World of Tanks – Double Action

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It's an older title sir, but it still checks out. Is it just me or are WOT matches getting shorter than ever?

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  1. I expected Jingles to say the type 59 is a really useful engine.

  2. Mieluş Alexandru

    I’ve been holding this thought for a couple of months already, so here it is: old man (:kappa:), make that map BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGER please 🙂 Some of us are not that old, so we want to see where the tanks actually are.

  3. Parshad Rayamajhi

    I remember getting Type 59 for 1 gold , it was available as an event reward( WOT Blitz) . I still have it and play with with it twice a week but since WG made the game pay to win its been so frustrating since everyone uses gold rounds and camp , then the enemy push and we lose even after killing 5 out of the 7 tanks.

  4. Денис Овчарук

    lol type 59 wasn’t overpowered? “You’re drunk, go home!”. T-44 was exactly as u sad perfectly average tier 8 medium – mediocre armor and hp, a bit under powered gun, good mobility with bad view range. Type 59 had better armor, better mobility, same gun, same view range, same HP and all that with pref matchmaking. If type 59 was nothing special, when why t-44 couldn’t do the same wolf pack tactics? – t-44 didn’t have the armor and matchmaking. Type 59 with tier 9 armor had to take shots from tier 9 maximum, t-44 with tier 8 armor had to take shots from tier 10.

  5. Random video noise: MEOW!
    Me: straight away thinks Hello Akasuki!

  6. i was going to mention the ingame name for the enemy fv304 in the first game, thinking it is Mr__Jingles…. but it’s Mr__Jiggles, so i won’t say it 😛

  7. The Type 59 is a mediocre tank NOW. Back then, it was not. Power creep, direct nerfs and indirect nerfs made it mediocre. It was TRULY OP prior to the physics update. This thing could zoom around the battlefield like a light tank and taking corners like a Formula One racecar. All the while with a turret NO ONE at TIER 8 could pen. And when shooting at it, your shots either got absorbed by the tracks or went flying off the turret.

    Don’t forget kids, the TYPE 59 IS a T-54 with arguably BETTER stats. So you are getting a TIER 9 tank at TIER 8 with match making back in the day which meant you ONLY saw TIER 8 battles.

  8. So, the type 59 is like a fashion tank, popular because it is popular!

  9. subtlewhatssubtle

    WOT matches *are* ending faster due to DPM creep. Check out the damage output of some of the recent higher tier stuff. The cumulative damage output of teams is increasing, and with the ubiquity of gold ammo ensuring fairly regular penetrations, only the highest armor values and most advantageous spaced armor placements are even slightly meaningful anymore as protection. Since not all tanks have one or the other (or both) of those, hits that land now tend to regularly translate into damage.

  10. Doug does tank reviews now too?

  11. Flutschi der Gleitdroid

    Too bad they removed team damage…i always wanted to punish a type 59 gold

  12. In addition to not having a lot of ammo to begin with the 13 57 also has really bad pen on its AP (143) so I am very impressed that the guy not only plays his 13 57 entirely without APCR but that he also has 2 marks on it, kudos…

  13. Doesn’t Jingels know who Doug DeMuro is? He didn’t say anything about that username.

  14. Monetizing teamwork? Jingles, have you already forgotten that they used to lock 3-man platoons away behind a premium account? Standard Account could only start 2-man platoons.

    And the Type 59, in addition to being nerfed quite substantially over time, came out in a very different landscape. Back before +2 matchmaking, your Preferential Tier 8 could face Tier 5s, and the competition at Tier 8 wasn’t much to write home about either, likewise Tier 7 had low pen across the board with the exception of the Germans, Tank Destroyers and Mediums extended only to Tier 9 and artillery to Tier 8, and the people kicking about at tier 8 and above were substantially newer to the game.

    Oh, and a deep discount to the Lowe had big, slow, soft HP pinatas rolling around for Types to feast on.

    The game sure has changed. Damn I feel old.

