World of Tanks – Double Feature

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Source: The Jingles

Patch 1.5 just hit 's a pretty big one, but before we get onto new Swedish medium like the UDES 14 5, there's something funny I want you to see first.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Ooh it was 360p after a while in to the video it auto-refreshed and it gave me 1080p option. WOHOOO!

  2. Did you get my tiger 131 replay, it needs to be shown that matchmaker is still broken and the fact that stats don’t matter if you get teams like I did. Inktomi

    • Simon Pryke The MM isn’t exactly supposed to be skill based. Even if it was how do you measure skill in a 15v15 game?

      If your not playing in a platoon, playing tanks that don’t carry games on their own you will regularly get bad battles because outside of platoons and clan battles people tend not to communicate.

      On that note MM seems completely fine to me. I get a match in a decent amount of time, play it, win or lose have some freakin fun. If your playing a game specifically for the competitive side it can kill the fun of it for you. Of course it also kills the fun for other people if you’re one of those people that heckles people in chat after you die.

      MM is fine the way it is after the patch and it does the best it can to get you as good a match quickly as it can. There’s no multiplayer game in which teams are ever truly even. Jingles will feature what he feels needs to be featured.

  3. Aaron Sokolowski

    In WoT, you can now blacklist maps?!?!!?!!

    *As a cruiser main in WoWS…begins to dream fondly of blacklisting particular maps*

    • Wessel van Daele

      They will need to add a whole lot more maps to WoWs for the higher tiers to make that a viable option, as soooo many maps are just simply killing for one particular ship class or another

    • To answer your question, YES, you can.

    • Yup. 2 if you got a premium account. And can change your mind every 4 hours or so

  4. Howdy Jingles

  5. Ach!!! 1:30 in the morning! See Jingles! Watch Jingles!

  6. 586 damage “That’s why he did over 600 damage”. LOL

    • Yup. Mister Jingles still gets confused by these combined damage indications

    • MarcusTheAbsolute

      I mean, it’s Jingles. He then laughs uproariously saying “look at that” after a 106 damage shot at the Object 257, thinking that the Object took full 600 dmg from the 110. Then he says he’s been getting good damage rolls, regularly getting over 600 dmg, when he hasn’t gotten 600 dmg even once.

  7. Hmmm 1 view with 6 likes…..i’m blaming youtube this time

    Youtube YOUR DRUNK…GO HOME!!!!!

  8. Are we sure that stefan0799 isn’t really Circonflex’s troll account?

  9. Also we could call the New Swedish mediums like German U boats, so the UDES 14 5 could be the called “The U145” U One Four Five

  10. automatic fire extinguisher on heavy tanks, which have the fuel tank in the rear, always a good waste of money. There’s no point in having one and it’s just better to go repair or med kit or consumeable instead.

  11. Watched a video. At the end I see an OBVIOUS Jingles thumbnail. See 712 views….. eyeballs fly out of socket. Click!

  12. That 416 does not know the secret arts of the Pancake.

  13. well all it takes to beat a team with 50% russian tanks are A) dumbass players B) another broken russian tank (yeah yeah chinese ..its still russian)

  14. I don’t understand that game. I’ve tried playing, but I’m stuck at T2/T3. I log in almost every day and end up just sitting in the queue. I give up after about 15 minutes. It’s forced me to play AW and War Thunder.

    • JackDrinkn2DollarJim

      Daytime shouldn’t be a problem, but anytime after 12 A.M. low tiers tend to disappear. And double check which server you’re logging onto.

    • +JackDrinkn2DollarJim Yeah, I only get gaming time during the night owl hours. It’s funny, though, that I find low tier players in the other two tank games. Well, in AW I’m always playing coop so I guess that doesn’t fully count as a fair comparison. I also never have trouble finding matches on WoWS. It’s like most of us playing that game are vampires. Always a heavy population at night.

  15. Thanx for these all mighty Jongles. It was fun. Your show was once again far better than videos of your “competitors”. Espetialy videos about this patch.

