World of Tanks – Dodging Steal Hunt

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Source: Anfield


  1. woah, woah.

    *obligatory quickybaby comment*

  2. Hold up, two tank videos in one year? Are you feeling alright?

  3. Batchat in 2019? 2 Anfield videos on WoT in 2019? Am I dreaming?!

  4. Nothing screams desperation like a fucking BR gamemode for World of Tanks.

    • I tried it for memes but it wasnt fun and lasted like 3 attempts before I gave up and did a few pubs. But considering what they paid for the big streamers to preview it you’d think it would st least be enjoyable to some level

  5. Anfield I only watch you when you play tanks and it’s refreshing when you take long breaks because you don’t tilt and stay calm unlike some other people


  7. Joy for my eyes , song for my ears , food for my soul 🙂

  8. Holy shit…you are still alive?! Miss ya man! ~BiggHAUS

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