World of Tanks || Dirty Seal Clubber

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Today I’m going to put down some baby seals in the T3 light the Pz 1C 🙁

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. But it’s saturday!

  2. Great video

  3. Keep up good work

  4. Damn QB, you’re growing. 3 minutes in, and this already has 180 views!

  5. Medium 3 english tank? Lol its m2 medium:D

  6. Your gameplay always look super twitchy, yo should look into that


    Happy X-Mas

  8. So mean 😀 

  9. i dont think the M2 Medium is british, but american

  10. EEy guizeeee!

  11. Poor baby seal

  12. what is the red line on the mini map 

  13. You shouldnt feel sorry, doc. Its better than living…wait thats not

  14. M2 Medium? British? okay

  15. Gilbert beilschmidt

    the m2 is a murican tank tho

  16. M2 medium is now british? I have got to keep up with the updates :/

  17. 3:03 british?? Also time to change your intro tik-tok

  18. Derp. M2 not M3

  19. Ahhahahaha… Dat ending :(

  20. Pretty sure the gun is mislabeled. The 7.92mm gun was a machine gun firing
    rifle cartridges that should not penetrate even light tank armor. The
    MG-34 or MG-42 wouldn’t do shit against a tank. The characteristics of the
    gun are way off compared to reality. 180-200gr weight moving around
    2600-2800FPS. There is no way that gets through any relevant amount of

  21. I have the same feelings with the Cruiser IV, so I sold it after 3
    games…………..9 kills in the first game on the same map, 90% crew,
    binos and a couple of premium ammos clubbing all the baby seals Feel really
    sorry for that 🙁 

  22. lmao, gg sir! Hopefully the Pz.IIIA went to the forums to vent and someone
    linked him to some view range guides :)

  23. I’ve watched it live on twitch! 😀 When is the that 24h or something

  24. When i feel like seal clubbing i go use the new KV-1s with the derp gun and
    fire HE or HEAT it will 1 shot every tank in a tier 4 or some tier V tanks.

  25. Play M22 Locust ! My fav tier 3 ever

  26. Dat machinegun tank tho!

  27. I prefer tier 6-7 matches there where I have the most fun

  28. so the smallest-caliber tank in the game gets a high caliber medal, Irony
    or Skill?

  29. Lol nice game QB :D

  30. i dont know why but i do better on wot blitz…..

  31. think about changing your introduction is not great, it does not reflect on
    your personnaliter wot

  32. Chocolate too? haha! What’s really fun is a 3 team Pz1C platoon! The
    sound of 3 autocannons hitting the same tank at the same time is
    hilarious! We surprised an enemy Pz1C on the hill in Mines once. He
    actually laughed about it.

  33. Best tier3 sealclubbers cruiser 2 with 3.7howitzer or su-76i 

  34. Please put more low tier gameplay :D

  35. please do blitz review

  36. Iwonder whats his name on wot blitz

  37. With a bit of weakspot knowledge, you can club tier 5’s as well. and at
    tier 3 you can do surprisingly well if you sidescrafe (I have a steel wall
    in my pz1c).

  38. Comments about the M2 medium being British incoming 

  39. Still uses gold on T3, rip -.-

  40. I wish we had The T-60 with the 20mm High rate of fire autocannon (twice
    this gun’s speed) and it’s 80 shell clips/belts

  41. 5lol mister koyaanisquatsi in the first replay :D

  42. I saw this game live

  43. The m2 medium was american not british

  44. QuickyBaby so sad at the end of the battle. :(

  45. therefor you need a captzrecard if you want to record it in your mobile :/
    they cost around 100€

  46. yes please, show us some WoT Blitz gameplay!