  15. LOL Doug DeMuro is a fun youtuber, but lets see how he tanks 😀

  16. 1 hr ago i had a game lasting a whole 4 mins. Right flank died almost instantly when they arrived on the flank. Mid section sniping fest and left flank remained as it was. I went back to defend, but i cant take out 5 tanks on my own

  17. Of course he made a profit, the Type 59 is one of the best credit making tanks aling with the patriot. It’s non gold ammo have ridiculously low costs which is why you can make a killing playing these tanks.

    Now, about the Type 59 being an ok tank… Yeah, that certainly is true NOW! But let’s look at the actual history of it because here’s a funny fact before anyone looks at the WG published history of changes to it. There was a lot of ninja nerfs to it that were not made public.

    When the Type 59 was released it was an absurdly powerful tank. It had a decent gun, it had really good mobillity, it certainly would go uphill fast, faster than most if no all mediums at it’s tier at the time (there was a reason why it was always the first tank up on the hill) and to top it off, it had a very trolly armor. It was unpenetrable in the turret (safe for the cupola) and the frontal plate was more bouncy than the T54. I remember several battles on heavy tanks at tier 8 and my shots just bouncing almost all the times on their upper plate. Certianly they bounced more often than they penetrated.

    Then it was nerfed, some of these nerfs were public, others weren’t. They removed the good engine so it couldn’t even properly play as a medium, unless you count the german mediums as real mediums with the attrocious P/W rate they have and they ninja nerfed the armor. From day to night with no announcement, the front plate that was even more trolly than the T54 was now getting penetrated most of the times (this was prior to the HD models).

    Then HD models hit and the front plate went from being penetrated most of the time to almost always being penetrated and the turret that could before even bounce the ISU-152 BL10 gun to even a heavy being able to penetrate it from the front in some locations that was not the cupola.

    So at this point you had gone from one of the fastest medium tanks with an ok gun and better armor than most heavies to a tank had had a bad gun (because of it’s speed the gun could no longer perform well enough to be considered ok) poor speed to do a medium tank job and no armor to speak off. Is it surprising that no one wanted to touch it anymore? The only thing it still had going for it was the low ammo cost.

    Then the buffs eventually started. At first just a slight penetration buff that didn’t do anything, then improvements to accuracy and a better engine that made it able to perform a medium tank role. And that is where it stands now. Is it a good tank. No, it’s merely alright. The turret is mostly reliable as long as you are not hit on the cupola or the frontal weak spots and the gun is not that inaccurate either. It can get where it needs to go relatively fast though it is by no means the fastest medium. Pair that with the low ammo cost and it is a very effective credit maker. I’d rate it higher than the patriot since it has a much better gun and it has a good speed though granted, the patriot is actually a heavy with a medium tank gun if you were to look at it’s armor and speed rather than the classification given to it by WG. Still, that gun accuracy is attrocious.

  18. I was today years old when I learned Jingles doesn’t know who Doug Demuro is and now I’m sad…

  19. Frederick Von Dinkerberg

    Blah blah blah Type 59 blah blah blah during the war blah blah blah Type 59 blah blah blah… more senior moments

  20. Type 59 was better than t44,that simple, first objectively stronger premium than its free counterpart. That’s at the time when premium tank supposed to be a bit worse than regular one, just a better time have changed

  21. Doug Demuro, He’s gonna explain the quirks and features of the type59…

  22. Oh, the days of 20 out of 30 tanks in one match being one knid of tank, lol.

    Thing is, back in ’12… it was a pretty good tank…. even great premiums get power crepted, that and nerfing it a bit plays into that as well.

  23. 1. Match: Really good player. Didnt even have 1 single Gold shell with him. Almost every other 1357 is only loaded full Gold.
    2. Match: Pretty average Player that doesnt even know how to pen a TigerP, played against mostly T6 and T7 and had some luck.
    First was good second was meh.

    • The Type 59 can’t depress its gun far enough down on that spot (without exposing your front drivewheel that is). First shot was indeed either underestimating the penetration or armor of the Tiger P, but the second one, you can see it was aimed around the gun part (that’s where a weak armor part and/or the turret ring is) but it derped into the thick part of the mantlet. Switching to APCR was maybe, maybe not the solution, at least it got rid of him. With 2 arty’s and potentially some guns behind the Tiger P you can’t afford to hang over a ridgeline with your side armor exposed.

