World of Tanks – Double Action

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It’s the return of the series with the sexual innuendo for a title. In the next episode – Double Penetration!

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  1. Love the channel. I must admit that I’m terrible at this game, but I’m
    still trying. One thing I fail to understand is why (at least on the XBox
    North American servers at tier 5 and lower) at the beginning of every game,
    team members start firing at nothing.

  2. Jingles! It’s barely above 75 degrees in American units! That’s the
    temperature our AC’s here in Texas make our homes when they’re ON!

  3. The devil within

    hey jingles, try it in Spain, it’s roughly 35 degrees and about 70%
    humidity, you’d melt for sure XD but hey you’re summer should be nice,
    beats the constant rain

  4. That was great. Absolutely great. Well called, Jingles.

  5. BigCoreGradiusXAnime

    That’s what she said…

  6. Please show us more battles like this one. :D

  7. Gerbrand de Wit

    that t19 guy was a friend of mine!

  8. Amazing description jingles, made my day just reading it.

  9. Thanks for the great video sir !

  10. Speaking as a Floridian, you get used to A/C sound being in the background.

  11. We need you to continue with frequent WoT videos! Great analyses and just
    enough whimsy!

  12. It’s barely scraping 20C here and you have the aircon on?! You fat old
    sailor Jingles!

  13. Love the platoon-mate vision. Nice seeing examples of teamwork from both

  14. Jingles, have you considered playing Hearts of Iron IV at all?

  15. Jingles, I think it’s time for another Tog platoon video

  16. WhenLifeGetsBoring 123

    Roses are red
    My name is dan
    I have a gun
    Get in the van

    Im talking to u jingles,dont worry,i have candy

  17. erm… i feel bad… i thought the air conditioner was a sleeping rita xD
    thats not a joke btw, i really did think that lol

  18. Lol hot in Britain what like 25 degrees

  19. why no war thunder gameplay??.? please make war thunder gameplay sir

  20. Am I the only one who look forward to the next episode?

  21. Thomas Lauridsen

    If I was the STI those two would make me feel like an idiot

  22. You can use audacity to take out background noise and edit your audio.

  23. Air-conditioning in the salt mines? Exactly what sort of salt mines are
    these Jingles?

  24. jingles are you gunah review the new vk4503(tiger III) tier7 premium german

  25. Turtles Are fun

    “Double Action” Ha That’s What She Said

  26. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Nice game. Awesome editing

  27. Christopher Maciulaitis

    Sexual innuendo? I can keep it up all night.

  28. Was that STI even a player or was it a bot? Nobody can be that stupid.

  29. he’s blue wounder what he did was a scumbag or not we will never know.

  30. You have Air con!!??
    *Spare a moment for us Northerners its hotter than Megan Fox in a microwave
    up here*

  31. I made some great pizza, it’s speaks 10 languages and sttuter 11th

  32. Jingles Mars has thieved your mingles with jingles intro music, I keep
    thinking I’ve put the wrong video on lol

  33. can not wait to the AC4 tank review, 1 hell of a good tank. p.s I am
    Australian so a bit biest

  34. Those tanks move so damn fast compared to rb in warthunder lol

  35. <3 Jingles e-sports reporter in action <3

  36. fucking shit slow ass bs

  37. “Bloody hot in UK” must be something like in the twenties Celsius over
    there… a real oven.

  38. I’m one of the lightweights in this game. I read pretty much all comments
    and to be clear, I have those APCR but I don’t use them ALL the time. I
    either use them when I need, or when it’s the only thing that is left. As
    well, this is a clan wars / strongholds setup. I’m not playing the T54
    light all the time. But yeah I have the tendancy to load a bit too much
    gold ammo.

    And thank you to everyone here that enjoyed the replay

  39. great video, awesome game…shame it’s in that horribly unbalanced tank -_-
    compare it to the only similar tank, the wz-132…and it’s superior in
    almost every respect. the only thing the wz surpasses it in is accuracy and
    penetration…and not by much. while the t-54lt gets medium tank armor.
    i’ll clap for these guys when they get the same results in the wz

  40. Keep up the good work

  41. Radioactive Monkey

    That’s waht your mum said last night, when I went balls deep inside?