  47. I hate Sealclubbers too Quickybaby,because they just kill poor new players
    without they got any chance to win.Normally Sealclubbers are just too
    stupid to play hightier tanks and they cant nothing except killing poor new

  48. Holy crap you have the same phone as I do. HTC one m8. Yay 

  49. below tier 5 is clubbing, at t5 your opponents will hide and camp instead
    of suicide drive and rolling a t7 match is devastating to a t5 tank

  50. I have it and I love it

  51. gg QB “a stat padding unicorn” :DDD

  52. rofl at the picture with the sealclubbing/unicorn :D

  53. this is why i dont play tier 3s seriously i derp around and give the
    enemies as much of a chance as possible to kill me its why i dont use
    binocs or optics on mine it feels to dirty to use equipment. below tier 5 i
    call seal clubbing but at tier 5 itself i think its alright because theres
    so much more hp to deal with at that tier than at tier 3 or 4 so even a
    unicum against all the enemy team will struggle and as far as im aware
    theres no 1 clipping of autoloaders.

    also in tier 3 games where im top tier i have sworn to never fire gold i
    carry some anyway for attempting to deal with the side armour of tier 4s
    and 5s but never against tier 3s it feels dirty if you do use it against
    them because from all you know you could be spamming gold at a player who
    had been enjoying the game up to that point and you could have just put
    them off of it which happened to me in 2011 when i began playing i met my
    first pz 2j in my first tier 3 which i think was a stock t-46 you can
    imagine how well that ended and that put me off the game for 2 years until
    i saw an advert on tv for it.

  54. Lol I remember that game

  55. Hey quicky…whenwll you guys be caling out WOT on the growing use of
    warpack in the pub matchs…..its destroying the game .

  56. I love Pz.I.C its absolut death machine.
    What a shame that its not on wot blitz

  57. I mostly know tier 1-8 because grinding is thing I hate, so I get really
    pissed when he says something like m2 med as a british but I get that he
    plays tiers 5-10 and qb doesn’t know all the derpy 75mm bastards…

  58. The t3 British medium at the beginning was an american m2 medium

  59. is this a re upload? i swear i have seen it before :O pls help me, i am
    confused. it hurts my head.

  60. It’s not an autocannon. It’s a machinegun.

  61. I thought trees doesnt give bonus camo…

  62. dirty, dirty QB :)

  63. I don’t care what tier/tanks people play unless it’s a Pz II J or T18.
    Sometimes there is no chance to win because of those, they are simply
    broken. All other tanks you can deal with more or less, independent of
    player’s skill.

  64. Just got my first tier 6 (ARL 44)
    Some games feel like I’m surrounded by idiots, but I’m not nearly good
    enough to call anything seal clubbing, except perhaps a good match up with
    the BDR, which will two-shot most tanks. 

  65. Rip in peace :(

  66. JoaoAfonso Figueira

    lol M2 Medium isnt a M3 medium

  67. QB noob this is Amercian M2 Medium not birtish ;D

  68. man if the pz 3 a was my six years old brother in WoT he would freak out
    and go cry into his room x( :D

  69. QuickyBaby feels bad for killing tanks…lol

  70. RIP little seal

  71. nice Christmas tree

  72. OMG, fallen trees provide cover!? The Wargaming Mechanics video was wrong!
    I feel lied to.
    (I looked it up)

  73. QuickyBaby the fourth tank you kill that call a Medium 3 was a M2 Medium

  74. I sometimes play low tiers to get the x2 or x5 exp bonus from time to
    time… and i am surprised how many 15K game 67% win rate players are
    playing against me… and I am an average player… maybe even below
    average. I stopped playing WoT for over a year and just came back about a
    week ago…. so I like playing low tier to help me remember the game – but
    i find it more frustrating than not because seal clubbers are all over the
    place nowadays. The Japanese line seems to attract the seal clubbers. As
    soon as i drive my tanks – and low tiers they are all rubbish i face 2 to 5
    seal clubbers. I have given up on the Jap line – unless i want to spend
    gold on them or something to rush past the low tiers.

