World of Tanks – Don’t Get CLICKED! – Finally 2 Marking my Skorpion G

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. why lemmingrush doesnt exist as an account on eu stat websites wtf

  2. I have about the same stats in the Scorp G and sometimes it is cursed sometimes it is amazing. One thing I have started to do is carry 0 gold rounds ans at least 10 HE. The reason for this is if I cant pen with standard rounds often gold doesn’t do much better but if I am supporting T10 Ht brawling with enemy T10 that I can’t consistently pen then belting them with HE doing around 140 damage and crits usually turns the tide in favor of my HT. Often what happens is the enemy HT will back off rather than slowly take 1k plus damage.

  3. Chafee is great, T37 is bad and has the profile of a Tier 6 MT, T71CMCD is alright.

  4. Skorp G isn’t a medium, LR. Even you can’t drive it like one. ? It has crap for camo.

  5. hahahaha that crayon

  6. Looking forward to the Minecraft let’s play

  7. Like mate, I’m fine with just my 55% winrate in most of my tanks, topkek

  8. Hey Lemming… can u play a Hellcat and show me how u set it up and how i can achieve my second mark in it. thanks 🙂

  9. Jeansimon Lapalme

    @LemmingRush I am kinda new to the game but I have been watching all your videos. I am playing Tier 3 light Tank PZIII.E how much damage per game should I be aiming for? Is 909 damage a decent game? I would love to see a low tier tank video 😉

  10. My cursed tank is probably the hellcat and what I’mma call my blessed tank is probably the m7 when it was a medium tank I haven’t played it since

  11. 11:18 don’t be too hard on yourself, sucking must just be a natural instinct of yours :))

  12. Mine should be my T28 HTC and JPanther. However, I don’t hate these two tanks because I got good games in it. It’s just mostly even those good games were a loss. Those two is always somewhere below 50%-55% WR.

  13. 10:07 arousal intensifies….

  14. You’ve got some guy’s rear????wtf ???

  15. It isn’t my tanks that are cursed, it’s all me.

  16. The SkorpG is a good TD. Really good at making credits as well.

  17. 11:18 it’s confirmed, lemming gives the best head hands down
    Also minecraft?

  18. My cursed tank is a 2 marked t-10 with 35% win rate after 110 games

  19. “Are we gonna win? Probably not cos they have a defender and we don’t.” Nothing has ever been more true about world of tanks.

  20. These videos make my day. I cant Actually play that much, and I love wot. So thx for the content ?

  21. ItsErikBoiii - Captain00Gaming

    gay confired

  22. Lemming, could you do a compare and contrast to EU vrs NA as far as MM goes? I have been thinking about jumping the NA ship.

  23. I snap shot killed a Skorp G in my KV-2 with AP for 666 damage to kill him lmao

  24. My most cursed tank is the tier 9 E 50

    I unlocked the E 50M in 136 games with an average of 2,400 damage, 800 assist, 1.5 kills/game, 3,100 Wn8… and a 51% WR. I could not – for the life of me – win games in that thing, and 136 games isn’t even a super small sample size.

    Meanwhile I’m at a 62% wr over 125 games in the M46 Patton with 2,600 damage, 700 assist, 1.65 kills/game and 3,200 Wn8, which isn’t that much higher than my E 50 stats.

  25. teach me. I too was given this tank last year and I think I have a 15% WR in it.

  26. Alex Jackson-Smith

    I need to get “Retreat Simulator 2019” – I have a tendency of getting stuck into a fight and never knowing when it is time to leave. 🙂

  27. Cromwell B for me. I have over 15% better WR in my regular Cromwell!

  28. retreat? vs pixels…

  29. B-C 12 t(120 games and 21% winrate, avg 2400 combined)

  30. I think the Leopard has a big family that all play WoT. I keep getting them on my teams today. Go a week with a 60% win rate then have a day of bad luck (bad teams) and have a win rate of 46%.

  31. Easier said then done mate lol

  32. The Tokyo Craftsman

    It’s a great tank, good earner and fun to play, though arty likes shooting it for sure.
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  33. Why don’t you play the damn NA server?

  34. Lemming … Do you have or can you do a vid on the TVP VTU. I’m having a hell of a shitty time getting good games in it. It has no pen. i’m obliviously doing something wrong. Just want to get better

  35. 11:20 woah woah woah that caught me off guard

  36. Why u play skorp without view range?

  37. Lemming, quick question: How do you put your end-plates in your videos? Is it an OBS software setting that allows your to ‘catch’ a web page, or some other thing?
    It’s something I could really a tip with for my own videos…


  38. Yes a long video tnx man 😀

  39. I used to have the Skorpion G, but I sucked in it; 49% winrate and 1.8k dmg, I was using rammer, GLD and binos. I traded it to start from scratch and played it with optics + food instead, it’s so much better to spot yourself and get the assist for it, I found it worked even better in frontlines. If you want to play it as a med optics are a good option, but you need a good crew and food. Anyway I’m not cursed anymore with this setup because I’ve got 60% winrate and 2.4k avg dmg.

    • Oddly enough a lot of TD’s are very good support tanks on the front lines. Players just think that because it has reasonably good gun handling stats that they must snipe from the redline and do 500 damage before getting nailed by artillery. Like no, you have 500 alpha, in top tier games get your butt to the front line and help your heavies because you have the best gun

      Even in my armoured casemate TD’s, I have much more success playing at the front than trying to snipe from the back

  40. I could watch 2 hrs of these from you..sad, but true

  41. “Are we going to win? Probably not they have a defender and we don’t “. That just shows what a terrible state this game is in.

  42. do u like big cocks?

  43. DigitalSynapse0101

    I don’t even care about 2 marking my Scorpion. It’s just a credit monster.

  44. Real video starts at 11:20

    You’re welcome bois

  45. vladimir sinkevics

    amx cda next video 🙂

  46. I suck so hard in Skorp… 1200 average damage. My average for Hellcat is 1400…

  47. Lemming your video really helps

  48. That Leopard PT A really did 0 dmg…. These players are the worst :/

    • Should be banned, I don’t get how it’s possible. Even if you got lost all your hitpoints poking a corner, how can you not even get one shot of damage off

  49. I don’t understand why you play that Skorpion with camo net instead of binos? The camo rating is sh** with and without camo net, I would prefer having good view range

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