  24. I’m surprised by the amount of Doug Demuro comments. Didn’t think there’d be this much crossover.

  25. Somebody really is too much into the “Doug is the type of guy…” meme.

  26. Ah yes the type 59. When the player base could fix the match making themselves. You cant get more balanced than if everyone is in the same tank

  27. Jingles: You don’t see many Type 59’s nowadays

    Yeah, old man… WG alienated most of their older players and they got off the game.

  28. Going to disagree with your Type 59 assessment as to why they were removed and why they were special. They were special because of 2 reasons: generating credits and turret armor/low profile. You displayed how many credits this made even using premium ammo. Well when this was introduced into the game premium was still gold ammo. No one used it or used it sparingly because it cost gold to buy. The same applied to opponents. No one shot at it with premium and when you were trying to get a kill on this thing and all you could see was its turret, regular ammo bounced off it all the time. I got so frustrated trying to kill these things which in any other comparable tank, you could do damage to it. People didn’t want them because everyone had one, they wanted one to make credits and dominate matches. I kicked myself for not getting one when it was introduced and was on sale too. The price was cheap by comparison to other similar tanks today. I think there was even a 50% off sale at one point. They flooded the market. These things were virtually indestructible in the physics and ammo loadouts of old.

    I think they got removed for reasons involving the reasons it was special. I don’t know the inner thinking at wargaming. But you could generate massive amounts of credits in this thing especially if you didn’t load the gold. Well when wargaming changed the rules on gold ammo they couldn’t have a tank that could still generate credits with a large loadout of premium. And as you did say, way too many people were using them so it broke the game as people would see the wolf pack of these on an opposing side and feel like giving up. I really wonder what the win rate was on these before the physics changes and premium changes. I think people stopped playing them as much when gold ammo was more prevalent in the game and they could take serious damage. These things roamed the fields with impunity.

  29. Thats funny i Was expecting a full tank review from Doug (is it the same one .Doug DeMuro the car guy?)

  30. The Type 59 wolfpacks were indeed a terror to fight against. Three or four of them swirling around you meant you were dead, it was just a matter of how quickly you’d die.

  31. Just goes to show why I think the AMX 13 57 is OP AF. Not only is it’s RoF high and ammunition clip high, but it’s penetration is also rather high for it’s tier as well.

  32. Hi Akizuki

  33. SanitaryCockroach

    I hear the Type 59 is better against college students and grocery shoppers.

  34. Anyone else owns both the Type 59 and the Type 59G?

  35. I still remember the time i got thrown into a match with all but 4 tanks being type 59s… in a tier six.

  36. type 59 is OP because at that time there wasn’t many low tier tanks which could penetrate its frontal armor reliably. even the tier 8 meds

  37. Whats the Doug Score?

  38. 57 is one of he most fun tanks to play.

  39. Is that why you hardly do any world of tanks replay-videos anymore, Jingles? Because the battles are over so quickly? *yells to player-base*: “Hey, players. Another reason for reducing your spendature of premium rounds. The battles are over so fast, that they wouldn’t make if for a video of Jingles’ anymore. No spot of fame for either of you, people”
    *in a lower, nearly whispered, mumbled tone* -and thanks a bunch for nothing
    Jingles, how about digging in to some of the older replays you’ve been sent? Maybe get some help from General_Disturbance or a friend, to get the recordings done, if General_Disturbance then give the man a shouout. Older replays are of a longer duration. No?

  40. Who the fuck is Doug de muro?

  41. Just wait they will bring it back to sale soon enough hahaha

  42. WG: we cannot raise prices any higher, lets reduce cost by getting more battles out each server. How, by getting the MM to putting all the really good players on one side and of course fudge the random number range for them and starting map positions. Teamwork is power, but WG loses control over battles.
    There are more things at work in each battle and the game, Horatio.

  43. 2021 update, this tank was on sale in the founders bundles or something like that and I bought without knowing its history

  44. Without the nerfs and the power creep the type 59 was also strong on its own imho. As its weak spots could be tricky to hit and easy to hide and especially in the early days combined with preferential matchmaking and lack of gold ammo they where not as widely known as well. So even solo you could take a lot of shots.

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