  75. Dat amazing viewrange on Pz III A. There’s a lesson for you kids out there:
    don’t be so cheap and pay for 75% crews instead of getting 50% scrubnub

  76. It is 1 big troll tank

  77. Noooo I saw this on your Live stream :C

  78. if you look closely, you can see that there is a christmas tree in the

  79. If you have a HDMI out on that HTC you could use a capture card if you have
    one to record footage of Blitz 😉 

  80. 2:58 U say british tanks to M2 Medium…

  81. Blitz doesnt works on s4 mini?

  82. Best youtuber in the world QB!!!!!!

  83. Dat unicorn


  85. Where’s the link to the video with jingles?

  86. THX for all the Videos they are sooo epic man THX qb

  87. Omg!!!!! You got blitz!?!?!?! I record wot blitz videos with “reflector”
    look it up 🙂 thank you awesome vid again 🙂 thanks!

  88. He plays wot blitz! Awesome

  89. Never thought a PzIC game could be this boring.. 

  90. this tank is OP

  91. statpading unicorn LOL 😀 :D

  92. I got the m4 sherman today!

  93. Thumbs up for that unicorn.

  94. and these are the occasions i stopped playing this game entirely…those
    20-30-50k players should not go below Tier5 or at least avoid such OP tanks
    because they just take away the fun from others…
    i have been CONSTANTLY, and i mean that LITERALLY, put into games with
    these players who already had many tier 10’s and just being there and
    ruining the newcomer’s game…and when i have only 2 hours, a crappy PC, a
    crappy internet, and i would like to play a game, i don’t want to put into
    matches with these unikorns…let them have their own game, like could you
    believe the epic sweatbreak with all players being high ranking players and
    put together in low tier tanks?…what a campfire or race till kill matches
    would they enjoy too…but hey
    like MMO’s are famous for their well-thought-out and player-oriented match
    maker systems RIGHT? :D

  95. ZenithRadProductions

    720p @ 45fps? The fuck?

  96. World of tank Blizt ! I can finaly see you on the battlefield Mouhaaaa !

  97. I actually did feel really bad for that last guy. I have been killed
    similar to that when I first started and had no clue about view ranges and
    such and just thought he was cheating lol. Poor bastard.

  98. Kinda feels like sniping lower tiers in my E25 (full camo), or killing
    Tiger in T-54 trough bushes…so dirty…:( 

  99. Yes please play wot blitz!!

  100. No one believes your “I feel so sorry crap”.
    I certainly did not enjoy this video – unlike previous ones of far better
    quality focusing on techniques and tactics quiet elaborately – nothing
    special to see here however – other than a narcissistic stat padder. What a
    miserable way to earn a Kolobanov´s.

  101. Dirtybaby Seal Clubbing

  102. The strength of this tank I think is it can annihilate everything it comes
    across at tier 3 and yet still works as a great scout when against tanks it
    just cant pen

  103. As an average (1727 WN8) player, I feel I am sealclubbing below tier 6.

  104. Hey Quickybaby, I also hate playing low tier just like u. WHY??? Not feel


  105. LoL its not enought for you to play WoT on PC you need to play it on
    Android too :-D

  106. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    British? M2 Medium? Yeay.. a Little off the Point there right :D?

  107. I’m sure quicky baby has uploaded this TWICE already… looks like he’s
    just put new camera and commentary over this one.

  108. saw funny in game chat suggestion, We’ll team kill our PZ1c if you TK

  109. I play my Pz I. C with coated optics binocs and a camonet in total ive
    spent about 1 150 000 credits for my Pz I. C

  110. Merry Christmas ! Even though we still need to wait 10 days…

  111. He I em playing wotb can you plz play whit me I have a Nice tanks 

  112. My nema in wotb are Killerfreyr

  113. much tree great wow

  114. theSwedishTankDriver

    Nice christmas tree!

  115. Premium consumable, premium shells, premium camo…

  116. Lower tier games are usually more fun, everyone is running around with
    autocannons, running and gunning xD

    I’ve had the most fun in thr lolTraktor.

