World of Tanks || Domination – 9.8 Preview

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Let’s check out a preview of the brand new gamemode in patch 9.8: Domination. It includes in battle respawning, capture the flag and a victory points system!

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From 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST

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is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Nothing to say about the battle rewards, xp/credits?

  2. Soooooo….. If i capture a fag i get dem pointz?

    Let’s go hunting…..

  3. Cant play the game mode. There are no special tanks in my garage.

  4. Looks like it’ll be novel for about 3 matches and then back to ordinary
    game modes permanently.

  5. Salladsdressing

    Love it! This would take most of the frustration away from moments when you
    get one shot by arty or ammo-racked in the beginning of the game. Just hop
    in a new tank! =) I also think it would be very interesting to make this
    game mode available so that you can choose all of your tanks (with some
    limitation, for ex. not more than 2 arty/2 light tanks per game) This would
    make it possible to change the setup of tanks in your team in order to fit
    the specific map or situation as the game progresses and I think that would
    be a lot of fun. =)

  6. Looks alot better than the domination in WoWs :)

  7. looks fun

  8. “Don’t cap, don’t cap!! Kill them all!” type of idiots will be a bit
    confused in this game-mode. lol :-D

  9. can somone tell me how and why QB can speak some german?

  10. so a few questions , if you dont mind.
    1) Does the tank show up in the garage, allowing you to choose ammo load
    outs/consumables ?
    2) can you use this game mode as crew training for your 140/E5/50B crews (
    like the winter showdown event ) ?
    3) is there no battle summary for this game mode, as you didn’t show one at
    the end of vid.
    4) whats the cost of repairing tanks/resuplying loadouts ? is it free ?
    5) is there any reward for this game mode ? Credits or free xp .

  11. Do you get money for playing and do you have to pay for how many tanks you
    lost and shells you shot?

  12. will this be only for TX or also for another tiers?

  13. Where do i get a tier 10 tank for that? I am new player and i ve got no
    tier10 tank. Are there low tier matches too? Game mode looks nice, not
    realy ctf, but looks fun and fresh. Cant wait to play that.

  14. เจริณ วงศ์ศรีนพคุณ

    How to get in test server

  15. How does the credits work ? You have to repair the tanks or not ?

  16. What happens if someone spawns on top of you?

  17. NorthernBirdBoy

    Looks like a great add on to an already great game. Hope they do bring this
    out. Looking forward to trying it.

  18. I really do love this new gamemode. Nice vid QB! btw How will this be
    released on the live server, do we have to buy these tanks, or are they
    just given like with the chaffee sport or T62 A sport ??

  19. Looks horrible. YOLO mode.

  20. What about doing a Battlefield style domination where you sit inside cap
    circles to change the base to your colour? With your teams bases providing
    you with a steady trickle of victory points, until they are either captured
    by the enemy, or one team hits the target amount.

  21. Absolutely epic game mode.. This is exactly what I have been waiting for..
    It is really great because a player can really perform in it regardless of
    his luck or just one silly mistake that would have other wise cost him the
    game.. Its also great because it gives players a chance to play tier 10s
    that have not yet played. And since all tanks are tier 10 no one will be
    complaining ‘dat mm’. It really adds a lot of variety in the game and I
    really hope war gaming make it a permanent part of the game

  22. I like the idea of domination gamemode but I have not tried it yet. I have
    the test server so I will be on the domination gamemode battlefield soon.
    Thank you quickybaby for all of that amazing, full of action videos again.
    I am a big fan of yours. :D

  23. Too many flags on the go at once. It just looks that little bit too arcady
    to me.

  24. I like it!!thanks for the preview!

  25. Quickybaby do you have all the tanks in the game

  26. A chance to test tier 10’s without having to share accounts(bannable) after
    finding someone who may let you. Why play 1400-4000 games just to get a
    tank you dislike at the end of the road? I would play this for checking
    10’s alone.

  27. What happens to the tank crews once the game mode ends? Does anyone know?

  28. Hà Nguyễn Thê

    War Thunder ??? :v

  29. Being able to take 3 tanks of your own choice into the game from your
    garage would be pretty cool. Kinda like a deck of cards, chaning you tank
    if you die based of what the enemy is doing. Would be amazing to get more
    respawn type modes like this.

  30. Wot starts to look a bit more like War Thunder but its not all about the
    ammo racks and the crew. Love this mod.

  31. If I have only the Obj. 140 do i still get 3 lives?

  32. Looks very awesome something new and fun hope it gets put in.

  33. This is great, it gives more variety to the game. I have not had the
    opportunity to play in Platoons or on a clan so I am pretty much limited to
    random battles on my own. This would add a new sort of level to the game
    play and help keep things interesting. I have been playing WoT for about 3
    years now. I think this would be awesome!!!

  34. Seems like fun but I think this game mode will be largely ruined by
    “donkeys” and “tomatoes”. In the random queue they can only be so useless
    and when they die horribly you can at least use their corpses. Having them
    respawn again and again will become a huge detriment to the team akin to
    how heroes and lend themselves to being farmed in MOBAs. Sounds truly
    terrifying and outside of maybe one or two games I’ll be avoiding this to
    the best of my ability.

  35. Anyone ever use those repair places? Is it useful? Their repair speed?

  36. Martin Schiefkot

    I prefer other kinds of domination games.



  38. this looks awesome! I hope its a mid to high tier game mode where we can
    use our own tanks when its released; while I would like play it in ow tiers
    because it’d be hilarious, it would also not work very well due to lack of
    payer experience.

