World of Tanks – Discount Rocket League

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Source: Anfield


  1. Chaffee racing > Soccer mode

  2. Other than the free camo for playing a match there is no point to bothering with this mode. I liked earlier iterations of this mode as well other fun modes but this one dropped the ball.

  3. better goalkeeper than karius

  4. Got my Buffon, do you?

  5. Best way to spent 10 minutes,isn’t it..

  6. fixing game breakingly terribad matchmaking? naah blyat, football!

  7. The Blast radius of the E100’s shot is the best ‘tool’ in this mode….use it more often than aiming and trying to shoot the actual ball instead of missing and making the ball go the opposite way you want it to especially when the ball is in the corners and on the walls.

  8. I think anfield showed this replay just to highlight the one comment on the twitch chat mentioning how he looks and feels about playing wot. I am in the same place…

  9. hey! something WoT related that I’m better than you at. Literally, the ONE thing. Love your videos!

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