  117. This is from live stream right?

  118. Poor pz 3a :,(

  119. theSwedishTankDriver

    You should try Cruiser IV with 40 mm autocannon, 200 clip damage, reloads
    in 5-6 seconds. Very balanced

  120. Yeah the pz 3A, is quite fast, its a bit faster then the pz1c in shift
    speed. It will reach near top speed before the pz1c. Pz1c still fster in
    overall speed. Tested this my self

  121. All tiers have their sealclubbing tanks
    Tier1 :L.Tr + T1 Cunningham
    Tier2: T18, MiniMaus(Pz.38H)
    Tier3: Pz.IIJ, Bt-Sv, Pz.1C, Fcm36Pak40
    Tier4: Hetzer, Amx 40(Troll Armor)
    Tier5: Kv-1, Kv-220, T-25, Pz.IVH, Chaffee(Before The Nurf), Elc
    Tier6:Kv-1S Before Nurf, Vk28.01, T37, Cromwell, Fv304, Hellcat,KV-2,
    T-150, Mt-25
    Tier7:E25, A-44, Su-152, Su-122-44, Lttb, T29, m41 Walkerbulldog, Comet,
    Panther, Jgpanther
    Tier8: 50 100, 13 90, Is-3, Kv-5, Rhm -b wt, T32, Cent mk 1, 110, T69, T49,
    Obj.416, Isu, T-54
    Tier9: T-54, St-I, VK45.02B, T30, T54E1, Cent7/1, Tortoise Ect….
    Tier10: All Russians Incoulding arty, All americans – Patton, All British,
    All French, All german not inclouding arty, Stb-1, all Chineese

    Idk if i missed any at lower tiers but too hard to remember all

  122. I want to buy a tank for each tier , to help others grind when needed, I
    was thinking of either the Cruiser Mk. II or the BT-7 or the PZ. 1 C.
    Cruiser for the derp, bt-7 for maneuverability, pz 1c for the machine gun

  123. Dat pink Unicorn at the end. Nice vid QB

  124. I cri evry tiem

  125. dirty bastard 

  126. To record wot blitz use screencast

  127. M2 medium is american XD

  128. Close to 8:00 minute, you said that the fallen tree can provide cammo?
    I thought that fallen tree count as nothing, as if you were in the middle
    of an open field?

  129. QB, next time you can try this with the Luchs when it comes to a IV tier
    MM. I play the Luchs beacuse it’s the cutest tank ever! (Jingles’ and now
    my words 😀 :D)

  130. QB? on which phone you play WOT? does it lag?

  131. Pz1C is… Special. I even managed to get High Caliber in tier 5 x). (if
    you are interested, search for kreso03 on EU, I uploaded it on summer.
    Other then that, this days I take it only to run circles (Himmel and
    Campinovka are best, followed by Airfield). I don’t take it seriously, that
    way I don’t feel dirty :)

  132. syncronized substepgamer

    Yessss he now plays blitz oh and if anyone wants to friend me there my name
    is explosivesubstep im on the american server

  133. I think tier 1,2, and 3 are seal clubbing tiers. 4 is a clubber if you are
    using something like a Matilda or a Lee (if you know how to use it) with a
    good crew.
    WoT Blitz: My first game I forgot ammo. Oops. My second game I got 6 kills
    of the 7 enemies.

  134. Theres only one seal clubber for me- T-60. Everything else is a shallow

  135. My sealclubing tier 3 is the m3 stuart :)

  136. Dirty seal clubber? Wha? Oh you mean the KV-3. Yes it is a dirty seal
    clubber. My personal best was 11 kills in one match in that thing.

