World of Tanks | Do You Even Light Anymore, HighFlyer15?

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Why yes I do indeed, good sirs. I’ll show you! 😀
Also 24 minutes long? Deer God generous today!

Locastan’s Mod Pack

GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sound mod


  1. +Duke VonVon mostly because I switch up the style of play depending on the
    map 🙂 And I do like the 25% more than 10% for those scouting maps. If I
    don’t land on a scouting map, then I’m not going to scout for my allies at
    the front anyways, so I don’t see the use of optics for me, at least 🙂
    But it’s viable. I’m not denying it hehe.

  2. Hey dude, why not play this t37 with optics and vent? you are all the time
    in move so it will be better na? :D

  3. So you write the book on scouting… oh well make the vid on scouting and
    get questions like this? -> Highlight your old video’s! They were epic…

    +TheRiisingSun This was the T49?… I thought booze was expensive in
    Scandinavia… :-P

  4. Very well done commentary. Always a pleasure.

  5. invisiwall

  6. didnt knock over the tents in your spawn???? ;)

    • +ralach they removed the importance of the crates 🙁 you can shoot through
      them and still damage tanks now 🙁

  7. Muravanka now better?, NOT!!!!!!!!!!! The old Muravanka was WAY better.
    The new one has no character and is boring. The old Magic Forest was
    AWESOME! That map had character. WG ruined Muravanka, El Halluf and
    Sevorgorsk. They were all awesome maps that WG fucking RUINED.

    • +Mark West Are you sure we’re playing the same game? Or are you one of
      those nature loving guys that enjoy sitting in the bush, admiring trees and
      the flora?

    • +Mark West I can’t even reply to this comment with a proper response,
      because you are literally what’s wrong with this game, if you support maps
      like the old Murovanka design(but only if you do, so no offense, if not)Do
      you also think the North spawn on Mines is balanced?

  8. How do. I transition from the 13 75 to the 13 90? The longer reload and bad
    gun handling is really off putting and since this video was on the topic of
    light tanks I decided to ask.

    • MrImmortalityPrince

      +Devin Dull The 13 90 is a lot better than the 13 75…. I don’t know how
      off putting that is… But seriously 13 90 is better.the only thing i still
      can’t perfect is hitting all my shots, with it’s very limited ammo count i
      always run out of it. But besides that the 13 90 is a very dangerous tank.

    • +MrImmortalityPrince Well I know it can be a very dangerous tank and I
      usually don’t have a problem with the limited ammo (12t and 13 75 had that
      problem too) but the reload is something I really need to get used to as my
      13 75 has about 17 second reload for the drum.

  9. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    >Says he knows how to light
    >Immediately shoots at the first target he spots instead of continuing to
    spot them
    You do not know how to light, sir.

  10. High flyer was the original light tank boss

  11. Excellent you’re fast becoming my favorite go to replay guy. !

  12. Highflyer just out of curiosity what is your opinion on the AMX 13 75? This
    being a video on lights and all. I currently own one (61k into grind) and I
    think it’s completely capable light tank, but i was wondering what your
    opinion is, because you know all the hate it gets cause of other tier 7
    lights being better.

  13. Christian looking for free access to his butt …..

  14. Thing with that last game was this:
    Racing up the hill because there was nothing left to shoot at. Suddenly got
    clicked while fully on the move zigzagging like a moron (because I can’t
    drive properly). Then I peeked out on a different bush while an ally was
    sitting in the bush HF sat in. No clicks went in, and only when I peeked
    for 2 seconds.

    Also, Behemoth can play whatever Behemoth goddam well pleases!

  15. Random question:
    Hey Christian, are you Christ? :D

    • +Maree Printemps I could be the second coming, but that is not up to me to
      decide. It is in the eyes of the beholder.

    • +TheRiisingSun Erlenberg has a place where lots of people try to walk on
      water, and fail…

      It’s like the Excalibur of WoT.

  16. also i do like light tanks now since tht the newer ones r not scouts and i
    like battle lights

  17. shame .. i used to like the t37 but they nerfed it since i last used it
    6months ago 🙁 no way as fast as it once was

    • +ratchet qwark the T37 hasn’t received any noticable changes since it got
      added. A little view range nerf and gun dispersion.

    • +TheRiisingSun strange i didnt find it as quick as before the turn rate was
      slower than what i remembered it being

  18. it’s actually harder to ace a tank against lower tiers, cos you don’t get
    as much XP per shop as you would against higher tiers 😉 but of course it’s
    easier to penetrate shots and do more damage to an IS than an IS-3 or
    IS-6, right?

  19. Still looking for that a Tiger 2 moment with my t37…

  20. What does UNICUM actually mean?

    • +Aymen100701 a unicum is a player with a wn8 over 2350 what means he is a
      very good player

    • +Aymen100701 in contrast to hans jürgens i would not say a very good
      player, but unicums are the best of the best. i for example have a WN8
      rating of 2166 and according to WoT i am better that 99,05% of the players.
      A unicum has at least a WN8 rating of 2500 (just to put that into

    • +Sicklehead88 they are far
      From the best of the best, as many of them think that they have the right
      to be complete and utter douchebags to someone who has lower stats than
      they do. And let’s face it, most people have lower stats than them. HAVOC,
      RDDT, and RELIC are notorious for their attitudes towards anyone who
      doesn’t do exactly what they say to, when they say it. Not saying that you
      yourself are one of these disgraces to the elite players, just want to make
      that clear

    • +jeff wheeler well, i never said that unicums are all decent human beings,
      i was just talking about how they play. and i agree with you, good players
      are often douchebags. i myself also sometimes rage a bit in chat. but let’s
      face it, there are soooo many bad players that insult you, especially when
      they’re already dead and see you playing (even if you don’t do any
      mistakes). i’m really sick of these kind of people. and due to the
      distribution of player’s skills in the game, you find a lot more bad
      players that are douchbags. you just gotta do the math… 😉

    • Yeah,but the guys I’ve seen are just rude asses who will criticize every
      choice you make, and then call you, and I quote “a fucking inbred pollution
      that spreads throughout the gene pool faster than AIDS at a homosexual

  21. Richard Gustafsson

    Which one do you think is the best now with the balancing? T-37 or M41?
    (Tier vise ofc)

    • +Richard Gustafsson the Bulldog is still really good, with added hp for
      survivability. So I’d give it to the M41. The T37 is still really really
      good though.

    • Krešimir Turkalj

      +TheRiisingSun What about T21? Better camoflauge and manevaurability
      (better turning and acceleration), does it cut it? Guns seem similar enough
      to not matter that much.

    • +Richard Gustafsson i think it depends on what gun u use on the bulldog.
      with the normal gun, the RoF has dropped quite a bit since the nerf and
      then i’d say the T-37 is better. But if you use the autoloader (which you
      should, in my opinion), the bulldog is quite unique and can be OP as fuck
      in the right situations.

    • Richard Gustafsson

      Nice to hear the Bulldog isn’t considered the best anymore with the normal
      gun. I’ currently grinding for the T-71 and the T-21 is not bad either 🙂

  22. Richard Gustafsson

    FIRST! Nice to see gameplay from you! :)

  23. Fiiiiirst

    hate comes my way

  24. First !

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