  16. Jingles how ya been

  17. Jingles showing that old age, I think you need to watch the damage counter on the side of the screen and not the damage happening to the tank being shot at. 😉

  18. Thought you should know better – 20 pounder is 83.6mm

  19. Man,that first battle was so impossible to understand ?

  20. When will you play that bloody drowning smulator again overlord!!!????

    Liek if u want jingles to play that bloody drowning simulator again!

  21. Hi Jingles, just a quick feedback: It seems to me your intro is a little bit loud in comparision to your voice as of late. Could be just me, of course.

  22. watching old mighty jingles video, then saw that a new video came out. Who can relate?

  23. So, 122 mm HE kills T10 tanks big time, hmmm.
    Imagine BB HE in WoWs …

    oh wait… o0

  24. Digital Gorilla

    Your title took me down a very strange memory lane. RHPS.
    “Michael Rennie was ill
    The Day the Earth Stood Still
    But he told us where we stand
    And Flash Gordon was there
    In silver underwear
    Claude Rains was The Invisible Man” ?

  25. Uhm, actually Jingles, he hasn’t been hitting stuff for over 600 each time, its just getting summed up with other people’s shots

  26. I opted out of Paris so fast

  27. christopher brendle

    Yay! 47th!

  28. Love your content shout out to that Kellerman.:)

    Im clausian

  29. ”HYDROPNEUMATIC SUSPENSION: Now also available on the IS-3A, to incorporate all the best features from all nations!”

    Let’s hope that WG doesn’t read this comment

  30. KeybladeMaster9913

    If I ever get back into WoT, I’d best remember not to get on that Borsig’s bad side

  31. funny thing is the Stefan has a mark on his 110 and has a full HE/HEAT setup with the 122 derp for fun also half the shots jingles said he penned were really non penetrations combined with an allies shot hitting the target at the same time! still Stefan did a very good job handling the 50mm of pen i think the HE has on the 122mm

    PS. please never change jingles!

  32. Thanks for another vid Jingles. Im meant to be revising for my uni exams but Ive come down with a bit of the dreaded man flu, so these videos are helping me through it – thanks

  33. JINGLES, Please play some Skyrim for us.

  34. Yea more Finnish tanks to shoot at.

  35. JIngles: Pneumatic suspension a brand new gimmick for the Swedish tanks only, for the moment.

    Wargaming: I think it’s time to give the IS-3A another upgrade.

    • According to WarGaming The Japanese STB1 will have that suspension as well… We will not see that often, as the STB1 also is on the receiving end of Serbs nerfhammer…..

  36. Patrick Mundhenk

    Now I know why I only have 40% winrate on the 110. I need to try that out.

  37. pretty sure the new emil1 is much better than the old one

  38. jingles…
    stop saying he’s doing over 600 damage in 110 you can see the damage counter at the left…

    • There’s an interesting disparity between what that counter showed and what popped up on the tank. I know that it will show the combined damage number when multiple shots hit in rapid succession, but on one or two of those it looked like the 110 was the only one hitting the target.

  39. LA without a car

    Hi OLD Fart Jingles

  40. Two very good and funny replays in one video. Kudos to the 110 player and the RhmWT player with balls of steel! Thank You for the video and have a nice day Jingles!

  41. shits given none love it lol

  42. José F. Martín

    1.5 is another wasted chance.

  43. “his regular damage is 530 but he is regularly been scoring over 600″… uhhh jingles those were the combined damage dealt by him and the allies XD

  44. Can you please make a video on the IJN Kaga in warships, id love to know its history and how to play it. Thank you

  45. “Hes been regularly scoring over 600”. No. No he hasnt. Thats just vanilla WoT combining the damage numbers of shots that hit very close together. Hes been rolling for less than 200 on the vast majority of his shots. The 110 match showcases nothing but a terrible player getting extraordinarily lucky… infact if he had actually shot just AP he would have done more damage to just about every tank he shot, especially those on the beach that had armor strong enough to block his HE.

    Moral of the story: 122mm HE is terrible and you shouldnt spam it. Because 9 games out of 10 will end with you doing 200 damage and being a wasted team slot.

  46. No cats today?

  47. CaptainMaxwell7

    It’s a good time when Jingles uploads WoT just as my snack is ready.

  48. UDES 14 5 Name Should Be “THE UTE”. Australian and My Name is NOT Bruce.

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