  39. Looks interesting. Seems like they’re copying the WoWS game mode

  40. How do I get into the test server?

  41. This game mode is really fun. It makes WoT a new kind of tank game. The
    only issues is when your team gets spawn trapped

  42. brandon farrell

    To me…the only con for world of tanks was no respawns… thank God…

  43. How is it that the graphics look so good? I have all my settings on highest
    and it doesn’t look anywhere near this good. Do I need a full hd monitor
    and hdmi or something?

  44. What if people don’t have those tanks when it comes out ?

  45. Tijmen Teunissen

    It depents a little bit to much on your team I think!! Nice video!!

  46. Martijn Wissink

    I agree with you in that this is a nice gamemode to be able to play
    something different from the more serious random battles. Too bad you
    didn’t show the repair and reload circle, but it seems like there is so
    much fast action that nobody is using them?

  47. Arty only version of this would be hilarious 

  48. ReadyBMXer - Reyn H.

    This looks like a blast!

  49. Omg this is going to be really cool

  50. Tuomas Heikkinen

    Yippee! Domination

  51. i would love for a CTF mode to be in randoms. Just as you said make it one
    team with a flag and one without one (aka a defending team and an
    assaulting team) and that sounds like a hell of a lot of fun to play!

  52. Alif Izammel Tan

    how is exp awarded in domination????

  53. Will we able to play all three tanks even if we don’t have a certain tank?
    ex: If I don’t have the Amx 50B, will I still get to play the Amx 50B in
    this game mode?

  54. I think WOT has the right idea, defiantly feel that type of game play on
    Domination would be a great aspect to also get players to see and play more
    as a team unlike most Random Battles where as you know can be very
    stressfull with bad team work.

  55. 60058499999 Me again

    battlefield 3

  56. fuck yea nigas respon

  57. Logan Vogelsong

    That game mode looks cool. I have a question: do you get unlimited
    responds? Also I wish Wargaming would add a German tank!

  58. What it means is they are sweating over Armored Warfare. lol

  59. you will end up with Tier 4 payers on ya team and get rolled lols

  60. Would be a lot better if you used your own tanks…

  61. Do you need these tanks to play with them?

  62. Broken stupid and fucked up MM? Fuck it. The ‘community’ doesn’t want a
    fix for that shit. BLATANTLY broken tanks? Fuck it. The ‘community’
    doesn’t want a fix for that shit. Nope, what the ‘community’ wants is new
    ‘game modes’. Fucking stupid fake-ass russki devs.

    • +HachiZenki At the risk of feeding the troll, I’ll bite anyway because this
      sort of comment is far too common but without suggesting feasible
      improvement of any kind.
      So how then would you fixed ‘broken stupid and fucked up MM’? What makes it
      so broken stupid and fucked up to begin with? Legit inquiries here, I
      honestly would like to know why you think it is so bad from your
      experience, compared to contemporary games, and how you think it would work
      Going to ignore the completely subjective barbs at the community and move
      on. Which tanks are BLATANTLY broken? IIRC, some are a bit too weak or some
      have hitboxes that should not count as damage, yet they do in order to
      provide an arcade style mechanic to allow killing of tanks that would
      otherwise be borderline OP. But again, I reiterate the initial question-
      which ones are blatantly broken, why do you feel that way, and how would
      you fix them?
      I consider myself a part of the community and I also am a realist. I never
      asked for any new game modes but I am glad and appreciative that WG is
      awake and trying to keep their content fresh and alive, rather than allow
      it to slowly stagnate while they leech every last ounce of interest and
      money out of it (WoW anyone? LOTRO? CS? I digress). I’m also quite glad
      that even though WoWs is on the horizon, it does not mean they took the
      console route of gaming etiquette and completely forgot about previous
      content in favor of the new flavor of the month. I plan on playing my tanks
      AND my ships as long as a server is online.
      Technically The last statement is either an attempt at trolling or is just
      borne of abject ignorance. The dev team is (was) initially from Belarus,
      not Russia… and now since they have major offices in Europe, Asia, and
      North America, that image is diluted.
      Seriously not trying to counter troll, not trying to incite a bunch of
      needless and sophomoric swearing and references to someone’s mother or
      sexuality, but I really want to know how someone who feels this frustrated
      with the game would change it for the better, if they had the chance and
      the voice?
      rant mode off, troll food put away.

    • When you have a ‘matchmaker’ that deems it fair to have a T10 match wherein
      all the T10 heavies and all the T10 TDs are on one team with the other side
      with meds and a T57 heavy as their heavy on a city map it’s fucked up.
      When you have a ‘matchmaker’ that deems it fair to have one team have all
      the autoloading arty and heavy TDs while the other side gets a T92 (that,
      by the way, is fucked up as is all ‘murrican arty with the combination of
      accuracy nerfs, splash radius nerfs, splash damage nerfs, and overall alpha
      nerfs), a GWE 100 and the ‘soft’ heavies that’s what I’d call a fucked up
      matchmaker. Broken tanks include most of the commies, almost all of them.
      While the ‘murricans get shit on with some exceptions and the Germans get
      shit on with some exceptions. Basically this game the commies are the care
      bear faction. And note I said they were fake russkies. They’re so fail
      they’re not even real russkies but fake ones. Don’t even fucking get me
      started on the Japanese line. It’s basically shit until the top 3 and even
      they are merely average compared to the others of that genre (it being the
      glass cannon meds with high mobility).

  63. Mason Sunderland

    I honestly dont like the idea of this game mode, I think it takes a lot of
    the realism and the hunger to stay alive out of the game, In random battles
    the urge to stay alive effects the way people play and it is more fun to me

    • +Mason Sunderland Yes, surely, when they leave to die team-mates front of
      them, opposite of pop out their ass from the cover and help out with 1-2
      shots… Of course for last they either stays alive, because no one left to
      help out them in their deadly fight. Just they don’t have the brain to
      understand that.

