World of Tanks – Do Your Worst

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Source: Mighty Jingles

When Bombraker finds himself alone against half enemy team and dares them to do their worst, he didn’t expect them to take him literally.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX100 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Good luck doing that in a Pershing, T 44, Panther 2, or Indienz, that tank is way to over powered.

  2. Hm, I love the smell of ‘noob enemy team losing against just one tank’ in the morning.
    No matter the subject of the video, I just want to watch it. I did not even realize today was supposed to be a Zero Dawn video.

  3. I’m happy to watch any of your video’s, apart from that boat game.

  4. I bet, if we looked at the Emil 1 player profile, we would see that he has 4 or 5 times more capture points than base defense points, something that would define a bad player.

  5. According to youtube this was uploaded 12 hours ago. But it just appeared on my sublist.
    Glad YT is working as good as ever.

  6. The plans gone a bit pear shaped. The woods are infested with enemy tanks. – The French, 1939

  7. yorentior valenti

    i wanted zero dawn, but if i get for free a world of tanks video, im not complaining at all

  8. Lars van warendorp

    WoT and teamwork???? Wth is wrong with you!!, ppl play WoT so they don’t have to teamwork!!!….. ?

  9. Wasting gold on arty….

  10. Says 12 hrs ago but only 37 comments?

    *X TO DOUBT*

  11. Hey Jingles! Thanks for the feature!!! You pronounced Bombraker correctly 😀 Fun fact! I worked on Horizon Zero Dawn + am from the Netherlands & currently work in the UK. Ticked all the boxes! ;D

  12. 0:49 “What!?! No kitten video?!?” [unsubscribes]

  13. Meanwhile I’m going “hooray, a chance to catch up on Horizon: Zero Dawn so I can watch Jingles videos without spoilers!”

  14. Worst e25 ever. What a donkey. Sorry, i mean probably a new player, right?

  15. Jingles, we know you hate scary games, So PLEASE do a DOOM 2016 playthrough, we would love to see you blasting your way through hell in the most Jingles way possible. Please give this comment a like if you agree. All hail Lord Jingles!

  16. No one on the planet.
    Not a literal single soul in universe.
    JiNgLeS: A lot of you are probably expecting, today’s video to be some more Horizon Zero Dawn!

  17. YOUR VOICE MAKES ME SLEEP that’s a good thing lol

  18. Russbot Apocolypse 2020

    Enemy team – mouth breathers, especially the Emil. The arts should have displaced to *anywhere* but where they were. Low i.q. baddies bad’n.

  19. Yeah Jingles Vid…. oh its just the Tanks…. oh well…. now get back to Horizon Zero Dawn….. proper thrilling story line…

  20. three shot autoloaders let you have every result per magazine. one hit, one bounce and one miss

  21. Jingles the Progetto is lagging…that’s why some shots miss, must be running game on a potato machine, the way he plays.

  22. Jingles that commentary towards the end was the worse you have done in a while. The Arty was covering the cap waiting for them to spot him, but one of them was expecting him to come after the artillery too. You also glossed over the fact that the arty instead of finding the nearest body of water, cause the majority of damage to him and nearly took him out. BUT I will give you that the E-25 was the crux of that failure, cause he went “no cap Kill all” AND on top of that instead of pulling back to make Bombraker waste his time fighting him, decided to charge in, thereby giving him the time to run back and kill the last guy.

  23. we need more stories in mingles with jingles or even just the occasional standalone video, i love that shit

  24. See a horizon zero dawn video, don’t watch them, see a world of tanks video can’t click fast enough.

  25. Finally some cold waters!

  26. Bombraker doesn’t mean a in PL. 😉 Maybe Pepik?

  27. Last time I was this early arty only went up to tier 8

  28. It’s like the foch 155 50, you have 3 opportunities to do 750 dmg :p

  29. Jingels try to upload longer videos, like 35 – 45 mins video if possible. Thnx alot, a fan from India.

  30. Does the auto-aim lock on at 4:13 seem a little suspicious to anybody else?

  31. Commando Quackers

    I love it when Jingles plays games other than WOT or WOWS. I’m a big fan of watching WOT etc videos but Jingles is comedy gold when playing any game 🙂

  32. Jingles, could I request another Flak bus video? No idea if people still play that tank but it was such fun seeing it in action.

  33. Bold Persian Immortal

    World of Tanks Jingles video with a War Thunder ad.

  34. one hell of a great game! VERY well played!
    Thanks for the GG and the great Video

  35. I think the enemy Emil did the right thing or at least not a terrible thing . Just the impatient E25 ruined it. If the E25 had just waited in the bushes with its ridiculous camo, it could have stopped the Progetto easily from coming back to the cap.

  36. Ah, the early game scum buggy rush.

  37. Oh no! We wanted Horizon Zero Dawn!

  38. You’re milking content from a dead game. Play more war thunder.

  39. Not a School Bus.
    Still Crap – but so am I.

  40. Ahem… i watch mostly for the Waships videos! Does that count too? 🙂

  41. lol yip im part of the 50% taht are like yay no hrizon zero dawn

  42. theScottishKoala

    When you’re the last player against 6 enemies…… it’s still a 1v1… because they’re all apparently on different teams

  43. talking about zero dawn, I recommend watching Netflix’s “I Am Mother”

  44. Yes WOT thank goodness 😛

  45. To be honest Jingles. it doesn’t matter what video you put up, I’m still gonna watch it.

  46. I absolutely LOVE my Progetto (code name Mario)
    I love it even more since I got it for FREE just like I did with my EBR 75
    but my Mario is the shit with a 6 skill crew.
    Hell I dont even fear Tier Xs bc Mario is one sneaky pasta slinging motherfucker

  47. But but I was eagerly awaiting HZD. Ah well. Cool road trip. On one to San Diego myself as I write this. Take care. D.

  48. No zero dawn horizon – I’m sad. World of tanks – I’m happy

  49. “Yes thank god! No Horizon Zero Dawn!”

  50. Hi – I would really like it – if you could do a run at : Mutant Year Zero – road to Eden ! ( X-com like ) – Thanks for your great work !

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