  295. I NEED MONEY FOR GAS! or petrol if your in UK.

  296. 22nd love the vids keep em coming

  297. CroMusic PlayerHD

    Woow im early, quick make a joke

    Anybody got a good one???

  298. This is the earliest I have ever been to a Jingles video….

  299. damn I am early, quick, react that I am early

  300. noobinator Simelane

    yey jingles, in class watching this and I’m proud

  301. agggrrrrhhhhhh fuck it i disliked it 1st and bring dishonor to my saltmine

  302. praise jingles

  303. been here sub’ed for 4 years u got me into world of tanks thanks

  304. fuck i was late

  305. jingles please do bert video

  306. yay early sauad

  307. mitchell mccormack


  308. Smaug TheDevourer

    Praise thy lord, Jingles

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