  64. Quinton Dombrowski

    I do have a few concerns. I don’t see any signs of spawn protection. We all
    love getting killed within seconds of spawning, but still, I think
    protected spawn zones, temporary invincibility, etc would help. Also, there
    is no reward for less aggressive players. No scouts. No TDs. No arty (NOT a
    complaint, though). No bushes or spotting at all, just tier ten mediums and
    heavies on an entirely urban map. Not much variety.

    PS. Domination my ass, this is CAPTURE THE FLAG, for Pete’s sake!
    Domination is like WoWS or WT, bases that are taken and must be held, not
    flags to be captured :P

  65. At first I thought was going to be bad, but now that I see it, I think it’s
    good. For me, I like the normal random games more. Because you can’t
    respawn, your decisions are much more important. But this adds a nice
    variety when you just having bad games and want to try something different.
    Furthermore it’ll give players who want a respawn feature exactly that
    without changing random matches for the players who don’t want such a
    feature (like me). So all in all, good move by WG, giving the players who
    want gameplay like that exactly what they want without “ruining” the game
    for players who dont like it.

  66. Ok whats the point of playing this game mode? What do you get when you win?
    or is it just a waste of time to relax?

  67. xX_SpamDragon_Xx

    Don’t like the way the flag capturing works. I find it somewhat unfair. I
    feel like this would be far better in a zone capture mode like World of
    Warships rather than the way it is set up now.

  68. Do you have to have unlocked the non domination variant of the vehicle to
    play them?

  69. looks pretty nice, but when you spawn you are already loaded right? you
    don’t have to wait 30 secs for 50 b reload?

  70. I don’t know what everyone else thinks but I personally think the 50b is
    the least useful tank in the gamemode.

  71. that looks like a bit of fun :)

  72. Well….I suppose as an alternative/modification to the original King of
    the Hill mode we’ve been playing since WoT was introduced (also known in
    children’s games as Capture the Flag)…..This “new” mode might work…..

  73. This is an awesome game mode haha

  74. Should do that center flag idea, It would be like a rugby match.

  75. Looks very interesting…I just hope WG doesn’t bugger it up.

  76. Im on the test server and i cant get thos tanks :(

  77. Daniel Brockington

    I am in the common test and I cant find the “domination” anywhere

  78. Thei hope this game mod gets in the game there is not reason to not if it
    does i will be playing only this cuz i dont like the game over thing in the
    boring normal mods they suck i dont know how people are playing them over
    and over again for 5 years

  79. cant wait to see jingles on this!

  80. Thas the mod that shoud have been in the game from her launch, Wot lacks of
    everything i hope those scumbags WGN start adding some real good mods and
    expanda the game to grow larger, like Dota become a standalone game from a
    game mod in wc3 FT :D

  81. didn’t see any players take advantage of the repair stations, if that
    something that could affect the game outcome you think? or should wargaming
    just take that out, seems the gameplay is too fast to allow for repairs.

  82. looks awesome! :D

  83. Why can’t I play new game mode it doesn’t show tanks in my garage

  84. I would rather they spend time fixing the existing game instead of creating
    novelty game modes.

  85. It may be a bit too long. They should try to get it down to a 15 – 20
    second game.

  86. magical pineapple

    cant wait till it comes out :)

  87. I like this game mode but maybe the developers could add arty but they can
    only be one on a team and it would be more of a support role. Like the arty
    can put down temporary repair stations or bubble shields and even a
    resurrect tanks. Agains it’s just and idea what do you guys think?

  88. I dont like the way WoT is going. Domination game mode, destroying of old
    maps, medium tanks nerf, adding of new artys…………

  89. They should consider combining this with the tiering rules for team battle,
    and open every tank tier VIII and below to this.

  90. Looks like a lot of fun to me…

  91. Phillip Atherton

    I would like them to fix the problems they already have

  92. This game mode looks AWESOME :D

  93. Claus Kristensen

    Reminds me more of CS.. still undesided on if i like it or not..

  94. I like the fact that domination don’t have artillery.

  95. What rewards is there for this? Crew exp? Credits?

  96. this map reminds me of bad company 2 desert maps

  97. Tanks griffball: you have one bomb/flag in the middle of the map, you have
    to capture it, and successfully reach the enemy base location.( Not the
    same as their spawn point however)

  98. I think I like the new domination game mode, it is fun! Like you said you
    can Respawn back in the game. 


    pffffffffffff……..WG steel from AW and WT !!!!

  100. If they dont add artilery to this it will be even better then random

    • I don’t think they will, arty well be kind of pointless in a mode like this.

    • +Ammar Ashoor Arty is pointless in any case, it just ruins the game
      completely. Evertytime when there is no arty, i have fun and good games.
      Everytime when there is arty’s, fun is thrown out of the window, everybody
      just camps or explode from one shots. It is broken class, WG should fix it
      by removing it.

    • +RoisinT2 Arty is in the game, learn how to be arty safe with cover they
      can’t fire at. Play arty and you will know these spots.

    • Eternally Angelic


      That’s all in your mind dude. You think “oh look no arty now I’m going to
      have fun” and you perceive that as being so and therefore you have fun.
      From what I’ve seen, everyone camps 24/7 anyway with or without arty.
      In-fact without arty, TD’s can camp in what would usually be very unsafe
      positions, allowing TD’s to be in virtually any bush at any time. With arty
      you’re more free as a medium/light to zip around the battlefield without
      worry that a TD is camping in every single damn bush. Moving tanks are
      virtually impossible to hit as an arty due to the extremely bs RNG on

      There’s pro’s and cons to having arty in the game, and honestly, more pro’s
      than con’s, for people who actually stop and think for a second before
      screaming “omfg sky cancer noob” every time they perceive to die by one.