  42. What an awesome replay. Beyond cool to watch that much teamwork between two
    very different styles.

  43. double penetration. oh yes…

  44. Wasn’t that the tank that was the new hotness at the WGL finals last year?

    (that we really didn’t see this year…)

  45. it’s too blurry

  46. hey jingles I play console wot and have two questions for you. one why is
    high tier premium ammo so expensive? an two on pc do you have the “hero
    tanks” the freedom super Pershing, the knight Cromwell, the motherland
    etc…? if you could answer this that would be great. I love your vids
    thanks for making them.

  47. Pavel Mičan (SirGlorg)

    wp, very nice play

  48. This is exactly why watching good players in WoT is more fun for me than
    actually playing the game myself.

  49. Who gives a f**k about your feelings when you first saw jingles video today

  50. “Bloody hot” …. In Britain. Does your “bloody hot” begin at more than 17
    *C ? 😛 :P

  51. T-54 LW the best tier 8 soviet medium in the game

  52. Air conditioner on so it must be almost 25’c.

  53. Thomas Anonymous

    the t54 lwt doesnt have enough dpm for me

  54. this was a very good replay 🙂 i liked it alot

  55. *Sees video title*

    Porn time on Jingles channel!

  56. I just noticed these guys are QSF-S

  57. DontBlameTheBunny

    Jingles, you seem to be getting a couple of thousand new subs each week, so
    a pre-emptive “CONGRATS!” on the 500,000 you should be getting in about a
    week or two 🙂
    P.S. Love your videos, have been watching for years, long may they continue

  58. I can already tell the next episode will be fun as hell

  59. Amazing game play from them. It was thrilling to watch all the way through.

    Jingles question for you are there any WOT and WOW training groups out

    My tanker skills are shoddy at best and I have not real idea on how to
    fight my ships properly to maximise my potential in game.

  60. Amazing video featuring amazing teamwork! :)

  61. Will there be a 500k subscriber replay contest?

  62. Come to Australia, Jingles, we’re freezing and drowning!

  63. As always so good to hear your voice, i really enjoy platoon replays,
    especially light and medium ones, thanks for all the videos you are amazing

  64. Great teamwork and coordination whoever said light tanks were redundant
    lol. Shame we don’t have more maps like this where you can use your head
    and get good flanking positions. The corridor shooter meta we have now is
    getting very tiresome indeed.

  65. Is it just me or is Jingles puting more and more WOT videos in last time!?
    The best game on top again! ;-)

  66. Martin Barilík

    So my buddies from QSF-S are featured in Jingle’s video 😀 nice

  67. Ronald de Rooij

    These tanks are not for making credits… jeez.

  68. Gormok Bladespine

    Thats top class

  69. Der mit dem Kuchen tanzt

    watching op russian ligths with haevytank like armor is always so fun

  70. If next episode is not called double penetration i am going to be super

  71. Johan Marais (NaughtyLemon)

    Well played game! I like the two perspectives shown.

  72. Jingles, I have made this mistake , and so has almost everyone for years.
    It’s a st-I not st-1

  73. FooledbyRandomness2

    i need a new PC to play WOT, but i dont have the money to buy it. All i
    need is 500 euro to buy a PC and play with minimum grafics. Can anyone help
    me ?

  74. Procrastinator7

    500k subs is coming up… I suggest having a tier 10 arty replay contest!
    Let’s mine that salt for all it’s worth! :)

  75. Muhammad Zafranuddin

    Wow, this gameplay is so great

  76. Notice me senpai. Hahaha.

  77. *insert early joke here*

  78. are they nerfing the t-54 ltwt?


    These guys are from Quickybaby’s clan!

  80. Jingles what is the intro song Thank you :3

  81. Interesting one made 10K credits and the other lost 40K credits lol

  82. jingles please, i dislike this video because i cant stand that russian
    boring T-666 tanks.
    I recognize, that a good player can have better games in such “well
    balanced” tanks. but it says a lot that the balanceteam has to limit the
    ammount of shells for you to shot. Its like having the abilitie to make
    everything gold just by touching it. There is now fun in this. at least for

