World of Tanks – Double Trouble

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s an even older title, sir, but it still checks out.


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  1. Jingles… not sure you’re aware… the EBR with 4min left is enough time to defend cap then go to enemy cap and back.. about 20times… good results in an EBR requires 2 things 1. Stupid Enemy team, 2 Not beeing incompetent. so ofc he gets a great result when the enemy team goes sideways on infront of him or try to chase down the F1 racer car… I mean EBR.

  2. Armored cancer gokarts🤮

  3. Mandatory youtube engagement comment.

  4. Bite My Shinny Metal Arse

    EBR 105 the cancer that trolls both WOT and WT

  5. I remember when jingles used to do reviews on tanks i used to love watching them even when i couldnt play the game at all and tbh im still entertained by his WoT videos everytime lol

  6. This video just proved that mobility in World of Tanks is superior to armour ( in a drawn out match)

  7. Clown cars are so toxic that even their engine and drifting sounds are annoying to me

  8. your new transition effects are pretty slick!

  9. Bold Persian Immortal

    Look kids, that’s the 5%of gold amo of all WOT battles.

  10. Thumbs up for first battle, barely watched the second with the ridiculous huge gunned Armored Car. Those things got blasted on their side by near misses nevermind taking multiple hits to wheels and keep going.

  11. If that Badger was the one capping, he’d have to move as fast as an EBR… Oh Jingles, never change.

  12. jingles saying the m44 is the poor mans bert he obviously doesnt realise how irritating and powerful the m44 is now

  13. These new transitions are super sick, i love em!

  14. hay look, reinforcement of why i hate EBRs if you have half a brain and can survive to the end of the game in an EBR you can generally carry it.

  15. French wheelies are cancer and ruined the game. It’s world of tanks not world of cars

  16. Gold is still fired to much on the Battlefield ! Esspecially in Tier X Matches !

    WG : You want that Players play more Tier 9 and 10 ? Bann Gold Ammo completely on those and you will have much more Players in those !!!

    Tanks are having Health for Gold Hits…. True but Tactical play outrangs Health by far !!!
    Can´t play tactically, go over to Counter Strike source and LEARN IT !!!

  17. Matthew Westhoven

    The crew of the EBR have got to be required to wear mouth pieces or else they’d bite their tongues off with all the air that thing is catching

  18. Devil Within?

  19. *Ahem* You need to sacrifice enough political dissidents before the hand of Stalin reaches from beyond the grave and guides the shot to the target.

  20. Laurent Boitouzet

    Good day for the SGAP ammo also known as the Stalin Guided Armor persing

  21. Thanks for featuring my replay Jimgles! That was most certainly the luckiest battle I have played in a long time. Also I hate the IS2S because of the accuracy but maybe I have been aiming too long XD

  22. time for trouble
    and make it double

  23. 0:24 That’s what she said.

  24. The hotwheels should be deleted from the game

  25. Wtf is with this fast armored derp pay2win Russian bias RNG?!?! Also, wheel cancer.

  26. 0:34 pretty sure he was referring to an assault one that last only 10 minutes and

    *hears shotgun*


  27. 5:44 i lost a game for the same reason, in the same map, and the same position that the hellcat was there: t-34-85, last enemy was a one shot, like 3k dmg done and at least 5 kills. Point blank range against a su-100 and missed.

    I hit my table so hard i thought i had broken my wrist.

  28. You’re know you’re entertaining when I watch you narrate games that I don’t even play lol

  29. Dear Mister Mighty Jingles who do you think would win in a fight Old Gregg or Black Frost?

  30. “That Badger is not having a good day, is it?”
    NO ONE is having a good day when they have to fight EBRs, Jingle. No one.

  31. At least the EBR Driver did not send in the replay. These Wheeled vehicles are the biggest Bits of cancer WG has introduced into their game. But, they must still be making enough money on premium tanks, so they don’t care.

  32. Mieluş Alexandru

    The old man (Boom Baby!), the other old man (stream timed out by Trantino) and a young man (the best EU Wot player) all publish a video. Who to watch?!? Decisions, decisions … 🙄

  33. F*ck wheeled vehicles, they are cancer

  34. That turn 180 degree at the end? CLEAN
    The shot? CLEAN
    Probably the best WOT video from Jingles

  35. 3:40 where he shot was to the right and just below the driver hatch. High likelihood of ammo racking SU-100’s there as he did.

  36. “You cannot deny the skill on display here.”
    EBR: Nearly gets killed

  37. EBR… 🙄

  38. I really can’t wait for the ebr to come to console just so I can charge around.

  39. World of tanks David Attenbourough

  40. Wot is shit

  41. hmmm, ad for cat food auto feeder; wonder how that came up.

  42. why is it that the credits in the detailed report screen never add up right?
    i have seen this in so many videos.

  43. I think the luckiest kill I ever had was when I was in my T28 with the 400 alpha gun, and was facing a T95 who had 500 hp. It was a distance of about 300m. Hit the cupola, penetrated with standard ammo, and rolled max damage.

  44. Those EBRs are zippy little things aren’t they?

    Also, the encouragement from his teammates in chat was very nice to see.

  45. Thorsten Heimbruch

    Thanx Jingels:)

  46. It‘s these 5% of gold ammo again😂😂😂

  47. I have played World of Tanks for the last 8 years on my PC. Recently, I have taken a break which may turn into a retirement from the game. I think one of the turn offs from the game was the introduction of the wheeled vehicles, especially the EBR 105. The tank is just too dynamic and extremely powerful in a skilled player’s hands. This video only proves my point. It still was a good game though!

  48. 8 minutes? xD really? More like 2 – 4 with a score floating around 15-0 to 13-2

  49. “Let’s fucking go man” 😭

  50. Christopher Vanoster

    Wait a minute. This title is reused. I think jingles is getting sloppy

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