    • +Eternally Angelic You’re absolutely right! What I allways say to myself
      when I get hit by arty: That’s my own damn fault! (Sometimes they do have
      lucky shots though, but every tank has that)

      And then, I basically grew up with artys. Since I started playing WoT there
      have been artys, and that’s allmost 4 years ago. I don’t know any better.

      So, to all players that play WoT less than 4 years… some day, you will
      say exactly the same thing as I do now 🙂

  101. How does equipment, consumables, crew training and vehicle experience work
    in this mode? The game could be a fun diversion, but basically just looked
    like constant chaos after the initial spawn, so yeah, basically a lot like
    CoD / BF and other games I don’t bother with these days 🙂 We shall see

  102. Escort the flag?! AHAHAHAHA! Hello insta-defeat when a 45% wr window licker
    grabs the flag and camps behind own spawn entire game. HAHAHAHA!!

  103. How will W.G. monetize this game mode?

  104. Yeah try doing this in pubs with all the potatoes that we have in the game.

  105. Is it possible to get 100% skill on crew member without playing? I mean
    like you can buy 100% crew with gold, can you do something similar with

  106. This game mode would be great if WG ban Aimbot and warpack … :(

  107. Deathspirit2301 “Skipper3129”

    How do i get the Wot test server?

  108. Patrick Schüler

    well i would like to play the domination in world of tank like it is in
    world of warships and use my own tanks than

  109. UrbanTarzan Duh

    I like it that domination tanks don’t have premium ammo available. Because
    of that you still have to aim for weakspots and even obj. 140 hull armor
    sort of works when angled.

  110. I played it yesterday the whole day and apsoloutley love it

  111. I think this game mode might have more potential for the Esports aspect of
    WOT. The respawning might remove some of the slow play that currently
    exist in it now. A rapid paced esports game of Tanks would be really fun
    to watch at a high level.

  112. Џаст Фор Фан


  113. Is it just me, or does this style of gameplay remind anybody else of the
    soccer (football) game mode? Looks like fun, anyway. :)

  114. Seems like another fairly brainless zerg rush. Then again, so was the
    “world championship”, so presumably people like this sort of crud.

    Personally I’d like something that smells vaguely of tank combat, but
    clearly I’m in the wrong place.

  115. Nicklas Buch-Karlsen

    Quickybaby can u plz do a review on the Arl 44 :P

  116. Umm this is capture the flag not domination , domination just like in world
    of warships or any other game with domination in is capping a point and
    holding it. This is classic capture the flag with multiple flags.

  117. I already for see many shit bags in this game grabbing the flag and driving
    off elsewhere instaed of where they should go.

  118. I managed to not recieve the Domination tanks on the testserver somehow.

  119. Don’t like it.

  120. I was sort of hoping it works more like the WoWS domination. Ah well

  121. Rolling Thunder

    i kind a like it but i rly want to know how they gonna let you make credits
    or xp and how much the repair costs would be couse if i respawn 5 Times and
    do only about 10k dmg then im loosing tonns of money with the current system
    (i played on the testserver and liked it there, but the E5 is massive op
    there couse thers no gold)

  122. So are these tanks only available to people that have unlocked them or can
    any tier 1 player just jump into tier 10 games now? Also how does exp work?
    Is it by how well you did in the tank or is it evenly divided among the

  123. How many respawns do you get

  124. Looks like a lot of “gimmicky nonsense” to frantically avoid looking
    similar to WT:GF. And the “WOW with tanks” is just terrible.

  125. I’d read about the game mode before and seen my husband play and I really
    like the way it looks. The respawning option seems like fun and the repair
    possibility as well as it means, like you said, one screw-up doesn’t mean
    you’re out of the game. I think it would be an excellent mode to learn more
    about playstyles as you can experiment with that, although in your video
    the game went on quite fast. Guess I’ll have to see what it’s like to play
    for myself. I do wonder what you can get out of playing this mode, though.
    Can you train crew, does it give you more credits, are there other rewards
    for playing this mode or is it ‘just for fun?’

  126. DerDoppelgaengerX

    I was kinda dissapointed that you didn’t show how the repair mechanic

  127. Respawn ? I don’t want to play Call of Duty but Wot ! It has to be
    realistic and that mode isn’t, I don’t like! 

  128. No arty and gold ammo :3

  129. Elliot Lindmark

    the test server is so broken

  130. Ah, massive tank scrums. This is gonna get interesting.

    Tank rugby, that is.

  131. I like it because arty is not in the game mode 🙂 #noarty

  132. Nathan Blackburn

    This game mode is war thunder default and I think it will be cool to have
    the it in other games

  133. well, thx to this vid i finaly get the whole idea of the game mode.
    looks epic and cool to me

  134. Thank god AW is coming.

  135. Wältmeister der Herzen

    this neutral flag thing already is here, I played it a few days ago…
    there was one flag in the mid of the map

  136. I don´t think I like the respawn.
    I feel it will lead to much kamikaze yoloruns. As QB said you don´t care so
    much about beeing killed. What I like about WoT is that old guys like me
    still can play this game because it is not all about reflexes but a good
    deal of planing and thinking.

  137. Jesper van Rozelaar

    I would love to see more gametypes in wot

  138. Do u need to grind all of these tanks to play this gamemode?

  139. Is there anything being done to prevent spawn camping (doesn’t seem like
    there are multiple spawns at the moment on this map)? Also will there be
    some sort of limited spawn system implemented, for example you spawn into
    each of the 3 allowed tanks once but then you are out? I think this will
    allow for respawn fun without encouraging full YOLO play style knowing you
    only get 3 chances (also makes sure there is tank variety not only one type
    of the 3 tank running around). Furthermore, it puts more risk reward in
    dying for the sake of the flag runner since flag points are so much more
    than killing/dying right now.

