World of Tanks – Double Action

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

“It's an older title, sir. But it still checks out.” Always happy to shoehorn in a reference.

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  1. The Vz was out of draw distance. That’s why the TDs didn’t shoot him.

  2. It seems like I always play against (rather than with) great spotters like the last battle with the Manticore. That was some great work. A fun video to start another day in the salt mines. Cheers!

  3. “Damn I’m good”

    Nah, the tank is though.

  4. I love waking up at 5am on Thursdays to watch a Jingles video. I’m already up to get ready for work anyways soooo….

  5. Ah yes, the SU-122-44, the TD that never was and right now in wot you may get that 1 game top tier, following by everything else at the bottom end.

  6. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    Damn, the SU-122-44 is insane. And the Manti played amazingly

  7. I met a 122-44 yesterday on one of my increasingly rare forays into WOT – and yea, the new KV1S-A thing can bounce off that all day 🙂

  8. Shooting that rock twice in a row…

  9. Jingles it’s Dumitru, like the medal!

  10. Jingles, you said almost 3000dpm? My SU-122-44 Gets 3700dpm with my loadout. It’s insane.

  11. Passive spotting games with large assistance damage numbers are sooo satisfying to watch

  12. almost, as in “jingles almost said ground, rather than grinded” …but as we all know, english is hard, ok? 😉 (i’ll report for punishment at saltmine bravo shortly)

  13. Nearly is the same as didn’t. Almost is the same as nearly.

  14. Passive spotting is for people who want to play arty but don’t like the whole “shooting” thing in war themed games.

  15. Scouting might truly be the only way to make money in T10 battles. The trick to making money seems to not fire your gun, and scouts uniquely benefit from doing so.

  16. Tell me Russian exists without telling me Russian bias exists

  17. Horse Shoes, Hand Grenades, and Thermo-Nuclear Weapons.

  18. This Manticore game shows what I do best in WoT, and as an experimented scout I have come to realize that more often than not, the issue with teams not shooting at targets you spot comes from bad positionning : either from you or from the snipers but either way they are physically unable to see the targets you show them.
    And sometimes it’s as simple as “if they come closer they get spotted by the enemy scout and die”

    Great job from Dmitry, you’re definitely a true professional.

  19. your inability to discern magnitude is disturbing. “almost avoiding a crash” could mean crashing but NOT crashing as dangerously. surely you’re making a bad joke and not actually that daft.

  20. I love how with these Russian develop games somehow Russian tech tiers are always stronger for their tier crazy huh.

  21. Master class in passive spotting.

  22. Was it my imagination or was the B-C 155 never spotted and the Jageroo hit it with a blind shot?

  23. A morning cuppa and uncle Jingles is there a better way to start the day? Not for me!!

  24. Nice one-in-a-thousand battles.

  25. Watching these Wot videos is a love/hate situation. Your commentary and the gameplay is so good that it’s makes me wanna play Wot again tho when I play I feel horrible by how the game is so unbalanced and P2W or by the game knowledge you need that only someone that never touched grass can possibly know. I ain’t the best player but damn this game is a joke 99% of the time

  26. wow that guy in the su-122-44 was bad missing alot for no reason and spamming gold let alone somebody whos skilled at the tank lol

  27. Horse shoes, hand grenades and nuclear weapons.

  28. an interesting note about the su 122 44 is that it has the old td mechanic where it doesnt lose the normal amount of camo after firing, so it can be a super sneaky machine on top of everything else it has

  29. 5:54 “Damn I’m good”
    mate 2 mins ago you were shooting APCR to a KV-1

  30. I mean technically some BBs had 105mm guns. Not as the main artillery of course but still.

  31. Both lovely matches, thank you.

  32. And A-Bombs

  33. A good spotter i worth their weight in gold on a large number of maps, but very rare, not much patience in most of the player base 🙂

  34. 2 battles today happy birthday to me

  35. It should be noted that the Su-122 did not take any damage ramming the Bassotto

  36. the SU-122-44’s gun is either a laser or it’s trolling the crap out of you …
    wildly unpredictable but so much fun to play.

  37. It’s annoying watching such a bad player do so well in such an overpowered tank all due to Russian Bias. Gotta be honest.

  38. just normal dollar or Rubell bull shit game is forgotten and the next one is War ships PISS

  39. So we have Dave and now we have Dimitri who is Dave’s Balkan cousin….does this mean we can expect more relatives of Dave in the future?!

  40. Enjoyed this with my morning coffee. Not to mention liston Jingles comment on two well played games!

  41. If I was driving that thing for this video all of the shots would have swung to the absolute extremities of the targeting bubble and evaporated into the ground before getting so much as a klick close to my target.

  42. Great display of typical bias dropped into an overpowered tank ran by a mediocre player vs. Highly skilled player running a mediocre tank.

  43. this shows why -2/+2 MM is absurd

  44. Can’t wait for Jingles to talk about the latest WoWS Lighthouse Auction. lol

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