  137. I play my 1c everyday since it got introduced. Just one game everyday. More
    than 500 games played in it lol. 3 skills on the crew xd. Run it with 320ap
    and 320apcr, big repair kit, premium gasoline, chocolate ^^ so much fun xd

  138. I like playing low tier too luckily im not that great a player so don’t
    feel too guilty, maybe the game should be balanced in a different way so
    good players can still enjoy the game at all levels of play.

  139. I play blitz what’s our user I have is and su 152 play with me 55.10 wr
    please your my favorite youtuber

  140. The Pz 1C is pretty fun, especially in a tier three match up. The only time
    I don’t fear it is in my Pz S35. I rarely get pen’d by same tier tanks or
    lower in that troll armored little tank. lol

  141. Benjamin Romeo Salalima

    QB is evil :(

  142. nice htc, you have good taste comrade 

  143. Now I see what always happens when one of these little buggers zooms up
    from out of nowhere, and gives me a full clip of unwanted butt sex (*!*) :

  144. QB i love this, watched this on your stream too!

  145. Oh my god! He killed Ke-Ni! You (know the rest)

  146. 3:00 actually american

  147. What you consider “seal clubbing” tiers really depends on how good your
    are. For me tier 3, maybe 4, and below is seal clubbing because those
    players have only played for a few days at the most. Once you get to tier
    5+ you have been playing for quite a while and should know how to play
    fairly competently. To me seal clubbing is taking advantage of people who
    don’t know what they are doing when it isn’t expected they know how to play
    well. Beating bad players because you are good at high tiers is not the

  148. My favorite Tier 3 light is the M3 Stuart. It is fast, great engine power,
    turns on a time, decent damage for the tier, great accuracy even on the
    move, good view range, and it even has some decent frontal armor.

  149. Quicky baby, use an app called “mobizen” to record your phone screen and
    your voice at the same time!

  150. I miss my Pz1c now :(

  151. I draw the line at T6, because there are stronghold and clanwars events at
    the tier, plus I really love playing the 36.01

  152. QB you should get a OnePlus One Android phone. There’s a feature in there
    that lets you screen record.
    But on the market there should also be some apps that do that.

  153. Those darn stat padding unicorns! :)

  154. TierIV and below is seal clubbing IMO. Maybe because I only have 6k

  155. I use my ISU 152 for seal clubbing XD .

  156. well congratulations you just made that last guy go arty line and soon
    enough he will murder you from the sky singin MC Hammer cant touch this

  157. Ill take my Pz II G anyday with its 95mm of pen, carry tier V games like a

  158. Time for a confessional

  159. QB!! playing blitz?! nice! i have been playing blitz on IOS for a while

  160. I prefer the pzIIg

  161. QuickyBaby confirmed best seal clubber EU. Pls Report =)

  162. I think tier 1 – 4 can be considered seal clubbing. Maybe tier 5 as well.
    When you can 1 shot tanks with ease. Or kill enemy tanks super fast with a
    clip, it’s called seal clubbing in my opinion. 

  163. U so notty QB :P

  164. This was so funny on steam

  165. What is the time limit for the personal missions? As in, how long have we
    got to complete them?

  166. the last question he asked at the end kind of irked me, yeah I hate it when
    someone jumps into a tank with 100% crew fully upgraded with clan mates at
    tier 1 and completely destroy any semblance of balance. Then their is the
    other side of the coin where after tier seven you almost hit this skill
    wall where all the good players tend to play tier eight and above making it
    hard to even compete with the skills of your allies and you constantly get
    told off for it and told to uninstall the game no matter how hard you try
    and this just doesn’t come from the good players their are plenty of bad
    players who will blame you as well for not winning the game for them. then
    their is also when I am playing tier eight – ten and I am being carried by
    my team I feel absolutely horrible for not contributing. The obvious
    solution is to get good but not everyone is super skilled at this game and
    having all your good players and all your bad players in one place like the
    way it is makes the latter parts or the beginning parts of the game
    enjoyable and un-enjoyable for others respectively.