  140. Colonel Flapjack

    I dont think this game mode is good for world of tanks. The fact that you
    dont respawn makes the game what it is. People are cautious, they want to
    make the most of their game and if you screw up, you’ll be punished. It’s a
    defining quality of world of tanks.

    And its not the first time ive seen a game destroyed by adding respawns.
    Take for example gears of war. When they added respawns it took away the
    cautiosu and more skillful gameplay, reducing it to just another shooter.

    • +Colonel Flapjack I see your point but this is a mode. People who dont want
      it can turn it off. Thing it will be a nice change though. The WoT
      playerbase is much different than the gears one.

  141. thebladeofchaos

    I would like to see this open up. make it so you make your layout of three
    tanks of the same tier and throw them in together instead of just tier 10

    Besides, I can see this being very good for tier 5s and the like.

  142. crap

  143. Maybe I just didn´t hear it, but what you get for playing this mode?

  144. András Köröspataki

    I like it, there is no arty 🙂 (yesterday i was killed 6 times by our teams
    arty. XD i have nightmares with arties. 😀 )

    Also it’s good to practice team work i think.

  145. Won’t players just be camping at the flanks of the enemy spawn? I think
    many players will continue to think dmg first as in the standard mode and
    not care for the flags much.

  146. How do you join domination mode?

  147. Looks like very Call of Duty-like

  148. I know what you mean – no arty!

  149. seems like a fun gamemode

  150. i dont like it

  151. id like to see random battles have a respawn mode, pick 2 tanks in your
    garage or play the same tank twice. it would allow you to have more
    influence over the same battle and make you more involved. you could take
    more risks with the first tank and then not feel so punished for it

  152. I think this game mode should come out as a permanent one in the live
    server instead as an event

  153. what if you don’t have these tanks? Do we all get to use them or only
    people who have them can play this mode?

  154. i dont see the tanks in my garage on the test server. :/ can someone help
    me out?

    • +Dennis Fontijn its a test server just use the credits and gold to buy the
      ones you want

    • FlaminWarbird15

      +Dennis Fontijn dont you get like unlimited money on the test servers so u
      can buy any tank you want? or that might be something else… im confused

    • Mohamed elsayed

      +FlaminWarbird15 and +onelasttitan i mean i don’t see the 3 tanks in the
      garage in the test server

    • +Mohamed elsayed Test server is not connected to your main account. You buy
      tje ttanjs you want to test ans play the as long as test server is running.
      After patch is released, test server is no longer working, you can only
      play with your standard account (the acctual game).

    • Mohamed elsayed

      +Armin Gudzevic i know i mean the 3 tanks that enters the domination mode i
      don’t find them but i test the tanks i want + i play the game for almost
      half a year so i know that test server isn’t connected with the live one

  155. i have a question do we all have reparation kit and medic kit + premium
    consumable or we have have to pay them ?

  156. Kieran Hazelden

    Hey quicky can you play in platoons in this gamemode?

  157. Jermy Ligtelijn

    Imagine a Pz ll J getting all the flags if he’s allowed to play

  158. My nick is aleksens

  159. I don’t know about constant thinking… First innovation in 2 years that
    actually changes the game.

  160. Hei do you have eany 6 clas tank? Do you want play togeder I have T-150

  161. dylan kurrle (TitanFall Gaming)


  162. Do you work for WGs marketing team? You sound like it more and more.

  163. pacman swag (NB02)

    +QuickyBabyTV you forgot to mention that you can not use premuin ammo and
    i like that

  164. I don’t mind Wargaming coming out with new game modes but I wish they would
    spend time fixing problems that are continually expressed.

  165. Based on what do you get XP? If you assist your flag carrier you don’t get
    that much contribution points. I guess damage matters too.

  166. Leo 1 would be cool in this gamemode

  167. interesting battle type
    this is really a great fast pace game type that allows new players to get
    introduced into wot quickly and not have to suffer the frustration of
    constantly getting killed and sent to garage
    and I think LTs should not be allowed in this game mode….

    • Thats a thing that concerns me, too, Light tanks would just bumrush with
      the flags while maus/is7 etc would just kill the flow of the game, imo, you
      also should lose 1-3 Victory points when you die to encourage more cautious
      play aswell as bigger maps to put in a bit more team strategy, and oh god
      please no arty

    • +Phantom089680 I strongly agree with your last sentence

  168. I think I really like it!

  169. TinkerTanks-WoT?

    Looks fantastic! I cannot wait to try this.

  170. I am SO MUCH looking forward to this <3

    • +larsvd meyde maybe its better if the guns do less dmg and the repairs are
      really needed and the map should be bigger

  171. Herold der Vollkommenheit

    They should add kill streaks, then we have Call of Tanks :D

    • 3 Kills : Flying elc-spotting drone
      5 Kills : Miniature Tank following you, shooting enemies
      7 Kills : Armor and Gun upgrade / Speed loss
      12 Kills : ConquerorGC shooting T92’s shooting nukes?

      (A bunch of irony)

    • +Phantom089680 Flying ELC spotting drone….. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY 😀

  172. it suck

  173. Brayden VanderWeide

    On some of the maps there is a neutral flag that both teams can get QB!

  174. I think nobody (low tier) will play random battles anymore, anyone agree?

  175. Its really fun!….I suggest don’t pick AMX at the start…cuz you need to
    reload <_< but after you die pick AMX no reload =)

  176. I know no on played it but I want historic battles to come back.

  177. I can see this mode becoming a infinite source of raging frustration with
    the amount of noobs that populate the servers nowadays.

  178. :O the IS8 might actually be decent now

  179. What do you do in the new gamemode Fallout?

  180. a very ambtious change up from the normal…. i will be interested to see
    how this works out.

