World of Tanks – Double Entendre

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Double Entendre – A figure of speech that is devised to have a double meaning, of which one is typically obvious, whereas the other often conveys a message that would be too socially awkward, sexually suggestive, or offensive to state directly. Or a cheap title to use in a double replay featuring French tanks.

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  1. Challenger is one of my favourite tanks and I know how good it’s regular AP penetration is. That guy spamming gold is dopier than the usual gold spammer. Almost as dopey as, say, a Bourrasque spamming gold…

  2. Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty

    Any chance of you putting subtitles on your Vid’s please Jingles.

  3. Northern Ninja Runner

    Jingles no Dave, KV2 or Tog?

  4. both auto aim every shot, somehow jingles is always amazed with dumb and boring battles. always!

  5. Yesah gold spammers proving once again this game is a solid p2w! Grinders are nothing but food for stat hounds

  6. Not a great video, the operator of that tank was not great at all.

  7. jingles please play with qb again

  8. Voice Volume to low again, no point in watching if I can’t hear commentary.

  9. Jingles, I just wanna say, I don’t even play freaking world of tanks, but I’m still watching your vids. If you ever do any voice acting, please let us know, you are the morgan freeman of YT.

  10. Spamming full gold and still doesnt even have 1 mark thats when you know youre bad

  12. Is it just me or have Jingles’ vids started being very very quiet? I have my speakers on full blast, with windows setting at almost 40% (I usually keep the Windows sound level at max 20% not to make my ears bleed) and i can barely hear what he is saying clearly….Jingles, anything changed in your setup in the last month that the sound is so dimmed?

  13. i think you wanted to say “Double Entente” ? 😉

  14. A Su-152 with no damage, straight to gulag

  15. Jingles, normalize your audio! Cant hear you.

  16. The Audio is very very quiet.

  17. I asked a friend to tell me his best double entendre joke.

    So he gave me one.

  18. Teamwork: ban this OP shit 😛

  19. 3:18 well that was extremely annoying. Switches the Camera a split second back before he fires.

  20. Enemy healthbars are in percent values, ohh Jingles never change…. 😀

  21. I learned that I still hate/want the bourrasque…

  22. This video was missing from my subscriptions

  23. Matheus Rondel Leite

    That’s a lot of Gold Ammo 🙂

  24. Van/Gurt/Gp Vanheeringen
  25. it is me or the volume is lower than usual??

  26. A platoon of 2 fast, top tier, gold spamming autoloaders wiped out a bunch of t7 tanks while hiding in the bushes. Yawn

  27. Actually Jingles the EBR 105 never existed in real life so the Barrasque most likely got it from the AMX 13 105.

  28. 6:50 “Did not get spotted however” he said as the giant lightbulb disappeared

  29. Did not press tukey, bounced. you cheap F . Spend credits press tukey . now you got it. “Arrive in the nick of time” implies he saved the T43 ? Well he didn’t. AND, finally, wait until the Boorask passes its expiration date and cannot hit anything over 200 yards. Then these seal clubbing partners will have to buy the latest tank of the year. I still play this nightmarish game, but dude I am sick of the uneven game play by team mates who can’t find their dick with both hands.

  30. Oh look a full gold noob platoon… I get that that this is entirely down to the player, but I would rather see games that involve the player actually having some sort of skill or knowledge 🤔🤨

  31. Jingles, it is your fault that I stopped playing WoT and started playing Elite: Dangerous. 😉 BTW I love it when I am in my M53/M55 and the enemy muppets decides to go where that Lorraine 40T went. Free damage all the time and they all think they are hiding behind that building from TDs in the back.

  32. Wow talk about teamwork

  33. Jingles like most of your fans it was WoT that brought me here and you that made me stay 🙂 Now that said my friend by now these videos are my least fav of yours ! I feel that the games meta has passed you by and with so many new tanks in the last 2 years your knowledge isnt what it use to be. Personally would rather you didnt do WoT videos while your not playing the game yourself. Dont get me wrong am still playing tanks most days myself and I love your videos but do find your tank videos the least entertaining and certainly the least informative.

  34. this guys auto aim way too much

  35. One of the greatest tip I can give to new players is to not auto-aim. Auto-aim is very rarely worth using since it doesnt give any lead and it aims center of mass. Take the time to aim the shot, and penetrate each of your shots. The one shot you bounce because of Auto-Aim changes the game more than people you think. This is coming from a super-unicum.

  36. Jingles the hypocrite. Calls out the Challenger for shooting gold ammo. Webster only had good ammo doesn’t say word.

  37. Eyyyy, IKU2 gets featured on a Jingles video!

  38. i will say – good game and all that.
    But their reluctance to reload when they only have 1 shot in the magazine is really.. .. frustrating ^^

  39. Double entente not “double entendre” Jingles. 😉

  40. Awesome battle gratz guys

  41. Jingles, was Rita having a bad game somewhere in the background? Pretty certain I heard her say fuck, and a few other colorful metaphors. Lol

  42. Wargameing really needs to introduce more tiers. It’s a bit rediculus that mid WW2 era tanks has to fight mid cold war tanks. The tech difference displayed is massive.

  43. Damn, it is nice to see those two turn into rolling death after the slow match start. I love seeing this kind of action.

  44. Autoaim and full gold…. Congrats….

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