    I like the underdogs or the less popular tanks to work with, because if you
    get them to work it feels amazing and rewards me much more than playing
    with “well rounded” tanks.
    and dont even get me started on the gold ammo^.^

    your Mot

    p.s. sry for all spelling or grammer mistakes, i am german

  83. Never use ” Armored ” tanks. Use either med or light cuz they are jack of
    all trades.

  84. Eddie McAllister

    Best light tank replay I’ve seen

  85. A better innuendo would have been tag team.

  86. wow that was a realy team play……..and realy sneky …gj
    guys..thks jinges we can learn from those 2 guys how to play…

  87. t19 is blue

  88. Jingles, you have no excuse, in Mallorca at this point everyone is
    comfortable with just short sleeves and shorts

  89. Please turn your air con off, we like you wet and salty!

  90. I was waiting for this for sooo long!!!

  91. This video was a lot of fun to watch. Thank you.

  92. Heya jingles. I’ve never noticed your logo on your videos until yesterday’s
    and today’s videos.
    Is this something new of have I just been missing it before?

  93. can someone explain why creepcraft still lost 40,000 (currency) despite
    being 1st place
    i’m seeing this in almost every report at the end of the video or am i just
    missing something

  94. yay the Bob clan

  95. Vladimir Efimov

    I expect nothing less from a QSF platoon, we had some awesome clashes with
    them on the global map last year.

  96. 75° is “bloody hot”? It’s been 107°+ where I live.

  97. Tattooed Aussie

    Lives in england and complains about being hot hahaha, man up

  98. What do you call hot Jingles? Here 30 is getting hot. 40 is pretty nasty.
    Though being Australia it’s our winter so a pleasant and slightly chilly 19
    it is at the moment.

  99. Get off the Road

    These double action vids are awesome!

  100. Alejandro Martínez Velasco

    Brilliant match from those two guys.

  101. Must be so fun to play in a good tier 8 light tank platoon.. :)

  102. where do you upload for jingles to see

  103. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Go-kart jet-engined T-54, historically accurate by sekrit dokumints

  104. i wish i had an air condition :(

  105. That was an absolute master class in light tank play.

  106. Dave “DodgyMerchant” Thompson

    Good game play and good video. A pleasure to watch after a morning of
    eedjit kids in heavies.

  107. Need a shower after watching this :/

  108. I was kinda curious, are you planning on doing a video on the new premium
    Tier 7 VK or are you skipping that this time around?

  109. Jingales hows the fv arty restoration going? you have not seid anthing on
    it for a bit.

  110. Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tock, tick,
    tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock,
    tick, tock, tick, tock, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick,
    tock, tock, tick, tock. Kill me

  111. Jingles did you up your mic levels, or did my hearing just get 20 percent

  112. I, for one, wouldn’t mind an innuendo-title-series. Call it tank porn or
    something. Maybe we’ll get a video called “3 Way” after.

  113. ‫براہمداغ‬‎

    Always a pleasure to watch some nicely coordinated action.

  114. Hey that was my match 😀
    I was Overlord49 in the WZ132, who died in the first part of the match 😀

    The funny fact was: We talked in the teamspeak, that both of them wanted to
    teamkill me just for fun and an ISU152 from the enemy team just snap shots

  115. i wish i had air conditioning in my house im melting in my house

  116. Scout mm for tier 5+ scouts is basically the mm of the next tier up so the
    T-54 light would pair with the T-54 both with a matchmaker of 9-11 (11
    being a tier with no 8s other than scouts).

    I think it is a newish addition however that is how tier 5+ scouts now

  117. 14:01 Type 2????????Jingles,that’s a Tiger II !!!

  118. well played, nice video, happy to start my day with this :)

  119. carlitosskater89

    That description though…

  120. Nice replay!

  121. Do you want people to state it’s a “double action” replay in the subject
    line when they email you Jingles?

  122. Count Ravencrest

    Jingles can you play some Hearts of Iron 4 irregularly like Xcom 2 ?

  123. Heavy tanks in WoT exp/credit piñata’s.

  124. this is WoT…. great game and the player gets almost nothing… non
    premium already have to pay for this great victory

  125. Is this pre or post nerf?

  126. one of the more fun to watch videos
    thanks jingles!

  127. How do these kind of people manage to fire so much apcr? even with a
    premium a count it’s impossible to get enough credits to buy more if you
    load 15 shells…

  128. Stephan van den Adel

    Almost 500k subs!!! Congrats! Keep up the good work!