  181. Actually, there is a mode where there is only one flag in the middle and
    both teams have to get it. I saw it in DezGames preview of the Domination

  182. Looks awesome, I hope they bring it to the live server.
    any chance u can do an episode looking at the VK 45 B replacement if its on
    the test server yet?

  183. I think the respawning will help with those perpetually angry players that
    have forgotten that it’s just a game.

  184. Rias Gremory (President)

    Imagine this with ELC AMX flag runners

  185. WiFiConnection1

    This all reminds me so much to the “Dominion” – Mode of League of Legends

  186. Wachira Narongsack

    I don’t really understand the repair zone why there must be one if you vcan

    • Emilien Gosselin

      It’s better to repair because it doesn’t give a point to the ennemy team.

    • Repair zones are also really useful when playing 50B, you unload your drum,
      drive into repair zone and reload instantly. Boom, 3200 dmg done in 15

  187. is this mode going to have really good crew training like all the modes

  188. its like online browser game tankionline

  189. ever notice how noone picks the e5 tank? and people still say its not a
    piece of crap tank…

  190. Who else thinks that a “respawn” system is symbolic of WoT venturing into
    CoD territory and, metaphorically-speaking (of course), diluting the game?
    When my tank blows up, I want that to be the end of my participation in the

    • +RTX94 Then just don’t play that particular mode.

    • +RTX94 I think that as well, if you make a bad mistake that get’s you
      killed there should be consequences, it makes people play better. When you
      can respawn it’s just going to be a massive frenzy in the middle of the map
      of tanks flying in killing one tank and then dying.

  191. nice one i support this

  192. It looks like a nice change of pace, I hope it doesn’t die off in
    popularity in a week like historical battles did.

  193. This new mode looks amazing!

  194. Gaming with Kirage

    WG have finally given up on trying to sell WOT as anything other than an
    arcade game, and I think that’s awesome :)


  196. Post game stats? +QuickyBabyTV

  197. QB. Do you know that by having your HUD set to show percentage health,
    rather than HP left/ Total, you are actually denying yourself the ability
    to know whether an enemy tank is stock or not. And by that token, for the
    most part, what gun your enemy has. This can be a valuable advantage, say
    when you are going up against an E75 and you see through the wall that he
    has 1820hp, it is clear that he has the stock gun and turret, so you know
    you can pen his turret easily before you even point your gun at him. Seems
    like an advantage a player at such a level as yourself would be ignorant to
    disregard. Thanks and good luck.

  198. If i wanted to run flags id go back to WoW pvp :P

  199. Someone_who_is_sad_and_will_die.

    Domination does not appear to be my cup of tea

  200. I don’t enjoy domination, too many people seem to not understand what
    they’re supposed to do, and the total lack of map awareness is so annoying.

    • +hntr177 lol How many years have you been playing WoT? Soon you will
      realise this is the norm, not the other way around.

    • Been playing for 2 years. I’m not sure what I expected. It’s not playable
      when most of your team thinks they’re in random on a new map.

  201. This game mode looks great fun think it would be really interesting if you
    could use any tank you own. 

  202. This looks very promising for wot. Definitely wanna try this. Thanks Quicky

  203. Tiaan De Swardt

    This is really interesting. It will require a high level of teamwork
    though, and as we know that isn’t too hot in WoT. Platoons will be quite OP

  204. Sekula Sekuloski

    gr8 i like this mod !!!

  205. I would like to see a realistic battle mode that takes away the detection
    mechanic and just renders all vehicles out to the 500 meter range. This
    would make the mini map marker key for team play.

    • +Ray Haws
      What I meant is that for whatever reason, WoT modules are harder to damage.
      In WT, a good shot to the ammo rack ensures a kill. In WoT, there’s like a
      10% chance, meaning you need to pump a whole bunch of shells, and then you
      might just only damage it instead of destroy it.
      Plus, for whatever reason, WG hates releasing information for a tank’s
      internals. Some of the rarer tanks (Like AMX40, St. Emil, E-100, French
      TD’s, British AT-series, VK 45’s, Waffles, etc) don’t have any information
      on where their internal modules are, and would end up be a really annoying
      guessing game.

      Also, that may make the AT series completely overpowered frontally, since
      the weakpoints on their fronts don’t really correlate to some of the
      modules, like the AT-8 for instance. Shooting that machine gun on the right
      is pretty easy, but if you have to hit the modules, you might as well give

    • FlaminWarbird15

      +FlaminWarbird15 well, that would make some problems… *teamkillers get

    • +Appletank8 I hear you but I am not asking WG to make WT. Just make a mode
      that requires players to actually spot for themselves.

    • +Ray Haws
      Removing render range would be interesting… but we need bigger maps first.

    • +Ray Haws In my opinion, a “realistc” mode wouldn’t really fit World of
      Tanks that well. It’s an arcade game, through and through, though a complex
      one, which makes it great. However if you try to make that into a realistic
      one it wouldn’t really work out. War Thunder is the game if you want
      realism, beause the game really was made for that. Thats why I dont like
      arcade battles in War Thunder. It’s the same thing just the other way
      around: They had a Realistic Game and wanted to make it arcady. Didn’t
      really work out for me, whilst I love the arcade World of Tanks 🙂

  206. quickybaby they should make a capture the flag mode same as COD where each
    team has 1 flag and they have to defend it. they got a try to steal the
    enemy flag and take it back to their flag circle

  207. Looks very cool. I’m looking forward to play this game mode!

  208. Rasmus Haapalainen

    I think this game mode is good because finally we got some close quarter

  209. Karel "GoWFAN" Manda

    This mod looks so bad

  210. Aseanfusion Guy

    I love that new game mode!!!
    Waiting for the update!!

