World of Tanks || DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME

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Source: QuickyBaby

. Today GamerTG going to combine reckless aggression, skill and luck to have one of the greatest T10 games I’ve ever seen –

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  1. 263 was excellent.

  2. William Hsieh (limelego)

    Reminds me of old pre-7.0 replays of T-50-2 scouts

  3. nothing so special, kv-4 was stock and E-100 was retarded also mediums were

  4. Wow

  5. Thumbs up to this aggressive playing !

  6. what the fuck!!!!!!!

  7. New drinking game: every time QB says “Aggression, skill and a hell of a
    lot of luck!”

  8. awsome job

  9. e100 y u no HE

  10. 6:55 standing against 10 opponents ? o.O y thats a real Kolobanov pussies

  11. This guy is a complete fucknugget. He doesn’t aim at all just autoaims and
    shoots and gets lucky.. Does a lot of dmg in OP tank against NOOBS.. So

  12. loctus xd

  13. U serious, no one uses HE 😀 😀 :D

  14. So, an Obj. 263 was planning to go on a suicidal flank on the hill…
    …And goes hunting for an irrelevant artillery instead, got lucky because
    the E75 uses the stock gun so he takes less damage, blocks one of his
    teammates, focuses fire on higher health targets with less penetration (pz.
    58 mutz), got lucky again by setting his target on fire, hits a chancy shot
    on the T30, the BC25t doesn’t know what resetting the track means, bounces
    the TVP 4 times because he auto-aims his entire clip on the superstructure,
    bounces the E100 because he shoots the spaced armour, and sets a stock KV4
    on fire.

    What. The. Fuck.

  15. Gabriel San Antonio

    What a troll

  16. so magic, maybe just lucky or hack?

  17. TVP had to have uninstalled after that

  18. SU 122-44 I play with this tank identical like this gameplay. No fun if you
    are not agressive. SU have bad gun and i dont think that he is sniper tank
    (TD), more like a medium tank. NICE GAMEPLAY :)

  19. The Stalin is strong with this one

  20. Lol and just wow!

  21. Oh look! An amazing replay WITHOUT firing any gold rounds!

  22. As a fellow 263 player…YES! Chase those fuckers down! Aggressive 263,
    BEST 263! >:|

  23. guessimalivinglegend

    I guess this is what they call “balls deep”

  24. anything on the panther line is my beserker tanks i even got the logo on
    them 50m i play like a madman

  25. wtf???

  26. U know how often such games happen on this tank?

  27. one word for it, Slaughter

  28. dont try this at home? yes because everybody has a taank at home

  29. Тhat was fucking fast… jesus christ what a game…

  30. I reckon he topped up his RNG balance at Wargaming before this match. :)

  31. I never knew the Russian commanders spoke Dutch! They are saying: “Gooi met
    je meisje!” which translates quite literally to: “Throw your girlfriend!”

    And that TVP…..that is some terrible tomato play for an ok player :O

  32. This obj guy was mad .

  33. Now that’s a good game.

  34. and now … who still dares to call to obj. 263 a “bad” TD?!
    evidence given: this shoe carton can kick butts.

  35. One of the luckies replay I probably ever seen. Also, this is why you need
    HE ammo…

  36. the greatest game ever seen….says who….this game is old outdated and
    without focus anymore….just a money grab

  37. QB I’m waiting for more tank better videos. Could you make some of them
    please? cheers

  38. Well, I sure don’t want to get on the bad side of that superstructure
    armour if it’s “well angered” 0:36

  39. He was just luckey he had moron enemies. He played like a potato autoaiming
    almost everywhere and using the Autoaim+ mod which is illegal.

  40. Hoping to get a gaming rig set up and im thinking about putting in FX-8350.
    (I want the octa-core for using photoshop) I’m just curious how this will
    affect the game, because I was under the impression WoT throws the workload
    on a single core.

  41. What a lucky battle……

  42. wow well done bud

  43. I legit had my hands on my head how intense that match was. So much luck!

  44. what a lol is this

  45. Euh…he is driving a russian TD…nuff said regarding luck, RNG etc etc!?

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