  167. 105mm M4 Sherman is defiantly a seal-clubber

  168. dirty seal cluber lol

  169. WoT Blitz is so fun :C I play on the nvidia shield tablet. It has a
    built-in feature to stream to twitch or screen capture.

  170. What song was that when the unicorn came up I recognise it but cant
    remember its name

  171. I also love this little tank. Great tank to play when you just need a
    change of pace. I prefer the 2cm over the 7.92 just for the higher pen and
    tighter cluster of rounds. and with the 3 sec reload basically never caught

  172. HTC!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I feel very pround cause Im Taiwanese~ XD

  173. Ha “in too long”; I have yet to get a Kolobanov’s medal though I did get
    two friends into the game and coached both of them into getting one. 

  174. the Pz.II J is better than this tank.

  175. i personly love T5 and 6, wolverine(105mm) and the hellcat.

  176. the chi-ha is chinese. there are two chi-ha in this game. the medium
    version is japanese and light version is chinese (captured during the war) 

  177. What an idiot. Has he ever heard of the sense of a damage indicator. Let
    alone the fact it kept popping up over and over again so that even an idiot
    could have managed a correct blindshot……. so stupid.

  178. Lol I like how stuff just randomly pops up in QB’s room like dat Christmas

  179. Why would you kill that seal

  180. I am a dirty seal clubber sometimes and I’ve actually found that the best
    tier 3 tank (once you get used to it/ get a 75% crew) is the t 46 with the
    auto loader.

    Here is why its op as hell. it has a 5 shot auto loader that might be
    inaccurate, but it is also capable of doing 200 average damage per clip
    with a FOUR SECOND reload….. and it can fire those 5 shots in half the
    time it takes the pz to unload. its a bit slower and bigger than the IC but
    it is by no means slow or a large target. Also, it gets increased pen over
    the IC, 46 ap and 62 apcr. (apcr rounds are dirt cheap at 400)

  181. But I love SEALS :(

  182. I thought that my XVM wasn’t installed properly as it didn’t give complete
    information on all members of both teams. Apparently, its working fine.

  183. Just like Barry in the end

  184. How do you convert experience with premium tank to free experience 

  185. Louis-Philippe Nault


  186. Unfortunately you can’t record footage from WOT Blitz, the community is
    hoping that will be implemented soon.

  187. i dont want to be a smartass but the 7.92 mg its a machinegun not an
    autocannon, to be considered a cannon it has to be higher than 15mm or 20
    mm (it depends if it can load he shells) 

  188. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    made me lol

  189. Some dirty seal clubbing there for sure. Personally I like the T-127 for

  190. Classic match…

    the seal/unicorn graphic slayed me… ROFL!

  191. T-70 is definitely a seal clubbing tank, its got armour, mobility and a
    high pen high DMG gun

    got like 2 out of my 4 ace tankers outta this thing, before I even hit my
    100th battle in this tank

  192. dirty puppy kicking scumbag :/ gj now will even more assh….. play low

  193. RIP Baby Seal

  194. I’m quite sure that a pushed down trees does not provide you any
    concielment. They just simply disappares. If there was a change in
    camouflage mechanics i sure had missed it. I gues WOT just don’t want to
    encourage people pushing trees like crazy, but dont worry They will grow

  195. Can you put the link to the “recomended” video in the description beacuse
    you can’t click on the screen on phones. 

  196. Yeah, Seal Clubbing at its best.

  197. the PZ IC need to be nerft

  198. Hi Quicky

    can you make video on Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f) to?