  211. Procrastinator7

    I think this game mode can turn out to be really popular. It just needs
    some arty.

  212. Ugh, so totally not what I was wanting to see for WoT. Ahh well, Im sure
    the younger crowd will enjoy it.

  213. Domination does not appear to be my cup of tea

  214. I wish this was available for all tanks…

  215. Stefan Mihajlović

    This would be much more enjoyable to watch than standard team battles,
    considering they implement it into proffessional championships in my

  216. Aw, was hoping to see how well that repair station works. Like does your
    tank need to be stationary for a set duration for the repairs to finish or
    does it repair over time while in that circle ?

  217. Falko van Raaij

    this has WoT from WarThunder

  218. I think That iT wil be a great gamemode

  219. Iemandjwzz aa izan

    They are implementing this but arty is still broken…

  220. I wish they would stop introducing new stuff and fixed stuff that has been
    in the game for years.

  221. OlivierPlays -elke week 1 video

    Not So good

  222. Is this only available for tier 10? If not, what tiers would this mode
    apply to?

  223. I like the way they are putting Møre objectives to the game

  224. The idea from this is probably a bit token from:
    The capture the flag game mode…
    Not realy an original game

  225. TwAknOniJn _Gaming95


  226. How do you get on a test server?

  227. Can’t wait for this to have just Conqueror CG’s in it, For real though,
    they should add in all the Winter Showdown tanks into this! ^^

  228. Everyone in this game mode: “herp-a derp-a herp-a derp.”

  229. Also, make this available for lowtiers. Would give the scrubbiest of scrubs
    a chance to learn the game without getting killed all the time!

  230. I kinda doubt that this will keep people occupied and motivated for a long
    time. I mean it surely looks fun at the moment, but the depth of this
    gamemode definitely looks very limited to me, at least when it comes to
    random matches like these. I think the gameplay is just going to be quite
    repetitive after a while and I think they shouldve rather focused on maybe
    testing respawning mechanics in regular matches.

  231. Tank Fortress 2? I’m game! :D

  232. I like that there is no prem ammo AP(CR) and HE.

  233. this gamemode look so cool and fun I like the fact that you just don’t have
    to play random battles and the respawns are cool to

  234. I don’t think I will be playing domination unless I’m bored or very
    stressed out in regular games.

  235. how does this game mode deal with griefers? Let’s say we have a platoon of
    3 and they capture the flags but decide not to play and just stay all the
    way in the back. The enemy team advances with their flags, so it means you
    have to deal with their entire team vs your team minus 3 players.

  236. sooo they are mimicing War Thunder… nothing new.

    • It’s a generic CTF, nobody copied it from anyone else. To a lesser extent,
      it’s like saying “oh, they added team battles? Stupid copycats”

    • +Mongodos I think it’s OK. The world is small. Those two games are so
      different in essence that it won’t be a problem. Introduction of domination
      mode in WoT would not negate my interest in playing War Thunder Ground
      Forces (I do not play airplanes) or vice versa…

    • +Niko Nikunovic I never said it was a issue, just was not nothing new.
      They are just using a mechanic that they copied from someone else. While
      its ok, as I played both, I was hoping for something more from them. What
      they gave us was correctly put… nothing new. For all the hype and stuff
      they are spilling out, it is not this earth shattering OMG unbelievable
      thing they are trying to pass it off as. It is literally… nothing new.

    • +jc9622 lol yes they did. Just plain and simple. They copied WT and part
      of that new one Armored something… I seen some beta vids of it, and they
      have the same style of modes. Just because the wrapping is difference its
      the same thing.

    • +Zubin Gell again as I said, it is literally “Nothing new”.

      I find is fascinating that people read so much into such simple words. It
      is what I have said. It is “nothing new.” All that they introduced, it is
      nothing new.

      Now WoS, some interesting things going on there. They introduced some
      very new and interesting things in their programming. But WoT, this
      Domination/respawning thing? it is nothing new.

  237. nah this is never gonna work , it goes against everything wot gameplay
    stands for

  238. it just like call of duty in tank old gamemode but still fun

  239. love this game mod !
    Dont be shy and dont be frustrate if you are killed at the early in the
    game ! love this concept ! But I dont know if it will cost a lot of money
    to play it and have reparation costs …

  240. I like it. Looks like fun

  241. Guy: So um, WG, weren’t you saying something about a so called “Havoc”
    engine for the game an year or so back?
    WG: Never heard of that, here, have an arcade game mode to keep yourself

  242. I love the new mode. But I wonder how experience and credit earns would be
    tweaked around a respawn style, game mode. As QB showed his results, 4
    kills, 1 capture with 4.4k damage. Will it still have the same rewards as
    playing random que.

  243. Philip Oesterle Pekrun


  244. Philip Oesterle Pekrun


  245. Do We need to unlock these tanks to play them?

  246. KV-13 may be useful now

  247. bad idea

  248. looks nice, and another mode for egomanics ( none teamplayer ) to do their
    thing only and blame the rest of the team for screwing up’s

  249. this mode has been changed already :)

  250. I want those repair zones in all game modes now… that seems like a really
    cool feature.

    • +GemCat well image a Maus, just camping near that repair zone. everytime it
      gets low HP. it only has to drive backwards into that repairzone, and it
      has all it’s HP again. and it is already very hard to take them out

    • But, if the zone is in the open, then he’s trying to repair while leaving
      himself wide open to attacks from the flanks.

    • it wouldnt work on such small maps but if there would be 3x3km maps, it
      would be cool 🙂

    • +Leon Haven I don’t think those zones gives you hp. i’d think they would
      just slowly repair or something like that.

  251. Headquater camping is a problem though :(

  252. Ruud van Kooten

    QB? I bet u there are gonna be platoons who are gonna spawn trap the enemy
    team,.. u know.. trollplatoons.