  129. This early? Who are you and what did you do to The Mighty Jingles?

  130. Don’t worry Jingles, I wont turn my ventilator off either here in the
    always humid Netherlands with another 28 degrees Celsius day expected. :P

  131. So at the end, it was 1 from the front, 1 from the rear

  132. Good God Jingles. 01:40 CST

  133. Of course, the IS-3 that bitched the most did the worst, oh how WoT never
    surprises me anymore.

  134. noobinator Simelane

    some hot coffee and a touch of jingles, real nice

  135. 4:20 already? Quick first mate, load the jingles boat, we be taking a trip
    to his video. :D

  136. master jingles 2 vids 1 day

  137. This is where WG game is a joke. How so? The former commies who run the
    game, develop the game are now up against a wall. In game theory you should
    not have tanks vs tanks from different areas. This video is proof. A Tiger
    tanks with a development history from 1937 vs a T54 lightweight of late
    1949/1950. Different times, different technology, and different weapon
    profiles. The match maker is broken1 It needs to be more balanced to
    history instead of the bogus crap they have now. They call it “balance”.
    They keep screwing Peter, to pay Paul, while making Mary pawn all her tanks
    to buy premium rounds just to be competitive.

  138. Ahmet Yiğit ÖZGÜL

    Yes New Jingles Video

  139. unklebobosaurus

    lol @ “Double Penetration!”. Guest starring Rear Admiral Jingles in a back
    up supporting role – a Combined Ops exclusive!

  140. This video reminds me why Jingles was tapped for commentary in the finals
    last year. This video has fast, intense, informative and engaging
    commentary throughout. Excellent stuff. :)

  141. Nice, starting the day with Jingles.

  142. Project Halo wars

    will there be more today uncle jingles?

  143. I do enjoy these double perspective battles, but holy shit i can imagine
    its a bore to edit

  144. Why is that every time a jingles video pops up I have an exam to study for
    :/ .Every time Jingles, every time.

  145. Jingles you should make a “Learn how to play XCOM” series to teach newbs
    like me to get through the first level of the game on the easiest
    difficulty w/o two of my players spending 20 days in sick bay.

  146. Jingles! How many times do I have to tell you? It doesn’t GET hot in

  147. 12 midnight washington

  148. Perfect, I just sit to drink my coffe, I light my cigare and open youtube
    when Jingles uploads new WoT video…

  149. “You may be able to hear some sort of strange noice in the
    background…” *hears the sound of a cat meowing* “…that’s my air
    conditioner.” O_o

  150. When I got to the t-44 I play about 70 game then I quit wot.

  151. It’s that damn tank game again

  152. Oh Jingles! You dirty old man…

  153. The Burger King

    Didn’t know you were so kinky.

  154. What’s the temperature over there like jingles?

  155. Jingles said he loves me, no homo too bro

  156. I live in Dublin, Ireland and it is roasting, I begged my dad for a fan,
    especially since my room is the attic, WHICH IS ALSO REALLY INSULTED. So
    believe me I understand your need to have the fan on.

  157. I come in 6 minutes…. SIX minutes after it is released, and already 730
    views. GG Jingles subs. LMAO

  158. Lamborghini Lam

    i hope you could actually get a world of tanks blitz video with actual tank
    clashes not just a cup of tea in the battle queue

  159. A disgusting amount of gold fired there. One reason I stopped playing this

  160. 10/10

  161. wait ? wot, I thought it was armor warfare . ok fine by me

  162. Jingles. You potato.

  163. Jesus these two are good.

  164. jingles at 2 am…………..HELL YEA #SLEEPISFORTHEWEAK

  165. Assatron McOverlord

    jingles, i see you used action instead of penetration like that other video
    a while back

  166. the amount of premium ammo though……well least they won and got on
    Jingles’ channel so they did good

  167. Connor Wellwood

    another great video jingles! watching this at 11pm tho lol, you upload
    videos this late at night ?

  168. land warships

  169. Ronald Mondriaan

    Early in the morning a cup of tea and a brand new Jingles Yes!

  170. “Exceptionally heavily armoured” yea fuck off thats the most armoured tier
    9 tank in the game. MAYBE the T95 beats it in armour.

  171. hey jingles, just wondering, have you seen the movie girls und panzer der

  172. it’s a nice treat to see jingles at 1:53 in the morning.

