World of Tanks – Double Trouble

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Two replays, one battle. Double your pleasure for the same low, low !

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. #clauskellermanmultiperspective

  2. Also anyone else notice the KV1 trying to steal that kill at the end?

  3. Pretty sure that sherman has the 105mm howitzer….

  4. Yes a new jingles wot video!

  5. 2:04 Is the KV-1 being sarcastic?

  6. Oh jingles, surprise butt sex is the best butt sex. What are you doing during your time off?

  7. Three cheers for the NA server!

  8. That’s the best jingles video yet! Excellent commentary

  9. “… well armored tank, but not from that angle…” 😀 Jingles you’re awesome <3

  10. Another great double threat video, thank you Jingles and thank you to the guys who sent these in, that was pretty epic 🙂

  11. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Watching this made me remember old times I have been mining for 10 years or so now Thank you for all, Mighty Gnome Overlord

  12. Jingles, you stole Claus’s Video Title

  13. A brit trying to be a genuinly good human being? I call false flag. Ly2 Jingles keep up tue good news

  14. No one else noticed the Stug 3 who put his man pants on to kill the Skoda T24 then went and yoloed off the cliff?

  15. WileyCat on na here our good players are toxic cunts and players like me trying to learn aren’t allowed to because they are afraid to be dethroned

  16. The 304 should have been ALL over these guys!

  17. 3 on 1 gang bang


  19. What? Why? Why Jingles? Why hasn’t Wargaming ran the calculations for the angling of armor on the BOTTOM of tanks yet? Technically the Excelsior had angled his bottom really well against Weak1ings shots! 😛 The Matilda IV’s all round armor includes superior bottom armor where the Excelsior lacks it, right? 😛

  20. 2 lucky noobs, I could have done this with one eye closed, while sitting on both hands………………………… a TOG

  21. Probably one of the best replays you have posted in about 2 years.

  22. Very enjoyable double replay. Thanks.

  23. This one video, do you ever get that feeling of dejavu?

    Why? Because jingles.

  24. Nice to see the banter between Jingle and CK and their viewers, good to know that people can still have a laugh ? shout-out to Jingles!

  25. THATS MY TANK!!!!!!! Yeah it was a fun battle, good fun all around.

  26. 50V237 M3X1C4N T4NK3R

    I wish every battle went as smooth as this for me, when it does go smooth its usually for the enemy

  27. When the Russian tech tree gets wheeled vehicles I like to think they would be huge land ships

  28. I miss fighting tier 10’s in the Chaffee.

  29. I had a _great_ game with a T-50-2 yesterday…

    … I splattered him with my KV-2(R) with a pre-aimed leading shot, and then had him message me after the game to tell me he was going to cry to WG about my illegal mods.

    I’ll admit, it wasn’t quite as funny as that Excelsior.

  30. best video commentary in an age from mr charlton, how i laughed…..nice one.

  31. Stephen McCloughan

    Jingles I have a new game it’s called warship fury and it’s like world of warships but you can make friends with leagin es that you can joyin.

  32. The banging noises and rapidly diminishing health bars LOL brilliant jingles. You made me laugh out loud tonight I needed that thanks buddy.

  33. This replay reminds of a previous video you did some years ago. It a platoon of ELC’s doing their thing and it was hilarious

  34. Everytime i think you uploaded the funniest W.O.T. video.. You seem to go and one up that one, outstanding Jingles……

  35. man i have to thank jingles because I was having a REALLY bad day, and I wanted a cheer up and man I got one. Thanks Jingles

  36. Please restart your War Thunder videos by reviewing the F7F Tigercat with historical information

  37. that was fun it felt like hearing an expert commentator at a billiards match : )

  38. Are you asking the butt sexer or the butt sexie? Opinions will drastically vary I would imagine

  39. too much sause

  40. M4 has the derp 105mm, he didnt preload HE with a 76mm jingles

  41. Hey Jingles, did you talk to Claus to use the same video title on the same day, or was it just a weird coincidence?

  42. cut the churchil some slack. it’s the slowest tank in the match and everybody was dead until he reached the action

  43. Played the progetto’s with a friend and we double teamed most of the team with it hope you check that out Jingles

  44. Good guy FV304 was in full salute & totally gave himself to Weak1ings so they could get CC. I see you Telsono, one love.

  45. Farmmaster Führer

    He seems to have suffered a fatal rush of shit to the brain-Gnome overlord 2019

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