    Or isnt possible to play this game mode in a platoon?)

  253. PanzerKampfWagen X

    Where are the player names? Or this mode doesn’t have it?

  254. Gotta wait 3 years for it too come too the Xbox version

  255. This game mode is SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY

  256. I like this game mode but, the repair system can be abused especilly wiht
    the autoloaders. They have little ammo but they intheory could survive the
    whole game…

  257. looks like great fun

  258. This mode looks like a lot of fun. I hope they do something where you can
    pick your own 3 tanks (121, Batchat and M60).

  259. I played it on Test server and it’s just crazy, but I have a question…Do
    we have to research these vehicles to play this mode or we will get them in
    our garages after update?

  260. World Of Tanks Blitz Gaming

    Do you play live or record and comment after you play the game?

  261. This feels like Dominion in LoL

  262. finally some new shit

  263. How does the tank repair and ammo/consumables resuply work after the battle
    is over ?

  264. Why does this mode make me think ‘warsong gulch’

  265. Although this is relatively unrelated to anything but the ghost town map,
    but am I the only one who really wants that map in standard battle
    Having played some training rooms on it, I’ve found it to be an immensely
    fun and diverse map that the game really needs. 

  266. This is going to fail brilliantly unless it is by clan teams ONLY.

    Why you ask???

    If you are on what would be an XVM 30%er in a random battle, it becomes
    more like a 10%er due to the enemy (more skilled team) getting to respawn 3
    times also. Your chance to win becomes 0.3×0.3×0.3. If the teams are
    unequal using player skills, this is multiplied.

    We all have won a 20%er…. but this is almost always due to the stat
    padders on the enemy throwing away their tanks in order to get some damage
    in on what they think is a 15-0 rofl stomp. Half the time they are GG’ing
    during the countdown. After these players lose the first tank, they will
    have pause to contemplate and surely by the second dead tank they will be
    cautious and playing their “normal” game mode. Again, this exacerbates make
    any skills difference in the teams.

  267. One thing to mention. Once you use a repair point it is locked out for you
    to use for a time. Once a cool down has passed then you can use that
    particular repair point again. Keeps you from sitting on top of one and
    just repairing and shooting. A nice feature.

  268. There should be bonus xp for protecting your own flag carrier and more ways
    to encourage team work.

  269. The ClanAdventures

    So its like the domination in WOW

  270. I was think this game mode would be like Domination mode in WoWs

  271. The re-spawning will make things far more enjoyable and less stressful.
    Basically WG need to add the game modes you find in other games like COD to
    give the game more flavours.

  272. What if you only have one tier 8 tank and you get into a tier 10 game and
    you die and then you only have teir 6 tanks and below?

  273. Nice!

  274. Aww can’t wait for it ^^

  275. So what kind of reward do you get for playing this mode? Free exp? Crew
    training? what’s the incentive to play in terms of progression in the base

  276. Good video QB. I personally am not a fan of the capture the flag part of
    the game mode. I would rather have the same random battle but whit the
    respawn mecanic.

    • +Thau Tard That could be a neat option in addition to this mode. There’d
      probably be enough interest in this sort of even more arcade action to
      support both. 🙂

    • That would be one thing that would draw me back to the game, the abbility
      to grind xp on multiple tanks in 1 battle 🙂

  277. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    One problem, which I’ve actually encountered myself, is people just camp by
    the bases, so you can’t get a flag carrier in them. The battles are just
    drawn out and boring when that happens.

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +Chris Collins Hm… seems like a counter, but that’s kind of like running
      towards a bunch of machine guns.

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +Chris Collins Make it possible for four or less people a game to drive B-C
      155 55’s who don’t do too much damage, but have a high enough ROF to
      ACTUALLY make a difference. Introduce that and I bet you 100£ it will make
      a huge difference.

    • +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man
      They should make the respawn timers 1:30 to counter that.

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +Slayer Jesse Then you run into the same problem again, people would make
      yolo runs for artillery, then camp for 1:30, then make another yolo run, so
      on and so forth.


  279. Is it only for tier 10?

  280. play war thunder

  281. Nice mod…Do you get these tanks or do you need to own them before you can
    play this mod?

  282. CTF with Tog 2 or Doomturtle

  283. Great video QB :)

  284. This video comes out on my B-Day


  285. first!

  286. I hope you all enjoy this preview of the domination gamemode coming soon!
    Let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

    I’m Livestreaming RIGHT NOW!

    • +FLYBOY805 the problem is if i know i have a respawn why would i go back my
      team mate out on flank A when i can go and kill something on Flank B. If he
      dies and we lose that flank, oh well ill just respawn and deal with myself
      later. Also why try and conserve my health? i have respawns why not just
      drive out and derp every single life? When you have no real cost to your
      actions such as not being able to play after you die you are less careful
      and you play irresponsibly. Look at first person shooters as an example. if
      you have ever played a call of duty game there’s always those people who
      just run at you with a sniper and point blank you earning a negative Kill
      to death ratio and costing their team the game but who cares they got that
      awsome one kill so it doesn’t matter right? When there is no consequence to
      the individual they don’t care and the whole team and game suffers.

    • Well, there are 3 lives, so you’ll have to be careful on your last.

    • +Reirtig56 Still doesn’t mean that you have to play as a team like regular
      games do, if you try to play solo or like a hero abondonig your post in
      regular games you die and your team suffers in this game that is minimized
      by the multiple lives still it leads to less responsible play and more
      ability for trolls to get in and mess the game up is all im saying

    • your tank recharge after u die so u can play then again

    • Only World of Tanks SK (EN)

      It is amazing game mode! (My maximum dmg in Domination is 18 000+) 🙂

  287. First

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