  173. 1,200th person to view

    give me a medal cos im not like the other 2-300 thousand people watching

  174. Clashinator clashinator

    watch coleson comedy hes funny aswell as watching this

  175. Wow so late/early. It’s like 2:50Am where I live(Florida)

  176. Me: Ok time to go to bed.
    Jingles: Oh no you don’t sunshine!
    Me: Dammit Jingles, you strike again with your Rear Admiral Charm!

  177. gtea timing jingles, its second time, i had come from nightshift, hit the
    shower and went to bed to check the news on internet while your newest
    video popped up ?

  178. Too hot

  179. Clashinator clashinator

    in wot i go right in there to find the enemythen i bloody find them en hind
    but i might…just stick with artillery

  180. I’m staving sleep off

  181. Artillery Storm

    at first I thought it was one of Rita’s cats

  182. David Fedrickson

    Can’t wait for the next video double penetration :D

  183. I’m Omid.

  184. g’night jingles lol

  185. Clashinator clashinator

    no but i have started to ☺☺??

  186. 7 min ago 75 comments

  187. Someone said “good vid bro” even tho video has been up for only 6 minutes

  188. B.S Productions

    I’m Melting. Why u do dis Britain.

  189. yawn… *bing *bing… WTH?… oh a jingles video.. i have school
    tomorrow…its midnight * yawn * oh well, F*ck school..

  190. Wow, an early morning Jingles????

  191. φ Wehrmachts Fury

    Its 2 AM here in Illinois, Jingles, Thank you for saving me from being so
    damn board. I love you.

  192. well well, i was not about to go to the uni anyway….

  193. Well I’m here early… Quick gotta make a joke-

    my life :'(

  194. So close to 500k m8, then jingles will stop reading the comments.

  195. i was listen to my jazz when out side is raining….. then jingle video pop
    up … your vid is my jazz now

  196. Almost first :D

  197. GI American Joe

    Thank you it’s 11:44 pm so hey jingles before I go to bed

  198. What qualifies as hot in England?

  199. Jingles I got a question, how many views in total have u got?

  200. uhhh, the second T54 ltwt is a blue?

  201. holy shit jingles up early today I see.

  202. its 1 am here. Eh.

  203. kilroywazhere 99

    its 2:40 am were I live…. I didn’t need that sleep any ways

  204. SECOND

  205. 4 min ago with comments from 7 minutes ago

  206. it hit 112 in my home town today, ahhhh the joys of living in southern
    cali. The AC in a few of the classes in the middle school and my highschool
    failed because they just broke

  207. The Inspector Cat

    In 3 minutes theres already 408 views. THEY’RE LIKE ANTS, THEY NEVER STOP!

  208. Santiago Machado

    Last time i came this early I got shot at by every heavy in the enemy team.
    I should stop suicide-scouting tbh

  209. 38th!!! Wootwoot

  210. I regret searching up what ‘double penetration’ is……..

  211. Must… not… sleep…

  212. 8765885 comment

  213. Clashinator clashinator

    do u have ps4

  214. 308th veiw… Hell YEAH!!

  215. Clashinator clashinator

    good vid bro

  216. yay.

  217. Jingles let me sleep please ;-;

  218. Sándor Szecskó

    lol, this video was uploaded 1 minute ago and already has a dislike :D

  219. 3k away from 500 thousand subs…

  220. who needs sleep when you have a jingles video to watch?

  221. good night everyone for seeing the first comment on this video

  222. yay

  223. 7th

  224. 69,420,219,777,666th comment

  225. Love the vids jingles, it’s worth putting up with the a.c. unit.

  226. Wow can’t believe I wasn’t the first comment

  227. jingles love what ya do keep on keepin on :)

  228. Anton Liljekvist

    So nice to wake up and see a new Jingles video! :D

  229. 1 min ago !!

  230. 21st
    WHATS 9 PLUS 10?

  231. 4 comments saying first idiots XD

  232. 21st
    WHATS 9 PLUS 10?

  233. 56th

  234. Jingles you literally woke me up

  235. morons….

  236. damn too slow

  237. 22 view

  238. dammit lol

  239. Early af

  240. Whoho Morning coffe and jingles!

  241. First

  242. FIRST COMMENT?!?!?!


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