  199. I sure is a fast and dirty little tank

  200. Me and quickybaby have the same phone! Wohoo! HTC One M8 ftw:)

  201. The licorn

  202. Quickybaby, you will need third party apps or to root your device in order
    to use screen sharing.

    If your running android 4.4, aka kit kat, you will find there is a root
    tool called towelroot that works extremely well, but is useless when you
    arent using Kit Kat

  203. 1. ROFLMAO at the rip seal stuff
    2. that british tank you were talking about wasn’t british, it was the
    American M2 Medium

  204. QB, you can root your phone (hack it)…..and then record the screen, thats
    the best way, but root can really f… up your phone, and when you want to
    delete root, you must reset the phone, so thats not so smart 😛 You can
    record whitout root, but its not that great 🙂 Love the video, and GG ;)

  205. First game I played with the pz 1c fully upgraded got 8 kills! Totally
    balanced! :p

  206. OMFG…you are play CnC 4 Tiberian Twilight…lol…the worst strategy game
    I have ever played …Try CnC 3 Kanes Wrath (Is a lot better) :)

  207. I hate seal clubbers with a passion. They ruin low tier games completely,
    since the whole point is to have a paddling pool of sorts where newbs can
    learn to play without being at a massive disadvantage. I’m a fairly good
    player myself (1300 WN8), so when I jump down to low tiers to help friends
    out with the grind, I am sure to use tanks that aren’t OP for their tier,
    like the Pz1c and the T18 are. But every game I play, one team always has
    some 34k games, 1000+ WN8 sealclubber in an OP tank, often in platoons, to
    ruin the game for the newbs. I have only ever seen the CIA clan (NA west
    Server) in 3 man T-127 platoons, and they win most of the games I see them
    in. It’s just not fair to the new players.

  208. Did i was the only one that know that a m2 medium is american quickbaby

  209. Wait isn’t the king of seal clubbing pz 2 j?

  210. I usualy play around T4-5-6 and don’t feel like sealclubing, it’s just the
    tier where you get the most money without premium and it’s the only way to
    get pay for some higher tier tanks.

  211. Best T3? FCM 36 Pak 40 with 400m view range.

  212. thats really seal clubbing :p with yout exp and prem round shame on your

  213. Pz 1 C. is awesome at tier 3 but the second its MM stops treating you, say
    if you get into a tier 5 match then there is little you can do, even with
    premiums. unless of course there’s arty in which case its party time!

  214. 4:34 ^^ that reaction =P

  215. If i wanna seal club i use PzIII/IV =)

  216. if you feel guilty seal-clubbing in a tier 3, as asked on the stream,
    please consider not using chocolate nor any premium rounds as a penance. ;)

  217. Saw that one on your stream, good match 🙂

    Thing is, why shouldn’t us good players enjoy the occasional low tier
    match? If it was forbidden they would have blocked those tiers off for us.
    As long as you don’t spend the majority of your matches there it’s fine!

  218. I would say tier 4 (matilda) or lower is seal clubbing

  219. woow that is incredible

  220. Its op

  221. Ah sealclubbing with T3 tanks. Is there something better after 3-4 T8-10
    games where your team played as good as the average T3 team? i dont think
    so 😀

    But i would never use apcr in it XD

    you have no shame….

  223. I’d say Sealclubbing is technically playing tier 6 and below, but only if
    you do it a lot and aren’t grinding. I have plenty of lower tier tanks that
    I like to play for fun, but compared to the amount I play in tier 7 and
    above tanks it’s not that high.

  224. Personally I’m rather critical of “one-trick-pony” kind of tanks like the
    1C. In the right matchup (being top tier) it’s ridiculously overpowered and
    is really frustrating to play against. In the wrong matchup (tier 5 game)
    it is all but useless. That to me is the wrong way to balance a tank. It
    appears much more sound to have tanks that do reasonably well even against
    higher tier opponents but don’t completely overwhelm equal and lower tier

  225. Of course pz.ic is good I have it myself and playing in a platoon is so
    much fun.

  226. Dude it was an American medium not British 

  227. So, why did a walrus go to a tupperware party? Well…to find a tight seal,
    of couse…if you know what I mean…the walrus likes to have his stuff
    fresh…if you know what I mean…

  228. ahah 8.43 soo saaad :(

  229. Pz. I C <3

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